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Poems by Lord Byron


Byron, Lord

o Adieu

o Adrian's Address to his Soul when Dying

o And wilt Thou weep when I am low?

o Another Simple Ballat

o Answer to a Beautiful Poem, Written by Montgomery

o Answer to some Elegant Verses sent by a Friend

o Answer to the Foregoing, Addressed to Miss----

o Answer To----'s Professions Of Affection

o Ballad. To The Tune Of "Salley In Our Alley"

o Bowles And Campbell

o Canto the First from 'Childe Harold's Pilgrimage' collection

o Canto the Fourth from 'Childe Harold's Pilgrimage' collection

o Canto the Second from 'Childe Harold's Pilgrimage' collection

o Canto the Third from 'Childe Harold's Pilgrimage' collection

o Charity Ball, The

o Childish Recollections

o Condolatory Address, To Sarah Countess Of Jersey

o Conquest, The

o Cornelian, The

o Curse of Minerva, The

o Damaetas from 'Hours of Idleness'

o Death of Calmar and Orla, The from 'Hours of Idleness'

o Devil's Drive, The

o E Nihilo Nihil; Or An Epigram Bewitched

o Egotism. A Letter to J.T. Becher

o Elegy on Newstead Abbey

o Endorsement To The Deed Of Separation

o English Bards, and Scotch Reviewers A satire

o Epigram From The French Of Rulhieres

o Epigram On An Old Lady Who Had Some Curious Notions Respecting The Soul

o Epigram On The Braziers' Address To Be Presented In Armour

o Epigram [In Digging Up Your Bones, Tom Paine]

o Epigram [The World Is A Bundle Of Hay]

o Epigrams

o Epilogue

o Episode of Nisus and Euryalus. A Paraphrase from the 'AEneid', Lib. 9, The (from Hours of Idleness)

o Epistle From Mr. Murray To Dr. Polidori

o Epistle to a Young Nobleman in Love

o Epistle To Mr. Murray

o Epitaph For Joseph Blacket, Late Poet And Shoemaker

o Epitaph For William Pitt

o Epitaph on a Beloved Friend

o Epitaph On John Adams, Of Southwell, A Carrier, Who Died Of Drunkenness

o Epitaph [Posterity Will Ne'er Survey]

o Farewell Petition To J. C. H., Esq.

o Farewell to the Muse

o Fill the goblet again

o First Kiss of Love, The

o Fragment Of An Epistle To Thomas Moore

o Fragment, Written Shortly after the Marriage of Miss Chaworth

o Fragments of School Exercises: From the "Prometheus Vinctus" of AEschylus

o From Anacreon. Ode 3 from 'Hours of Idleness'

o Granta. A Medley

o Hints From Horace

o I would I were a Careless Child

o Imitated from Catullus. To Ellen

o Imitation of Tibullus. 'Sulpicia ad Cerinthum'

o Impromptu

o Inscription on the Monument of a Newfoundland Dog

o John Keats

o Journal In Cephalonia

o L'Amitie est L'Amour sans Ailes

o La Revanche

o Lachin y Gair from 'Hours of Idleness'

o Last Words On Greece

o Lines Addressed By Lord Byron To Mr. Hobhouse On His Election For Westminster

o Lines Addressed to a Young Lady

o Lines Addressed to the Rev. J.T. Becher

o Lines Composed...prince Regent Being Seen Standing Between Coffins Of Henry Viii

o Lines Inscribed upon a Cup Formed from a Skull

o Lines To Mr. Hodgson Written On Board The Lisbon Packet

o Lines Written beneath an Elm in the Churchyard of Harrow

o Lines written in "Letters of an Italian Nun and an English Gentleman"

o Love And Death

o Love's Last Adieu

o Lucietta. A Fragment

o Martial, Lib. I. Epig. I

o My Boy Hobbie O.

o My Boy Hobby O.

o My Epitaph

o Napoleon's Snuff-Box

o New Vicar Of Bray, The

o Occasional Prologue, An

o Ode To The Framers Of The Frame Bill, An

o On a Change of Masters at a Great Public School

o On a Distant View of the Village and School of Harrow on the Hill, 1806

o On A Royal Visit To The Vaults

o On Finding a Fan

o On Leaving Newstead Abbey

o On Lord Thurlow's Poems

o On Moore's Last Operatic Farce, Or Farcical Opera

o On My Thirty-Third Birthday

o On My Wedding-Day

o On Napoleon's Escape From Elba

o On Revisiting Harrow

o On The Birth Of John William Rizzo Hoppner

o On the Death of a Young Lady, Cousin to the Author, and very dear to Him

o On the Death of Mr. Fox

o On the Eyes of Miss A----H----

o On This Day I Complete My Thirty-Sixth Year

o Oscar of Alva from 'Hours of Idleness'

o Ossian's Address to the Sun in "Carthon"

o Pignus Amoris

o Prayer of Nature, The

o Queries to Casuists

o R.C. Dallas

o Remembrance

o Remind me not, Remind me not

o Reply to some Verses of J.M.B. Pigot, Esq., on the Cruelty of his Mistress

o Soliloquy of a Bard in the Country

o Song 'Breeze of the Night'

o Song For The Luddites

o Song To The Suliotes

o Stanzas to a Lady, on Leaving England

o Stanzas to a Lady, with the Poems of Camoens

o Stanzas to Jessy

o Stanzas [When A Man Hath No Freedom To Fight For At Home]

o Substitute For An Epitaph

o Tear, The

o There was a Time, I need not name

o Thoughts Suggested by a College Examination

o To a Beautiful Quaker

o To a Knot of Ungenerous Critics

o To a Lady (from Hours of Idleness)

o To a Lady Who Presented the Author with the Velvet Band which bound her Tresses

o To a Lady who Presented to the Author a Lock of Hair Braided with his own

o To a Lady, On Being asked my reason for quitting England in the Spring

o To a Vain Lady

o To a Youthful Friend

o To an Oak at Newstead

o To Anne

o To Anne (To the same)

o To Author of a Sonnet Beginning 'Sad is my verse,' you say 'and yet no tear'

o To Caroline

o To Caroline [fourth poem]

o To Caroline [second poem]

o To Caroline [third poem]

o To D----

o To Dives

o To E----

o To Edward Noel Long, Esq. from 'Hours of Idleness'

o To Eliza

o To Emma

o To George Anson Byron

o To George, Earl Delawarr from 'Hours of Idleness'

o To Harriet

o To Ianthe from 'Childe Harold's Pilgrimage' collection

o To Lesbia!

o To Lord Thurlow

o To M----

o To M.S.G.

o To M.S.G. [second poem]

o To Marion

o To Mary, on Receiving Her Picture

o To Mr. Murray [For Orford And For Waldegrave]

o To Mr. Murray [Strahan, Tonson, Lintot of the times]

o To Mr. Murray [TO hook the Reader, you, John Murray]

o To my Son

o To Penelope

o To Romance from 'Hours of Idleness'

o To the Duke of Dorset

o To the Earl of Clare

o To The Honorable Mr. George Lamb

o To the Sighing Strephon

o To Thomas Moore

o To Thomas Moore [OH you, who in all names can tickle the town]

o To Thomas Moore [What are you doing now]

o To Woman

o To----

o Translation from Anacreon. Ode 5

o Translation from Anacreon. Ode I

o Translation from Catullus. 'Ad Lesbiam'

o Translation from Catullus. 'Lugete Veneres Cupidinesque'

o Translation from Horace. 'Justum et tenacem', etc.

o Translation from the 'Medea' of Euripides (from Hours of Idleness)

o Translation of the Epitaph on Virgil and Tibullus, by Domitius Marsus

o Translation Of The Nurse's Dole In The Medea Of Euripides

o Versicles

o Version Of Ossian's Address To The Sun, A

o Volume Of Nonsense, A

o Waltz, The

o Well! thou art happy

o When I Roved a Young Highlander

o When, to their airy hall, my Fathers' voice - A Fragment

o Woman's Hair, A