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Poems by William Lisle Bowles


Bowles, William Lisle

o Abba Thule's Lament For His Son Prince Le Boo

o Absence

o Absence [Sonnet] Sonnet

o Age

o Approach Of Summer Sonnet

o April Shower, The

o Ark: A Poem For Music, The

o Art And Nature Sonnet

o Associations Sonnet

o At Dover, 1786 Sonnet

o At Malvern Sonnet

o At Oxford, 1786 Sonnet

o At Tynemouth Priory, After A Tempestuous Voyage Sonnet

o Avenue In Savernake Forest

o Bamborough Castle Sonnet

o Banwell Hill

o Battle Of Corruna

o Battle Of The Nile, The

o Bells, Ostend, The Sonnet

o Bereavement Sonnet

o Bird's Nest, The

o Blacksmith, The

o Blind Grandfather, The

o Blind Man Of Salisbury Cathedral, The

o Blind Soldier And His Daughter, The

o Butterfly And The Bee, The

o Cadland, Southampton River

o Caged Bird, The

o Chantrey's Sleeping Children

o Childe Harold's Last Pilgrimage

o Children's Hymn For Their Patroness, The

o Christmas Hymn

o Convent, The Sonnet

o Convict, The

o Coombe-Ellen

o Death Of Captain Cooke, Of "The Bellerophon"

o Dirge Of Nelson

o Distant View Of England From The Sea Sonnet

o Dover Cliffs Sonnet

o Dutiful Child, The

o Dying Slave, The

o Easter Day

o Egyptian Tomb, The

o Elegiac Stanzas

o Elegy Written At The Hotwells, Bristol

o Epitaph On Benjamin Tremlyn, An Old Soldier, Buried In Bremhill Churchyard

o Epitaph On H. Walmsley, Esq.

o Epitaph On John Harding, In The Churchyard Of Bremhill

o Epitaph On Robert Southey

o Evening Sonnet

o Exhibition, 1807

o Fairy Sketch

o Garden-Seat At Home, A

o Gipsy's Tent, The

o Glastonbury Abbey And Wells Cathedral

o Glow-Worm, The

o Grave Of Bishop Ken, The

o Grave Of Howard, The

o Grave Of The Last Saxon; Or, The Legend Of The Curfew, The

o Greenwich Hospital

o Greenwich Pensioners, The

o Harp Of Hoel, The

o Harp, And Despair, Of Cowper, The

o Hen And Chickens

o Hope Sonnet

o Hope, An Allegorical Sketch

o Hour-Glass, The

o Hour-Glass And Bible Sonnet

o Hymn For Music, After The Battle Of Waterloo

o Hymn For The Anniversary Of The Death Of The Princess Charlotte

o Hymn To Woden

o In Horto Rev. J. Still

o In Memoriam Sonnet

o Influence Of Time On Grief Sonnet

o Inscribed To The Marchioness Of Lansdowne

o Inscription

o Inscriptions In The Gardens Of Bremhill Rectory

o Lacock Nunnery Sonnet

o Last Song Of Camoens, The

o Lay Of Talbot, The Troubadour, The

o Legend Of St Cecilia And The Angel, The

o Lines Written On Fonthill Abbey

o Little Mary's Linnet

o Little Sweep, The

o Lockswell

o Monody On Henry Headley

o Monody On The Death Of Dr Warton

o Monody, Written At Matlock

o Morley's Farewell To The Cottage Of Isaak Walton

o Mower, The

o Music

o Music [Sonnet] Sonnet

o My Father's Grave

o Netley Abbey Sonnet

o Old Labourer, The

o On A Beautiful Landscape Sonnet

o On A Beautiful Spring

o On A Cenotaph To The Memory Of Lieut-Col. Isaac

o On A Landscape By Rubens

o On Accidentally Meeting A Lady Now No More Sonnet

o On An Eclipse Of The Moon At Midnight

o On An Unfortunate And Beautiful Woman

o On Entering Switzerland Sonnet

o On First Hearing Caradori Sing

o On Hearing "The Messiah" Sonnet

o On Landing At Ostend Sonnet

o On Leaving A Place Of Residence

o On Leaving A Village In Scotland Sonnet

o On Leaving Winchester School

o On Meeting Some Friends Of Youth At Cheltenham

o On Miss Fitzgerald And Lord Kerry Planting Two Cedars In Churchyard Of Bremhill

o On Mozart

o On Mr Howard's Account Of Lazarettos

o On Resigning A Scholarship Of Trinity College, Oxford Sonnet

o On Seeing A Bust Of R. B. Sheridan, From A Cast Taken After Death

o On Seeing Plants In The Windows Of Seth Ward's College

o On The Busts Of Milton, In Youth And Age, At Stourhead Sonnet

o On The Death Of Dr Burgess, The Late Bishop Of Salisbury

o On The Death Of The Rev. William Benwell, M.A. Sonnet

o On The Death Of William Linley, Esq., Composer Of Music Of "The Duenna"

o On The Funeral Of Charles The First, At Night, In St George's Chapel, Windsor

o On William Sommers Of Bremhill

o Oxford Revisited Sonnet

o Path Of Life

o Philanthropic Society, The

o Picture Of A Young Lady Sonnet

o Picture Of An Old Man Sonnet

o Pictures From Theocritus

o Pole-Vellum, Cornwall

o Poor Man's Grave

o Primrose, The

o Restoration Of Malmesbury Abbey

o Retrospection Sonnet

o Return Of George Iii. To Windsor Castle

o Rhine, The Sonnet

o Right Honourable Edmund Burke, The

o River Cherwell, The Sonnet

o River Wainsbeck, The Sonnet

o Robin Redbreast, The

o Rustic Seat Near The Sea, A

o Sabbath Morning

o Salisbury Cathedral

o Sanctuary: A Dramatic Sketch, The

o Saturday Night

o Shakspeare

o Sheepfold

o Shepherd And His Dog, The

o Silchester, The Ancient Caleva

o Sketch From Bowden Hill After Sickness

o Sketches In The Exhibition, 1805

o Song Of The American Indian

o Song Of The Cid

o Sonnet Written In A Copy Of Falconer's "Shipwreck."

o Sorrows Of Switzerland, The

o Southampton Castle

o Southampton Water

o Spirit Of Navigation, The

o Spring--Cuckoo

o St John In Patmos

o St Michael's Mount

o Stanzas For Music

o Summer Evening At Home

o Summer's Evening

o Sun-Dial, In The Churchyard Of Bremhill

o Sunday Night

o Sunrise

o Supposed Address To Bishop Ken

o Swallow And The Red-Breast, The

o Swan, The

o Sylph Of Summer, The

o To A Friend Sonnet

o To Lady Valletort, On Hearing Her Sing "Gloria In Excelsis"

o To Sir Walter Scott Sonnet

o To The River Itchin Sonnet

o Translation Of A Latin Poem

o Tweed Visited, The Sonnet

o Village Bells, The

o Visionary Boy, The

o Wardour Castle

o Water-Party On Beaulieu River, In The New Forest

o Winds, The

o Winter Evening At Home

o Withered Leaf, The

o Woodspring Abbey, 1836 Sonnet

o Written After The Consecration Of The New Church At Kingswood