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Poems by Samuel Taylor Coleridge


Coleridge, Samuel Taylor

o 'Twas Not A Mist, Nor Was It Quite A Cloud fragment

o 'Twas Sweet To Know It Only Possible fragment

o Absence: A Farewell Ode on Quitting School for Jesus College, Cambridge

o Ad Vilmum Axiologum

o Adaption From An Old Play: Napoleon

o Adaption From Mark Akenside: Blank Verse Inscriptions

o Adaption From W. L. Bowles: 'I Yet Remain'

o Addressed To A Young Man Of Fortune

o Alcaeus To Sappho

o Alice Du Clos; Or, The Forked Tongue

o Allegoric Vision

o Alternative, The Epigram

o Always Audible Epigram

o Angel Visitant, An

o Anna And Harland

o Answer to a child's question

o Anthem For The Children Of Christ's Hospital

o Apologia Pro Vita Sua

o As Some Vast Tropic Tree, Itself A Wood fragment

o Association Of Ideas

o Authors And Publishers Epigram

o Ave, Atque Vale!

o Ballad of the Dark Ladie, The

o Baron Guelph Of Adelstan. A Fragment fragment

o Beck In Winter, A fragment

o Blossoming Of The Solitary Date-Tree - A Lament, The

o Bridge Street Committee, The

o British Stripling's War-Song Imitated From Stolberg, The

o Butterfly, The

o Catullian Hendecasyllables (from Matthison)

o Chamouny; The Hour Before Sunrise - A Hymn

o Character, A

o Charity In Thought

o Child's Evening Prayer, A

o Cholera Cured Before-Hand

o Christabel

o Christmas Carol, A

o Coeli Enarrant

o Cologne

o Comparative Brevity Of Greek And English Epigram

o Complaint Of Ninathoma, The

o Compliment Qualified, The Epigram

o Constancy to an ideal object

o Day-Dream, A

o Day-Dream From An Emigrant To His Absent Wife, The

o De Profundis Clamavi fragment

o Dear Brother Jem Epigram

o Death of the Starling, The

o Dejection: An ode

o Delinquent Travellers, The

o Desire

o Destiny Of Nations, The

o Destruction Of The Bastile

o Devil's Thoughts, The

o Devonshire Roads

o Dialogue Between An Author And His Friend, A Epigram

o Domestic peace

o Donne [Eclogue. 'On Unworthy Wisdom']

o Drinking Versus Thinking

o Dungeon, The

o Dura Navis

o Duty Surviving Self-Love

o Each Crime That Once Estranges From The Virtues fragment

o Easter Holidays

o Elegy Imitated From One Of Akenside's Blank-Verse Inscriptions (No. III)

o Elisa fragment

o Emenkaiiian [Eu! Dei Vices Gerens, Ipse Divus]

o Eolian Harp, The

o Epigram On A Late Marriage Between An Old Maid And French Petit Maitre

o Epigram On A Slanderer

o Epigram On An Amorous Doctor

o Epigram On An Insignificant

o Epigram On Deputy ----

o Epigram On Kepler fragment

o Epigram On Mr. Ross, Usually Cognominated Nosy

o Epigram On The Secrecy Of A Certain Lady Epigram

o Epigram: An Apology For Spencers

o Epigram: An Evil Spirit's On Thee, Friend! Of Late! Epigram

o Epigram: Charles, Grave Or Merry, At No Lie Would Stick Epigram

o Epigram: Each Bond-Street Buck Conceits, Unhappy Elf! Epigram

o Epigram: In Spain, That Land Of Monks And Apes Epigram

o Epigram: Money, I've Heard A Wise Man Say Epigram

o Epigram: Nothing Speaks Our Mind So Well Epigram

o Epigram: Old Harpy Jeers At Castles In The Air Epigram

o Epigram: Say What You Will, Ingenious Youth!

o Epigram: Scarce Any Scandal, But Has A Handle Epigram

o Epigram: So Mr. Baker Heart Did Pluck Epigram

o Epigram: When Surface Talks Of Other People's Worth Epigram

o Epitaph

o Epitaph Of The Present Year On The Monument Of Thomas Fuller Epigram

o Epitaph On A Bad Man

o Epitaph On A Mercenary Miser Epigram

o Epitaph on an infant [Ere Sin could blight or Sorrow fade]

o Epitaph On An Infant [Its Balmy Lips The Infant Blest]

o Epitaph On Himself Epigram

o Epitaph On Major Dieman Epigram

o Ex Libris S. T. C.

o Exchange, The

o Exile, An

o Experiment For A Metre, An

o Experiment For A Metre (When Thy Beauty Appears), An

o Experiments In Metre

o Faded Flower, The

o Faith, Hope, And Charity From The Italian Of Guarini

o Fancy in Nubibus [or The Poet in the Clouds]

o Farewell To Love

o Fears in solitude

o Fire, Famine, and Slaughter

o First Advent Of Love

o First Draft, An Effusion At Evening

o For A House-Dog's Collar Epigram

o For A Market-Clock

o Forbearance

o Foster-Mother's Tale, The

o Fragment Found In A Lecture-Room, A

o Fragment Of An Ode On Napoleon fragment

o France: An ode

o From The German

o Frost at midnight

o Garden of Boccaccio, The

o Genevieve

o Gentle Look, The

o Good, Great Man, The

o Grant Me A Patron, Gracious Heaven! Whene'er fragment

o Happiness

o Happy Husband - A Fragment, The

o Hexameters [William, My Teacher, My Friend! Dear William And Dear Dorothea!]

o Hexameters, Paraphrase Of Psalm XLVI

o Hint To Premiers And First Consuls, A Epigram

o Hippona Epigram

o His Native Accents To Her Stranger's Ear fragment

o His Own Fair Countenance, His Kingly Forehead fragment

o Home-Sick

o Homeless

o Honour

o Hour When We Shall Meet Again, The

o Hour-Glass, The

o Human life on the denial of immortality

o Humility, The Mother Of Charity

o Hunting song from Zapolya

o Hymn before sun-rise, in the vale of Chamouni

o Hymn To The Earth

o Hymn [My Maker! Of Thy Power The Trace], A

o I Have Experienced fragment

o I Stand Alone, Nor Tho' My Heart Should Break fragment

o Iambics

o If Fair By Nature fragment

o Imitated From Aristophanes fragment

o Imitated From Ossian

o Imitated From The Welsh

o Imitations

o Improvisatore Or, 'John Anderson, My Jo, John', The

o Inscription for a Fountain on a Heath

o Inscription For A Seat By The Road Side Half-Way Up A Steep Hill Facing South

o Inscription for a Time-piece

o Inside The Coach

o Introduction To The Tale Of The Dark Ladie

o Invocation, An

o Invocation From Remorse, An

o Israel's Lament

o Job's Luck Epigram

o Julia

o Keepsake, The

o Kiss, The

o Kisses

o Knight's Tomb, The

o Kubla Khan

o L'enfant Prodigue Epigram

o Let Clumps Of Earth, However Glorified fragment

o Letter To Sir Henry Goodyere

o Lewti, or the Circassian Love-Chaunt

o Liar By Profession, A Epigram

o Life

o Limbo

o Lines Composed In A Concert-Room

o Lines Composed While Climbing The Left Ascent Of Brockley Coomb, Somersetshire

o Lines In A German Student's Album Epigram

o Lines In The Manner Of Spenser

o Lines on a child

o Lines On A Friend Who Died Of A Frenzy Fever Induced By Calumnious Reports

o Lines On An Autumnal Evening

o Lines suggested by the last words of Berengarius

o Lines To A Beautiful Spring In A Village

o Lines To A Comic Author, On An Abusive Review

o Lines To A Friend In Answer To A Melancholy Letter

o Lines To Thomas Poole Epigram

o Lines to W. Linley, Esq.

o Lines Written At Shurton Bars, Near Bridgewater

o Lines Written At The King's Arms, Ross

o Lines Written In Commonplace Book Of Miss Barbour

o Lines Written In The Album At Elbingerode

o Love

o Love And Friendship Opposite

o Love's apparition and evanishment: An allegoric romance

o Love's burial-place

o Love's First Hope

o Love's Sanctuary

o Love, a Sword

o Love, Hope, and Patience in Education

o Lover's Complaint To His Mistress, A

o Luther--De Daemonibus fragment

o Mad Monk, The

o Madman And The Lethargist, The

o Mahomet

o Mathematical Problem, A

o Melancholy

o Metrical Accident, A

o Metrical feet - Lesson for a boy

o Modern Critics Epigram

o Monody On A Tea-Kettle

o Monody On The Death Of Chatterton

o Moon, How Definite Its Orb!, The fragment

o Moriens Superstiti

o Morienti Superstes

o Motto Epigram

o Music

o Mutual Passion

o My Baptismal Birth-Day

o My Godmother's Beard

o Names

o Names (from Lessing)

o Napoleon fragment

o Ne Plus Ultra

o Netherlands, The fragment

o News-bearers, The

o Night-Scene - A Dramatic Fragment, The

o Nightingale, The

o Nil Pejus Est Caelibe Vita

o Ninety-Eight Epigram

o Nonsense Sapphics

o Nonsense Verses

o Nonsense [I wish on earth to sing]

o Nonsense [Sing impassionate Soul!]

o Nose, The

o Not A Critic--But A Judge fragment

o Not at home

o O Mercy, O Me, Miserable Man! fragment

o O Th' Oppressive, Irksome Weight fragment

o O! Superstition Is The Giant Shadow fragment

o Occasioned By The Former Epigram

o Occasioned By The Last Epigram

o Ode In The Manner Of Anacreon, An

o Ode To Georgiana, Duchess Of Devonshire

o Ode To The Departing Year

o Ode To The Rain, An

o Ode to Tranquillity

o Ode [Ye Gales, That Of The Lark's Repose]

o Of Humane Learning

o Old Man Of The Alps, The

o On A Cataract

o On A Discovery Made Too Late

o On A Lady Weeping

o On A Late Connubial Rupture In High Life

o On A Reader Of His Own Verses Epigram

o On A Report Of A Minister's Death Written In Germany Epigram

o On A Ruined House In A Romantic Country

o On A Volunteer Singer Epigram

o On An Infant Which Died Before Baptism

o On Bala Hill

o On Donne's Poem 'To A Flea'

o On Donne's Poetry

o On Imitation

o On My Joyful Departure From The Same City [Cologne]

o On Observing A Blossom On The First Of February 1796

o On Pitt And Fox Epigram

o On Receiving An Account That His Only Sister's Death Was Inevitable

o On Revisiting The Sea-Shore After Long Absence, Under Strong Medical Recommendat

o On Seeing A Youth Affectionately Welcomed By A Sister

o On Sir Rubicund Naso Epigram

o On The Christening Of A Friend's Child

o On The Curious Circumstance Epigram

o On The Most Veracious Anecdotist, And Small-Talk Man, Thomas Hill, Esq Epigram

o On The Prospect Of Establishing A Pantisocracy In America

o On The Sickness Of A Great Minister Epigram

o Outcast, The

o Pain

o Pains of Sleep, The

o Pang more sharp than all, The

o Pantisocracy

o Parliamentary Oscillators

o Pensive at eve on the hard world I mus'd

o Perspiration, A Travelling Eclogue

o Phantom

o Phantom or Fact

o Picture or the Lover's Resolution, The

o Pity

o Plaintive Movement, A

o Progress Of Vice

o Psyche

o Quae Nocent Docent

o Questions And Answers In The Court Of Love

o Rash Conjurer, The

o Raven - A Christmas Tale, The

o Reason

o Reason For Love's Blindness

o Recantation

o Recollections Of Love

o Reflections On Having Left A Place Of Retirement

o Religious Musings

o Reproof And Reply, The

o Rime of the Ancient Mariner, The

o Rose, The

o Rufa Epigram

o Sancti Dominici Pallium

o Sea-Ward, White Gleaming Thro' The Busy Scud fragment

o Second Birth, The

o Self-Knowledge

o Sentimental Epigram

o Separation

o Sigh, The

o Silver Thimble, The

o Simile, A fragment

o Sir John Davies On The Immortality Of The Soul

o Snow-Drop, The

o Something childish, but very natural

o Song From Zapolya [A Sunny Shaft Did I Behold]

o Song Sung by Glycine in Zapolya, act II. Scene 2

o Song To Be Sung By The Lovers Of All The Noble Liquors Comprised Under The Name

o Song [Though Veiled In Spires Of Myrtle-Wreath]

o Songs Of The Pixies

o Sonnet Composed On A Journey Homeward; ...Of The Birth Of A Son

o Sonnet On Quitting School For College

o Sonnet On Receiving A Letter Informing Me Of The Birth Of A Son

o Sonnet To Charles Lloyd [The Piteous Sobs That Choke The Virgin's Breath]

o Sonnet To The Autumnal Moon

o Sonnet To The River Otter

o Sonnet [Translated From Marini]

o Sonnet..How I Felt When The Nurse First Presented My Infant To Me

o Spots In The Sun Epigram

o Stranger Minstrel Written To Mrs. Robinson, A Few Weeks Before Her Death, A

o Suicide's Argument, The

o Sunset, A

o Talleyrand To Lord Grenville [a Metrical Epistle]

o Taste Of The Times, The Epigram

o Tears Of A Grateful People, The

o Tell's Birth-Place Imitated From Stolberg

o This Lime-Tree Bower my Prison

o Thought Suggested By A View Of Saddleback In Cumberland, A

o Three Graves, The

o Three Sorts Of Friends, The fragment

o Thy Stern And Sullen Eye, And Thy Dark Brow fragment

o Time, Real and Imaginary: An Allegory

o To ----

o To A Child

o To A Critic Epigram

o To A Friend (Charles Lamb) ... Of Writing No More Poetry

o To A Friend, (Charles Lamb), Together With An Unfinished Poem

o To a Gentleman [William Wordsworth]

o To A Lady

o To A Lady Offended By A Sportive Observation That Women Have No Souls

o To A Lady Who Requested Me To Write A Poem Upon Nothing Epigram

o To A Lady With Falconer's Shipwreck

o To A Primrose

o To A Proud Parent Epigram

o To A Vain Young Lady Epigram

o To A Virtuous Oeconomist Epigram

o To A Well-Known Musical Critic, Remarkablefor His Ears Sticking Through His Hair

o To A Young Ass, Its Mother Being Tethered Near It

o To A Young Friend On His Proposing To Domesticate With The Author

o To A Young Lady With A Poem On The French Revolution

o To A Young Lady, Miss Lavinia Poole, On Her Recovery From A Fever

o To An Infant

o To An Unfortunate Woman

o To An Unfortunate Woman At The Theatre

o To Asra

o To Baby Bates

o To Bowles Sonnet

o To Burke Sonnet

o To Captain Findlay

o To Disappointment

o To Earl Stanhope Sonnet

o To Edward Irving fragment

o To Fortune

o To Koskiusko Sonnet

o To La Fayette Sonnet

o To Lesbia

o To Lord Stanhope Sonnet

o To Mary Pridham

o To Matilda Betham From A Stranger

o To Miss A. T.

o To Miss Brunton

o To Mr. Pye Epigram

o To Mrs. Siddons Sonnet

o To My Candle - The Farewell Epigram Epigram

o To Nature

o To One Who Published In Print Epigram

o To Pitt Sonnet

o To Priestley Sonnet

o To Richard Brinsley Sheridan Sonnet

o To Robert Southey Sonnet

o To Simplicity

o To Susan Steele On Receiving The Purse

o To T. Poole, An Invitation

o To The Author Of 'The Robbers'

o To The Author Of Poems

o To The Evening Star

o To The Honourable Mr. Erskine Sonnet

o To The Muse

o To The Nightingale

o To The Rev. George Coleridge Of Ottery St. Mary, Devon

o To The Rev. W. J. Hort While Teaching A Young Lady Some Song-Tunes On His Flute

o To The Young Artist

o To Two Sisters

o To William Godwin Sonnet

o To William Wordsworth

o Tombless Epitaph, A

o Translation Of A Fragment Of Heraclitus fragment

o Translation Of A Latin Inscription By The Rev. W. L. Bowles In Nether-Stowey Chu

o Translation of a Passage in Ottfried's Metrical paraphrase of the Gospel

o Translation Of The First Strophe Of Pindar's Second Olympic fragment

o Translation Of Wrangham's 'Hendecasyllabi Ad Bruntonam E Granta Exituram'

o Trochaics

o Two Founts, The

o Two Round Spaces on the Tombstone, The

o Two Wedded Hearts, If Ere Were Such fragment

o Ver Perpetuum

o Verses Addressed To J. Horne Tooke And The Company

o Verses Trivocular

o Virgin's Cradle-Hymn, The

o Visionary Hope, The

o Visit of the Gods, The

o Wanderings Of Cain, The

o Water Ballad

o Westphalian song

o What Boots To Tell How O'er His Grave fragment

o What Is Life?

o When Hope But Made Tranquillity Be Felt fragment

o Where'er I Find The Good, The True, The Fair fragment

o Wills Of The Wisp, The

o Wish, A

o With Fielding's 'Amelia'

o Work Without Hope

o Written After A Walk Before Supper

o You Mould My Hopes You Fashion Me Within fragment

o Youth and Age