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Poems by Will Carleton


Carleton, Will

o "Flash:" The Fireman's Story from "City Ballads"--Fire

o "Slugging"-Match, The from "City Ballads"--Vice

o Apple-Blossoms from "Farm Ballads"--Other Poems

o Apples Growing from "Farm Ballads"--Other Poems

o At The Summit Of The Washington Monument from "City Ballads"--Travel

o Autumn Days from "Farm Ballads"--Other Poems

o Betsey And I Are Out from "Farm Ballads"

o Boy Convict's Story, The from "City Ballads"--Vice

o Dead Stowaway, The from "City Ballads"--Water

o Death-Doomed from "Farm Ballads"--Other Poems

o Editor's Guests, The from "Farm Ballads"--Other Poems

o Fading Flower, The from "Farm Ballads"--Other Poems

o Farmer And Wheel; or, The New Lochinvar from "City Ballads"--Travel

o Farmer Stebbins Ahead from "City Ballads"--Vice

o Farmer Stebbins At Ocean Grove from "City Ballads"--Water

o Farmer Stebbins On Rollers from "City Ballads"--Wealth

o Farmer Stebbins On The Bowery from "City Ballads"--Vice

o Fire from "City Ballads"--Fire

o Goin' Home To-Day from "Farm Ballads"

o Gone With A Handsomer Man from "Farm Ballads"

o Her Tour from "City Ballads"--Travel

o Home from "City Ballads"--Home

o House Where We Were Wed, The from "Farm Ballads"--Other Poems

o How Betsey And I Made Up from "Farm Ballads"

o How We Fought The Fire from "City Ballads"--Fire

o How We Kept The Day from "Farm Ballads"--Other Poems

o If I'd A Million Millions from "City Ballads"--Wealth

o Johnny Rich from "Farm Ballads"

o Let The Cloth Be White from "City Ballads"--Home

o Lovely Young Man, The from "City Ballads"--Wealth

o More Ways Than One from "City Ballads"--Virtue

o New Church Organ, The from "Farm Ballads"--Other Poems

o One And Two from "Farm Ballads"--Other Poems

o Only A Box from "City Ballads"--Travel

o Our Army Of The Dead from "Farm Ballads"--Other Poems

o Out O' The Fire from "Farm Ballads"

o Out Of The Old House, Nancy from "Farm Ballads"

o Over The Hill From The Poor-House from "Farm Ballads"

o Over The Hill To The Poor-House from "Farm Ballads"

o Sewing-Girl's Diary, A from "City Ballads"--Want

o Silent Wheel, The from "City Ballads"--Travel

o That Swamp Of Death from "City Ballads"--Want

o The March Of The Children from "City Ballads"--Virtue

o Tom Was Goin' For A Poet from "Farm Ballads"

o Travel from "City Ballads"--Travel

o Uncle Sammy from "Farm Ballads"

o Up The Line from "Farm Ballads"--Other Poems

o Vice from "City Ballads"--Vice

o Virtue from "City Ballads"--Virtue

o Want from "City Ballads"--Want

o Water from "City Ballads"--Water

o Wealth from "City Ballads"--Wealth

o Wedding Of The Towns, The from "City Ballads"--Water

o When Prometheus Stole The Flame from "City Ballads"--Fire

o You Will Tell Me Where Is Conrad? from "City Ballads"--Fire