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Poems by John Clare


Clare, John

o "The Lass With The Delicate Air"

o Ants, The

o Approaching Night

o Autumn [Autumn comes laden with her ripened load]

o Autumn [I Love The Fitful Gust That Shakes]

o Autumn [Syren of sullen moods and fading hues]

o Autumn [The Thistle-Down's Flying...]

o Badger

o Ballad [A Faithless Shepherd Courted Me]

o Bantry Bay

o Beautiful Stranger, The

o Birds In Alarm

o Bonny Lassie O!

o Bonny Mary O!

o Braggart

o Cellar Door, The

o Clock-A-Clay

o Cottager, The

o Country Letter

o Cross Roads; Or, The Haymaker's Story, The

o Crow Sat On The Willow, The

o Death [The winds and waters are in his command]

o Death [Why should man's high aspiring mind]

o Decay

o Dewdrops

o Distant Hills

o Dying Child, The

o Dyke Side

o Early Nightingale

o Early Spring

o Earth's Eternity

o Emmonsail's Heath In Winter

o Evening Primrose

o Fallen Elm, The

o Farewell

o Farewell And Defiance To Love

o Farm Breakfast

o Farmer's Boy

o Fear Of Flowers, The

o Fens, The

o Field Path

o Firetail's Nest, The

o First Love

o Firwood

o Flitting, The

o Flood, The

o Fox, The

o Fragment

o Frightened Ploughman, The

o From "A Rhapsody"

o From "January"

o From "The Parish: A Satire"

o Gipsies

o Gipsy's Camp, The

o Grasshoppers

o Graves Of Infants

o Hodge

o House Or Window Flies

o I Am

o I Dreamt Of Robin

o Idle Fame

o Impromptu

o In Hilly-Wood

o Insects

o Invitation To Eternity

o Letter In Verse

o Little Trotty Wagtail

o Lout, The

o Love

o Love And Solitude

o Love Cannot Die

o Love Lives Beyond The Tomb

o Maid Of Jerusalem, The

o Maid Of Ocram Or, Lord Gregory, The

o Maple Tree, The

o Market Day

o Mary Bateman

o Mary Bayfield

o Meet Me In The Green Glen

o Merry Maid

o Nightwind

o Nobody Cometh To Woo

o November [Sybil of months, and worshipper of winds]

o November [The landscape sleeps in mist from morn till noon]

o Now Is Past

o Old Cottagers, The

o Old Year, The

o Peasant Poet, The

o Peggy

o Peggy's The Lady Of The Hall

o Pleasures Of Fancy

o Ploughman Singing

o Poet's Death, The

o Quail's Nest

o Remembrances

o Rural Morning

o Sailor-Boy, The

o Scandal

o Secret Love

o Shepherd's Tree, The

o Signs Of Winter

o Skylark, The

o Sleep Of Spring, The

o Snow Storm

o Soldier, The

o Song [I Peeled Bits Of Straws...]

o Song [I Wish I Was Where I Would Be]

o Song [I Would Not Feign A Single Sigh]

o Song [Mary, Leave Thy Lowly Cot]

o Song [One Gloomy Eve I Roamed About]

o Song's Eternity

o Spear Thistle

o Sport In The Meadows

o Spring's Messengers

o Stonepit

o Stranger, The

o Sudden Shower

o Summer Evening [The frog half fearful jumps across the path]

o Summer Evening [The sinking sun is taking leave]

o Summer Images

o Summer Winds

o Sunday Dip

o Swallow, The

o Thou Flower Of Summer

o Thrush's Nest, The

o To Anna Three Years Old

o To John Clare

o To John Milton

o To Napoleon

o Tramp, The

o Turkeys

o Vanities Of Life, The

o Vixen, The

o What Is Life?

o Where She Told Her Love

o Wild Bees

o Winter Walk

o Winter's Come, The

o Wood-Cutter's Night Song, The

o World For Love, A

o Yellowhammer, The

o Young Lambs