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Carr, Sir John

o Bankruptcy Rendered Easy

o Echo

o Epigram On The Author And Eliza Frequently Differingin Opinion

o Epigram On The Grave Of Robespierre

o Epigram On Winning A Young Lady's Money At Cards

o Epigram Upon Seeing The Dilapidated State Of Bethlem Hospital

o Epitaph On A Friend

o Epitaph To The Memory Of A Worthy Man

o Farewell Lines To Bristol Hot Wells

o Fury Of Discord, The

o Hectic, The

o Hermit's Epitaph, The

o Impromptu Lines Upon A Very Handsome Woman

o Impromptu Lines, Upon Anacreon Moore's Saying That He Disliked Singing To Men

o Impromptu To Madame C----

o Impromptu, In Reply To A Lady

o Indian Massacre-Song, An

o Irish Song [Poor Molly O'flannagan], An

o Jeu D'esprit

o Lines Addressed To A Young Lady In Germany

o Lines In French, Are inscribed upon the Pedestal of a Statue of Cupid, The

o Lines Occasioned By The Death Of Lieutenant J----

o Lines On A Little Bird

o Lines On Lady W---- Appearing At The Exhibition

o Lines On The Caledonian Harp

o Lines Sent With Some Indian Rouge To Miss W----

o Lines To A Laurel-Leaf

o Lines To A Promising Young Artist

o Lines To A Robin

o Lines To A Young Lady, Occasioned By Her Declining An Offer Of Marriage

o Lines To An Accomplished Young Lady

o Lines To An Auricula, Belonging To ----

o Lines To Annette

o Lines To Delia, On Her Wearing A Muslin Veil

o Lines To Describe The Process Of Makingpaper, In Verse

o Lines To Fortune

o Lines To Health, Upon The Recovery Of A Friend From A Dangerous Illness

o Lines To Her Royal Highness The Princess Elizabeth, Upon The Prints

o Lines To Julia

o Lines To Lady Warren

o Lines To Miss ----,

o Lines To Miss ----, Accompanied By A Rose And A Lily

o Lines To Miss C. On Her Leaving The Country

o Lines To Miss Chinnery, Of Gillwell-House

o Lines To Miss L---- D----.

o Lines To Mrs. A. Clarke

o Lines To Mrs. B----, At Bristol Hot Wells

o Lines To My Mother On Her Attaining Her 70th Year

o Lines To Selina

o Lines To Sir Robert Ker Porter

o Lines To Study

o Lines To The Memory Of An Amiable Youth, Of Great Promise

o Lines To The Memory Of Erasmus

o Lines To The Memory Of Mrs. A.h. Holdsworth

o Lines To The Memory Of Mrs. B----

o Lines To The Memory Of My Dear Brother, W.T.P. Carr, Esq.

o Lines To The Tune Of "Oh! Lady Fair! Where Art Thou Going?"

o Lines Upon A Diamond Cross

o Lines Upon A Lady Dying Leaving A Little Infant Behind Her

o Lines Upon An Infant Recommended To Her Care By Its Dying Mother

o Lines Upon Hearing Miss ---- Sing At An Evening Party

o Lines Upon Mademoiselle Delphine Saulot Singing Some Equisite Airs

o Lines Upon Reading The Journal Of A Friend's Tour Into Scotland

o Lines Upon Seeing ----

o Lines Upon Seeing A Beautiful Infant Sleeping On The Bosom Of Its Mother

o Lines Upon The Death Of The Lady Of Lieutenant-Colonel Adams

o Lines Upon The Rev. Mr. C----'s Impromptu Compositions

o Lines Written At Brighton

o Lines Written At Fredensborg

o Lines Written At Kilkenny

o Lines Written At The Sea-Side In Devonshire

o Lines Written In A Beautiful Spot

o Lines Written In A Cottage By The Sea-Side

o Lines Written In A Fine Winter's Day

o Lines Written In A Hermitage

o Lines Written On Delia, Listening To Her Canary-Bird

o Lines Written Upon A Hill

o Lines Written Upon A Watch-String

o Lines Written Upon Seeing A Blind Young Woman In North Wales

o Love And The Spring-Flower

o Miss W---- Returned The Rouge

o Mushroom, The

o Occasional Lines Repeated At An Elegant Entertainment

o Parody On The Golden Days Of Good Queen Bess

o Rebecca, A Ballad

o Rhingau Song, The

o Roundelay, A

o Song Of Grief, The

o Song To The Moon, A

o Song [Ah! If My Voice Is Heard In Vain]

o Song [Has Time a changeling made of thee]

o Song [Nature's Imperfect Child, To Whom]

o Song [The Lover To The Lute Of His Deceased Mistress], A

o Song [These Shades Were Made For Love Alone], A

o Song [To The Tune Of "Ye Gentlemen Of England]

o Song [When Storms On The Ocean]

o Song [When Stormy Show'rs From Heav'n Descend], A

o Song [Wilt Thou, Because Thy Florio Loves]

o Sonnet Upon A Swedish Cottage

o Sonnet [The Leaves Are Flutter'd By No Tell-Tale Gales]

o Sonnet, Occasioned By Reading An Inscription On Tombstone Of Captain Christensen

o State Tricks

o Time And The Lover

o To Miss Atkinson, On The Extreme Diffidence Which She Displays To Strangers

o To Miss E. Atkinson, On Her Presenting The Author With An Irish Pebble

o Valentine Verses

o Verses On An Autumnal Leaf

o Verses To Miss M. G----, Accompanied With A Dried Heliotrope

o Verses To The Tomb Of A Friend

o Verses Written In A Grotto

o Water-Nymph Of The Rock, The

o Yarrimore