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Poems by Ambrose Bierce


Bierce, Ambrose

o "A Literary Method"

o "Black Bart, Po8"

o "Born Leader Of Men", A

o "Died Of A Rose"

o "Exhibit", An from 'Black Beetles in Amber'

o "Mass" Meeting, A

o "Mute Inglorious Milton", A

o "Peaceable Expulsion"

o "Phil" Crimmins

o "Scion Of Nobility", A

o "Viduate Dame", The

o Accepted

o Actor, An from 'Black Beetles in Amber'

o Ad Cattonum

o Ad Moodium

o Adair Welcker, Poet

o Aesthetes, The

o Again

o Alibi, An

o American Party, The

o Anarchist, An

o Another Plan

o Another Way

o Apologue, An

o Arbor Day

o Arboriculture

o Arma Virumque

o Art

o Art Critic, An from 'Black Beetles in Amber'

o Arthur Mcewen

o Aspirants Three

o Aspiration

o At Anchor

o At The "National Encampment"

o At The Close Of The Canvass

o At The Eleventh Hour

o Augury, An

o Authority

o Average, An

o Azrael

o Bad Night, A

o Ballad Of Pikeville, A

o Barking Weasel, The

o Bats In Sunshine

o Beecher

o Bequest To Music, A

o Bereavement

o Bimetalism

o Birth Of The Rail, The

o Birth Of Virtue, The

o Bit Of Science, A

o Black-List, A

o Borrowed Brains

o Boss's Choice, The

o Bride, The

o Brothers, The

o Bubble, A

o Builder, A

o Bulletin, A

o Business

o By A Defeated Litigant

o By False Pretenses

o Cain from 'Black Beetles in Amber'

o California

o Caller, A

o Career In Letters, A

o Celebrated Case, A

o Censor Literarum

o Challenge, A

o Charles And Peter

o Cheating Preacher, A

o Codex Honoris

o Committee On Public Morals, The

o Commuted Sentence, A from 'Black Beetles in Amber'

o Confederate Flags, The

o Consolation

o Constancy

o Contemplation

o Contentment

o Controversialist, A

o Convalescent ["By good men's prayers see Grant restored!"]

o Convalescent [What! "Out of danger?" Can the slighted Dame]

o Convicts' Ball, The

o Cooperation

o Corrected News

o Couplets

o Coward, A

o Creation

o Critic, A

o Crocodile, A

o Culinary Candidate, A

o Cynic's Bequest, The

o Dampened Ardor, A

o Day Of Wrath, The

o De Young--A Prophecy

o Dead King, The

o Death Of Grant, The

o Debtor Abroad, The

o Demagogue, A

o Demand, A

o Democracy

o Dennis Kearney from 'Black Beetles in Amber'

o Detected

o Diagnosis

o Dies Irae

o Dilemma, A

o Disappointment

o Disavowal

o Discretion

o Division Superintendent, The

o Down Among The Dead Men

o Dying Statesman, The

o Eastern Question, The

o Election Day

o Elixer Vitae

o Emancipation

o Enemy To Law And Order, An

o Epitaph [Hangman's hands laid in this tomb an], An

o Epitaph [Here lies Greer Harrison, a well cracked louse], An

o Example, An

o Exile, An

o Exoneration

o Explanation, An

o Expositor Veritatis

o Fair Division, A

o Fall Of Miss Larkin, The

o Fallen

o False Prophecy, A

o Fame [He held a book in his knotty paws]

o Fame [One thousand years I slept beneath the sod]

o Famine's Realm from 'Black Beetles in Amber'

o Fate

o Finis Aeternitatis from 'Black Beetles in Amber'

o Fish Commissioner, A

o Fleet Strother

o Following Pair, The

o Fool, A

o Foot-Hill Resort, The

o For A Certain Critic

o For Mayor

o For Merit

o For President, Leland Stanford

o For Tat

o For Wounds

o Foresight

o Foundations Of The State

o Fountain Refilled, The

o Four Candidates For Senator

o Four Of A Kind

o France

o Francine

o Free Trader's Lament, The

o From The Minutes

o From Top To Bottom

o From Virginia To Paris

o Fyghtynge Seventh, The

o Gates Ajar, The

o General B.F. Butler

o Genesis Of Embarrassment, The

o Genesis [God said, "Let there be Crime," and the command]

o Genesis [God said: "Let there be Man," and from the clay]

o George A. Knight

o Geotheos

o God's View-Point, The

o Growler, A

o Guest, A

o Haec Fabula Docet

o Hasty Inference, A

o Hell

o Hermit, The

o Hesitating Veteran, The

o History

o Homo Podunkensis

o Hospitality

o Humility

o Humorist, The

o Hymn Of The Many, A

o Idler, An

o Ignis Fatuus

o Imposter, An

o In Contumaciam

o In Defense

o In High Life

o In His Hand

o In Memoriam

o In The Binnacle

o In Upper San Francisco

o In-Coming Climate, The

o Incurable

o Indicted

o Industrial Discontent

o Inscription (For a Proposed Monument in Washington), An

o Inscription (For A Statue Of Napoleon, At West Point), An

o Inspiration

o Interpretation, An

o Invocation, An

o J.F.B.

o Jack-At-All-Views, A

o James L. Flood

o Johndonkey

o Judex Judicatus

o Judgment

o Justice

o Key Note, The from 'Black Beetles in Amber'

o King Of Bores, The

o L'audace

o Lacking Factor, A

o Last Man, The

o Laus Lucis

o Legatee, The

o Legend Of Immortal Truth, The from 'Cobwebs From an Empty Skull'

o Liberty

o Lifted Finger, A from 'Black Beetles in Amber'

o Literary Hangman, A

o Llewellen Powell

o Long-Felt Want, A

o Lord's Prayer On A Coin, The

o Lost Colonel, The

o Lucifer Of The Torch

o Lusus Politicus

o Mackaiad, The

o Mad

o Magnanimity

o Man, A from 'Black Beetles in Amber'

o Man Born Blind, The

o Master Of Three Arts

o Matter For Gratitude from 'Black Beetles in Amber'

o Mendax

o Merciful Governor, A

o Metempsychosis

o Metempsychosis [Once with Christ he entered Salem]

o Military Incident, A

o Militiaman, The

o Montague Leverson

o Montefiore

o Morning Fancy, A

o Mr. Fink's Debating Donkey

o Mr. Sheets

o Mummery, The

o My Lord Poet

o My Monument

o Nanine

o National Guardsman, The

o Naval Constructor, The

o New "Ulalume", The

o New Enoch, The

o Night Of Election, The

o Nightmare, A

o Nimrod

o Not Guilty

o Novum Organum

o Oakland Dog, The

o Obituarian, An from 'Black Beetles in Amber'

o Offer Of Marriage, An

o Oleomargarine Man, The

o Omnes Vanitas

o On A Proposed Crematory

o On Stone

o On The Platform

o On The Wedding Of An Aeronaut

o One And One Are Two

o One Judge

o One Mood's Expression

o One Morning

o One Of The Redeemed

o One Of The Saints

o One Of The Unfair Sex

o One President

o Oneiromancy

o Opposing Sex, The

o Ornithanthropos from 'Black Beetles in Amber'

o Over The Border

o Paradox, A

o Partisan's Protest, A

o Passing Of "Boss" Shepherd, The

o Passing Show, The

o Patter Song, A

o Peace

o Perverted Village After Goldsmith, The

o Philosopher Bimm

o Pickbrain, A

o Piute, The

o Poesy

o Poet's Father, A

o Poet's Hope, A

o Political Apostate, A

o Political Economy

o Political Violet, A

o Politician, The

o Politics

o Possibility, A

o Posterity's Award from 'Black Beetles in Amber'

o Prayer [Fear not in any tongue to call]

o Prayer [Sweet Spirit of Cesspool, hear a mother's prayer], A

o Presentiment

o Promised Fast Train, A

o Psoriad, The

o Psychographs

o Pun, The

o Question Of Eligibility, A

o Railroad Lackey, A

o Re-Edified

o Rear Elevation, A

o Rebuke

o Rejected

o Religion

o Religious Progress

o Reminded

o Rendezvous, A

o Reply To A Letter, A

o Retort, A

o Retrospective Bird, The

o Revenge

o Rich Testator, The

o Royal Jester, The

o Saint And The Monk, The

o Salvini In America

o Samuel Shortridge from 'Black Beetles in Amber'

o Scurril Press, The

o Serenade, A

o Setting Sachem, The from 'Cobwebs From an Empty Skull'

o Shafter Shafted, The

o Silurian Holiday, A

o Sires And Sons

o Slander

o Slickens

o Soaring Toad, A

o Social Call, A

o Society Leader, A

o Something In The Papers

o Song In Praise, A

o Spade, A

o Spirit Of A Sponge, The from 'Black Beetles in Amber'

o Statesmen, The

o Stephen Dorsey

o Stephen J. Field

o Stoneman In Heaven

o Strained Relations

o Study In Gray, A

o Subdued Editor, The

o Substance Versus Shadow

o Subterranean Phantasies

o Sunset Gun, The

o Surprised from 'Black Beetles in Amber'

o T.A.H.

o Tables Turned, The

o Technology

o Tempora Mutantur

o Thanksgiving

o Thersites

o Three Kinds Of A Rogue from 'Black Beetles in Amber'

o Tidings Of Good

o Tinker Dick

o To "Colonel" Dan. Burns

o To A Censor

o To A Critic Of Tennyson

o To A Dejected Poet

o To A Professional Eulogist

o To A Stray Dog

o To A Summer Poet

o To A Word-Warrior

o To An Aspirant

o To An Insolent Attorney

o To E.S. Salomon from 'Black Beetles in Amber'

o To Either

o To Her

o To Maude

o To My Laundress

o To My Liars

o To Nanine

o To One Across The Way

o To One Detested

o To Oscar Wilde

o To The Bartholdi Statue

o To The Fool-Killer

o To The Happy Hunting Grounds

o To-Day

o Town Of Dae, The

o Transmigrations Of A Soul, The from 'Black Beetles in Amber'

o Twin Unworthies

o Two Methods

o Two Rogues

o Two Shows

o Two Statesmen from 'Black Beetles in Amber'

o Unarmed

o Uncoloneled

o Undress Uniform, An

o Unexpounded

o Unfallen Brave, The

o Unmerry Christmas, An

o Unpardonable Sin, The

o Valley Of The Shadow Of Theft, The

o Van Nessiad, The

o Vanished At Cock-Crow

o Veteran, The from 'Black Beetles in Amber'

o Vice Versa

o Vision Of Climate, A

o Vision Of Doom, A

o Vision Of Resurrection, A

o Visions Of Sin

o Voluptuary, A

o Warning, A

o Weather Wight, The

o Welcome, A

o Wet Season, A

o Whipper-In, A

o Wise And Good, The

o With Mine Own Petard

o Woful Tale Of Mr. Peters, The

o Woman And The Devil, The

o Woman In Politics

o Word To The Unwise, A

o Wreath Of Immortelles, A

o Y'e Foe To Cathaye from 'Black Beetles in Amber'

o Ye Idyll Of Ye Hippopopotamus from 'The Fiend's Delight'

o Year's Casualties, A

o Yearly Lie, The

o Yorick