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Titles begin with H

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(Genre abbreviations:
f/n: Fiction or novel
s: Short story
e: Essay
p: Poem
d/c: Play, drama or comedy
n: Nonfiction)

"Had I A Claim To Fame?" (p) by William-Rose-Benet
"Has Been" (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
"Have You Ever Made A Just Man?" (p) by Stephen-Crane
"Helen All Alone" (p) by Rudyard-Kipling
"Henrik Ibsen", The (s) by Anthon-B. E.-Nilsen
"His Wife's Deceased Sister" (s) by Frank-R-Stockton
"Ho-Tei": A Coloured Drawing by Hokusai (e) by Max-Beerbohm
"Honest John" (p) by Hattie-Howard
"Horse And Hattock" (s) by Anonymous
"Horse House" Deed, The (s) by Mary E-Wilkins-Freeman
"How Great My Grief" (p) by Thomas-Hardy
"How Small The Thread That Holds Up Happiness" (p) by John-Presland
H. 3rd--The Review Of A Continuous Performance (e) by Heywood-Broun
H. C. M. H. S. J. K. W (p) by Oliver-Wendell-Holmes
H. G. Wells Of England (e) by Heywood-Broun
H. H. Rogers (n) by Elbert-Hubbard
H. M. S. "Dreadnought" (p) by W.-M.-MacKeracher
H. P. B. (In Memoriam) (p) by George-William-Russell
H.M.S. 'Foudroyant' (p) by Arthur-Conan-Doyle
H.M.S. Pinafore; Or, The Lass That Loved A Sailor (d/c) by W.-S.-Gilbert
H.R.H. The Prince Of Hester Street (s) by Myra-Kelly
Haakon The Good And The Sons Of Gunhild (s) by Charles-Morris
Haamdaanee (s) by George-W.-Bateman
Habetrot The Spinstress (s) by Elizabeth-W.-Grierson
Habit Of Perfection, The (p) by Gerard-Manley-Hopkins
Habitant's Jubilee Ode, The (p) by William-Henry-Drummond
Habitation Enforced, An (s) by Rudyard-Kipling
Habits (s) by Howard-J.-Chidley
Habits (e) by Arthur-C.-Benson
Habits (e) by Lemuel-K.-Washburn
Habits And Character Of The Peasantry (e) by Thomas-Davis
Habits And Consciousness (e) by Alice-Meynell
Habits Of A Literary Man (e) by -Edgar W. Nye- Bill-Nye
Habogi (s) by Andrew-Lang
Hack And Hew (p) by Bliss-Carman
Hackelnberg (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Hackney-Coach Stands (s) by Charles-Dickens
Had I A Cave (p) by Robert-Burns
Had I A Heart (p) by J.-C.-Manning
Had I Been Consulted (s) by T.-S.-Arthur
Had I the power that have the will (p) by Robert-Louis-Stevenson
Had I The Wyte? She Bade Me (p) by Robert-Burns
Had You Wept (p) by Thomas-Hardy
Haddam Enchantments (s) by Charles-M.-Skinner
Hadn't Time For Trouble (s) by T.-S.-Arthur
Hadramauti (p) by Rudyard-Kipling
Haec Fabula Docet (p) by Ambrose-Bierce
Haeckel (n) by Elbert-Hubbard
Hafbur And Signe, A Ballad (p) by George-Borrow
Hafbur And Signy (p) by William-Morris
Hafiz (p) by Oliver-Herford
Hafiz (p) by Ralph-Waldo-Emerson
Hag, The (p) by -Poet- Robert-Herrick
Hagar (p) by Leigh-Gordon-Giltner
Haggis Of Private Mcphee, The (p) by Robert-W.-Service
Haglets, The (p) by Herman-Melville
Hail And Farewell To A.R. (p) by James-Allan-Mackereth
Hail Storm, The (p) by George-Borrow
Hail To The Chief (s) by Randall-Garrett
Hail! Childish slaves of social rules (p) by Robert-Louis-Stevenson
Hail!--And Farewell! (p) by John-Oxenham
Hail, Columbia! (p) by Oliver-Wendell-Holmes
Hail, guest, and enter freely (p) by Robert-Louis-Stevenson
Hail, Risen Lord! (p) by Mrs. J.-C.-Yule
Hail-Storm, The (p) by George-Borrow
Hair, The (p) by Jared-Barhite
Hair Cut That Went To My Head, The (e) by Robert-Cortes-Holliday
Hair That Is Scenery (e) by Robert-Cortes-Holliday
Hairy Ape, The (d/c) by Eugene-O-Neill
Hairy Man, The (s) by Andrew-Lang
Haita The Shepherd (s) by Ambrose-Bierce
Hakon's Lay (p) by James-Russell-Lowell
Halberdier of the Little Rheinschloss, The (s) by O-Henry
Halbert And Hob (p) by Robert-Browning
Halcyon Days (p) by Walt-Whitman
Halcyon Hangs O'er Ocean, The (p) by Thomas-Moore
Halcyon In Canada, The (e) by John-Burroughs
Halcyone (s) by Abbie-Farwell-Brown
Half A Chance (f/n) by Frederic-Stewart-Isham
Half a Hero: A Novel (f/n) by Anthony-Hope
Half A Life-Time Ago (s) by Elizabeth-Cleghorn-Gaskell
Half A Man (p) by Clarence-James-Dennis
Half a Rogue (f/n) by Harold-MacGrath
Half A Sheet Of Foolscap (s) by August-Strindberg
Half An Hour Before Supper (p) by Bret-Harte
Half An Hour In A Railway Station (e) by Helen-Hunt-Jackson
Half Fledged (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Half Hope (p) by Edward-Shanks
Half Of A Thousand, The (s) by Ellis-Parker-Butler
Half Of Life Gone, The (p) by William-Morris
Half Way Doings (p) by Thomas-W.-Talley
Half-A-Sovereign (s) by Arnold-Bennett
Half-Brothers, The (s) by Elizabeth-Cleghorn-Gaskell
Half-Chick, The (s) by Andrew-Lang
Half-Finished Work (e) by Timothy-Titcomb
Half-Hours With The Poets (e) by Stephen-Leacock
Half-Man, The (s) by Thomas-Wentworth-Higginson
Half-Moon Westers Low, My Love, The (p) by A.-E.-Housman
Half-Shut Doors Through Which We Heard That Music, The (p) by Conrad-Aiken
Halil the Pedlar (f/n) by Maurus-Jokai
Halima And The Scorpions (s) by Robert-Hichens
Hall And The Wood, The (p) by William-Morris
Hall of Fantasy, The (s) by Nathaniel-Hawthorne
Hall Of Mirrors (s) by Fredric-Brown
Hall Of The Missing Footsteps (s) by James-Huneker
Hall-Marked: A Satiric Trifle (d/c) by John-Galsworthy
Hallam Succession, The (f/n) by Amelia-Edith-Barr
Hallam's History (e) by Thomas-Babington-Macaulay
Hallo! (p) by John-Freeman
Hallowe'en (p) by Virna-Sheard
Hallowe'en (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Hallowe'en (p) by James-McIntyre
Hallowed Ground (p) by James-Avis-Bartley
Halloween (p) by George-MacDonald
Halloween (p) by Robert-Burns
Halloween (p) by Edwin-C.-Ranck
Hallowing Of The Fleet, The (p) by William-Johnson-Cory
Halo They Gave Themselves, The (s) by A.-A.-Milne
Ham And Eggs (s) by Seumas-O-Brien
Ham Beats All Meat (p) by Thomas-W.-Talley
Ham Sandwich (s) by James-H.-Schmitz
Hamatreya (p) by Ralph-Waldo-Emerson
Hame (p) by George-MacDonald
Hamilton Greene (p) by Edgar-Lee-Masters
Hamlet (p) by Walter-De la Mare
Hamlet (e) by Arthur-C.-Benson
Hamlet (s) by Edith-Nesbit
Hamlet (d/c) by William-Shakespeare
Hamlet And Polonius (s) by Katharine-Lee-Bates
Hamlet Folk (e) by Richard-Jefferies
Hamlet Micure (p) by Edgar-Lee-Masters
Hamlet's Advice To The Players (e) by William-Shakespeare
Hamlet, Prince Of Denmark (s) by Charles-Lamb
Hammer Of God, The (s) by G.-K.-Chesterton
Hammer Of Thor, The (s) by Mary-H.-Foster
Hammerpond Park Burglary, The (s) by H.-G.-Wells
Hammers, The (p) by Amy-Lowell
Hammock's Complaint, The (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Hampshire Hills, The (s) by Eugene-Field
Hampton Beach (p) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
Hampton Roads (s) by Theodore-Roosevelt
Hana-Saka-Jiji (s) by Grace-James
Hand, The (p) by Jared-Barhite
Hand, The (p) by Eunice-Tietjens
Hand, The (s) by Guy-De-Maupassant
Hand and Ring (f/n) by Anna-Katharine-Green
Hand But Not the Heart, The (f/n) by T.-S.-Arthur
Hand Of Destiny, The (s) by Charles-Morris
Hand Of Douglas, The (s) by Annie-F.-Johnston
Hand of Ethelberta, The (f/n) by Thomas-Hardy
Hand Of The Mandarin Quong, The (s) by Sax-Rohmer
Hand On The Latch, The (s) by Mary-Cholmondeley
Hand That Riles the World, The (s) by O-Henry
Hand-Me-Down, A (p) by Edwin-C.-Ranck
Hand-Mirror, A (p) by Walt-Whitman
Hand-Organ Ball, The (p) by Joseph-Crosby-Lincoln
Handbook of Hymen, The (s) by O-Henry
Handbook to the new Gold-fields (n) by R.-M.-Ballantyne
Handel, The Great Musician (s) by Anonymous
Handful Of Clay, A (s) by Henry-Van Dyke
Handicap, The (e) by Frank-Boreham
Handicap Of Sex, The (s) by A.-A.-Milne
Handicapped (p) by Mary-Carolyn-Davies
Handing Over The Gun (p) by Edward-Powys-Mathers
Handless Brigade, The (s) by Mrs. Andrew-Lang
Hands (p) by John-Freeman
Hands All Round (p) by Alfred-Lord-Tennyson
Hands Of The Betrothed, The (p) by D.-H.-Lawrence
Hands Of The Pitiful Woman, The (s) by Perceval-Gibbon
Handsome Heart: At A Gracious Answer, The (p) by Gerard-Manley-Hopkins
Handsome Hostess, A (e) by John-Earle
Handsome Nell (p) by Robert-Burns
Handy Man, The (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
Hang Up Your Stocking (p) by Madge-Morris-Wagner
Hanging By A Thread (s) by Randall-Garrett
Hanging Garden In Babylon, A (s) by A.-A.-Milne
Hanging Gardens - Valedictory, The (e) by Vernon-Lee
Hanging Of Charlie Price, The (s) by Vivia-Hemphill
Hank's Woman (s) by Owen-Wister
Hannah Armstrong (p) by Edgar-Lee-Masters
Hannah Bint (e) by Mary-Russell-Mitford
Hannah More Once More (e) by Augustine-Birrell
Hannah Of The Highlands; or, The Laird Of Loch Aucherlocherty (s) by Stephen-Leacock
Hannibal Crosses The Alps (s) by Charles-Morris
Hannibal Of The Andes And The Freedom Of Chili, The (s) by Charles-Morris
Hannibal Trotter The Hero (s) by Talbot-Baines-Reed
Hanoum And The Unjust Cadi, The (s) by Allan-Ramsay
Hanover; Or The Persecution of the Lowly: A Story of the Wilmington Massacre (f/n) by Jack-Thorne
Hanrahan And Cathleen The Daughter Of Hoolihan (s) by William-Butler-Yeats
Hanrahan Laments Because Of His Wanderings (p) by William-Butler-Yeats
Hanrahan Reproves The Curlew (p) by William-Butler-Yeats
Hanrahan Speaks To The Lovers Of His Songs In Coming Days (p) by William-Butler-Yeats
Hanrahan's Vision (s) by William-Butler-Yeats
Hans Begins To Wonder (p) by Abner-Cosens
Hans Breitmann's Barty (p) by Charles-G.-Leland
Hans Breitmann's Christmas (p) by Charles-G.-Leland
Hans Carvel's Ring (p) by Jean de-La Fontaine
Hans Christian Andersen (e) by Hjalmar-Hjorth-Boyesen
Hans Hecklemann's Luck (s) by Howard-Pyle
Hans In Luck (s) by Anonymous
Hans in Luck (s) by Jacob-& Wilhelm-Grimm
Hans Jagenteufel (s) by Anonymous
Hans Married (s) by Jacob-& Wilhelm-Grimm
Hans Pumpernickel's Vigil (s) by John-Kendrick-Bangs
Hans Sachs' Poetical Mission (p) by Johann Wolfgang-von-Goethe
Hans the Hedgehog (s) by Jacob-& Wilhelm-Grimm
Hans, The Mermaid's Son (s) by Andrew-Lang
Hansel and Gretel (s) by Jacob-& Wilhelm-Grimm
Hansel and Grettel (s) by Andrew-Lang
Hap (p) by Thomas-Hardy
Hapless (p) by Walter-De la Mare
Hapless Army, The (p) by Edward-Dyson
Happiest Day, The (p) by Edgar-Allan-Poe
Happiest Days (e) by Gail-Hamilton
Happiest Days, The (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
Happiest Half-Hours Of Life, The (e) by A.-A.-Milne
Happiest Man In Ioway, The (s) by Rupert-Hughes
Happiest Of The Poets, The (e) by William-Butler-Yeats
Happiness (p) by John-Freeman
Happiness (s) by Anton-Chekhov
Happiness (p) by Samuel-Taylor-Coleridge
Happiness (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Happiness (p) by Amy-Lowell
Happiness (p) by Eliza-Lee Cabot-Follen
Happiness and Vision (p) by Johann Wolfgang-von-Goethe
Happy Choice!, The (p) by John-Castillo
Happy Cottagers, The (p) by Patrick-Bronte
Happy Couple, The (p) by Johann Wolfgang-von-Goethe
Happy Death (p) by John-Freeman
Happy Discontent, The (e) by Richard-King
Happy Encounter, The (p) by Walter-De la Mare
Happy Ending (s) by Mack-Reynolds
Happy Ending, A (s) by Anton-Chekhov
Happy Family, The (s) by Hans-Christian-Andersen
Happy Family, A (s) by Juliana-Horatia-Ewing
Happy Gardeners, The (p) by Edward-Dyson
Happy Harvesters, The (p) by Charles-Sangster
Happy Household, The (p) by Eugene-Field
Happy Hunter And The Skillful Fisher, The (s) by Yei-Theodora-Ozaki
Happy Hunting Grounds, The (p) by E. Pauline-Johnson
Happy Husband - A Fragment, The (p) by Samuel-Taylor-Coleridge
Happy Hyena, The (p) by Carolyn-Wells
Happy Is England Now (p) by John-Freeman
Happy Is England! I Could Be Content [sonnet] (p) by John-Keats
Happy Isles, The (p) by Eugene-Field
Happy Jack (Tale Of The Sea) (s) by William-H. G.-Kingston
Happy Jack, Wild Man (s) by B.-M.-Bower
Happy Letter (p) by Richard-Le Gallienne
Happy Little Cripple, The (p) by James-Whitcomb-Riley
Happy Man, The (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
Happy Man, The (p) by G.-K.-Chesterton
Happy Man, A (s) by Anton-Chekhov
Happy Man, The (s) by Howard-J.-Chidley
Happy Marriages (e) by James-Runciman
Happy New Year, A (p) by John-Kendall
Happy New Year, A (p) by Harrison-S.-Morris
Happy Night (Surbiton And Battersea), A (e) by Thomas-Burke
Happy Prince, The (s) by Oscar-Wilde
Happy Printer, The (p) by Austin-Dobson
Happy Slow Thinker, The (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
Happy Thought (p) by Oliver-Herford
Happy Thought (p) by Robert-Louis-Stevenson
Happy Traveller, The (p) by Isabel-Ecclestone-Mackay
Happy Unfortunate, The (s) by Robert-Silverberg
Happy Waterman, The (s) by Hannah-More
Harald Is King (s) by Jennie-Hall
Harald The Viking (s) by Thomas-Wentworth-Higginson
Harald's Battle (s) by Jennie-Hall
Harbinger, The (s) by O-Henry
Harbor, The (f/n) by Ernest-Poole
Harbor Lights Of Home, The (p) by Jean-Blewett
Harbour In The North, The (e) by Hilaire-Belloc
Harbour of Refuge, A (s) by William-Wymark-Jacobs
Harbours of England, The (n) by John-Ruskin
Hard Cash (f/n) by Charles-Reade
Hard Knocks (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
Hard Luck (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
Hard Luck (p) by Banjo-Paterson
Hard Summer, The (e) by Mary-Russell-Mitford
Hard Times (f/n) by Charles-Dickens
Hard Times (p) by George-MacDonald
Hard Times in Elfland, The (p) by Sidney-Lanier
Hard To Forget (p) by O-Henry
Hard Weather (p) by George-Meredith
Hard Work (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
Hard-Boiled Egg, The (s) by Ellis-Parker-Butler
Harder Part, The (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
Harding's luck (f/n) by Edith-Nesbit
Hardship, A (p) by Edwin-C.-Ranck
Hardship Upon The Ladies, The (p) by Jonathan-Swift
Hardy Patriots, The (s) by Ambrose-Bierce
Hardy Youth. III-2 (p) by Helen-Leah-Reed
Hare, The (p) by Walter-De la Mare
Hare, The (e) by Arthur-C.-Benson
Hare Afraid Of His Ears, The (s) by Aesop -author of Aesop-s Fables-
Hare And Many Friends (p) by John-Gay
Hare And The Frogs, The (p) by Jean de-La Fontaine
Hare and the Hedgehog, The (s) by Jacob-& Wilhelm-Grimm
Hare And The Heiress, The (s) by P.-Chr.-Asbjornsen
Hare And The Hound, The (s) by Aesop -author of Aesop-s Fables-
Hare And The Lion, The (s) by George-W.-Bateman
Hare And The Partridge, The (s) by Jean de-La Fontaine
Hare And The Partridge, The (p) by Jean de-La Fontaine
Hare And The Tortoise, The (p) by Jean de-La Fontaine
Hare And The Tortoise (s) by Aesop -author of Aesop-s Fables-
Hare And The Tortoise, The (s) by Louisa-May-Alcott
Hare and the Tortoise, The (s) by Ambrose-Bierce
Hare Drummer (p) by Edgar-Lee-Masters
Hare's Bride, The (s) by Jacob-& Wilhelm-Grimm
Hare-Bell (p) by E. Pauline-Johnson
Harebell, The (p) by Muriel-Stuart
Hares and the Frogs, The (s) by Ambrose-Bierce
Hares And The Frogs (s) by Aesop -author of Aesop-s Fables-
Hares, A Fable, The (p) by James-Beattie
Hark To The Shouting Wind (p) by Henry-Timrod
Hark! 'tis The Breeze (p) by Thomas-Moore
Hark! How The Wintry Tempest Raves [stanzas] (p) by James-Avis-Bartley
Hark! The Vesper Hymn Is Stealing (p) by Thomas-Moore
Harlan Sewall (p) by Edgar-Lee-Masters
Harleian Collection Of Manuscripts, The (e) by J.-M.-Stone
Harlem Tragedy, A (s) by O-Henry
Harlequin And Columbine (s) by Booth-Tarkington
Harlequin Mercutio (e) by Alice-Meynell
Harlequin of Dreams, The (p) by Sidney-Lanier
Harlot's House, The (p) by Oscar-Wilde
Harm That Is Done By Our Friends, The (e) by Arthur-Brisbane
Harmless Cow, The (p) by Elizabeth-Turner
Harmless Visitor, A (s) by Ambrose-Bierce
Harmless Worm, The (p) by Elizabeth-Turner
Harmodius And Aristogiton (p) by George-Borrow
Harmon Whitney (p) by Edgar-Lee-Masters
Harmonics (p) by William-Vaughn-Moody
Harmony In Unlikeness [sonnet] (p) by Charles-Lamb
Harold Arnett (p) by Edgar-Lee-Masters
Harold Fair-Haired Founds The Kingdom Of Norway (s) by Charles-Morris
Harold Frederic (e) by Willa-Cather
Harold, The Last Of The Saxon Kings (f/n) by Edward-Bulwer-Lytton
Harold: A Drama (d/c) by Alfred-Lord-Tennyson
Haroun Er Reshid And The Woman Of The Barmecides (s) by John-Payne
Harp, The (p) by George-Borrow
Harp, The (p) by Ralph-Waldo-Emerson
Harp, The (p) by Virna-Sheard
Harp of a Thousand Strings, The (s) by Charles-Morris
Harp Of Hoel, The (p) by William-Lisle-Bowles
Harp Song Of The Dane Women (p) by Rudyard-Kipling
Harp That Once Thro' Tara's Halls, The (p) by Thomas-Moore
Harp's Song, The (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Harp, And Despair, Of Cowper, The (p) by William-Lisle-Bowles
Harper, The (p) by James-Whitcomb-Riley
Harps We Love (p) by Henry-Kendall
Harpy, The (p) by Robert-W.-Service
Harpy, The (p) by Oliver-Herford
Harriet Allen Ely [in Memoriam] (p) by Lydia-H.-Sigourney
Harriet and the Piper (f/n) by Kathleen-Thompson-Norris
Harriet Beecher Stowe (p) by Paul-Laurence-Dunbar
Harriet Martineau (e) by John-Morley
Harriet Martineau (n) by Elbert-Hubbard
Harrington (f/n) by Maria-Edgeworth
Harrison's Slight Error (s) by P-G-Wodehouse
Harrisonburg (s) by Etta-Belle-Walker
Harry (Engaged To Be Married) To Charley (Who Is Not) (p) by Rosanna-Eleanor-Leprohon
Harry Heathcote of Gangoil (f/n) by Anthony-Trollope
Harry Lossing (s) by Octave-Thanet
Harry Main: The Treasure And The Cats (s) by Charles-M.-Skinner
Harry Ploughman (p) by Gerard-Manley-Hopkins
Harry The First (p) by Marietta-Holley
Harry The Tailor (p) by Anonymous -Poetry-s author-
Harry Wilmans (p) by Edgar-Lee-Masters
Harry's Cake (p) by Elizabeth-Turner
Harry's Courtship (p) by Anonymous -Poetry-s author-
Harry's Reward (s) by Mary-Louisa-Molesworth
Harsh Words And Kind Words (s) by T.-S.-Arthur
Harshaw Bride, The (s) by Mary-Hallock-Foote
Hart-Leap Well (p) by William-Wordsworth
Harvard Odes (In Time of War) (p) by Horatio-Alger
Harvard Regiment, The (p) by Helen-Leah-Reed
Harvard Square (p) by Edward-Smyth-Jones
Harvest, The (e) by David-Grayson
Harvest Home Festival (p) by James-McIntyre
Harvest Mice (e) by Elizabeth-Brightwen
Harvest Moon, The (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Harvest Of The Sea, The (p) by John-McCrae
Harvest Of The Wind, The (s) by Amelia-Edith-Barr
Harvest Song (p) by Thomas-W.-Talley
Harvest Time (p) by E. Pauline-Johnson
Harvest-Home (p) by Anonymous -Poetry-s author-
Harvest-Home Song (p) by Anonymous -Poetry-s author-
Harvester, The (f/n) by Gene-Stratton-Porter
Harvesting (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Harvests (p) by Rosanna-Eleanor-Leprohon
Has Anyone Here Seen Kelly? (s) by Bryce-Walton
Has She Forgotten? (p) by James-Whitcomb-Riley
Has Sorrow Thy Young Days Shaded (p) by Thomas-Moore
Has The Drama Of Contemporary Life A Root Of Its Own (e) by William-Butler-Yeats
Has The World Gone Mad? (p) by Abner-Cosens
Haschish, The (p) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
Hashish Man, The (s) by Lord-Dunsany
Hasisadra's Adventure (e) by Thomas-Henry-Huxley
Haslemere (e) by Israel-Zangwill
Hast Never Come To Thee An Hour (p) by Walt-Whitman
Haste and Waste; or, the Young Pilot of Lake Champlain (f/n) by Oliver-Optic
Hasty Inference, A (p) by Ambrose-Bierce
Hasty Settlement, A (s) by Ambrose-Bierce
Hasty Word, The (s) by William-Ralston-Shedden-Ralston
Hat, The (s) by Barry-Pain
Hat Versus Wig (p) by Thomas-Moore
Hate (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
Hate Of Hans, The (p) by Abner-Cosens
Hate Thou Not Any Man (p) by Edward-Doyle
Hate-Song, A (p) by Percy-Bysshe-Shelley
Hated, The (s) by Frederik-Pohl
Hated Blackbird And Crow, The (p) by Thomas-W.-Talley
Hated Son, The (f/n) by Honore-de-Balzac
Hateful Hen, The (s) by -Edgar W. Nye- Bill-Nye
Hatred Of The Queen; A Story Of Burma, The (s) by Lily-Adams-Beck
Hatteras (s) by A.-E. W.-Mason
Haughty Actor, The (p) by W.-S.-Gilbert
Haughty Snail-King, The (p) by Vachel-Lindsay
Haunt Of The Hare, The (e) by Richard-Jefferies
Haunted (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Haunted (p) by W.-S.-Gilbert
Haunted (p) by Don-Marquis
Haunted (s) by Joseph-Sheridan-Le Fanu
Haunted Ale-House, The (s) by Howard-Pease
Haunted and the Haunters; or, The House and the Brain, The (s) by Edward-Bulwer-Lytton
Haunted Baronet, The (f/n) by Joseph-Sheridan-Le Fanu
Haunted Bookshop, The (f/n) by Christopher-Morley
Haunted Castle, The (p) by Marietta-Holley
Haunted Chamber, The (p) by Robert-F.-Murray
Haunted Chambers (p) by Conrad-Aiken
Haunted Dragoon, The (s) by Arthur-Thomas-Quiller-Couch
Haunted Harpsichord, The (s) by James-Huneker
Haunted Hotel: A Mystery of Modern Venice, The (f/n) by Wilkie-Collins
Haunted House, A (e) by A.-A.-Milne
Haunted House, The (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Haunted House, The (s) by Charles-Dickens
Haunted House, The (p) by Thomas-Hood
Haunted House On Duchess Street, The (s) by John-Charles-Dent
Haunted In Old Japan (p) by Alfred-Noyes
Haunted Island, A (s) by Algernon-Blackwood
Haunted Man and the Ghost's Bargain, The (f/n) by Charles-Dickens
Haunted Manor-House, The (s) by John-Roby
Haunted Mill, The (s) by P.-Chr.-Asbjornsen
Haunted Mill, The (s) by Charles-M.-Skinner
Haunted Mind, The (s) by Nathaniel-Hawthorne
Haunted Oak, The (p) by Paul-Laurence-Dunbar
Haunted Orchard, The (s) by Richard-Le Gallienne
Haunted Palace, The (p) by Edgar-Allan-Poe
Haunted Palace, The (p) by Alfred-Noyes
Haunted Restaurant, The (e) by Richard-Le Gallienne
Haunted Room, The (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Haunted Seas (p) by Cale-Young-Rice
Haunted Shadow, The (p) by John-Freeman
Haunted Ships, The (s) by Anonymous
Haunted Tram, The (p) by P-G-Wodehouse
Haunted Valley, The (s) by Ambrose-Bierce
Haunted Woodland, The (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Haunted Yacht, The (s) by Arthur-Thomas-Quiller-Couch
Haunted [From out the wood I watched them shine] (p) by Walter-De la Mare
Haunted [The rabbit in his burrow keeps] (p) by Walter-De la Mare
Haunter, The (p) by Thomas-Hardy
Haunting Beauty Of Strychnine, The (e) by Christopher-Morley
Haunting Fingers (p) by Thomas-Hardy
Hauntings (p) by Rupert-Brooke
Hauntings Of "---- House," In Neighbourhood of Great Western Road, Aberdeen, The (s) by Elliott-O-Donnell
Haunts Of The Lapwing (e) by Richard-Jefferies
Hautot Senior And Hautot Junior (s) by Guy-De-Maupassant
Have A Flower In Your Room (e) by T.-S.-Arthur
Have Patience (s) by T.-S.-Arthur
Have Patience, Little Saint (e) by Alice-Meynell
Have The Animals Souls? (e) by Arthur-Brisbane
Have The English Any Sense Of Humour? (e) by Stephen-Leacock
Have You Got A Brook In Your Little Heart (p) by Emily-Dickinson
Have You Got Any Old Boots? (s) by Falconbridge
Have You Nothing To Say For Yourself? (p) by Victor-Hugo
Havelok The Dane (s) by Maud-Isabel-Ebbutt
Haven (p) by John-Kendall
Haven, A (p) by Algernon-Charles-Swinburne
Haven't The Change (s) by T.-S.-Arthur
Havened (p) by Olive-Tilford-Dargan
Haverhill (p) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
Havoc (f/n) by E.-Phillips-Oppenheim
Hawaiian Folk Tale: The Eel-King (s) by Eugene-Field
Hawaiian Folk Tale: The Moon Lady (s) by Eugene-Field
Hawarden (p) by George-Meredith
Hawk, The (p) by William-Butler-Yeats
Hawk And Buzzard (p) by Thomas-W.-Talley
Hawk And Chickens (p) by Thomas-W.-Talley
Hawk And Chickens Play (p) by Thomas-W.-Talley
Hawk And The Hen, The (s) by Mabel-Cook-Cole
Hawk And The Nightingale, The (s) by Aesop -author of Aesop-s Fables-
Hawk's Nest, The (p) by Bret-Harte
Hawk, The Kite, And The Pigeons, The (s) by Aesop -author of Aesop-s Fables-
Hawke (p) by Henry-Newbolt
Hawker (p) by William-Ernest-Henley
Hawking, The (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Hawking (p) by Banjo-Paterson
Haworth Churchyard (p) by Matthew-Arnold
Haworth Sharpness (p) by Bill o-th- Hoylus End
Hawthorn And Lavender (p) by William-Ernest-Henley
Hawthorn Dyke (p) by Algernon-Charles-Swinburne
Hawthorn Tide (p) by Algernon-Charles-Swinburne
Hawthorn Tree, The (p) by Siegfried-Sassoon
Hawthorne (e) by George-William-Curtis
Hawthorne (n) by Henry-James
Hawthorne And Brook Farm (e) by George-William-Curtis
Hawthorne and His Circle (n) by Julian-Hawthorne
Hawthorne Children, The (p) by Eugene-Field
Hay And Hell And Booligal (p) by Banjo-Paterson
Hay Febrifuge (e) by Christopher-Morley
Hay Fever, If Amy Lowell Had It (p) by Christopher-Morley
Hay Fever, If Edgar Lee Masters Had It (p) by Christopher-Morley
Hay Fever, If Hilaire Belloc Had It (p) by Christopher-Morley
Hay Fever, If Rudyard Kipling Had It (p) by Christopher-Morley
Hay-Cock (p) by Hilda-Conkling
Haycock, The (p) by Carolyn-Wells
Hayloft, The (p) by Robert-Louis-Stevenson
Haymaker's Song, The (p) by Anonymous -Poetry-s author-
Haymaking (p) by Edward-Thomas
Haymaking. 'The Juke's Country' (e) by Richard-Jefferies
Haystack In The Floods, The (p) by William-Morris
Hazard In Love (p) by J.-C.-Manning
Hazard of New Fortunes, A (f/n) by William-Dean-Howells
Hazard Of The North, A (s) by Gilbert-Parker
Hazards Of The Past, The (e) by John-Burroughs
Hazel Blossoms (p) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
Hazel-Branch, The (s) by Jacob-& Wilhelm-Grimm
Hazel-Brook Farm (s) by Harriet-S.-Caswell
Hazel-Nut Child, The (s) by Andrew-Lang
Hazing (e) by George-William-Curtis
Hazlitt (e) by George-Saintsbury
He Abjures Love (p) by Thomas-Hardy
He Aimed High And Hit The Mark (s) by Orison-Swett-Marden
He Also Serves (s) by O-Henry
He And I (p) by James-Whitcomb-Riley
He And She (p) by Christina-Georgina-Rossetti
He And She (p) by W.-S.-Gilbert
He And She (p) by Frances-Fuller-Victor
He Aped Her (p) by Edwin-C.-Ranck
He Called Her In (p) by James-Whitcomb-Riley
He Carved His Name Upon The Tree (p) by Charles-Mackay
He Fears His Good Fortune (p) by Thomas-Hardy
He Fell Among Thieves (p) by Henry-Newbolt
He Fell in Love with His Wife (f/n) by Edward-Payson-Roe
He Follows Himself (p) by Thomas-Hardy
He Had His Dream (p) by Paul-Laurence-Dunbar
He Had Not Where To Lay His Head (p) by Frances-E. W.-Harper
He Hears With Gladdened Heart The Thunder (p) by Robert-Louis-Stevenson
He Heeded Not, The (p) by George-MacDonald
He Is My Horse (p) by Thomas-W.-Talley
He Is Thy Brother (p) by John-S.-Adams
He Is Thy Life (p) by Frances-Ridley-Havergal
He Knew He Was Right (f/n) by Anthony-Trollope
He Loves Sugar And Tea (p) by Thomas-W.-Talley
He Loves! (p) by W.-S.-Gilbert
He Must Have Meant Me (s) by T.-S.-Arthur
He Of The Little Shell (s) by Cornelius-Mathews
He Paid Me Seven (parody) (p) by Thomas-W.-Talley
He Prefers Her Earthly (p) by Thomas-Hardy
He Put The Belt Around My Life (p) by Emily-Dickinson
He Revisits His First School (p) by Thomas-Hardy
He Should Have Overslept (s) by George-Ade
He Should Meet A Mother There (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
He Suffered (p) by Frances-Ridley-Havergal
He That Hath Ears (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
He That Loseth His Life Shall Find It (s) by Mary Raymond-Shipman-Andrews
He That Took the City (s) by Robert-Gordon-Anderson
He Touched Me, So I Live To Know (p) by Emily-Dickinson
He Walked Around The Horses (s) by H.-Beam-Piper
He Who Loves (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
He Will Get Mr. Coon (p) by Thomas-W.-Talley
He Will Not Come (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
He Wins Who Waits (s) by Andrew-Lang
He Wonders About Himself (p) by Thomas-Hardy
He Wonders Whether To Praise Or To Blame Her (p) by Rupert-Brooke
He Would Not Be Denied (s) by Gilbert-Parker
He'd Come Back (s) by Henry-Lawson
He's Taken Out His Papers (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
He's Thy Brother (p) by Bill o-th- Hoylus End
He-Said Girl, The (s) by Howard-J.-Chidley
Head Above The Fog, The (p) by Thomas-Hardy
Head And Bottle (p) by Edward-Thomas
Head And The Tail Of The Serpent, The (p) by Jean de-La Fontaine
Head Of A Priest, The (s) by Gertrude-Atherton
Head Of Bran The Blest, The (p) by George-Meredith
Head Of Caesar, The (s) by G.-K.-Chesterton
Head of Kay's (f/n) by P-G-Wodehouse
Head Of The District, The (s) by Rudyard-Kipling
Head of the Family, The (s) by Anton-Chekhov
Head of the Family (s) by William-Wymark-Jacobs
Head Of The Firm, The (e) by Christopher-Morley
Head of the House of Coombe, The (f/n) by Frances-Hodgson-Burnett
Head-Gardener's Story, The (s) by Anton-Chekhov
Head-Hunter, The (s) by O-Henry
Headless Dwarfs, The (s) by Andrew-Lang
Headless Horseman, The (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Headless Princess, The (s) by William-Ralston-Shedden-Ralston
Headless Skeleton Of Swamptown, The (s) by Charles-M.-Skinner
Headliner And The Breadliner, The (p) by Robert-W.-Service
Heads And Hearts (p) by J.-C.-Manning
Heads And Tails (p) by Franklin-P.-Adams
Heads I Win, Tails You Lose (s) by Katherine-Neville-Fleeson
Headsman: The Abbaye des Vignerons, The (f/n) by James-Fenimore-Cooper
Healer, The (p) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
Healer, The (p) by Laurence-Alma-Tadema
Healer, The (p) by George-MacDonald
Healing Springs And The Pioneers, The (s) by Gilbert-Parker
Health (p) by Edward-Thomas
Health (p) by Hannah-S.-Battersby
Health Through Will Power (n) by James-J.-Walsh
Health To Ane I Loe Dear, A (p) by Robert-Burns
Heap Cassia, Sandal-Buds, And Stripes (p) by Robert-Browning
Hear Me But Once (p) by Thomas-Moore
Hear-Say (p) by Thomas-W.-Talley
Heard On The Mountain (p) by Francis-Thompson
Hearing Ear, The (s) by Henry-Van Dyke
Hearing Music (e) by Vernon-Lee
Hearse-Horse, The (p) by Bliss-Carman
Heart, The (p) by Francis-Thompson
Heart, The (p) by Michael-Drayton
Heart (s) by James-Fenimore-Cooper
Heart, The (p) by -Poet- Robert-Herrick
Heart And Hand (p) by Helen-Hay-Whitney
Heart and Science: A Story of the Present Time (f/n) by Wilkie-Collins
Heart Asks Pleasure First, The (p) by Emily-Dickinson
Heart Asleep, The (p) by Laurence-Alma-Tadema
Heart Courageous, The (p) by Virna-Sheard
Heart Links (p) by J.-C.-Manning
Heart Not So Heavy As Mine (p) by Emily-Dickinson
Heart O' The North (p) by Robert-W.-Service
Heart Of A Dog, The (p) by Katharine-Lee-Bates
Heart Of A Hundred Sorrows (p) by Theodosia-Garrison
Heart of a Monkey, The (s) by Andrew-Lang
Heart Of A Song, The (p) by George-Parsons-Lathrop
Heart of Arethusa, The (f/n) by Frances-Barton-Fox
Heart Of Canada, The (p) by Alfred-Noyes
Heart of Darkness (f/n) by Joseph-Conrad
Heart Of God (p) by Vachel-Lindsay
Heart Of Gold (s) by James-Branch-Cabell
Heart of Ice (s) by Andrew-Lang
Heart of Mid-Lothian - Volume 1 (f/n) by Sir Walter-Scott
Heart of Mid-Lothian - Volume 2 (f/n) by Sir Walter-Scott
Heart Of Mr Galsworthy, The (e) by Robert-Lynd
Heart Of Night, The (p) by Bliss-Carman
Heart of Rachael, The (f/n) by Kathleen-Thompson-Norris
Heart of Rome, The (f/n) by F.-Marion-Crawford
Heart Of Spring, The (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Heart of the Blue Ridge (f/n) by Waldron-Baily
Heart Of The Bruce, The (p) by W.-E.-Aytoun
Heart Of The Hills, The (f/n) by John-Fox
Heart Of The Pioneer, The (p) by Gilbert-Parker
Heart of the Sourdough, The (p) by Robert-W.-Service
Heart Of The Southern Catskills, The (s) by John-Burroughs
Heart Of The Spring, The (s) by William-Butler-Yeats
Heart of the Sunset (f/n) by Rex-Beach
Heart Of The Woman, The (p) by William-Butler-Yeats
Heart Of The World (p) by Gilbert-Parker
Heart of Unaga, The (f/n) by Ridgwell-Cullum
Heart On The Sleeve, The (p) by Richard-Le Gallienne
Heart Unseen, The (p) by Richard-Le Gallienne
Heart [epigram], The (p) by -Poet- Robert-Herrick
Heart's Desire (f/n) by Emerson-Hough
Heart's Desire, The (e) by Henry-Major-Tomlinson
Heart's Diamond (p) by Theophile-Gautier
Heart's Encouragement (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Heart's Highway: A Romance of Virginia in the Seventeenth Century, The (f/n) by Mary E-Wilkins-Freeman
Heart's Secret; Or, the Fortunes of a Soldier, The (f/n) by Maturin-Murray-Ballou
Heart's Wild-Flower (p) by William-Vaughn-Moody
Heart, We Will Forget Him! (p) by Emily-Dickinson
Heart-Pictures (p) by Mrs. J.-C.-Yule
Heartbreak Hill (s) by Charles-M.-Skinner
Heartbreak House (d/c) by George-Bernard-Shaw
Hearth Eternal, The (p) by Vachel-Lindsay
Hearts (p) by Adelaide-Anne-Procter
Hearts and Crosses (s) by O-Henry
Hearts and Hands (s) by O-Henry
Hearts and Masks (f/n) by Harold-MacGrath
Hearts Behind The Order Book (s) by Charles-N.-Crewdson
Hearts In Exile (p) by John-Oxenham
Hearts Of Women (p) by Edward-Powys-Mathers
Hearts Unfortified (s) by Annie-Eliot-Trumbull
Heartsease (s) by Alice-Brown
Heartsease (s) by Jacob-A.-Riis
Heartsease Country (p) by Algernon-Charles-Swinburne
Heartstrings (p) by Jared-Barhite
Heat (p) by Archibald-Lampman
Heat (p) by W.-M.-MacKeracher
Heat-Lightning (p) by James-Whitcomb-Riley
Heath From The Highlands (p) by Henry-Kendall
Heathen, The (s) by Jack-London
Heathen Baby, A (s) by Jacob-A.-Riis
Heather Ale (p) by Robert-Louis-Stevenson
Heather and Snow (f/n) by George-MacDonald
Heathercat (s) by Robert-Louis-Stevenson
Heathlands (e) by Richard-Jefferies
Heathrose, The (p) by Johann Wolfgang-von-Goethe
Heaven (p) by Rupert-Brooke
Heaven (p) by Virna-Sheard
Heaven (p) by Edward-Doyle
Heaven And Earth (p) by Eliza-Paul-Gurney
Heaven And Hell (p) by Isaac-Watts
Heaven And Hell (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Heaven And Hell (p) by Francis-Thompson
Heaven Is But The Hour (p) by Edgar-Lee-Masters
Heaven is what I cannot reach! (p) by Emily-Dickinson
Heaven Sent, Heaven Returned, The (p) by John-S.-Adams
Heaven, You Say, Will Be A Field In April (p) by Conrad-Aiken
Heaven--Haven A Nun Takes The Veil (p) by Gerard-Manley-Hopkins
Heavenly Choir, The (p) by John-Keble
Heavenly Father, A (e) by Lemuel-K.-Washburn
Heavenly Flower, The (p) by James-Avis-Bartley
Heavenly Hills Of Holland, The (p) by Henry-Van Dyke
Heavenly Wedding, The (s) by Jacob-& Wilhelm-Grimm
Heavy Dragoon, The (p) by W.-S.-Gilbert
Heavy Heart, Beloved, Have I Borne, A (p) by Elizabeth-Barrett-Browning
Heavy Work (s) by A.-A.-Milne
Hebe (p) by James-Russell-Lowell
Hebe (p) by Walter-R.-Cassels
Hebrew Heroes, A Tale Founded on Jewish History (f/n) by A.L.O.E.
Hebron Church (s) by Etta-Belle-Walker
Hectic, The (p) by Sir-John-Carr
Hector (p) by John-Freeman
Hector (s) by Booth-Tarkington
Hector And Andromache (p) by Frederich-Schiller
Hector's Inheritance; or The Boys of Smith Institute (f/n) by Horatio-Alger
Hedda Gabler (d/c) by Henrik-Ibsen
Heddeby Spectre, The (p) by George-Borrow
Heddybee-Spectre, The (p) by George-Borrow
Hedge School, The (f/n) by William-Carleton
Hedge-Rose Opens, The (p) by Alfred-Noyes
Hedgehog, The (s) by Saki
Hedonism (p) by Leigh-Gordon-Giltner
Heel of Achilles, The (s) by P-G-Wodehouse
Heels Of Her, The (s) by Ambrose-Bierce
Heidi (f/n) by Johanna-Spyri
Heifer And The Ox, The (s) by Aesop -author of Aesop-s Fables-
Heifer, The Goat, And The Sheep, The (p) by Jean de-La Fontaine
Heifer, The Goat, The Sheep And The Lion, The (s) by Aesop -author of Aesop-s Fables-
Height, The (s) by J.-S.-Adams
Height Of The Ridiculous, The (p) by Oliver-Wendell-Holmes
Heights, The (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Heights Of Silence, The (p) by Leigh-Gordon-Giltner
Heimweh (p) by D.-H.-Lawrence
Heine (e) by William-Ernest-Henley
Heine Love Song, A (p) by Eugene-Field
Heine's "Widow Or Daughter?" (p) by Eugene-Field
Heine's Grave (p) by Matthew-Arnold
Heinie The Hostler (p) by Everard-Jack-Appleton
Heinie's Holler (p) by Abner-Cosens
Heinrich Frauenlob (at Mayence) (s) by Wilhelm-Ruland
Heinrich Heine And Judaism (e) by Gustav-Karpeles
Heinz Von Stein (p) by Joseph-Victor-Scheffel
Heir, The (s) by A.-A.-Milne
Heir, The (p) by Matilda-Betham
Heir And The Heiress, The (s) by George-Ade
Heir of Kilfinnan: A Tale of the Shore and Ocean, The (f/n) by William-H. G.-Kingston
Heir Of Linne, The (p) by Frank-Sidgwick
Heir of Redclyffe, The (f/n) by Charlotte-M.-Yonge
Heir Of The McHulishes, The (s) by Bret-Harte
Heir [from The men who succeed], The (s) by A.-A.-Milne
Heiress, The (s) by T.-S.-Arthur
Heiress And Architect (p) by Thomas-Hardy
Heiress from Redhorse, An (s) by Ambrose-Bierce
Heiress Of Kurston Chace, The (s) by Amelia-Edith-Barr
Heiress Of Red Dog, An (s) by Bret-Harte
Heist Job On Thizar (s) by Randall-Garrett
Helas! (p) by Oscar-Wilde
Held Fast For England (f/n) by George-Alfred-Henty
Helen (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Helen (f/n) by Maria-Edgeworth
Helen At The Loom (p) by George-Parsons-Lathrop
Helen of the Old House (f/n) by Harold-Bell-Wright
Helen Of Troy (p) by Edgar-Lee-Masters
Helen Of Troy (p) by Cotton-Noe
Helen Of Troy (p) by Sara-Teasdale
Helen Of Troy (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Helen Redeemed (p) by Maurice-Hewlett
Helen with the High Hand (2nd ed.) (f/n) by Arnold-Bennett
Helena (p) by Heinrich-Heine
Helena (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Helios (p) by H.-D.
Heliotrope, The (p) by Thomas-Gent
Hell (e) by Isaac-Disraeli
Hell (p) by -Poet- Robert-Herrick
Hell (p) by Ambrose-Bierce
Hell Fire (p) by -Poet- Robert-Herrick
Hell Gate (s) by Laura-E.-Richards
Hell's Gate (p) by A.-E.-Housman
Hellas: A Lyrical Drama (d/c) by Percy-Bysshe-Shelley
Hellhounds Of The Cosmos (s) by Clifford-D.-Simak
Hello, Soldier! (p) by Edward-Dyson
Helmsman, The (p) by H.-D.
Helmsman, The (p) by Henry-Kendall
Helot, The (p) by Isabella-Valancy-Crawford
Help (p) by Franklin-P.-Adams
Help (p) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
Help In Need (p) by James-McIntyre
Help Wanted--Male, Female (e) by Robert-Cortes-Holliday
Helpful Hand Of God, The (s) by Tom-Godwin
Helping Freddie (s) by P-G-Wodehouse
Helping Hand, The (p) by Edgar-Lee-Masters
Helping Hand, The (s) by Charles-N.-Crewdson
Helping Himself; or Grant Thornton's Ambition (f/n) by Horatio-Alger
Helping The Armenians (e) by Stephen-Leacock
Helping The Other Fellow (s) by O-Henry
Helping The Poor (s) by T.-S.-Arthur
Helpless Situation, A (s) by Mark-Twain
Helpmate, The (s) by Anton-Chekhov
Helstone Furry-Day Song, The (p) by Anonymous -Poetry-s author-
Helter Skelter (p) by Jonathan-Swift
Hem And Haw (p) by Bliss-Carman
Heman's Ma (s) by Alice-Brown
Hemicycle Of Athens, The (s) by August-Strindberg
Hemlock, The (p) by Emily-Dickinson
Hemp, The (p) by Stephen-Vincent-Benet
Hen, The (s) by Lord-Dunsany
Hen, The (s) by Saki
Hen And Chickens (p) by William-Lisle-Bowles
Hen And The Golden Eggs, The (s) by Aesop -author of Aesop-s Fables-
Hen And The Swallow, The (s) by Aesop -author of Aesop-s Fables-
Hen And The Vipers, The (s) by Ambrose-Bierce
Hen that Hatched Ducks (s) by Harriet-Beecher-Stowe
Hen With The Golden Eggs, The (p) by Jean de-La Fontaine
Hen-Hawk, The (s) by John-Burroughs
Hen-Roost Man, The (p) by Ruth-McEnery-Stuart
Hence These Rimes (p) by Bert-Leston-Taylor
Henchman, The (p) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
Hendecasyllabics (p) by Algernon-Charles-Swinburne
Hendecasyllabics (Experiments) (p) by Alfred-Lord-Tennyson
Hendricks the Hunter: The Border Farm, a Tale of Zululand (f/n) by William-H. G.-Kingston
Henpecked Husband, The (p) by Robert-Burns
Henrietta Selden Colt [in Memoriam] (p) by Lydia-H.-Sigourney
Henrik Ibsen (e) by Arthur-Symons
Henrik Ibsen (p) by Oliver-Herford
Henrik Ibsen (p) by Dhan-Gopal-Mukerji
Henry (s) by Ellis-Parker-Butler
Henry And Eliza (p) by Thomas-Gent
Henry Bath (Died October The 14th, 1864) (p) by J.-C.-Manning
Henry Bradshaw (e) by Arthur-C.-Benson
Henry Brocken (f/n) by Walter-De la Mare
Henry C. Calhoun (p) by Edgar-Lee-Masters
Henry Cabot Lodge (e) by Clinton-W.-Gilbert
Henry Clay (n) by Elbert-Hubbard
Henry D. Thoreau (n) by Elbert-Hubbard
Henry Dunbar: A Novel (f/n) by Mary-Elizabeth-Braddon
Henry Esmond (s) by Kate-Dickinson-Sweetser
Henry Fielding (p) by Austin-Dobson
Henry George (n) by Elbert-Hubbard
Henry Hart Milman, D.D., Dean Of St. Paul's (e) by Edward-Hartpole-Lecky
Henry Howard Comstock [in Memoriam] (p) by Lydia-H.-Sigourney
Henry James (e) by John-Cowper-Powys
Henry James (e) by Willa-Cather
Henry James (e) by Edmund-Gosse
Henry James (p) by Robert-Louis-Stevenson
Henry James, Himself (e) by Robert-Cortes-Holliday
Henry James, Jr. (e) by William-Dean-Howells
Henry King (p) by Hilaire-Belloc
Henry Kingsley (e) by Arthur-Thomas-Quiller-Couch
Henry Layton (p) by Edgar-Lee-Masters
Henry Martyn (p) by Frank-Sidgwick
Henry More, The Platonist (e) by Arthur-C.-Benson
Henry Morgan And The Buccaneers (s) by Charles-Morris
Henry Of Monmouth, The Prince Whom A Judge Sent To Prison (s) by Talbot-Baines-Reed
Henry Phipps (p) by Edgar-Lee-Masters
Henry Purcell (p) by Gerard-Manley-Hopkins
Henry Reeve (e) by Edward-Hartpole-Lecky
Henry Stuart, The Boy Whom A Nation Loved (s) by Talbot-Baines-Reed
Henry The Hermit (p) by Robert-Southey
Henry Tripp (p) by Edgar-Lee-Masters
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (p) by Austin-Dobson
Henry Ward Beecher (n) by Elbert-Hubbard
Henry Ward Beecher (e) by George-William-Curtis
Henry, On The Departure Of His Wife From Calcutta (p) by Matilda-Betham
Hens, The (p) by Elizabeth-Madox-Roberts
Hens Of Hencastle, The (s) by Juliana-Horatia-Ewing
Hepaticas (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Hepsey Burke (f/n) by Frank-N.-Westcott
Her Apotheosis (p) by Thomas-Hardy
Her Beautiful Eyes (p) by James-Whitcomb-Riley
Her Beautiful Hands (p) by James-Whitcomb-Riley
Her Beauty (p) by George-Wither
Her Bed (p) by -Poet- Robert-Herrick
Her Boss (s) by Willa-Cather
Her Christmas Gift (s) by Eugenia-Dunlap-Potts
Her Confession (p) by Thomas-Hardy
Her Country Too (s) by Mary Raymond-Shipman-Andrews
Her Cradle (e) by Amber
Her Death And After (p) by Thomas-Hardy
Her Definition (p) by Thomas-Hardy
Her Dilemma (p) by Thomas-Hardy
Her Eyes (p) by Edwin-Arlington-Robinson
Her Eyes (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Her Eyes (p) by Cotton-Noe
Her Eyes (p) by Arthur-Symons
Her Eyes Are Brown (p) by Cotton-Noe
Her Eyes Twin Pools (p) by James-Weldon-Johnson
Her Face And Brow (p) by James-Whitcomb-Riley
Her Father (p) by Thomas-Hardy
Her Father's Daughter (f/n) by Gene-Stratton-Porter
Her First Appearance (s) by Richard-Harding-Davis
Her First Ball (s) by Katherine-Mansfield
Her Freedom (s) by Ethel-May-Dell
Her Going Suggested By A Picture (p) by Susan-Coolidge
Her Hair [sonnet] (p) by James-Whitcomb-Riley
Her Hero (s) by Ethel-May-Dell
Her Immortality (p) by Thomas-Hardy
Her Initials (p) by Thomas-Hardy
Her Johnny (p) by Everard-Jack-Appleton
Her Last Half-Crown (e) by John-Brown
Her Last Letter (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Her Last Letter (p) by Bret-Harte
Her Last Words, At Parting (p) by Thomas-Moore
Her Late Husband (p) by Thomas-Hardy
Her Letter (p) by Robert-W.-Service
Her Letter (p) by Bret-Harte
Her Light Guitar (p) by James-Whitcomb-Riley
Her Little Way (p) by Jean-Blewett
Her Love (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Her Love-Birds (p) by Thomas-Hardy
Her Lover (s) by Maxim-Gorky
Her Lover's Step (p) by James-McIntyre
Her Majesty's Guest (s) by E. Pauline-Johnson
Her Marriage Lines (s) by Edith-Nesbit
Her Mission (p) by Jean-Blewett
Her Moral (p) by Thomas-Hood
Her Muffe (p) by Richard-Lovelace
Her Nails (p) by Edward-Powys-Mathers
Her Need (s) by Margaret-White-Eggleston
Her Neighbors' Landmark (s) by Annie-Eliot-Trumbull
Her Own Free Will (s) by Ethel-May-Dell
Her Own People (s) by Lucy-Maud-Montgomery
Her Own Story (s) by Perceval-Gibbon
Her Pedigree (p) by Thomas-Hood
Her Portrait (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Her Portrait (p) by Francis-Thompson
Her Portrait Immortal (p) by Richard-Le Gallienne
Her Prairie Knight (f/n) by B.-M.-Bower
Her Praise (p) by William-Butler-Yeats
Her Prayer (s) by Margaret-White-Eggleston
Her Prayer (p) by Jean-Blewett
Her Prayer (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Her Reproach (p) by Thomas-Hardy
Her Right (s) by George-A.-Birmingham
Her Secret (p) by Thomas-Hardy
Her Smile Of Cheer And Voice Of Song, Anna Harris Randall (p) by James-Whitcomb-Riley
Her Sock (s) by A.-A.-Milne
Her Son's Wife (e) by Myrtle-Reed
Her Song (p) by Thomas-Hardy
Her Star (p) by Charles-Sangster
Her Street (p) by Arthur-Symons
Her Strong Enchantments Failing (p) by A.-E.-Housman
Her Temple (p) by Thomas-Hardy
Her Terms (p) by W.-S.-Gilbert
Her Thought And His (p) by Paul-Laurence-Dunbar
Her Tour (p) by Will-Carleton
Her Uncle (s) by William-Wymark-Jacobs
Her Valentine (p) by James-Whitcomb-Riley
Her Vesper Song (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Her Violin (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Her Voice (p) by Oscar-Wilde
Her Voyage Is At An End (p) by Eliza-Lee Cabot-Follen
Her Waiting Face (p) by James-Whitcomb-Riley
Heraclitus (p) by William-Johnson-Cory
Herald, A (e) by John-Earle
Herald, A (p) by Charles-G. D.-Roberts
Herapath Property, The (f/n) by Joseph-Smith-Fletcher
Herb Moly And Heartsease (e) by Arthur-C.-Benson
Herb Of Grace (e) by Benjamin-Taylor
Herb of Grace (f/n) by Rosa-Nouchette-Carey
Herba Santa (p) by Herman-Melville
Herbert Carter's Legacy (f/n) by Horatio-Alger
Herbert Foss [in Memoriam] (p) by Lydia-H.-Sigourney
Herbert Hoover (e) by Clinton-W.-Gilbert
Herbert Marshall (p) by Edgar-Lee-Masters
Herbert Spencer (n) by Elbert-Hubbard
Herbert Spencer On The Yankee (e) by George-William-Curtis
Herbert Spencer's Autobiography (e) by William-James
Herbs (e) by Richard-Jefferies
Hercules Pacificatus (p) by Charles-Lamb
Herd And The Mavis, The (p) by George-MacDonald
Herding, The (p) by Cale-Young-Rice
Herdsman, The (e) by William-Sharp
Herdsman And The Lion, The (s) by Ambrose-Bierce
Herdsman And The Lost Bull, The (s) by Aesop -author of Aesop-s Fables-
Here Aboots (p) by David-Rorie
Here And Now (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Here And Now (p) by Bliss-Carman
Here At Thy Tomb (p) by Thomas-Moore
Here Comes A Young Man Courting (p) by Thomas-W.-Talley
Here I Stand (p) by Thomas-W.-Talley
Here In Our Fairy Bowers We Dwell (p) by Thomas-Gent
Here Is A Wound That Never Will Heal, I Know (p) by Edna-St Vincent-Millay
Here Sleeps The Bard (p) by Thomas-Moore
Here The Frailest Leaves Of Me (p) by Walt-Whitman
Here The Trail Ends (p) by Hamlin-Garland
Here They Trysted, Here They Strayed (p) by William-Ernest-Henley
Here We Are! (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
Here's A Health To Them That's Awa (p) by Robert-Burns
Here's His Health In Water (p) by Robert-Burns
Here's Looking (p) by Oliver-Herford
Here's The Bower (p) by Thomas-Moore
Here's To The Heart That's Ever Bright (p) by John-S.-Adams
Here's To The Mice! (p) by Vachel-Lindsay
Here's To The Sixteenth! (p) by W.-E.-Christian
Here's To Thy Health (p) by Robert-Burns
Here, Take My Heart (p) by Thomas-Moore
Hereafter, The (p) by James-Whitcomb-Riley
Hereditary Complaints (s) by Falconbridge
Hereditary Prince Of Weimar, On His Proceeding To Paris, The (p) by Frederich-Schiller
Heredity (p) by Thomas-Hardy
Heredity In Song (e) by William-Davenport-Adams
Heremite Toad, The (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Heretic's Tragedy, The (p) by Robert-Browning
Heretics (e) by G.-K.-Chesterton
Hereward The Wake (s) by Maud-Isabel-Ebbutt
Hereward The Wake (s) by Charles-Morris
Hereward, The Last of the English (f/n) by Charles-Kingsley
Heri, Cras, Hodie (p) by Ralph-Waldo-Emerson
Heriot's Ford (p) by Rudyard-Kipling
Heritage, The (p) by Rudyard-Kipling
Heritage, The (p) by James-Russell-Lowell
Heritage (p) by David-Morton
Heritage, The (s) by James-Branch-Cabell
Heritage Of Dedlow Marsh, The (s) by Bret-Harte
Heritage of the Desert, The (f/n) by Zane-Grey
Heritage of the Sioux, The (f/n) by B.-M.-Bower
Herland (f/n) by Charlotte-Perkins-Gilman
Hermann and Dorothea (p) by Johann Wolfgang-von-Goethe
Hermann The Irascible--A Story Of The Great Weep (s) by Saki
Hermann, The Hero Of Germany (s) by Charles-Morris
Hermansen Of The Bank (s) by Anthon-B. E.-Nilsen
Hermaphroditus (p) by Algernon-Charles-Swinburne
Hermes (p) by Francis-Thompson
Hermes Of The Ways (p) by H.-D.
Hermione (p) by Ralph-Waldo-Emerson
Hermione and Her Little Group of Serious Thinkers (f/n) by Don-Marquis
Hermit, The (p) by Ambrose-Bierce
Hermit, The (p) by George-W.-Doneghy
Hermit, The (p) by James-Beattie
Hermit, The (s) by T.-S.-Arthur
Hermit, The (p) by George-William-Russell
Hermit, The (p) by Jean de-La Fontaine
Hermit and the Wild Woman, The (s) by Edith-Wharton
Hermit Of ------ Street, The (s) by Anna-Katharine-Green
Hermit Of The Grove, The (s) by Seumas-O-Brien
Hermit Of The Thebaid, The (p) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
Hermit Thrush, The (p) by Henry-Van Dyke
Hermit's Daughter, The (s) by Siddha-Mohana-Mitra
Hermit's Epitaph, The (p) by Sir-John-Carr
Hermit's Sacrifice, The (p) by Frances-E. W.-Harper
Hermit, Or The Gift Of Corn, The (s) by Marie-L.-McLaughlin
Hermitage In Sight, A (e) by Maurice-Hewlett
Hermits, The (n) by Charles-Kingsley
Hermod and Hadvor (s) by Andrew-Lang
Hermotimus (p) by W.-E.-Aytoun
Hernani (p) by George-Meredith
Hero, A (p) by Helen-Leah-Reed
Hero, The (p) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
Hero, The (f/n) by W.-Somerset-Maugham
Hero (p) by Rabindranath-Tagore
Hero (p) by Nathaniel-Parker-Willis
Hero, The (e) by Jerome-K-Jerome
Hero, The (p) by Siegfried-Sassoon
Hero, A (p) by Eric-Mackay
Hero And Leander (p) by Thomas-Moore
Hero And Leander (p) by Christopher-Marlowe
Hero And Leander (p) by Thomas-Hood
Hero And Leander (a ballad) (p) by Frederich-Schiller
Hero and Tin Soldiers, The (s) by Henry-Van Dyke
Hero In Dingo-Scrubs, A (s) by Henry-Lawson
Hero In Homespun; or, The Life Struggle Of Hezekiah Hayloft, A (s) by Stephen-Leacock
Hero In Man, The (e) by George-William-Russell
Hero Makoma (s) by Andrew-Lang
Hero Of Company G, The (s) by Octave-Thanet
Hero of Redclay, The (s) by Henry-Lawson
Hero Of The Carlists, The (s) by Charles-Morris
Hero Of The Plague, The (s) by W.-C.-Morrow
Hero Of The Revolution, A (p) by George-Pope-Morris
Hero To His Hobby-Horse, A (p) by Juliana-Horatia-Ewing
Hero To Leander (p) by Alfred-Lord-Tennyson
Hero With A Fairy Godmother, The (s) by Carolyn-Sherwin-Bailey
Hero's Legacy, The (p) by George-Pope-Morris
Hero-Worship (p) by Amy-Lowell
Herodias (s) by Gustave-Flaubert
Herodotus In Egypt (p) by Andrew-Lang
Heroes (p) by Yukon-Bill
Heroes (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
Heroes (p) by Emma-Lazarus
Heroes, The (p) by George-William-Russell
Heroes and Hero Worship (n) by Thomas-Carlyle
Heroes Of Alma, The (p) by J.-C.-Manning
Heroes Of Dovrefeld, The (p) by George-Borrow
Heroes Of New Swishford, The (s) by Talbot-Baines-Reed
Heroes Of Our Day, The (p) by Joseph-Horatio-Chant
Heroes Of The "Titanic" (p) by Henry-Van Dyke
Heroes Of The Alamo, The (s) by Charles-Morris
Heroes Of The Plague (s) by Charlotte-M.-Yonge
Heroes Of Waterloo, The (p) by Thomas-Gent
Heroes Who Fight Fire (s) by Jacob-A.-Riis
Heroes, or Greek Fairy Tales for My Children, The (f/n) by Charles-Kingsley
Heroic Dead, The (p) by Alfred-Noyes
Heroic Gunner, The (p) by John-Kendrick-Bangs
Heroic Stanzas On The Death Of Oliver Cromwell (p) by John-Dryden
Heroic Watchman Of Calversyke Hill, The (p) by Bill o-th- Hoylus End
Heroic Woman, An (s) by Edward-Sylvester-Ellis
Heroine, The (e) by Jerome-K-Jerome
Heroine, The (e) by Henry-W.-Nevinson
Heroine Of A Fishing Village, The (s) by James-Runciman
Heroine Of Long Point, The (s) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
Heroism (p) by Ralph-Waldo-Emerson
Heroism (e) by Charles-Kingsley
Heroism (e) by Maurice-Maeterlinck
Heroism Of Thomas Chadwick, The (s) by Arnold-Bennett
Heron, The (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Heron, The (p) by Jean de-La Fontaine
Heron And The Weather-Vane, A Fable, The (p) by J.-C.-Manning
Heron Who Was Hard To Please, The (p) by Jean de-La Fontaine
Herr Korbes (s) by Jacob-& Wilhelm-Grimm
Herr Lazarus and the Draken (s) by Andrew-Lang
Herr Weiser (p) by James-Whitcomb-Riley
Herrick (e) by William-Ernest-Henley
Herring, The (p) by Joseph-Victor-Scheffel
Herring Fleet, The (e) by Robert-Lynd
Herrings (p) by Jonathan-Swift
Hersilia (p) by William-Johnson-Cory
Herve Riel (p) by Robert-Browning
Hesiod (p) by Joseph-Victor-Scheffel
Hesione (s) by James-Baldwin
Hesitating Veteran, The (p) by Ambrose-Bierce
Hesper (p) by Henry-Van Dyke
Hesperia (p) by Algernon-Charles-Swinburne
Hesperides (p) by Richard-Le Gallienne
Hesperides, The (p) by Alfred-Lord-Tennyson
Hesperus (p) by Arthur-Thomas-Quiller-Couch
Hesperus: A Legend Of The Stars (p) by Charles-Sangster
Hester (p) by Charles-Lamb
Hester (p) by T.-S.-Arthur
Hetty Wesley (f/n) by Arthur-Thomas-Quiller-Couch
Hetty's Strange History (f/n) by Helen-Hunt-Jackson
Hew (p) by Gilbert-Parker
Hex (s) by Laurence-M.-Janifer
Hexameters [William, My Teacher, My Friend! Dear William And Dear Dorothea!] (p) by Samuel-Taylor-Coleridge
Hexameters, Paraphrase Of Psalm XLVI (p) by Samuel-Taylor-Coleridge
Hey, Ca' Thro' (p) by Robert-Burns
Hey, The Dusty Miller (p) by Robert-Burns
Heyday Of Life, The (e) by -Edgar W. Nye- Bill-Nye
Hezekiah's Art (p) by Joseph-Crosby-Lincoln
Hezekiah's Wooing (s) by Eugenia-Dunlap-Potts
Hi-Mawari (s) by Lafcadio-Hearn
Hi-Spy (p) by Eugene-Field
Hi-Spy-Hi! (s) by Arthur-Thomas-Quiller-Couch
Hialmar Speaks To The Raven (p) by James-Elroy-Flecker
Hiawatha (s) by Charles-M.-Skinner
Hiawatha's Photographing (p) by Lewis-Carroll
Hic Jacet (p) by William-Carlos-Williams
Hic Jacet (p) by Rennell-Rodd
Hickory Limb, The (s) by Parker-Fillmore
Hickory, Dickory, Dock (s) by L.-Frank-Baum
Hickson: A Half-Caste (s) by Louis-Becke
Hidalgo The Patriot, And The Grito De Dolores (s) by Charles-Morris
Hidden Children, The (f/n) by Robert-W.-Chambers
Hidden Gems (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Hidden Gold, The (e) by Frank-Boreham
Hidden Gold (f/n) by Wilder-Anthony
Hidden Land, The (s) by Temple-Bailey
Hidden Ledge, The (s) by May-Kellogg-Sullivan
Hidden Life, A (p) by George-MacDonald
Hidden Love (p) by Sara-Teasdale
Hidden Masterpiece, The (s) by Honore-de-Balzac
Hidden Reverie, The (p) by Rachel-Annand-Taylor
Hidden Room, The (p) by Isabella-Valancy-Crawford
Hidden Sorrows (p) by Alfred-Castner-King
Hidden Treasure (p) by Frank-Oliver-Call
Hidden Treasure, The (s) by Orison-Swett-Marden
Hidden Water (f/n) by Dane-Coolidge
Hidden Way, The (s) by Perceval-Gibbon
Hide And Seek (p) by Henry-Van Dyke
Hide and Seek (f/n) by Wilkie-Collins
Hide And Seek (p) by Walter-De la Mare
Hide Their Scars! (p) by Joseph-Horatio-Chant
Hiding of Black Bill, The (s) by O-Henry
Hierocles Upon The Golden Verses Of Pythagoras (p) by Richard-Lovelace
High Art That Was A Little Too High For The Vulgarian Who Paid The Bills, The (s) by George-Ade
High Constable's Wife, The (s) by Honore-de-Balzac
High Cost Of Living (p) by Mary-Carolyn-Davies
High Court Of Budgery-Gar, The (s) by Gilbert-Parker
High Cross At Godesberg, The (s) by Wilhelm-Ruland
High Finance (e) by A.-A.-Milne
High From The Earth I Heard A Bird (p) by Emily-Dickinson
High Horse, The (p) by Carolyn-Wells
High In Masonry (p) by James-McIntyre
High Jinks At Happy-Thought Hall (s) by A.-A.-Milne
High Life (e) by Grant-Allen
High Noon (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
High Oaks, The (p) by Algernon-Charles-Swinburne
High On The Wall That Holds Jerusalem [sonnet] (p) by G.-K.-Chesterton
High Plains, The (e) by G.-K.-Chesterton
High School Boys in Summer Camp, The (f/n) by H.-Irving-Hancock
High School Boys' Canoe Club, The (f/n) by H.-Irving-Hancock
High School Boys' Fishing Trip, The (f/n) by H.-Irving-Hancock
High School Boys' Training Hike; or, Making Themselves "Hard as Nails", The (f/n) by H.-Irving-Hancock
High School Captain of the Team, The (f/n) by H.-Irving-Hancock
High School Freshmen, The (f/n) by H.-Irving-Hancock
High School Left End, The (f/n) by H.-Irving-Hancock
High School Pitcher, The (f/n) by H.-Irving-Hancock
High Stakes (s) by Robert-Barr
High Things, The (p) by John-Oxenham
High Tide On The Coast Of Lincolnshire, The (p) by Jean-Ingelow
High Water Mark (s) by Bret-Harte
High-Born Babe, The (s) by Edith-Nesbit
High-Born Ladye, The (p) by Thomas-Moore
High-Spirited Man, A (e) by John-Earle
Highacres (f/n) by Jane-Abbott
Higher Abdication, The (s) by O-Henry
Higher Brotherhood, The (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Higher Education, The (p) by Franklin-P.-Adams
Higher Levels, The (e) by Henry-Frederick-Cope
Higher Pragmatism, The (s) by O-Henry
Higher Unity, The (p) by G.-K.-Chesterton
Highest Goal, The (p) by Joseph-Horatio-Chant
Highest Good, Written For A High-School Annual, The (p) by James-Whitcomb-Riley
Highest Treason, The (f/n) by Randall-Garrett
Highgrader, The (f/n) by William-MacLeod-Raine
Highland Balou, The (p) by Robert-Burns
Highland Girl's Lament, The (p) by Mary-Gardiner-Horsford
Highland Harry Back Again (p) by Robert-Burns
Highland Mary (p) by Robert-Burns
Highland Shepherd, The (p) by Jean-Blewett
Highland Sketches (p) by James-McIntyre
Highland Widow's Lament, The (p) by Robert-Burns
Highly Respectable Gondolier, The (p) by W.-S.-Gilbert
Highwayman, The (p) by Alfred-Noyes
Highwayman And The Traveller, The (s) by Ambrose-Bierce
Highwaymen, The (s) by Lord-Dunsany
Highwaymen In The Border (s) by Jeanie-Lang
Hike, The (p) by W.-E.-Christian
Hiking In The Philippines (p) by W.-E.-Christian
Hilarity Of Hilaire, The (e) by Christopher-Morley
Hilary Maltby and Stephen Braxton (s) by Max-Beerbohm
Hilda Lessways (f/n) by Arnold-Bennett
Hilda Wade: A Woman With Tenacity Of Purpose (f/n) by Grant-Allen
Hildebrand (p) by Hilaire-Belloc
Hildebrand And Hadubrand (p) by Joseph-Victor-Scheffel
Hildebrand And Hellelil (p) by William-Morris
Hildegarde's Holiday: A Story For Girls (f/n) by Laura-E.-Richards
Hildegarde's Neighbors: A Story For Girls (f/n) by Laura-E.-Richards
Hildrup Tubbs (p) by Edgar-Lee-Masters
Hill, The (p) by Rupert-Brooke
Hill of Illusion, The (s) by Rudyard-Kipling
Hill Of Trouble, The (s) by Arthur-C.-Benson
Hill People, The (p) by Elizabeth-Madox-Roberts
Hill Song, A (p) by Bliss-Carman
Hill Wife, The (p) by Robert-Frost
Hill-Flower, The (p) by Alfred-Noyes
Hill-Flowers, The (p) by Alfred-Noyes
Hill-Top, The (p) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
Hill-Top Stronghold, A (e) by Grant-Allen
Hillcrest (p) by Edwin-Arlington-Robinson
Hillman And The Housewife, The (s) by Juliana-Horatia-Ewing
Hills, The (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Hills, The (p) by George-MacDonald
Hills (p) by Hilda-Conkling
Hills Of Home, The (s) by Alfred-Coppel
Hills Of Lincoln, The (p) by George-W.-Doneghy
Hills Of The West, The (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Hillside Grave, The (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Hiltons' Holiday, The (s) by Sarah-Orne-Jewett
Hind And The Panther, The (p) by John-Dryden
Hind Horn (p) by Frank-Sidgwick
Hind Of The Forest, The (s) by Dinah-M. Mulock-Craik
Hindered Hand, The (f/n) by Sutton-E.-Griggs
Hindrances And Helps From Within (e) by Henry-Frederick-Cope
Hint, A (p) by Jean-Blewett
Hint For C. S. Examiners, A (e) by Charles-Lever
Hint For Next Christmas, A (e) by A.-A.-Milne
Hint From A Caribou, A (s) by Howard-J.-Chidley
Hint To Mary Anne, A (p) by Elizabeth-Turner
Hint To Premiers And First Consuls, A (p) by Samuel-Taylor-Coleridge
Hint To Soyer, A (s) by Falconbridge
Hints And Helps For Married Partners (s) by T.-S.-Arthur
Hints For Irish Historical Paintings (e) by Thomas-Davis
Hints for Private Theatricals, I., II., III. (s) by Juliana-Horatia-Ewing
Hints For The Household (s) by -Edgar W. Nye- Bill-Nye
Hints From Horace (p) by Lord-Byron
Hints To Cheese Makers (p) by James-McIntyre
Hints To Pilgrims (e) by Charles-S.-Brooks
Hints To The Traveler (s) by -Edgar W. Nye- Bill-Nye
Hints To Travellers (e) by Stephen-Leacock
Hints towards an essay on conversation (e) by Jonathan-Swift
Hints towards the formation of a more comprehensive theory of life (e) by Samuel-Taylor-Coleridge
Hip, Hip, Hurra! (p) by Thomas-Moore
Hippo, The Hippopotamus (s) by Ellen-Velvin
Hippodromania; Or, Whiffs From The Pipe (p) by Adam-Lindsay-Gordon
Hippolytus Temporizes (p) by H.-D.
Hippolytus Veiled: A Study From Euripides (e) by Walter-Pater
Hippona (p) by Samuel-Taylor-Coleridge
Hippopotamus, The (p) by Hilaire-Belloc
Hippopotamus, The (p) by Oliver-Herford
Hippopotamus, The (p) by T-S-Eliot
Hira-Singh's Farewell To Burmah (p) by Laurence-Hope
Hiram Johnson (e) by Clinton-W.-Gilbert
Hiram Maxim (p) by Oliver-Herford
Hiram Scates (p) by Edgar-Lee-Masters
Hired Baby, The (s) by Marie-Corelli
Hired Man And Floretty, The (p) by James-Whitcomb-Riley
Hirelings, The (s) by Israel-Zangwill
Hiring A Coachman (s) by Howard-J.-Chidley
Hiring And Handling Salesmen (s) by Charles-N.-Crewdson
Hirsch-Gulden, The (s) by William-Hauff
His "Day In Court" (s) by Mary-Noailles-Murfree
His Age: Dedicated To His Peculiar Friend, Mr John Wickes (p) by -Poet- Robert-Herrick
His America (s) by Susan-Glaspell
His Answer To "Her Letter" (p) by Bret-Harte
His Apparition (s) by William-Dean-Howells
His Argument (p) by Olive-Tilford-Dargan
His Avenger (s) by Guy-De-Maupassant
His Boys (p) by Robert-W.-Service
His Brother's Keeper (s) by Henry-Lawson
His Business Is Good (e) by Robert-Cortes-Holliday
His Chance In Life (s) by Rudyard-Kipling
His Character (e) by Hilaire-Belloc
His Christmas Gift (s) by Jacob-A.-Riis
His Colonial Oath (s) by Henry-Lawson
His Coming To The Sepulchre (p) by -Poet- Robert-Herrick
His Confession (p) by -Poet- Robert-Herrick
His Content In The Country (p) by -Poet- Robert-Herrick
His Country (p) by Thomas-Hardy
His Country - After All (s) by Henry-Lawson
His Covenant Or Protestation To Julia (p) by -Poet- Robert-Herrick
His Creed (p) by -Poet- Robert-Herrick
His Dancing Days (p) by Theodosia-Garrison
His Dead Wife's Photograph (s) by S.-Mukerji
His Debt (s) by Margaret-White-Eggleston
His Defence Against The Idle Critic (p) by Michael-Drayton
His Desire (p) by -Poet- Robert-Herrick
His Dog (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
His Dog (f/n) by Albert-Payson-Terhune
His Dream (p) by -Poet- Robert-Herrick
His Dream (p) by William-Butler-Yeats
His Dying Advice (p) by John-Castillo
His Ejaculation To God (p) by -Poet- Robert-Herrick
His Evening Out (s) by Jerome-K-Jerome
His Example (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
His Excellency's Prize-Fight (s) by Arthur-Thomas-Quiller-Couch
His Face Is His Fortune (p) by Matt-W.-Alderson
His Family (f/n) by Ernest-Poole
His Father's Mate (s) by Henry-Lawson
His Father's Son (s) by Edith-Wharton
His First Assignment (s) by Ralph-Henry-Barbour
His First Operation (s) by Arthur-Conan-Doyle
His First Penitent (s) by James-Oliver-Curwood
His First Wife (s) by Alice-Brown
His Fly-Speck Majesty (s) by Ambrose-Bierce
His Girl (s) by George-A.-Birmingham
His Grace of Osmonde (f/n) by Frances-Hodgson-Burnett
His Grange, Or Private Wealth (p) by -Poet- Robert-Herrick
His Gratitude (s) by Eugenia-Dunlap-Potts
His Immortality (p) by Thomas-Hardy
His Last Bow: An Epilogue of Sherlock Holmes (s) by Arthur-Conan-Doyle
His Last Cent (s) by Francis-Hopkinson-Smith
His Last Christmas Gift (s) by John-Fox
His Last Letter (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
His Last Request To Julia (p) by -Poet- Robert-Herrick
His Litany To The Holy Spirit (p) by -Poet- Robert-Herrick
His Litany, To The Holy Spirit (p) by -Poet- Robert-Herrick
His Lordship (s) by William-Wymark-Jacobs
His Loss [epigram] (p) by -Poet- Robert-Herrick
His Majesty The King (s) by Rudyard-Kipling
His Majesty--Bill Richards (e) by David-Grayson
His Mansion (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
His Masterpiece (s) by Banjo-Paterson
His Masterpiece (L'oeuvre) (f/n) by Emile-Zola
His Meditation Upon Death (p) by -Poet- Robert-Herrick
His Mercy Endureth For Ever (p) by John-Oxenham
His Mission (p) by Thomas-O-Hagan
His Mistress To Him At His Farewell (p) by -Poet- Robert-Herrick
His Mistress's Eyebrows (e) by William-Butler-Yeats
His Monument (p) by Franklin-P.-Adams
His Monument (p) by Helen-Leah-Reed
His Mother's Portrait (s) by Selma-Lagerlof
His Mother's Son (s) by Edna-Ferber
His Mother's Way (p) by James-Whitcomb-Riley
His Native Accents To Her Stranger's Ear (p) by Samuel-Taylor-Coleridge
His Native Heath (s) by Joseph-Crosby-Lincoln
His New Brother (p) by Joseph-Crosby-Lincoln
His New Mittens (s) by Stephen-Crane
His Offering, With The Rest, At The Sepulchre (p) by -Poet- Robert-Herrick
His Other Chance (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
His Other Engagement (s) by Henry-Van Dyke
His Other Self (s) by William-Wymark-Jacobs
His Own Fair Countenance, His Kingly Forehead (p) by Samuel-Taylor-Coleridge
His Own People (s) by Booth-Tarkington
His Pa (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
His Petition (p) by -Poet- Robert-Herrick
His Phoenix, The (p) by William-Butler-Yeats
His Place (p) by Marietta-Holley
His Poetry His Pillar (p) by -Poet- Robert-Herrick
His Practical View Of Things (s) by Joel-Chandler-Harris
His Prayer For Absolution (p) by -Poet- Robert-Herrick
His Prayer To Ben Jonson (p) by -Poet- Robert-Herrick
His Presence (p) by Frances-Ridley-Havergal
His Queen (p) by Eugene-Field
His Remedy For Love (p) by Michael-Drayton
His Request To Julia (p) by -Poet- Robert-Herrick
His Return To London (p) by -Poet- Robert-Herrick
His Room (p) by James-Whitcomb-Riley
His Room, A (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
His Rubies: Told By Valgovind (p) by Laurence-Hope
His Sailing From Julia (p) by -Poet- Robert-Herrick
His Santa Claus, A (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
His Saviour's Words Going To The Cross (p) by -Poet- Robert-Herrick
His Second Wife (f/n) by Ernest-Poole
His Servant (s) by August-Strindberg
His Smile (s) by Susan-Glaspell
His Stock In Trade (s) by Rex-Beach
His Uncle's Will (s) by Charles-Kellogg-Field
His Unconquerable Enemy (s) by W.-C.-Morrow
His Unquiet Ghost (s) by Mary-Noailles-Murfree
His Vigil (p) by James-Whitcomb-Riley
His Visitor (p) by Thomas-Hardy
His Wedded Wife (p) by Rudyard-Kipling
His Winding-Sheet (p) by -Poet- Robert-Herrick
His Wish To God (p) by -Poet- Robert-Herrick
His Wish To Privacy (p) by -Poet- Robert-Herrick
His Words To Christ Going To The Cross (p) by -Poet- Robert-Herrick
His Worship The Goosedriver (s) by Arnold-Bennett
His Youth (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Hist! (p) by Clarence-James-Dennis
Historic Buildings (e) by George-William-Curtis
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Historical Nights' Entertainment, Second Series, The (f/n) by Rafael-Sabatini
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History (p) by Ambrose-Bierce
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History Of An Idea (n) by Henry-Theophilus-Finck
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History Of Tom White, The Post Boy, The (s) by Hannah-More
History Of Vanbrugh's House, The (p) by Jonathan-Swift
History Of Widow Brown's Apple-Tree (s) by Hannah-More
History Of Writing-Masters, The (e) by Isaac-Disraeli
History Repeats Itself (s) by Mark-Twain
Hit Or Miss (p) by Thomas-Hood
Hitched (p) by Clarence-James-Dennis
Hitchin May-Day Song, The (p) by Anonymous -Poetry-s author-
Hitherto And Henceforth (p) by Frances-Ridley-Havergal
Hive At Gettysburg, The (p) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
Hoar-Frost (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
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Hob's Tommy (s) by James-Runciman
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Hobomak, The (s) by Charles-M.-Skinner
Hock-Cart, Or Harvest Home, The (p) by -Poet- Robert-Herrick
Hocken and Hunken; A Tale of Troy (f/n) by Arthur-Thomas-Quiller-Couch
Hod Putt (p) by Edgar-Lee-Masters
Hodge (p) by John-Clare
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Hodge's Last Masters (e) by Richard-Jefferies
Hoecake (p) by Thomas-W.-Talley
Hoeing Potatoes (e) by Francis-B.-Pearson
Hog Family, The (e) by George-William-Curtis
Hog, The Goat, And The Sheep, The (p) by Jean de-La Fontaine
Hogg (e) by George-Saintsbury
Hoghton Tower (s) by John-Roby
Hohenzollerns in America, with the Bolsheviks in Berlin, The (f/n) by Stephen-Leacock
Hoiden (s) by Maurice-Thompson
Hojo Tyranny, The (s) by Charles-Morris
Hok Lee and the Dwarfs (s) by Andrew-Lang
Hold Your Tongue (p) by J.-C.-Manning
Holding A Baby (e) by Heywood-Broun
Holding Hands (s) by Gouverneur-Morris
Holding Up A Train (s) by O-Henry
Hole In A Beigel, The (s) by Israel-Joseph-Zevin
Hole In The Mahogany Panel, The (s) by Melville-Davisson-Post
Hole In The Wall, A (s) by Louisa-May-Alcott
Hole In The Wall, The (s) by G.-K.-Chesterton
Hole That Ran To China, The (s) by Robert-Gordon-Anderson
Hole-In-The-Day (s) by Charles-Alexander-Eastman
Holger Danske (s) by Hans-Christian-Andersen
Holiday, The (p) by Edward-Shanks
Holiday, The (s) by Carolyn-Sherwin-Bailey
Holiday Home (p) by Hattie-Howard
Holiday In A Vacation, A (s) by Henry-Van Dyke
Holiday Problem, The (e) by A.-A.-Milne
Holiday Reading (e) by Henry-Major-Tomlinson
Holiday Romance (f/n) by Charles-Dickens
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Holiday Task (s) by Saki
Holiday Time (s) by A.-A.-Milne
Holiday [The house is like a garden], A (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Holiday [War declares a holiday], A (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Holidays (p) by Ralph-Waldo-Emerson
Holidays In Hawaii (e) by John-Burroughs
Holland River And Its Tributaries (p) by James-McIntyre
Holland Song [For A Dutch Picture] (p) by Hilda-Conkling
Hollow, The (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Hollow Land, The (s) by William-Morris
Hollow of Her Hand, The (f/n) by George-Barr-McCutcheon
Hollow of the Three Hills, The (s) by Nathaniel-Hawthorne
Hollow Tree Inn, The (s) by Albert-Bigelow-Paine
Hollow Tree Poetry Club: How Mr. Dog Came To A Poetry Club, And What Happened, The (s) by Albert-Bigelow-Paine
Hollow Wood, The (p) by Edward-Thomas
Hollowdell Grange: Holiday Hours in a Country Home (f/n) by George-Manville-Fenn
Holly And Ivy (p) by Eugene-Field
Holly And The Ivy, The (p) by Harrison-S.-Morris
Holly-Ho! (e) by Henry-Major-Tomlinson
Holly-Tree, The (s) by Charles-Dickens
Hollyhock: A Spirit of Mischief (f/n) by L.-T.-Meade
Hollyhocks (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
Hollyhocks (p) by Cotton-Noe
Hollyhocks (s) by Florence-Finch-Kelly
Holm & Son (s) by Anthon-B. E.-Nilsen
Holocaust, A (p) by Francis-Thompson
Holy Baptism (p) by John-Keble
Holy Coat At Treves, The (p) by Joseph-Victor-Scheffel
Holy Communion (p) by John-Keble
Holy Cross, The (s) by Eugene-Field
Holy Deacon, The (s) by Ambrose-Bierce
Holy Fair, The (p) by Robert-Burns
Holy Grail, The (p) by Alfred-Lord-Tennyson
Holy Grail, The (s) by Molly-K.-Bellew
Holy Hay, The (s) by Hartwell-James
Holy Innocents, The (p) by John-Keble
Holy Island, The (p) by William-Henry-Drummond
Holy Lady, The (p) by James-Avis-Bartley
Holy Land, A (e) by Eliot-Gregory
Holy Land, The (p) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
Holy Mountains, The (p) by John-Freeman
Holy Of Holies, The (p) by G.-K.-Chesterton
Holy Places, The (e) by William-Butler-Yeats
Holy Snowdrops, The (p) by George-MacDonald
Holy Swan, The (p) by Edward-Powys-Mathers
Holy Terror, A (s) by Ambrose-Bierce
Holy Terror, The (e) by -Edgar W. Nye- Bill-Nye
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Holy Thursday (Songs Of Innocence) (p) by William-Blake
Holy War, The (p) by Rudyard-Kipling
Holy Wedlock (s) by Israel-Zangwill
Holy Week At Genoa (p) by Oscar-Wilde
Holy Well, The (p) by Harrison-S.-Morris
Holy Willie's Prayer (p) by Robert-Burns
Holy-Cross Day (p) by Robert-Browning
Holyrood Palace. (p) by Victor-Hugo
Hom. IL. V. 403 (p) by George-MacDonald
Homage (p) by William-Carlos-Williams
Home (p) by Hannah-S.-Battersby
Home (p) by Will-Carleton
Home (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Home (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Home (p) by Rabindranath-Tagore
Home (e) by T.-S.-Arthur
Home (p) by Rupert-Brooke
Home (p) by Madge-Morris-Wagner
Home (p) by Anne-Bronte
Home, A (p) by Susan-Coolidge
Home (d/c) by Maurice-Maeterlinck
Home (e) by Hilaire-Belloc
Home (p) by Marietta-Holley
Home (s) by Anton-Chekhov
Home (p) by William-Henry-Drummond
Home .. (p) by Richard-Le Gallienne
Home Acre, The (e) by Edward-Payson-Roe
Home Again (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Home Again (f/n) by George-MacDonald
Home And Love (p) by Robert-W.-Service
Home And The Baby (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
Home And The Office (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
Home and the World, The (f/n) by Rabindranath-Tagore
Home And Where It Is (p) by Alice-Duer-Miller
Home as Found (f/n) by James-Fenimore-Cooper
Home At Last (s) by T.-S.-Arthur
Home At Last (p) by Adelaide-Anne-Procter
Home At Night (p) by James-Whitcomb-Riley
Home Builders, The (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
Home Builders (p) by Walt-Mason
Home Coming, The (p) by Abner-Cosens
Home Delights (p) by Charles-Lamb
Home For Love (p) by John-Freeman
Home from the daisied meadows (p) by Robert-Louis-Stevenson
Home Girl (s) by Edna-Ferber
Home In The Heart, A (p) by T.-S.-Arthur
Home Kraal, The (s) by Perceval-Gibbon
Home Lights, The (p) by Fay-Inchfawn
Home No More Home To Me, Whither Must I Wander? (p) by Robert-Louis-Stevenson
Home Of Death, The (p) by George-MacDonald
Home Of Taste, The (s) by T.-S.-Arthur
Home Of Thunder, The (s) by Charles-M.-Skinner
Home Religion (e) by Harriet-Beecher-Stowe
Home Rule And Imperial Unity (e) by Henry-Thring
Home Sickness (s) by George-Augustus-Moore
Home Song, A (p) by Henry-Van Dyke
Home Studies (s) by Katharine-Lee-Bates
Home Sweet Home (p) by John-Howard-Payne
Home Thoughts, From Abroad (p) by Robert-Browning
Home Views Of American Life (e) by Samuel-Osgood
Home [It takes a heap o' livin' in a house ] (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
Home [NOT the end: but there's nothing more] (p) by Edward-Thomas
Home [OFTEN I had gone this way before] (p) by Edward-Thomas
Home [The road to laughter beckons me] (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
Home! Home! (p) by A.-H.-Laidlaw
Home, Pup! (p) by William-Johnson-Cory
Home, Sweet Home (p) by Frances-E. W.-Harper
Home-coming, The (s) by Rabindranath-Tagore
Home-Coming, The (s) by Arthur-Conan-Doyle
Home-Coming, A (e) by Max-Beerbohm
Home-Coming, The (p) by Edith-Nesbit
Home-Coming of 'Rastus Smith, The (s) by Paul-Laurence-Dunbar
Home-Coming Of General Lee And His Veterans (s) by Charles-Morris
Home-Coming Of Jim Wilkes, The (s) by Bret-Harte
Home-Coming Of The 'Eurydice', The (p) by Arthur-Conan-Doyle
Home-Going, The (p) by James-Whitcomb-Riley
Home-Made Fairy Tale, A (p) by James-Whitcomb-Riley
Home-Seekers' Goal (s) by Samuel-Hopkins-Adams
Home-Sick (p) by Samuel-Taylor-Coleridge
Home-Sickness (p) by Adelaide-Anne-Procter
Home-Sickness (p) by Eliza-Lee Cabot-Follen
Home-Thoughts, From The Sea (p) by Robert-Browning
Home-Town, The (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
Homecoming, The (p) by Thomas-Hardy
Homecoming (p) by John-Freeman
Homekeeping Versus Housekeeping (e) by Harriet-Beecher-Stowe
Homeless (p) by Samuel-Taylor-Coleridge
Homeless Ghost, The (p) by George-MacDonald
Homely Heroine, The (s) by Edna-Ferber
Homely Man, The (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
Homely Pathetic, The (p) by Bret-Harte
Homer (e) by James-Anthony-Froude
Homer And Classical Philology (e) by Friedrich-Wilhelm-Nietzsche
Homer and His Age (n) by Andrew-Lang
Homer And Theocritus (e) by William-Ernest-Henley
Homer Clapp (p) by Edgar-Lee-Masters
Homer's Hymn To Castor And Pollux (p) by Percy-Bysshe-Shelley
Homer's Hymn To Minerva (p) by Percy-Bysshe-Shelley
Homer's Hymn To The Earth: Mother Of All (p) by Percy-Bysshe-Shelley
Homer's Hymn To The Moon (p) by Percy-Bysshe-Shelley
Homer's Hymn To The Sun (p) by Percy-Bysshe-Shelley
Homer's Hymn To Venus (p) by Percy-Bysshe-Shelley
Homerides, The (p) by Frederich-Schiller
Homes In Iceland (s) by Jennie-Hall
Homesick (p) by Fay-Inchfawn
Homesick (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
Homesick (s) by Lyn-Venable
Homesick In Heaven (p) by Oliver-Wendell-Holmes
Homesick Star, The (p) by Mary-Carolyn-Davies
Homestead, The (p) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
Homestead, The (p) by Bliss-Carman
Homestead Visit, The (p) by John-S.-Adams
Homesteader, The (p) by Isabel-Ecclestone-Mackay
Homeward Bound (p) by Henry-Newbolt
Homeward Bound (p) by Howard-V.-Sutherland
Homeward Bound (p) by Henry-Van Dyke
Homeward Bound, The (p) by John-S.-Adams
Homeward Bound (p) by Heinrich-Heine
Homeward Bound (s) by William-Wymark-Jacobs
Homeward Bound (p) by Adelaide-Anne-Procter
Homeward Bound; or, The Chase: A Tale of the Sea (f/n) by James-Fenimore-Cooper
Homeward March, The (p) by Thomas-Moore
Homeward Trail, The (s) by Charles-G. D.-Roberts
Homing Bee, The (p) by E. Pauline-Johnson
Homo (s) by Francis-Hopkinson-Smith
Homo Podunkensis (p) by Ambrose-Bierce
Hon. Bardwell Slote, Of Cohosh, The (e) by William-Cowper-Brann
Hon. Henry Bennett (p) by Edgar-Lee-Masters
Hon. Phillip Ripley [in Memoriam] (p) by Lydia-H.-Sigourney
Hon. Thomas S. Williams [in Memoriam] (p) by Lydia-H.-Sigourney
Honest Bird, The (p) by Eliza-Lee Cabot-Follen
Honest Cadi, The (s) by Ambrose-Bierce
Honest Citizen, The (s) by Ambrose-Bierce
Honest Day's Work, An (s) by Mary-E.-Bamford
Honest Penny, The (s) by P.-Chr.-Asbjornsen
Honestus At The Caucus (e) by George-William-Curtis
Honesty Rewarded (s) by Katherine-Neville-Fleeson
Honey (p) by Edward-Powys-Mathers
Honey And Myrrh (s) by Alice-Brown
Honey At The Phone (s) by Mrs. A. E. C.-Maskell
Honey Dripping From The Comb (p) by James-Whitcomb-Riley
Honey Flow, The (e) by Dallas-Lore-Sharp
Honey Robbers, The (p) by Walter-De la Mare
Honey-Bee (s) by Anatole-France
Honey-Dew (e) by Grant-Allen
Honeymoon Scene (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Honeymoon That Tried To Come Back, The (s) by George-Ade
Honeymoon Time At An Inn (p) by Thomas-Hardy
Hongree And Mahry. A Recollection Of A Surrey Melodrama (p) by W.-S.-Gilbert
Honk-Honk Breed, The (s) by Stewart-Edward-White
Honor (e) by George-William-Curtis
Honor (p) by Cale-Young-Rice
Honor Among Scamps (p) by Vachel-Lindsay
Honor Among Sportsmen (s) by Richard-Connell
Honor O'callaghan (s) by Mary-Russell-Mitford
Honor of Her People, The (s) by James-Oliver-Curwood
Honor of the Big Snows, The (f/n) by James-Oliver-Curwood
Honor Roll, The (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
Honor Thy Father And Thy Mother (s) by Theodore-L.-Cuyler
Honor To Labor (p) by Mrs. J.-C.-Yule
Honor To Woman (p) by Frederich-Schiller
Honorable, The (p) by Frederich-Schiller
Honorable Miss: A Story of an Old-Fashioned Town, The (f/n) by L.-T.-Meade
Honored As A Curiosity (s) by Mark-Twain
Honorine (f/n) by Honore-de-Balzac
Honors (p) by Jean-Ingelow
Honors (p) by Frederich-Schiller
Honour (p) by Samuel-Taylor-Coleridge
Honour Of Israel Gow, The (s) by G.-K.-Chesterton
Honour Of The Ship, The (s) by Arthur-Thomas-Quiller-Couch
Honour Of Your Country, The (e) by A.-A.-Milne
Honour To The Service, An (s) by Louis-Becke
Honour's Martyr (p) by Emily-Bronte
Honourable Laura, The (s) by Thomas-Hardy
Honourable Member, The (s) by Ambrose-Bierce
Honours Are Hindrances (p) by -Poet- Robert-Herrick
Honours Of Mortality, The (e) by Alice-Meynell
Honours Of War, The (s) by Rudyard-Kipling
Hood (e) by William-Ernest-Henley
Hoodie-Crow, The (s) by Andrew-Lang
Hoodlum Band, The (s) by Bret-Harte
Hoodoo, The (p) by James-Whitcomb-Riley
Hoodoo (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Hoodoo McFiggin's Christmas (e) by Stephen-Leacock
Hoodooed (s) by Alice-Hegan-Rice
Hoodwinked (s) by Richard-Harding-Davis
Hooker-Up-The-Back, The (s) by Edna-Ferber
Hooking Watermelons (s) by Edward-Bellamy
Hoolool Of The Totem Pole (s) by E. Pauline-Johnson
Hoopskirts & Other Lively Matter (e) by Charles-S.-Brooks
Hoosier Chronicle, A (f/n) by Meredith-Nicholson
Hoosier Folk-Child, The (p) by James-Whitcomb-Riley
Hoosier Lyrics Paraphrased (p) by Eugene-Field
Hoosier Schoolboy, The (f/n) by Edward-Eggleston
Hoosier Schoolmaster: A Story of Backwoods Life in Indiana, The (f/n) by Edward-Eggleston
Hootay Of The Little Rosebud (s) by Charles-Alexander-Eastman
Hoover's Camp On The Rapidan River (s) by Etta-Belle-Walker
Hop Picking (p) by Edith-Nesbit
Hop-Frog (s) by Edgar-Allan-Poe
Hop-O'-My-Thumb (s) by Henry-James
Hop-O'-My-Thumb, The (s) by Dinah-M. Mulock-Craik
Hopalong Cassidy's Rustler Round-Up (f/n) by Clarence-E.-Mulford
Hope (p) by Mary-Baker-Eddy
Hope (e) by Arthur-C.-Benson
Hope (p) by Alfred-Castner-King
Hope (p) by Frances-Ridley-Havergal
Hope (p) by Frederich-Schiller
Hope (p) by Edith-Nesbit
Hope (p) by Paul-Laurence-Dunbar
Hope, A (p) by Charles-Kingsley
Hope (p) by Joseph-Rodman-Drake
Hope (p) by Emily-Bronte
Hope (p) by William-Lisle-Bowles
Hope (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
Hope (p) by Arthur-Conan-Doyle
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Hope And Despair (p) by Arthur-Weir
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Hope And Patience (p) by George-MacDonald
Hope Beyond (p) by Mary-Alice-Walton
Hope Carol, A (p) by Christina-Georgina-Rossetti
Hope Comes Again (p) by Thomas-Moore
Hope Deferred (p) by Robert-F.-Murray
Hope Deferred [Summer is come again. The sun is bright] (p) by George-MacDonald
Hope Deferred [Where is thy crown, O tree of Love] (p) by George-MacDonald
Hope Dieth: Love Liveth (p) by William-Morris
Hope For The Best (p) by J.-C.-Manning
Hope Holds To Christ The Mind's Own Mirror Out (p) by Gerard-Manley-Hopkins
Hope In Failure (p) by George-William-Russell
Hope Mills; or, Between Friend And Sweetheart (f/n) by Amanda-Minnie-Douglas
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Hope Of My Heart, The (p) by John-McCrae
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Hope of the Gospel (e) by George-MacDonald
Hope Of The Resurrection [Easter Stanzas], The (p) by Vachel-Lindsay
Hope Of The Streets, The (p) by G.-K.-Chesterton
Hope Shines--As In A Stable A Wisp Of Straw (p) by Paul-Verlaine
Hope The Hornblower (p) by Henry-Newbolt
Hope [Hope is a subtle glutton] (p) by Emily-Dickinson
Hope [Hope is the thing with feathers] (p) by Emily-Dickinson
Hope, An Allegorical Sketch (p) by William-Lisle-Bowles
Hopeless (p) by Charles-Sangster
Hopeless Poor, The (e) by James-Runciman
Hopes Of Civilization, The (n) by William-Morris
Hopkins University, The (e) by Edwin-Lawrence-Godkin
Hora Stellatrix (p) by Amy-Lowell
Horace (Epode XIV) (p) by Eugene-Field
Horace And Lydia Reconciled (p) by Eugene-Field
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Horace Greeley Learning To Print (s) by Edward-Eggleston
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Horace I, 13 (p) by Eugene-Field
Horace I, 18 (p) by Eugene-Field
Horace I, 20 (p) by Eugene-Field
Horace I, 23 (p) by Eugene-Field
Horace I, 27 (p) by Eugene-Field
Horace I, 33 (p) by Eugene-Field
Horace I, 34 (p) by Eugene-Field
Horace I, 5 (p) by Eugene-Field
Horace II, 20 (p) by Eugene-Field
Horace II, 7 (p) by Eugene-Field
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Horace To His Patron (p) by Eugene-Field
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Horace To Maecenas (p) by Eugene-Field
Horace To Maecenas (odes III, 29) (p) by Eugene-Field
Horace To Melpomene (p) by Eugene-Field
Horace To Phyllis (p) by Eugene-Field
Horace To Pyrrha (p) by Eugene-Field
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Horai (s) by Lafcadio-Hearn
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Horatius (p) by Thomas-Babington-Macaulay
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Horizon, The (e) by Alice-Meynell
Horla, or Modern Ghosts, The (s) by Guy-De-Maupassant
Horn, The (p) by Walter-De la Mare
Horn O' The Moon (s) by Alice-Brown
Horn of Egremont Castle, The (p) by William-Wordsworth
Horn of Plenty, The (s) by Carolyn-Sherwin-Bailey
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Horns And Antlers (s) by Charles-G. D.-Roberts
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Horoscope, The (s) by Jean de-La Fontaine
Horrible, The (s) by Guy-De-Maupassant
Horrible History Of Jones, The (p) by G.-K.-Chesterton
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Horror On The Stair, The (s) by Arthur-Thomas-Quiller-Couch
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Horrors Of Flying, The (p) by Paul-Bewsher
Horse (p) by Elizabeth-Madox-Roberts
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Horse And The Groom, The (s) by Aesop -author of Aesop-s Fables-
Horse And The Loaded Ass, The (s) by Aesop -author of Aesop-s Fables-
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Horse And The Wolf, The (s) by Aesop -author of Aesop-s Fables-
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Hortense Robbins (p) by Edgar-Lee-Masters
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Hosanna; or Salvation Ascribed To Christ, The (p) by Isaac-Watts
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Hospitality (s) by Laura-E.-Richards
Hospitality (p) by Ambrose-Bierce
Hoss, The (p) by James-Whitcomb-Riley
Host Of The Air, The (p) by William-Butler-Yeats
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Hosting Of The Sidhe, The (p) by William-Butler-Yeats
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Hosts And Guests (1918) (e) by Max-Beerbohm
Hosts of the Air, The (f/n) by Joseph-A.-Altsheler
Hot Potatoes (s) by Arnold-Bennett
Hot Season, The (p) by Oliver-Wendell-Holmes
Hot Swamp, The (f/n) by R.-M.-Ballantyne
Hot Water (p) by Christopher-Morley
Hot Weather Fiend, The (p) by Edwin-C.-Ranck
Hot-Foot Hannibal (s) by Charles-W.-Chesnutt
Hotel De Rambouillet, The (e) by Edmund-Gosse
Hotel Guest, The (e) by Robert-Cortes-Holliday
Hotel Keeping (s) by Falconbridge
Hotel Sitting-Room, A (e) by Vernon-Lee
Hotwells Duel, The (s) by Arthur-Thomas-Quiller-Couch
Hound And Huntsman (p) by John-Gay
Hound From The North, The (f/n) by Ridgwell-Cullum
Hound Of Heaven, The (p) by Francis-Thompson
Hound of the Baskervilles, The (f/n) by Arthur-Conan-Doyle
Hound's Pool, The (s) by Eden-Phillpotts
Hounds, The (p) by John-Freeman
Hounds Of Fate, The (s) by Saki
Hour, An (p) by Henry-Van Dyke
Hour, The (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Hour A Day For A Year, An (s) by Anonymous
Hour And The Ghost, The (p) by Christina-Georgina-Rossetti
Hour And The Man, The (s) by Robert-Barr
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Hour Glass, The (d/c) by William-Butler-Yeats
Hour Of Battle, The (s) by Robert-Sheckley
Hour Of Destiny, The (e) by Maurice-Maeterlinck
Hour Of The King, The (p) by George-William-Russell
Hour When We Shall Meet Again, The (p) by Samuel-Taylor-Coleridge
Hour-Glass, The (p) by Ben-Jonson
Hour-Glass, The (p) by Samuel-Taylor-Coleridge
Hour-Glass, The (s) by Robert-Barr
Hour-Glass, The (p) by William-Lisle-Bowles
Hour-Glass And Bible (p) by William-Lisle-Bowles
Hours (p) by Adelaide-Anne-Procter
Hours (p) by Max-Eastman
Hours Of Life, The (e) by T.-S.-Arthur
Hours Of Sleep, The (e) by Alice-Meynell
Hours Of Spring (e) by Richard-Jefferies
Hours With Great Men (e) by -Edgar W. Nye- Bill-Nye
Hours With Nature (p) by James-Avis-Bartley
Hours With The Mystics (e) by Charles-Kingsley
House, The (p) by Ralph-Waldo-Emerson
House, The (e) by Frederic-Bastiat
House (n) by Eugene-Field
House (p) by Robert-Browning
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House And Man (p) by Edward-Thomas
House Beautiful, The (p) by Robert-Louis-Stevenson
House Behind the Cedars, The (f/n) by Charles-W.-Chesnutt
House by the Church-Yard, The (f/n) by Joseph-Sheridan-Le Fanu
House By The Loch, The (s) by Melville-Davisson-Post
House Decoration (e) by Oscar-Wilde
House Fear (p) by Robert-Frost
House In The Lake, The (s) by Edmond-Leamy
House In The Mist, The (s) by Anna-Katharine-Green
House In The Valley, The (s) by Seumas-O-Brien
House In The Water, The (s) by Charles-G. D.-Roberts
House in the Wood (s) by Andrew-Lang
House Island (s) by Dinah-M. Mulock-Craik
House of Agamemnon, The (s) by Josephine-Preston-Peabody
House Of Bondage (p) by Francis-Thompson
House Of Christmas, The (p) by G.-K.-Chesterton
House Of Clocks, The (s) by Anna-Katharine-Green
House Of Cobwebs, The (s) by George-Gissing
House Of Commons Manner, The (e) by Max-Beerbohm
House Of Eld, The (s) by Robert-Louis-Stevenson
House Of Fame, The (p) by Geoffrey-Chaucer
House Of Fear, The (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
House Of Golden Joss, The (s) by Sax-Rohmer
House Of Hate, The (p) by Helen-Gray-Cone
House of Heine Brothers, The (s) by Anthony-Trollope
House Of Hospitalities, The (p) by Thomas-Hardy
House Of Life, The (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
House of Mapuhi, The (s) by Jack-London
House of Martha, The (f/n) by Frank-R-Stockton
House of Mirth (f/n) by Edith-Wharton
House Of Peers, The (p) by W.-S.-Gilbert
House Of Pengersick, The (e) by Arthur-C.-Benson
House of Pomegranates, A (e) by Oscar-Wilde
House of Pride, The (s) by Jack-London
House of Rimmon, The (d/c) by Henry-Van Dyke
House of Seven Gables, The (f/n) by Nathaniel-Hawthorne
House Of Silence, The (p) by Thomas-Hardy
House Of Silvery Voices, The (s) by Samuel-Hopkins-Adams
House Of Sleep, The (p) by Robert-F.-Murray
House Of Tembinoka, The (p) by Robert-Louis-Stevenson
House Of The Dead Hand, The (s) by Edith-Wharton
House of the Vampire, The (f/n) by George-Sylvester-Viereck
House of the Whispering Pines, The (f/n) by Anna-Katharine-Green
House of the Wolfings, The (f/n) by William-Morris
House Of Truth, The (s) by Margaret-White-Eggleston
House Of Venus, The (p) by Richard-Le Gallienne
House on the Beach: A Realistic Tale, The (f/n) by George-Meredith
House on the Borderland, The (f/n) by William-Hope-Hodgson
House On The Hill, The (p) by Edwin-Arlington-Robinson
House Or Window Flies (p) by John-Clare
House Surgeon, The (s) by Rudyard-Kipling
House That Was Never Built, The (s) by Henry-Lawson
House That Was Not, The (s) by Elia-W.-Peattie
House to Let, A (f/n) by Charles-Dickens
House Where We Were Wed, The (p) by Will-Carleton
House with a History, A (p) by Thomas-Hardy
House With Nobody In It, The (p) by Joyce-Kilmer
House With The Broken Shutter, The (s) by Gilbert-Parker
House With The Green Blinds, The (s) by Robert-Louis-Stevenson
House With The Mezzanine, The (s) by Anton-Chekhov
House With The Tall Porch, The (s) by Gilbert-Parker
House Wren, The (s) by John-Burroughs
House-Boat on the Styx, A (f/n) by John-Kendrick-Bangs
House-Building And Repairs (p) by Juliana-Horatia-Ewing
House-Hunter, The (p) by W.-M.-MacKeracher
House-Hunting (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
House-Keeper, The (p) by Charles-Lamb
House-Martins (e) by Richard-Jefferies
House-Mother, The (p) by Fay-Inchfawn
House-Surgeon (p) by William-Ernest-Henley
House-Top, The (p) by Herman-Melville
House-Warming, The (s) by A.-A.-Milne
Housebroken (e) by Christopher-Morley
Household Art (p) by Austin-Dobson
Household Book, A (e) by A.-A.-Milne
Household Shrine, The (e) by Lafcadio-Hearn
Household Spirit, The (p) by J.-C.-Manning
Household Wreck, The (e) by Thomas-De Quincey
Housekeeper, The (s) by Laura-E.-Richards
Houses, The (p) by Rudyard-Kipling
Houses (p) by Joyce-Kilmer
Houses Of Dreams (p) by Sara-Teasdale
Housewife, The (p) by Fay-Inchfawn
Housewife, The (s) by James-Branch-Cabell
Housewives Of Lowenburg, The (s) by Charlotte-M.-Yonge
Hovering Of The Kestrel, The (e) by Richard-Jefferies
How A Beauty Was Waked And Her Suitor Was Suited (p) by Guy-Wetmore-Carryl
How A Boy Was Cured Of Boasting (s) by Mabel-Powers
How A Boy Was Hired Out, And What Came Of It (s) by George-Cary-Eggleston
How A Cat Was Annoyed And A Poet Was Booted (p) by Guy-Wetmore-Carryl
How A Certain Wicked Witch Sought To Cajole The Glooskap (s) by Charles-G.-Leland
How A Dead Tiger Killed The Princess (s) by Katherine-Neville-Fleeson
How A Fair One No Hope To His Highness Accorded (p) by Guy-Wetmore-Carryl
How a Fish Swam in the Air and a Hare in the Water (s) by Andrew-Lang
How A Fisherman Corked Up His Foe In A Jar (p) by Guy-Wetmore-Carryl
How A Gallant Should Behave Himself In A Play-House (e) by Thomas-Dekker
How A Girl Was Too Reckless Of Grammar By Far (p) by Guy-Wetmore-Carryl
How A Golden Apple Caused A War (s) by Carolyn-Sherwin-Bailey
How A Hunter Visited The Thunder Spirits Who Dwell In Mount Katahdin (s) by Charles-G.-Leland
How A Huntress Became A Bear (s) by Carolyn-Sherwin-Bailey
How A Little Girl Danced (p) by Vachel-Lindsay
How A Little Girl Sang (p) by Vachel-Lindsay
How A Man May Be Benefited By His Enemies (e) by Plutarch
How A Man Was Bewitched And Had His Head Shaved By The Foxes (s) by Algernon-Bertram-Freeman-Mitford
How A Peasant Boy Became Premier (s) by Charles-Morris
How A Princess Was Wooed From Habitual Sadness (p) by Guy-Wetmore-Carryl
How A Woman Dethroned A Man (s) by Charles-Morris
How A Woman Lost A Gun For Fear Of The Weewillmekq (s) by Charles-G.-Leland
How A Wooden Horse Won A City (s) by Carolyn-Sherwin-Bailey
How Albert Sat In (s) by George-Ade
How Ali Came To The Black Country (s) by Lord-Dunsany
How American Indians Love (n) by Henry-Theophilus-Finck
How An Humble Beginner Moved From One Pinnacle To Another And Played The Entire (s) by George-Ade
How An Indian Boy Won His Name (s) by Mabel-Powers
How An Old Man Lost His Wen (s) by Yei-Theodora-Ozaki
How Apollo Came To Parnassus (s) by James-Baldwin
How Arthur Won The Throne (s) by Charles-Morris
How At Once (p) by Edward-Thomas
How Athens Rose From Its Ashes (s) by Charles-Morris
How Audubon Came To Know About Birds (s) by Edward-Eggleston
How Aurore Learnt To Ride (s) by Mrs. Andrew-Lang
How Ball-carrier Finished His Task (s) by Andrew-Lang
How Barrington Returned To Johannesburg (s) by A.-E. W.-Mason
How Bateese Came Home (p) by William-Henry-Drummond
How Beauty Contrived To Get Square With The Beast (p) by Guy-Wetmore-Carryl
How Benny West Learned To Be A Painter (s) by Edward-Eggleston
How Betsey And I Made Up (p) by Will-Carleton
How Big Ferre Fought For France (s) by Charles-Morris
How Birds Were Made (p) by Katharine-Lee-Bates
How Boh Han Me Got His Title (s) by William-C.-Griggs
How Brave Horatius Kept The Bridge (s) by Charles-Morris
How Brave Walter Hunted Wolves (s) by Andrew-Lang
How Brigadier Gerard Lost His Ear (s) by Arthur-Conan-Doyle
How Britannia Came to Rule the Waves: Updated to 1900 (n) by William-H. G.-Kingston
How Brother Bear's Hair Was Combed (s) by Joel-Chandler-Harris
How Butterflies Are Born (p) by Victor-Hugo
How Chapkin Halid Became Chief Detective (s) by Allan-Ramsay
How Charlemagne Crossed The Alps (s) by James-Baldwin
How Children Became Monkeys (s) by Mabel-Cook-Cole
How Civilization Came To Japan (s) by Charles-Morris
How Cobbler Ahmet Became The Chief Astrologer (s) by Allan-Ramsay
How Colonel Clark Won The Northwest (s) by Charles-Morris
How Colonel Kate Won Her Spurs (s) by Florence-Finch-Kelly
How Composers Work (e) by Henry-Theophilus-Finck
How Cruel Are The Parents (p) by Robert-Burns
How Dame Margery Twist Saw More Than Was Good For Her (s) by Howard-Pyle
How dare the robins sing (p) by Emily-Dickinson
How Deacon Fry Bought A "Duchess" (p) by Isabella-Valancy-Crawford
How Deacon Tubman and Parson Whitney Kept New Year's (s) by W.H.H.-Murray
How Dear To Me The Hour (p) by Thomas-Moore
How Death Valley Was Named (s) by Frederick-R.-Bechdolt
How Did You Die? (p) by Edmund-Vance-Cooke
How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count The Ways (p) by Elizabeth-Barrett-Browning
How Do We Know? (e) by Harriet-Beecher-Stowe
How Do You Buy Your Money? (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
How Do You Tackle Your Work? (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
How Do You Tackle Your Work? (p) by Franklin-P.-Adams
How Does Love Speak? (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
How Don Was Saved (s) by Lucy-Maud-Montgomery
How Doth The Simple Spelling Bee (s) by Owen-Wister
How England Became Christian (s) by Charles-Morris
How Europe Entered China (s) by Charles-Morris
How Evolution Evolves (e) by -Edgar W. Nye- Bill-Nye
How Fair Cinderella Disposed Of Her Shoe (p) by Guy-Wetmore-Carryl
How Faro Nell Dealt Bank (s) by Alfred-Henry-Lewis
How Father Tom Connolly Began To Be A Saint (s) by Francis-Clement-Kelley
How Fidelia Went to the Store (s) by Mary E-Wilkins-Freeman
How Franklin Came To Philadelphia (s) by Charles-Morris
How Franklin Found Out Things (s) by Edward-Eggleston
How Fremont Crossed The Mountains (s) by Edward-Eggleston
How Fritz Became A Wizard (s) by John-Kendrick-Bangs
How Geirald The Coward Was Punished (s) by Andrew-Lang
How Gilbert Died (p) by Banjo-Paterson
How Glooskap Became Friendly To The Loons, And Made Them His Messengers (s) by Charles-G.-Leland
How Glooskap Bound Wuchowsen, The Great Wind-Bird, And Made Waters Stagnant (s) by Charles-G.-Leland
How Glooskap Changed Certain Saucy Indians Into Rattlesnakes (s) by Charles-G.-Leland
How Glooskap Found The Summer (s) by Charles-G.-Leland
How Glooskap Had A Great Frolic With Kitpooseagunow, A Giant Who Caught A Whale (s) by Charles-G.-Leland
How Glooskap Is Making Arrows, And Preparing For A Great Battle (s) by Charles-G.-Leland
How Glooskap Made A Magician Of A Young Man (s) by Charles-G.-Leland
How Glooskap Made Elves, Fairies, Man Of An Ash Tree, Beasts, And Of His Coming (s) by Charles-G.-Leland
How Glooskap Made His Uncle Mikchich The Turtle Into A Great Man (s) by Charles-G.-Leland
How Glooskap Made The Birds (s) by Cyrus-Macmillan
How Glooskap Sailed Through The Great Cavern Of Darkness (s) by Charles-G.-Leland
How Glooskap Was The First To Make America Known To The Europeans (s) by Charles-G.-Leland
How Glooskap, Leaving The World, All The Animals Mourned For Him (s) by Charles-G.-Leland
How Glooskcap Conquered The Great Bull-Frog (s) by Charles-G.-Leland
How Good And Evil Came To Be (s) by Mabel-Powers
How Good Are The Poor (p) by Victor-Hugo
How Good Fortune Came To Pierre (s) by Orison-Swett-Marden
How Grettir The Strong Became An Outlaw (s) by Anonymous
How Hannibal Fought And Died (s) by Charles-Morris
How Happy, Once (p) by Thomas-Moore
How Hawaii Lost Its Queen And Entered The United States (s) by Charles-Morris
How He Lied to Her Husband (d/c) by George-Bernard-Shaw
How He Won The Bicycle (s) by Annie-F.-Johnston
How Hefty Burke Got Even (s) by Richard-Harding-Davis
How Herman Won The Cross (p) by Edward-Dyson
How His Soul Came Ensnared (p) by -Poet- Robert-Herrick
How Hop O' My Thumb Got Rid Of An Onus (p) by Guy-Wetmore-Carryl
How Horatius Kept The Bridge (s) by Anonymous
How Houston Won Freedom For Texas (s) by Charles-Morris
How Howkawanda And Friend-At-The-Back Found The Trail To The Buffalo Country (s) by Mary-Hunter-Austin
How Hyacinthus Became A Flower (s) by Carolyn-Sherwin-Bailey
How I Became a Socialist (e) by Jack-London
How I Came To Make "History"! (e) by Richard-King
How I Consulted The Oracle Of The Goldfishes (p) by James-Russell-Lowell
How I Edited An Agricultural Paper, The (s) by Mark-Twain
How I Found The Superman (e) by G.-K.-Chesterton
How I Killed A Bear (e) by Charles-Dudley-Warner
How I Met The President (e) by G.-K.-Chesterton
How I Walked Alone In The Jungles Of Heaven (p) by Vachel-Lindsay
How Ian Direach Got the Blue Falcon (s) by Andrew-Lang
How Is It? (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
How Isuro the Rabbit Tricked Gudu (s) by Andrew-Lang
How It All Came Round (f/n) by L.-T.-Meade
How It All Happened (s) by Louisa-May-Alcott
How It Happened (s) by Sophie-A.-Miller
How It Happened (s) by Arthur-Conan-Doyle
How It Happened (p) by James-Whitcomb-Riley
How It Strikes A Contemporary (p) by Robert-Browning
How It's Done At The Astor House (s) by Falconbridge
How Jack Found That Beans May Go Back On A Chap (p) by Guy-Wetmore-Carryl
How Jack Hastings Sold His Mine (s) by Frances-Fuller-Victor
How Jack Made The Giants Uncommonly Sore (p) by Guy-Wetmore-Carryl
How Jack Rainey Quit (s) by Alfred-Henry-Lewis
How Jim Went To The War (s) by Jacob-A.-Riis
How John Norton The Trapper Kept His Christmas (s) by W.H.H.-Murray
How John Quit The Farm (p) by James-Whitcomb-Riley
How Jupiter Granted A Wish (s) by Carolyn-Sherwin-Bailey
How Kagigegabo Became A Brave (s) by Margaret-White-Eggleston
How Kimyera Became King Of Uganda, The (s) by Henry-M.-Stanley
How King Burtal Became A Fakir (s) by Anonymous
How King Midas Lost His Ears (s) by Carolyn-Sherwin-Bailey
How King Rolf Won His Bride (s) by Charles-Morris
How Lang And Dreary Is The Night (p) by Robert-Burns
How Lansones Became Edible (s) by Dean-S.-Fansler
How Leisure Came (s) by Ambrose-Bierce
How Lightly Mounts The Muse's Wing (p) by Thomas-Moore
How Lin McLean Went East (s) by Owen-Wister
How Lisa Loved the King (p) by George-Eliot
How Literature May Illustrate History (e) by David-Masson
How Little Red Riding Hood Came To Be Eaten (p) by Guy-Wetmore-Carryl
How Little Shooter Lost His Luck (s) by Mabel-Powers
How Long? (p) by Pat-O-Cotter
How Long? (p) by Emma-Lazarus
How Love Looked for Hell (p) by Sidney-Lanier
How Lox Came To Grief By Trying To Catch A Salmon (s) by Charles-G.-Leland
How Lox Deceived The Ducks, Cheated The Chief, And Beguiled The Bear (s) by Charles-G.-Leland
How Lox Told A Lie (s) by Charles-G.-Leland
How Lucy Backslid (p) by Paul-Laurence-Dunbar
How M'Ginnis Went Missing (p) by Banjo-Paterson
How Many A Man! (p) by W.-M.-MacKeracher
How Many Bards Gild The Lapses Of Time! [sonnet] (p) by John-Keats
How Many Charms Hath Music, Would You Say? (e) by Jerome-K-Jerome
How Many Paltry, Foolish, Painted Things (p) by Michael-Drayton
How Many Years Ago? (p) by Juliana-Horatia-Ewing
How Marriage Began (e) by Arthur-Brisbane
How Mars Lost A Battle (s) by Carolyn-Sherwin-Bailey
How Mary Grew (p) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
How Master Lox As A Raccoon Killed The Bear And The Black Cats (s) by Charles-G.-Leland
How Master Lox Played A Trick On Mrs. Bear (s) by Charles-G.-Leland
How Mehmet Ali Pasha Of Egypt Administered Justice (s) by Allan-Ramsay
How Melampos Fed The Serpent (s) by Carolyn-Sherwin-Bailey
How Mercury Gave Up His Tricks (s) by Carolyn-Sherwin-Bailey
How Mice Overcame The Warriors (s) by Mabel-Powers
How Minerva Built A City (s) by Carolyn-Sherwin-Bailey
How Morning Star Lost Her Fish, The (s) by Mabel-Powers
How Mr. Rabbit Lost His Fine Bushy Tail (s) by Joel-Chandler-Harris
How Mr. Rabbit Saved His Meat (s) by Joel-Chandler-Harris
How Mr. Rabbit Succeeded In Raising A Dust (s) by Joel-Chandler-Harris
How Mr. Storm Met His Destiny (s) by Hjalmar-Hjorth-Boyesen
How Much Fortunatus Could Do With A Cap (p) by Guy-Wetmore-Carryl
How Much Land Does A Man Need? (s) by Leo-Tolstoy
How My Heart Yearns Towards My Friends At Home! (p) by Charles-Sangster
How Napoleon Crossed The Alps (s) by James-Baldwin
How Not To Settle It (p) by Oliver-Wendell-Holmes
How Nyangandi Swam To Church (s) by Anonymous
How Oft Has The Banshee Cried (p) by Thomas-Moore
How Oft, When Watching Stars (p) by Thomas-Moore
How Oglethorpe Saved Georgia From Spain (s) by Charles-Morris
How Olaf, The Slave-Boy, Won The Throne (s) by Charles-Morris
How Old Hickory Fought The Creeks (s) by Charles-Morris
How Old Jackal Got The Pigs (s) by Arthur-Owen-Vaughan
How Old Man Plunkett Went Home (s) by Bret-Harte
How Old Man Winter Was Driven Back (s) by Mabel-Powers
How Oliver And Dorcas Jane Found The Trail (s) by Mary-Hunter-Austin
How One Boy Helped The British Troops Out Of Boston In 1776 (s) by Sarah-J.-Prichard
How One Can Praise Oneself Without Exciting Envy (e) by Plutarch
How One Man Has Saved A Host (s) by Charlotte-M.-Yonge
How One May Be Aware Of One's Progress In Virtue (e) by Plutarch
How One May Discern A Flatterer From A Friend (e) by Plutarch
How One Of The Partridge's Wives Became A Sheldrake Duck (s) by Charles-G.-Leland
How One Woman Kept Her Husband (s) by Helen-Hunt-Jackson
How Orion Found His Sight (s) by Carolyn-Sherwin-Bailey
How Pango Wango Was Annexed (s) by Gilbert-Parker
How Pansies Or Hearts-Ease Came First (p) by -Poet- Robert-Herrick
How Payne Bucked Up (s) by P-G-Wodehouse
How Perseus Conquered The Sea (s) by Carolyn-Sherwin-Bailey
How Pillingshot Scored (s) by P-G-Wodehouse
How Plash-Goo Came To The Land Of None's Desire (s) by Lord-Dunsany
How President Jackson Won His Wife (e) by Myrtle-Reed
How Primrose Went to the Party (s) by Carolyn-Sherwin-Bailey
How Prince Arthur Was Welcomed To Pembroke (p) by Margaret-Moran D.-McDougall
How Prince Hat Got Help (s) by Alfred-Henry-Lewis
How Private George W. Peck Put Down The Rebellion (f/n) by George-W.-Peck
How Psyche Reached Mount Olympus (s) by Carolyn-Sherwin-Bailey
How Rabbit Deceived Fox (s) by Cyrus-Macmillan
How Raja Rasâlu Became a Jôgi (s) by Flora-Annie-Steel
How Raja Rasâlu Journeyed To The City Of King Sarkap (s) by Flora-Annie-Steel
How Raja Rasâlu Killed the Giants (s) by Flora-Annie-Steel
How Raja Rasâlu Played Chaupur With King Sarkap (s) by Flora-Annie-Steel
How Raja Rasâlu Swung The Seventy Fair Maidens, Daughters Of The King (s) by Flora-Annie-Steel
How Raja Rasâlu Was Born (s) by Flora-Annie-Steel
How Raja Rasâlu Went Out Into The World (s) by Flora-Annie-Steel
How Raja Rasâlu's Friends Forsook Him (s) by Flora-Annie-Steel
How Raven Brought Fire To The Indians (s) by Cyrus-Macmillan
How Reuben Allen "Saw Life" In San Francisco (s) by Bret-Harte
How Roger Came Back Again (s) by Harriet-Myrtle
How Rome Was Founded (s) by Charles-Morris
How Rudeness And Kindness Were Justly Rewarded (p) by Guy-Wetmore-Carryl
How Rumplestilz Held Out In Vain For A Bonus (p) by Guy-Wetmore-Carryl
How Salaksak Became Rich (s) by Dean-S.-Fansler
How Salty Win Out (p) by Eugene-Field
How Salvator Won (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
How Samson Bore Away The Gates Of Gaza (p) by Vachel-Lindsay
How Santa Claus Came To Simpson's Bar (s) by Bret-Harte
How Scheyichbi Really Became New Jersey (s) by Frank-R-Stockton
How Sentiments Change And Grow (n) by Henry-Theophilus-Finck
How Shall He Sing Who Hath No Song? (p) by George-MacDonald
How Shall I Woo Thee (p) by Paul-Laurence-Dunbar
How Shall I Woo? (p) by Thomas-Moore
How Shall I Word It? (1910) (e) by Max-Beerbohm
How Shall We Be Amused (e) by Harriet-Beecher-Stowe
How Shall We Entertain Our Company (e) by Harriet-Beecher-Stowe
How She Felt In Her First Corset (p) by Matt-W.-Alderson
How She Helped Him (s) by Eugenia-Dunlap-Potts
How Sir Tord Fought For Charles Of Sweden (s) by Charles-Morris
How Six Men Got on in the World (s) by Jacob-& Wilhelm-Grimm
How Six Men Travelled Through the Wide World (s) by Andrew-Lang
How Slippery Played The Game (p) by Yukon-Bill
How Smaland And Schonen Came To Be (s) by Clara-Stroebe
How Solemn As One By One (p) by Walt-Whitman
How Some Wild Animals Became Tame Ones (s) by Andrew-Lang
How Soon Hath Time The Suttle Theef Of Youth [sonnet 7] (p) by John-Milton
How Spirits Materialize (s) by Anonymous
How Spring Came In New England (e) by Charles-Dudley-Warner
How Spring Comes To Shasta Jim (p) by Henry-Van Dyke
How Springs Came First (p) by -Poet- Robert-Herrick
How Stanley Found Livingstone (s) by Orison-Swett-Marden
How Steelman told his Story (s) by Henry-Lawson
How Still The Bells In Steeples Stand (p) by Emily-Dickinson
How Suan Became Rich (s) by Dean-S.-Fansler
How Tajima Shume Was Tormented By A Devil Of His Own Creation (s) by Algernon-Bertram-Freeman-Mitford
How The "Learned Blacksmith" Found Time (s) by Orison-Swett-Marden
How the Alphabet was Made (s) by Rudyard-Kipling
How The Art Of Printing Was Discovered (s) by Orison-Swett-Marden
How The Author Was Sold In Newark (s) by Mark-Twain
How The Babes In The Wood Showed They Couldn't Be Beaten (p) by Guy-Wetmore-Carryl
How the Beggar Boy Turned Into Count Piro (s) by Andrew-Lang
How The Beggars Came To Town (s) by L.-Frank-Baum
How The Blackbird Spoiled His Coat (s) by Abbie-Farwell-Brown
How The Blackfoot Lived (s) by George-Bird-Grinnell
How The Bluebird Crossed (s) by Abbie-Farwell-Brown
How The Boy Without A Reference Found One (s) by Anonymous
How The Brigadier Bore Himself At Waterloo (s) by Arthur-Conan-Doyle
How The Brigadier Came To The Castle Of Gloom (s) by Arthur-Conan-Doyle
How The Brigadier Captured Saragossa (s) by Arthur-Conan-Doyle
How The Brigadier Held The King (s) by Arthur-Conan-Doyle
How The Brigadier Played For A Kingdom (s) by Arthur-Conan-Doyle
How The Brigadier Rode To Minsk (s) by Arthur-Conan-Doyle
How The Brigadier Saved The Army (s) by Arthur-Conan-Doyle
How The Brigadier Slew The Brothers Of Ajaccio (s) by Arthur-Conan-Doyle
How The Brigadier Slew The Fox (s) by Arthur-Conan-Doyle
How The Brigadier Took The Field Against The Marshal Millefleurs (s) by Arthur-Conan-Doyle
How The Brigadier Triumphed In England (s) by Arthur-Conan-Doyle
How the Brigadier was tempted by the Devil (s) by Arthur-Conan-Doyle
How The Brigadier Won His Medal (s) by Arthur-Conan-Doyle
How the Camel got his Hump (s) by Rudyard-Kipling
How The Captain Got His Steamer Out (s) by Robert-Barr
How The Captain Made Christmas (s) by Thomas-Nelson-Page
How The Carter Boys Lifted The Mortgage (s) by Charles-G. D.-Roberts
How The Cat Was Belled (p) by Carolyn-Wells
How The Charter Was Saved (s) by Charles-Morris
How The Chateau D'Azay Came To Be Built (s) by Honore-de-Balzac
How The Coon Outwitted The Fox (s) by Mabel-Powers
How The Crime Was Revealed (s) by Charles-M.-Skinner
How The Crow Became Black (s) by Dean-S.-Fansler
How The Daylight Came (s) by Elaine-Goodale-Eastman
How The Deer Got His Horns (s) by Elaine-Goodale-Eastman
How The Devil Lost His Wager (s) by Allan-Ramsay
How The Ditmarshers Kept Their Freedom (s) by Charles-Morris
How The Donkey Lifted The Hills, A (s) by Stephen-Crane
How the Dragon Was Tricked (s) by Andrew-Lang
How The Ducks Got Their Fine Feathers (s) by Frank-Bird-Linderman
How The Dumb Man Rode (s) by Alfred-Henry-Lewis
How The Electric Telegraph Was Invented, The (s) by Charles-Morris
How The Empire Of China Arose And Grew (s) by Charles-Morris
How The Enemy Came To Thlunrana (s) by Lord-Dunsany
How The Fairies Worked Magic (s) by Mabel-Powers
How The Farmer Learned To Cure His Wife--A Turkish Aesop (s) by Allan-Ramsay
How The Fatuous Wish Of A Peasant Came True (p) by Guy-Wetmore-Carryl
How The Favourite Beat Us, A (p) by Banjo-Paterson
How the Fir Tree Became the Christmas Tree (s) by Anonymous
How The Fire Was Brought (s) by Elaine-Goodale-Eastman
How The First Head Was Taken (s) by Mabel-Cook-Cole
How the First Letter was Written (s) by Rudyard-Kipling
How The Flowers Came (s) by Jay-T.-Stocking
How The Friars Fared Among The Tartars (s) by Charles-Morris
How The Gods Avenged Meoul Ki Ning (s) by Lord-Dunsany
How The Great Glooskap Fought The Giant Sorcerers At Saco, And Turned Them Into (s) by Charles-G.-Leland
How The Hare Deceived The Tiger (s) by William-C.-Griggs
How The Helpmate Of Blue-Beard Made Free With A Door (p) by Guy-Wetmore-Carryl
How The Hermit Helped to Win the King's Daughter (s) by Andrew-Lang
How The Hodja Saved Allah (s) by Allan-Ramsay
How The Home Was Built (s) by Maud-Lindsay
How The Indians Learned To Heal (s) by Mabel-Powers
How The Iron Shirts Came Looking For The Seven Cities Of Cibola (s) by Mary-Hunter-Austin
How The Iron Shirts Came To Tuscaloosa, The (s) by Mary-Hunter-Austin
How The Iroquois Give Thanks (s) by Mabel-Powers
How The Jelly-Fish Lost Its Shell (s) by William-Elliot-Griffis
How The Junkman Travelled To Find Treasure In His Own Yard (s) by Allan-Ramsay
How The King Held The Brigadier (s) by Arthur-Conan-Doyle
How The King Of Pagan Caught The Thief (s) by William-C.-Griggs
How The Leaves Came Down (p) by Susan-Coolidge
How the Leopard got his Spots (s) by Rudyard-Kipling
How the Little Brother Set Free His Big Brothers (s) by Andrew-Lang
How The Long Walls Went Down (s) by Charles-Morris
How The Lord Of Men And Beasts Strove With The Mighty Wasis (s) by Charles-G.-Leland
How The Man Found His Mate (s) by Frank-Bird-Linderman
How The Man Of Two Hearts Kept The Secret Of The Holy Places (s) by Mary-Hunter-Austin
How The Mastodon Happened First To Belong To A Man (s) by Mary-Hunter-Austin
How The Mead-Slave Was Set Free (p) by William-Vaughn-Moody
How The Medicine Of The Arrows Was Broken At Republican River (s) by Mary-Hunter-Austin
How The Melbourne Cup Was Won (p) by Henry-Kendall
How The Mocking Bird Was Won (s) by Alfred-Henry-Lewis
How The Moon And The Stars Came To Be (s) by Mabel-Cook-Cole
How The Moon Was Kind To Her Mother (s) by Carolyn-Sherwin-Bailey
How The Mouse Got Into His Hole (s) by W.H.D.-Rouse
How The Myths Began (s) by Carolyn-Sherwin-Bailey
How The Office Of Postman Fell Vacant In Otford-Under-The-Wold (s) by Lord-Dunsany
How The Old Horse Won The Bet (p) by Oliver-Wendell-Holmes
How The Other Planets Will Talk To Us (e) by Arthur-Brisbane
How The Otter Skin Became Great "Medicine" (s) by Frank-Bird-Linderman
How The Partridge Built Good Canoes For All The Birds, And A Bad One For Himself (s) by Charles-G.-Leland
How The Peaceful Aladdin Gave Way To His Madness (p) by Guy-Wetmore-Carryl
How The Planets Are Weighed (e) by Simon-Newcomb
How The Pretty Maid Of Portillon Convinced Her Judge (s) by Honore-de-Balzac
How The Priest Knew That It Would Snow (s) by Allan-Ramsay
How The Prince Saw America (s) by Susan-Glaspell
How The Rabbit Lost His Tail (s) by Marie-L.-McLaughlin
How The Raja's Son Won The Princess Labam (s) by Anonymous
How The Raven Died (s) by Alfred-Henry-Lewis
How The Redoubt Was Taken (s) by Prosper-Merimee
How the Rhinoceros got his Skin (s) by Rudyard-Kipling
How The Robin Burned His Breast (s) by Mabel-Powers
How The Robin Came (p) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
How The Spartans Died At Thermopylae (s) by Charles-Morris
How The Stalos Were Tricked (s) by Andrew-Lang
How The Sun Goddess Was Enticed Out Of Her Cave (s) by William-Elliot-Griffis
How The Taira And The Minamoto Fought For Power (s) by Charles-Morris
How The Terrapin Beat The Rabbit (s) by Elaine-Goodale-Eastman
How The Thunder Pipe Came (s) by George-Bird-Grinnell
How The Tinguian Learned To Plant (s) by Mabel-Cook-Cole
How The Toad And Porcupine Lost Their Noses (s) by Charles-G.-Leland
How The Tricks Succeeded (s) by David-Phelps-Abbott
How The Turkey Buzzard Got His Suit (s) by Mabel-Powers
How The Turkey Got His Beard (s) by Elaine-Goodale-Eastman
How the Two Ivans Quarrelled (s) by Nikolai-Vasilievi-Gogol
How the Whale got his Throat (s) by Rudyard-Kipling
How The White Man Came (s) by Mabel-Powers
How The White Rose Came (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
How The White Ship Sailed (s) by Charles-Morris
How the Wicked Tanuki Was Punished (s) by Andrew-Lang
How The Woman Overcame The Bear (s) by Mabel-Powers
How The Women Went From Dover (p) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
How The World Was Created (s) by William-C.-Griggs
How The World Was Made (s) by John-Maurice-Miller
How The World Watches The New Year Come In (e) by Myrtle-Reed
How The Wren Became King (s) by Carolyn-Sherwin-Bailey
How Theosophy Affects One's View Of Life (e) by George-William-Russell
How They Brought The Good News From Ghent To Aix (p) by George-Eliot
How They Brought The Good News From Ghent To Aix (p) by Robert-Browning
How They Camped Out (s) by Louisa-May-Alcott
How They Got Hairlock Home (s) by P.-Chr.-Asbjornsen
How They Got The "Hattie Rennish" (s) by James-B.-Connolly
How They Might Have Brought The Good News (p) by Bert-Leston-Taylor
How They Ran Away (s) by Louisa-May-Alcott
How Thomas A Maid From A Dragon Released (p) by Guy-Wetmore-Carryl
How Thor Lost His Hammer (s) by Mary-H.-Foster
How To "Fill" (p) by Eugene-Field
How to Analyze People on Sight Through the Science of Human Analysis (n) by Elsie-Lincoln-Benedict
How To Attain True Greatness (s) by T.-S.-Arthur
How To Avoid A Quarrel (s) by T.-S.-Arthur
How To Avoid Getting Married (e) by Stephen-Leacock
How To Be A Doctor (e) by Stephen-Leacock
How To Be A Lion Tamer (e) by Heywood-Broun
How To Be Happy (s) by T.-S.-Arthur
How To Be Happy (e) by T.-S.-Arthur
How To Be Happy Though Little (e) by Jerome-K-Jerome
How To Cure A Toper (s) by T.-S.-Arthur
How To Destroy A Good Business (s) by T.-S.-Arthur
How to die (p) by Siegfried-Sassoon
How To Do It (e) by Edward-Everett-Hale
How to Find Out a True Friend (s) by Andrew-Lang
How To Get On The Road (s) by Charles-N.-Crewdson
How To Get The Best Out Of Books (e) by George-Hamlin-Fitch
How To Get To Glory Land (p) by Thomas-W.-Talley
How To Heal A Burn (p) by Elizabeth-Turner
How To Help (e) by Richard-King
How To Help Mankind (e) by Lemuel-K.-Washburn
How To Keep Or Kill The Devil (p) by Thomas-W.-Talley
How to Live on 24 Hours a Day (n) by Arnold-Bennett
How To Live To Be 200 (e) by Stephen-Leacock
How To Look When Speaking (p) by Elizabeth-Turner
How To Make A Christmas Pudding (p) by Elizabeth-Turner
How To Make A Good Politician (p) by Thomas-Moore
How To Make A Million Dollars (e) by Stephen-Leacock
How To Make Friends With Mammon (e) by Harriet-Beecher-Stowe
How to Make History Dates Stick (e) by Mark-Twain
How To Make It Rain (p) by Thomas-W.-Talley
How To Make One's Self A Peer (p) by Thomas-Moore
How To Make The Best Of Life (e) by Samuel-Butler
How To Make The Best Of Life: From A Young Man's Standpoint (s) by R.-M.-Ballantyne
How To Make Women Understand Politics (e) by Thomas-Wentworth-Higginson
How To Observe Nature (e) by Elizabeth-Brightwen
How To Pick Out A Birthplace (s) by -Edgar W. Nye- Bill-Nye
How To Plant And Cultivate Seeds (p) by Thomas-W.-Talley
How To Please A Preacher (p) by Thomas-W.-Talley
How To Read The Ancient Classics (e) by George-Hamlin-Fitch
How To Ride To Hounds (e) by Anthony-Trollope
How To Solve The Servant Problem (e) by Jerome-K-Jerome
How To Speak In Public (e) by Thomas-Wentworth-Higginson
How To Study Natural History (e) by Charles-Kingsley
How To Tell A Story (s) by Mark-Twain
How to Tell a True Princess (s) by Andrew-Lang
How To Win A Prince (s) by P.-Chr.-Asbjornsen
How To Win Money At The Races---- (e) by Heywood-Broun
How to Write a Blackwood article (s) by Edgar-Allan-Poe
How To Write A Letter (p) by Elizabeth-Turner
How To Write By Proxy (p) by Thomas-Moore
How To Write English (e) by Thomas-De Quincey
How Tristram Came To Camelot (s) by Charles-Morris
How Troy Was Taken (s) by Charles-Morris
How Tutt Shot Texas Thompson (s) by Alfred-Henry-Lewis
How Two Girls Were Changed To Water-Snakes, And Of Two Others That Became Mermai (s) by Charles-G.-Leland
How Two Indian Boys Settled A Quarrel (s) by Mabel-Powers
How Two Little Stockings Saved Fort Safety (s) by Sarah-J.-Prichard
How Two Minds Can Know One Thing (e) by William-James
How Vulcan Made The Best Of Things (s) by Carolyn-Sherwin-Bailey
How Washington Got Out Of A Trap (s) by Edward-Eggleston
How We Beat The Favourite [A Lay Of The Loamshire Hunt Cup] (p) by Adam-Lindsay-Gordon
How We Became Home Rulers (e) by James-Bryce
How We Came Into The Garden (s) by Mildred-Aldrich
How We Fought The Fire (p) by Will-Carleton
How We Kept The Day (p) by Will-Carleton
How We Live And How We Might Live (n) by William-Morris
How We Play The Pianola (s) by A.-A.-Milne
How We Played Robinson Crusoe (s) by Rounsevelle-Wildman
How We Went To The Wedding (s) by Lucy-Maud-Montgomery
How We Would Live! (p) by Helen-Hay-Whitney
How Will It Be? (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
How Will It Result? (e) by Thomas-Wentworth-Higginson
How Win-Pe The Sorcerer, Having Stolen Glooskap's Family, Was By Him Pursued (s) by Charles-G.-Leland
How Wolfville Made A Jest (s) by Alfred-Henry-Lewis
How Women Will Legislate (e) by Thomas-Wentworth-Higginson
How? (p) by Franklin-P.-Adams
Howard At Atlanta (p) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
Howard The Halt (s) by Maud-Isabel-Ebbutt
Howards End (f/n) by E-M-Forster
Howdie, The (p) by David-Rorie
Howe's Masquerade (s) by Charles-M.-Skinner
Hoyden, The (p) by Elizabeth-Turner
Hudson, The (p) by Oliver-Wendell-Holmes
Hudson Bay (f/n) by R.-M.-Ballantyne
Hudson's Cat (p) by Katharine-Lee-Bates
Hudson's Last Voyage (p) by Henry-Van Dyke
Hueless Love, The (p) by George-Meredith
Huge Hunter; or, the Steam Man of the Prairies, The (f/n) by Edward-Sylvester-Ellis
Huggins And Duggins Pastoral, After Pope (p) by Thomas-Hood
Hugh: Memoirs of a Brother (n) by Arthur-C.-Benson
Hughley Steeple (p) by A.-E.-Housman
Hugo (e) by William-Ernest-Henley
Hugo Wolf (e) by Romain-Rolland
Hugo's "Flower To Butterfly" (p) by Eugene-Field
Hugo's "Pool In The Forest" (p) by Eugene-Field
Hugo: A Fantasia on Modern Themes (f/n) by Arnold-Bennett
Huguenot Fort (e) by Lydia-H.-Sigourney
Huguenot Grandfather's Tale, The (e) by Lydia-H.-Sigourney
Huguenot Lovers, The (p) by Helen-Leah-Reed
Huldah The Prophetess (s) by Kate-Douglas-Wiggin
Huldah, The Help [A Thanksgiving Love Story] (s) by Edward-Eggleston
Hullo, Soldier! How's The Boy? (p) by Everard-Jack-Appleton
Hum Of Insects, The (e) by Robert-Lynd
Hum, the Son of Buz (s) by Harriet-Beecher-Stowe
Human, The (p) by George-MacDonald
Human Abstract, The (p) by William-Blake
Human Brain Beats The Coal Mines, The (e) by Arthur-Brisbane
Human Cash Register, A (e) by Robert-Cortes-Holliday
Human Chord, The (f/n) by Algernon-Blackwood
Human Comedy: Introductions & Appendix, The (n) by Honore-de-Balzac
Human Cruelty (e) by Lemuel-K.-Washburn
Human Drift, The (s) by Jack-London
Human Feelings (p) by Johann Wolfgang-von-Goethe
Human Freedom (p) by Edward-Doyle
Human Integrity (e) by Lemuel-K.-Washburn
Human Knowledge (p) by Frederich-Schiller
Human Life (p) by Matthew-Arnold
Human Life (s) by T.-S.-Arthur
Human life on the denial of immortality (p) by Samuel-Taylor-Coleridge
Human Longings For Peace And Rest (e) by T.-S.-Arthur
Human Love (p) by Cale-Young-Rice
Human Machine (n) by Arnold-Bennett
Human Municipal Documents (e) by Robert-Cortes-Holliday
Human Music, The (p) by John-Freeman
Human Natur' (p) by David-Rorie
Human Nature (p) by Edward-Doyle
Human Nature: A Very Short Morality Play (d/c) by Floyd-Dell
Human Pleasure Or Pain (p) by Matilda-Betham
Human Progress (p) by T.-S.-Arthur
Human Responsibility (e) by Lemuel-K.-Washburn
Human Sacrifice, The (p) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
Human Tragedy, The (s) by Anatole-France
Human Traits In The Animals (e) by John-Burroughs
Human Tree, The (p) by G.-K.-Chesterton
Human Weeds In Prison, The (e) by Arthur-Brisbane
Human World, The (p) by Charles-Hamilton-Musgrove
Humane Mikado, The (p) by W.-S.-Gilbert
Humane Word from Satan, A (s) by Mark-Twain
Humanism And Truth Once More (e) by William-James
Humanitad (p) by Oscar-Wilde
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Humanity: An Interlude (e) by G.-K.-Chesterton
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Humbled Pharisee, The (s) by T.-S.-Arthur
Humbler Heroes (p) by Edmund-Vance-Cooke
Humboldt (n) by Elbert-Hubbard
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Humbug (s) by Falconbridge
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Humiliation Of Sparta, The (s) by Charles-Morris
Humility (p) by Ambrose-Bierce
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Humility Oppressed (p) by J.-C.-Manning
Humility, The Mother Of Charity (p) by Samuel-Taylor-Coleridge
Humin Natur' On The Han'bul 'nd St. Jo (s) by Eugene-Field
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Humming Top, The (p) by Eugene-Field
Humming-Bird, The (p) by Emily-Dickinson
Humming-Bird (p) by Hilda-Conkling
Humming-Bird And The Carabao, The (s) by Dean-S.-Fansler
Humor (e) by Arthur-C.-Benson
Humor And Love In Jewish Poetry (e) by Gustav-Karpeles
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Humour (e) by Arthur-C.-Benson
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Humour Of The Public, The (e) by Max-Beerbohm
Humours Of Murder, The (e) by Robert-Lynd
Humours Op The Book Shop (e) by Robert-Cortes-Holliday
Humpbacked Manitou, The (s) by Margaret-Bemister
Humphrey And William (p) by Robert-Southey
Humplebee (s) by George-Gissing
Humpty Dumpty (s) by L.-Frank-Baum
Hunch For Langdon, A (s) by Sewell-Ford
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Hungarian Nabob: A Romance, A (f/n) by Maurus-Jokai
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Hurrahing In Harvest (p) by Gerard-Manley-Hopkins
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Hush (p) by Edmund-Vance-Cooke
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Hush! (s) by Anton-Chekhov
Hush! (p) by Ralph-Waldo-Emerson
Hush'd Be The Camps To-Day (p) by Walt-Whitman
Hush, Hush! (p) by Thomas-Moore
Hush, Hush! My Thoughts Are Resting... (p) by Eliza-Paul-Gurney
Hush, Sweet Lute (p) by Thomas-Moore
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Husks (e) by Eliot-Gregory
Husks (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Hussy, The (s) by Jack-London
Hut, The (p) by Laurence-Hope
Hut By The Black Swamp, The (p) by Henry-Kendall
Hut in the Forest, The (s) by Jacob-& Wilhelm-Grimm
Hut In The Woods, The (s) by Josephine-Daskam-Bacon
Huxter, The (p) by Edward-Thomas
Hvidfeld (p) by George-Borrow
Hy-Brasil (p) by Henry-Kendall
Hyacinth (s) by Saki
Hyacinth (f/n) by George-A.-Birmingham
Hyacinthus (s) by Jeanie-Lang
Hyacinthus (p) by Olive-Custance
Hyaenas, The (p) by Rudyard-Kipling
Hyde Park At Night: Clerks (p) by D.-H.-Lawrence
Hyde Park Larrikin, A (p) by Henry-Kendall
Hydra, The (p) by Oliver-Herford
Hydrophobic Skunk, The (s) by Irvin-S.-Cobb
Hygeia at the Solito (s) by O-Henry
Hyla Brook (p) by Robert-Frost
Hylas (p) by Olive-Custance
Hymb Of Faith, A (p) by James-Whitcomb-Riley
Hymen (p) by H.-D.
Hymn (p) by Charles-Kingsley
Hymn (p) by Thomas-Gent
Hymn (p) by Ralph-Waldo-Emerson
Hymn (p) by Frances-Fuller-Victor
Hymn, An (p) by James-Avis-Bartley
Hymn, A (p) by George-Borrow
Hymn, The (p) by John-Milton
Hymn, A (p) by Don-Marquis
Hymn, A (p) by G.-K.-Chesterton
Hymn (p) by Edgar-Allan-Poe
Hymn (from The German Of Martin Luther) (p) by Eugene-Field
Hymn (Poem Of Youth And Early Manhood) (p) by Ralph-Waldo-Emerson
Hymn - The Word Of Promise (p) by Oliver-Wendell-Holmes
Hymn 1:01 [Behold The Glories Of The Lamb] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:02 [Ere The Blue Heavens Were Stretch'd Abroad] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:03 [Behold, the grace appears] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:04 [Questions And Doubts Be Heard No More] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:05 [Naked As From The Earth We Came] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:06 [Great God, I Own Thy Sentence Just] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:07 [Let Every Mortal Ear Attend] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:08 [How Honourable Is The Place] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:09 [In Vain We Lavish Out Our Lives] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:10 [How Beauteous Are Their Feet] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:100 [Not To Condemn The Sons Of Men] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:101 [Who Can Describe The Joys That Rise] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:102 [Bless'd Are The Humble Souls That See] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:103 [I'm Not Asham'd To Own My Lord] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:104 [Not The Malicious Or Profane] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:105 [Nor Eye Has Seen, Nor Ear Has Heard] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:106 [Shall we go on to sin] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:107 [Deceiv'd By Subtle Snares Of Hell] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:108 [Not With Our Mortal Eyes] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:109 [No More, My God, I Boast No More] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:11 [There Was An Hour When Christ Rejoic'd] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:110 [There Is A House Not Made With Hands] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:111 [Lord, We Confess Our Numerous Faults] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:112 [So Did The Hebrew Prophet Raise] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:113 [How Large The Promise! How Divine] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:114 [Gentiles By Nature We Belong] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:115 [Lord, How Secure My Conscience Was] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:116 [Thus Saith The First, The Great Command] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:117 [Behold The Potter And The Clay] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:118 [The Law By Moses Came] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:119 [Christ And His Cross Is All Our Theme] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:12 [Jesus, The Man Of Constant Grief] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:120 [Faith Is The Brightest Evidence] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:121 [Thus Saith The Mercy Of The Lord] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:122 [Do We Not Know That Solemn Word] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:123 [Behold The Wretch Whose Lust And Wine] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:124 [Deep In The Dust Before Thy Throne] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:125 [With Joy We Meditate The Grace] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:126 [Not Different Food, Or Different Dress] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:127 [Come Hither, All Ye Weary Souls] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:128 [Go Preach My Gospel] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:129 [Saints, At Your Father's Heavenly Word] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:13 [The Lands That Long In Darkness Lay] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:130 [Now By The Bowels Of My God] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:131 [Behold How Sinners Disagree] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:132 [So Let Our Lips And Lives Express] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:133 [Let Pharisees Of High Esteem] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:134 [Had I The Tongues Of Greeks And Jews] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:135 [Come, Dearest Lord, Descend And Dwell] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:136 [God Is A Spirit Just And Wise] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:137 [Now To The Power Of God Supreme] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:138 [Firm As The Earth Thy Gospel Stands] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:139 [How Oft Have Sin And Satan Strove] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:14 [Who Shall The Lord's Elect Condemn?] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:140 [Mistaken Souls! That Dream Of Heaven] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:141 [Who Has Believ'd Thy Word] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:142 [Like Sheep We Went Astray] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:143 [So New Born Babes Desire The Breast] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:144 [Why Should The Children Of A King] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:145 [Jesus, In Thee Our Eyes Behold] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:146 [Go, Worship At Immanuel's Feet] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:147 ['Tis From The Treasures Of His Word] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:148. As The 148th Psalm [With Cheerful Voice I Sing] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:149 [Join All The Names Of Love And Power] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:15 [Let Me But Hear My Saviour Say] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:150. As The 149th Psalm [Join All The Glorious Names] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:16 [Hosanna To The Royal Son] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:17 [O For An Overcoming Faith] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:18 [Hear What The Voice From Heaven Proclaims] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:19 [Lord At Thy Temple We Appear] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:20 [Awake, My Heart, Arise, My Tongue] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:21 [Lo, What A Glorious Sight Appears] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:22 [What Vain Desires, And Passions Vain] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:23 [Must All The Charms Of Nature Then] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:24 [In Vain The Wealthy Mortals Toil] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:25 [All Mortal Vanities, Be Gone] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:26 [Bless'd Be The Everlasting God] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:27 [Death May Dissolve My Body Now] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:28 [What Mighty Man, Or Mighty God] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:29 ["I Lift My Banners," Saith The Lord] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:30 [In Thine Own Ways, O God Of Love] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:31 [O Happy Soul That Lives On High] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:32 [Whence Do Our Mournful Thoughts Arise?] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:33 [What Shall The Dying Sinner Do] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:34 [Jesus, Thy Blessings Are Not Few] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:35 [Let Those Who Bear The Christian Name] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:36 [O 'tis A Lovely Thing To See] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:37 [Do I Believe What Jesus Saith] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:38 [Blessed Redeemer How Divine] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:39 [How Shall My Inward Joys Arise] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:40 [What Happy Men, Or Angels These] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:41 [These Glorious Minds, How Bright They Shine] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:42 [Adore And Tremble, For Our God] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:43 [How Vast The Treasure We Possess!] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:44 [And Is This Life Prolong'd To Me?] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:45 [See Where The Great Incarnate God] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:46 [Awake, My Zeal, Awake, My Love] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:47 [Must Friends And Kindred Drop And Die?] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:48 [Awake, Our Souls, Away, Our Fears] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:49 [How Strong Thine Arm Is, Mighty God] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:50 [Now Be The God Of Israel Bless'd] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:51 [To God The Only Wise] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:52 ['Twas The Commission Of Our Lord] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:53 [God Who In Various Methods Told] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:54 [Jesus, We Bless Thy Father's Name] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:55 [When We Are Rais'd From Deep Distress] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:56 [We Sing The Glories Of Thy Love] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:57 [Backward With Humble Shame We Look] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:58 [Let Mortal Tongues Attempt To Sing] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:59 [In Gabriel's Hand A Mighty Stone] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:60 [Our Souls Shall Magnify The Lord] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:61 [Now To The Lord That Makes Us Know] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:62 [Come Let Us Join Our Cheerful Songs] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:63 [What equal honours shall we bring] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:64 [Behold What Wondrous Grace] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:65 [Let The Seventh Angel Sound On High] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:66 [Let Him Embrace My Soul, And Prove] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:67 [Thou Whom My Soul Admires Above] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:68 [Behold The Rose Of Sharon Here] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:69 [The Voice Of My Beloved Sounds] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:70 [Hark, The Redeemer From On High] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:71 [Often I Seek My Lord By Night] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:72 [Daughters Of Sion, Come, Behold] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:73 [Kind Is The Speech Of Christ Our Lord] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:74 [We Are A Garden Wall'd Around] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:75 [The Wondering World Enquires To Know] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:76 [When Strangers Stand And Hear Me Tell] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:77 [Now In The Galleries Of His Grace] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:78 [Who Is This Fair One In Distress] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:79 [God Of The Morning, At Whose Voice] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:80 [Thus Far The Lord Has Led Me On] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:81 [My God, How Endless Is Thy Love!] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:82 [Shall The Vile Race Of Flesh And Blood] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:83 [Not From The Dust Affliction Grows] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:84 [Jehovah Speaks, Let Israel Hear] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:85 [The Lord On High Proclaims] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:86 [How Should The Sons Of Adam's Race] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:87 [Thus saith the High and Lofty One] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:88 [Life Is The Time To Serve The Lord] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:89 [Ye Sons Of Adam, Vain And Young] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:90 [Lo The Young Tribes Of Adam Rise] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:91 [Now In The Heat Of Youthful Blood] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:92 [Shall Wisdom Cry Aloud] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:93 [Thus Saith The Wisdom Of The Lord] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:94 [Vain are the hopes the sons of men] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:95 [Not All The Outward Forms On Earth] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:96 [But Few Among The Carnal Wise] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:97 [Bury'd In Shadows Of The Night] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:98 [How Heavy Is The Night] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 1:99 [Vain Are The Hopes That Rebels Place] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:01 [Nature With All Her Powers Shall Sing] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:02 [My Thoughts On Awful Subjects Roll] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:03 [Why Do We Mourn Departing Friends] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:04 [here At Thy Cross, My Dying God] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:10 [My Soul Forsakes Her Vain Delight] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:100 [How Full Of Anguish Is The Thought] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:101 [When In The Light Of Faith Divine] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:102 [No, I'll Repine At Death No More] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:103 [Come Happy Souls, Approach Your God] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:104 [Raise Your Triumphant Songs] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:105 [And Are We Wretches Yet Alive?] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:106 [Oh, If My Soul Was Form'd For Woe] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:107 [That Awful Day Will Surely Come] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:108 [Come, Let Us Lift Our Joyful Eyes] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:109 [Lord, We Adore Thy Vast Designs] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:11 [Send The Joys Of Earth Away] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:110 [And Must This Body Die?] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:111 [Zion Rejoice, And Judah Sing] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:112 [Great God, To What A Glorious Height] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:113 [The Majesty Of Solomon!] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:114 [I Sing My Saviour's Wondrous Death] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:115 [High As The Heavens Above The Ground] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:116 [How Can I Sink With Such A Prop] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:117 [I Cannot Bear Thine Absence, Lord] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:118 [Blood Has A Voice To Pierce The Skies] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:119 [Laden With Guilt, And Full Of Fears] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:12 [The True Messiah Now Appears] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:120 [The Lord Declares His Will] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:121 [The law commands, and makes us know] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:122 [My God, Permit Me Not To Be] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:123 [Away From Every Mortal Care] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:124 ['Tis Not The Law Of Ten Commands] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:125 [Life And Immortal Joys Are Given] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:126 [The Lord, Descending From Above] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:127 [Thus Did The Sons Of Abrah'm Pass] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:128 [Bless'd With The Joy Of Innocence] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:129 ['Tis By The Faith Of Joys To Come] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:13 [Sing To The Lord That Built The Skies] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:130 [Attend While God's Exalted Son] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:131 [Let Everlasting Glories Crown] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:132 [We Bless The Prophet Of The Lord] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:133 [Eternal Spirit! We Confess] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:134 [The Promise Was Divinely Free] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:135 [Behold The Woman's Promis'd Seed!] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:136 [The King Of Glory Sends His Son] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:137 [Behold The Blind Their Sight Receive] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:138 [This Is The Word Of Truth And Love] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:139 [My Dear Redeemer And My Lord] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:14 [Welcome, Sweet Day Of Rest] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:140 [Give Me The Wings Of Faith To Rise] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:141 [My Saviour-God, My Sovereign-Prince] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:142 [Not All The Blood Of Beasts] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:143 [What Different Powers Of Grace And Sin] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:144 [Great Was The Day, The Joy Was Great] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:145 [I Love The Windows Of Thy Grace] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:146 [Man Has A Soul Of Vast Desires] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:147 [Now let a spacious world arise] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:148 [Dearest Of All The Names Above] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:149 [Eternal Sovereign of the sky] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:15 [Far From My Thoughts, Vain World, Be Gone] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:150 [Sin Has A Thousand Treacherous Arts] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:151 ['Twas By An Order From The Lord] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:152 [Not To The Terrors Of The Lord] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:153 [Sin Like A Venomous Disease] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:154 [Where Are The Mourners (saith The Lord)] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:155 [Lo The Destroying Angel Flies] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:156 [I Hate The Tempter And His Charms] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:157 [Now Satan Comes With Dreadful Roar] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:158 [Broad Is The Road That Leads To Death] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:159 [Great King Of Glory And Of Grace] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:16 [Lord, What A Heaven Of Saving Grace] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:160 [Let The Wild Leopards Of The Wood] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:161 [Strait Is The Way, The Door Is Strait] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:162 [My Thoughts Surmount These Lower Skies] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:163 [Dear Lord, Behold Our Sore Distress] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:164 [Why Should This Earth Delight Us So?] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:165 [Long Have I Sat Beneath The Sound] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:166 [How Shall I Praise Th' Eternal God] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:167 [Great God, Thy Glories Shall Employ] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:168 [Jehovah Reigns, His Throne Is High] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:169. As The 148th Psalm [Lord Jehovah Reigns] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:17 [Rise, Rise, My Soul, And Leave The Ground] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:170 [Can Creatures To Perfection Find ] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:18 [High On A Hill Of Dazzling Light] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:19 [Let Others Boast How Strong They Be] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:20 [Why Is My Heart So Far From Thee] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:21 [Let The Old Heathens Tune Their Song] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:22 [Terrible God, That Reign'st On High] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:23 [Descend From Heaven, Immortal Dove] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:24 [When The Great Builder Arch'd The Skies] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:25 [My Drowsy Powers, Why Sleep Ye So?] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:26 [Lord, We Are Blind, We Mortals Blind] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:27 [God! The Eternal Awful Name] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:28 [Stoop Down, My Thoughts, That Use To Rise] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:29 [Jesus, With All Thy Saints Above] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:30 [Come, We That Love The Lord] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:31 [Why Should We Start And Fear To Die?] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:32 [How Short And Hasty Is Our Life!] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:33 [Raise Thee, My Soul, Fly Up, And Run] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:34 [Come, Holy Spirit, Heavenly Dove] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:35 [Let Them Neglect Thy Glory, Lord] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:36 [Well, The Redeemer's Gone] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:37 [Lift Up Your Eyes To Th' Heavenly Seats] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:38 [Happy The Heart Where Graces Reign] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:39 [Our Days, Alas! Our Mortal Days] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:40 [Our God, How Firm His Promise Stands] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:41 [Up To The Fields Where Angels Lie] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:42 [My God, What Endless Pleasures Dwell] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:43 [Now For A Tune Of Lofty Praise] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:44 [With Holy Fear And Humble Song] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:45 [Thy Favours Lord, Surprise Our Souls] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:46 [Up To The Lord That Reigns On High] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:47 [Now To The Lord A Noble Song!] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:48 [How Vain Are All Things Here Below!] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:49 [Death Cannot Make Our Souls Afraid] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:5 [Lord, When My Thoughts With Wonder Roll] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:50 [Now Let The Lord My Saviour Smile] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:51 [Bright King Of Glory, Dreadful God!] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:52 [Death! 'tis A Melancholy Day] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:53 [Lord! What A Wretched Land Is This] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:54 [My God, The Spring Of All My Joys] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:55 [Thee We Adore, Eternal Name] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:56 [O, I Shall Envy Them No More] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:57 [Lord, How Secure And Bless'd Are They] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:58 [Time! What An Empty Vapour 'Tis!] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:59 [Glory To God That Walks The Sky] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:6 [Once More, My Soul, The Rising Day] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:60 [Praise, Everlasting Praise Be Paid] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:61 [My Soul, Come Meditate The Day] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:62 [Sing To The Lord, Ye Heavenly Hosts] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:63 [Hark! From The Tombs A Doleful Sound] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:64 [Happy The Church, Thou Sacred Place] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:65 [When I Can Read My Title Clear] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:66 [There Is A Land Of Pure Delight] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:67 [Great God, How Infinite Art Thou!] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:68 [Father, I Long, I Faint To See] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:69 [Begin, My Tongue, Some Heavenly Theme] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:7 [Dread Sovereign, Let My Evening Song] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:70 [God Of The Seas, Thy Thundering Voice] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:71 [The Glories Of My Maker God], t (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:72 [Bless'd Morning, Whose Young Dawning Rays] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:73 [Hence From My Soul, Sad Thoughts, Be Gone] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:74 [Is This The Kind Return] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:75 [From Thee, My God, My Joys Shall Rise] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:76 [Hosanna To The Prince Of Light] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:77 [Stand Up, My Soul, Shake Off Thy Fears] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:78 [When The First Parents Of Our Race] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:79 [Plung'd In A Gulph Of Dark Despair] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:8 [Hosanna, With A Cheerful Sound] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:80 [O The Almighty Lord!] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:81 [And Now The Scales Have Left Mine Eyes] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:82 [Arise My Soul, My Joyful Powers] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:83 [Thus Saith The Ruler Of The Skies] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:84 [Come, All Harmonious Tongues] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:85 [Why Does Your Face, Ye Humble Souls] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:86 [Our Sins, Alas, How Strong They Be!] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:87 [How Wond'rous Great, How Glorious Bright] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:88 [Salvation! O, The Joyful Sound!] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:89 [Hosanna To Our Conquering King!] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:9 [Alas! And Did My Saviour Bleed] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:90 [How Sad Our State By Nature Is!] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:91 [O The Delights, The Heavenly Joys] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:92 [Shout To The Lord, And Let Our Joys] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:93 [My God, My Life, My Love] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:94 [My God, My Portion, And My Love] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:95 [Infinite Grief! Amazing Woe!] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:96 [Down Headlong From Their Native Skies] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:97 [From Heaven The Sinning Angels Fell] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:98 [My Heart, How Dreadful Hard It Is!] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 2:99 [Let The Whole Race Of Creatures Lie] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 3:1 ['Twas On That Dark, That Doleful Night] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 3:10 [Nature with open volume stands] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 3:11 [Lord, How Divine Thy Comforts Are] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 3:12 [How Rich Are Thy Provisions Lord!] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 3:13 [How Sweet And Awful Is The Place] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 3:14 [Now have our hearts embrac'd our God] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 3:15 [The Memory Of Our Dying Lord] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 3:16 [Now Let Our Pains Be All Forgot] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 3:17 [We Sing Th' Amazing Deeds] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 3:18 [Jesus, We Bow Before Thy Feet] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 3:19 [At Thy Command, Our Dearest Lord] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 3:2 [Jesus Invites His Saints] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 3:20 [Lord, We Adore Thy Bounteous Hand] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 3:21 [Come Let Us Lift Our Voices High] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 3:22 [Our Spirits Join T' Adore The Lamb] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 3:23 [Sitting Around Our Father's Board] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 3:24 [Father, We Wait To Feel Thy Grace] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 3:25 [How Are Thy Glories Here Display'd] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 3:26. 1st. L.M. [Bless'd Be The Father And His Love] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 3:27. 1st. C. M. [Glory To God The Father's Name] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 3:28. 1st. S. M. [Let God The Father Live] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 3:29. 2D. L.M. [Glory To God The Trinity] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 3:3 [The Promise Of My Father's Love] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 3:30. 2D. C. M. [The God Of Mercy Be Ador'd] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 3:31. 2D. S. M. [Father of lights above] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 3:32. 3D. L. M. [To God The Father, God The Son] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 3:33 [All Glory To Thy Wondrous Name] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 3:34. 3d. C. M [Now Let The Father And The Son] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 3:35 [Honour To Thee, Almighty Three] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 3:36. 3D. S. M. [Ye Angels Round The Throne] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 3:37 [Give To The Father Praise] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 3:38 [I Give Immortal Praise] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 3:39 [To Him that chose us first] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 3:4 [How Condescending And How Kind] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 3:40 [To God The Father's Throne] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 3:41 [To Our Eternal God] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 3:42. L. M. [Hosanna To King David's Son] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 3:43. C. M. [Hosanna To The Prince Of Grace] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 3:44. S. M. [Hosanna To The Son] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 3:45. As The 148th Psalm [Hosanna To The King] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 3:5 [Let Us Adore Th' Eternal Word] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 3:6 [Jesus Is Gone Above The Skies] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 3:7 [When I Survey The Wondrous Cross] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 3:8 [Come Let Us Join A Joyful Tune] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn 3:9 [Let All Our Tongues Be One] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Hymn After The Emancipation Proclamation (p) by Oliver-Wendell-Holmes
Hymn At The Funeral Services Of Charles Sumner (p) by Oliver-Wendell-Holmes
Hymn Before Action (p) by Rudyard-Kipling
Hymn before sun-rise, in the vale of Chamouni (p) by Samuel-Taylor-Coleridge
Hymn For A Donation Gathering (p) by Sarah-S.-Mower
Hymn For A Little Boy (p) by Eliza-Lee Cabot-Follen
Hymn For Family Worship, A (p) by Henry-Kirk-White
Hymn For Music, After The Battle Of Waterloo (p) by William-Lisle-Bowles
Hymn For The Anniversary Of The Death Of The Princess Charlotte (p) by William-Lisle-Bowles
Hymn For The Celebration At The Laying Of The Cornerstone Of Harvard Memorial Ha (p) by Oliver-Wendell-Holmes
Hymn For The Celebration Of Emancipation At Newburyport (p) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
Hymn For The Church Militant, A (p) by G.-K.-Chesterton
Hymn For The Class-meeting (p) by Oliver-Wendell-Holmes
Hymn For The Dead (p) by Charles-Mackay
Hymn For The Dedication Of Memorial Hall At Cambridge (p) by Oliver-Wendell-Holmes
Hymn For The Fair At Chicago (p) by Oliver-Wendell-Holmes
Hymn For The House Of Worship At Georgetown, Erected In Memory Of A Mother (p) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
Hymn For The Inauguration Of The Statue Of Governor Andrew (p) by Oliver-Wendell-Holmes
Hymn For The Opening Of Plymouth Church, St. Paul, Minnesota (p) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
Hymn For The Opening Of Thomas Starr King's House Of Worship (p) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
Hymn For The Same Occasion (p) by Oliver-Wendell-Holmes
Hymn Of A Virgin Of Delphi, At The Tomb Of Her Mother (p) by Thomas-Moore
Hymn Of Apollo (p) by Percy-Bysshe-Shelley
Hymn Of Dead Soldiers (p) by Walt-Whitman
Hymn Of Empire, A (p) by Arthur-Conan-Doyle
Hymn Of Hippolytus To Artemis (p) by Robert-F.-Murray
Hymn Of Joy (p) by Henry-Van Dyke
Hymn Of Pan (p) by Percy-Bysshe-Shelley
Hymn Of Peace, To The Music Of Keller's "American Hymn", A (p) by Oliver-Wendell-Holmes
Hymn Of Praise, A (p) by T.-S.-Arthur
Hymn Of Praise (p) by Henry-Kendall
Hymn Of The Children (p) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
Hymn Of The City (p) by William-Cullen-Bryant
Hymn Of The Convalescent (p) by Susanna-Moodie
Hymn Of The Dunkers (p) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
Hymn Of The Many, A (p) by Ambrose-Bierce
Hymn of the Moravian Nuns of Bethlehem (p) by Henry-Wadsworth-Longfellow
Hymn Of The Moravian Nuns Of Bethlehem, At The Consecration Of Pulaski's Banner (p) by William-H. G.-Kingston
Hymn Of The Republic, The (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Hymn Of The Sea, A (p) by William-Cullen-Bryant
Hymn Of The Tomb Builders (p) by Charles-Hamilton-Musgrove
Hymn Of The Waldenses (p) by William-Cullen-Bryant
Hymn Of Trust (p) by Oliver-Wendell-Holmes
Hymn Of Welcome After The Recess, A (p) by Thomas-Moore
Hymn On The Nativity Of My Saviour, A (p) by Ben-Jonson
Hymn Read At Dedication Of The Oliver Wendell Holmes Hospital (p) by Oliver-Wendell-Holmes
Hymn Sung At A Sacred Concert At Columbia, S.C. (p) by Henry-Timrod
Hymn Sung At An Anniversary Of The Asylum Of Orphans At Charleston (p) by Henry-Timrod
Hymn Sung At The Consecration Of Magnolia Cemetery, Charleston, S.C. (p) by Henry-Timrod
Hymn to Aristogeiton and Harmodius (p) by Edgar-Allan-Poe
Hymn To Bacchus, A (p) by -Poet- Robert-Herrick
Hymn To Beauty (p) by Charles-Baudelaire
Hymn To Cheerfulness (p) by Mark-Akenside
Hymn To Colour (p) by George-Meredith
Hymn To Death (p) by William-Cullen-Bryant
Hymn To Desire (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Hymn To God In Time Of Stress, A (p) by Max-Eastman
Hymn To His Ladies Birth-Place, A (p) by Michael-Drayton
Hymn To Humanity, An (p) by Phillis-Wheatley
Hymn To Intellectual Beauty (p) by Percy-Bysshe-Shelley
Hymn To Joy (p) by Frederich-Schiller
Hymn To Love, A (p) by -Poet- Robert-Herrick
Hymn To Mercury. Translated From The Greek Of Homer (p) by Percy-Bysshe-Shelley
Hymn To Priapus (p) by D.-H.-Lawrence
Hymn To Proserpine (p) by Algernon-Charles-Swinburne
Hymn To Science (p) by Mark-Akenside
Hymn To Spiritual Desire (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Hymn To The Dairymaids On Beacon Street (p) by Christopher-Morley
Hymn To The Earth (p) by Samuel-Taylor-Coleridge
Hymn To The Eternal (p) by Frederich-Schiller
Hymn To The Evening, An (p) by Phillis-Wheatley
Hymn To The Father (p) by James-Avis-Bartley
Hymn To The Graces, A (p) by -Poet- Robert-Herrick
Hymn To The Morning, An (p) by Phillis-Wheatley
Hymn To The Muses, An (p) by -Poet- Robert-Herrick
Hymn To The Naiads (p) by Mark-Akenside
Hymn To The Night (p) by William-H. G.-Kingston
Hymn To The North Star (p) by William-Cullen-Bryant
Hymn To The Patriarchs; Or, Of The Beginnings Of The Human Race (p) by Giacomo-Leopardi
Hymn To The Penates (p) by Robert-Southey
Hymn To The Sun (p) by Thomas-Hood
Hymn To Thetis And Neoptolemus (p) by George-Borrow
Hymn To Venus And Cupid, A (p) by -Poet- Robert-Herrick
Hymn To Woden (p) by William-Lisle-Bowles
Hymn [Almighty! What Is Man?] (p) by Emma-Lazarus
Hymn [It was my Heavenly Father's love] (p) by Eliza-Lee Cabot-Follen
Hymn [Lead gently, Lord, and slow], A (p) by Paul-Laurence-Dunbar
Hymn [My Maker! Of Thy Power The Trace], A (p) by Samuel-Taylor-Coleridge
Hymn [Praise To God! O Let Us Raise] (p) by Eliza-Lee Cabot-Follen
Hymn [When storms arise] (p) by Paul-Laurence-Dunbar
Hymn [Will God, Who Made The Earth And Sea] (p) by Eliza-Lee Cabot-Follen
Hymn, Sung At The Ordination Of The Rev. Henry Allen (p) by Mary Ann-H. T.-Bigelow
Hymn: "O Holy Father! Just And True" (p) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
Hymn: "Thou, Whose Presence Went Before" (p) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
Hymn: In The Time Of War And Tumults (p) by Henry-Newbolt
Hymn: O Li'l' Lamb Out In De Col' (p) by Paul-Laurence-Dunbar
Hymn: Sung At Christmas By The Scholars Of St. Helena's Island, S. C. (p) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
Hymne In Honour Of Beautie, An (p) by Edmund-Spenser
Hymne In Honour Of Love, An (p) by Edmund-Spenser
Hymne Of Heavenly Beautie, An (p) by Edmund-Spenser
Hymne Of Heavenly Love, An (p) by Edmund-Spenser
Hymnia-Beatrix (p) by Maurice-Hewlett
Hymns (p) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
Hymns Of The Brahmo Somaj (p) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
Hymns of the Marshes (p) by Sidney-Lanier
Hypatia (n) by Elbert-Hubbard
Hypatia: New Foes with an Old Face (f/n) by Charles-Kingsley
Hyperborean Brew, A (s) by Jack-London
Hyperion - A Fragment: Book 1 (p) by John-Keats
Hyperion - A Fragment: Book 2 (p) by John-Keats
Hyperion - A Fragment: Book 3 (p) by John-Keats
Hypermnestra (p) by William-Johnson-Cory
Hypnerotomachia (p) by Rachel-Annand-Taylor
Hypnos On Ida--Iliad, XIV, 283 (p) by George-Meredith
Hypnotic Bear And The Sentimental Lecturer, The (s) by Francis-Metcalfe
Hypnotic Power Of Her (e) by William-Cowper-Brann
Hypnotized Township, The (s) by Henry-Lawson
Hypochondriac, The (p) by David-Rorie
Hypochondriacal Pluto - A Romance, The (p) by Frederich-Schiller
Hypochondriacus (p) by Charles-Lamb
Hypocrisy Of Puritanism, The (e) by Emma-Goldman
Hypocritical Cat, The (s) by W.H.D.-Rouse
Hypotheses Hypochondriacae (p) by Charles-Kingsley
Hypotheses Of Failure, The (s) by O-Henry
Hyppogriff, The (p) by Oliver-Herford
Hypsipyle (p) by Maurice-Hewlett
Hysteria (p) by T-S-Eliot
Hysteria In Literature (e) by Helen-Hunt-Jackson