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Selected Prose of Oscar Wilde

By Oscar Wilde


Title:     Selected Prose of Oscar Wilde
Author: Oscar Wilde

Table of Content

Preface By Robert Ross
1. How They Struck A Contemporary
2. The Quality Of George Meredith
3. Life The Fallacious Model
4. Life The Disciple
5. Life The Plagiarist
6. The Indispensable East
7. The Influence Of The Impressionists On Climate
8. An Exposure Of Naturalism
9. Thomas Griffiths Wainewright
10. Wainewright At Hobart Town
11. Cardinal Newman And The Autobiographers
12. Robert Browning
13. The Two Supreme And Highest Arts
14. The Secrets Of Immortality
15. The Critic And His Material
16. Dante The Living Guide
17. The Limitations Of Genius
18. Wanted A New Background
19. Without Frontiers
20. The Poetry Of Archaeology
21. The Art Of Archaeology
22. Herod Suppliant
23. The Tetrarch's Remorse
24. The Tetrarch's Treasure
25. Salome Anticipates Dr. Strauss
26. The Young King
27. A Coronation
28. The King Of Spain
29. A Bull Fight
30. The Throne Room
31. A Protected Country
32. The Blackmailing Of The Emperor
33. Covent Garden
34. A Letter From Miss Jane Percy To Her Aunt
35. The Triumph Of American 'humor'
36. The Garden Of Death
37. An Eton Kit-Cat
38. Mrs. Erlynne Exercises The Prerogative Of A Grandmother
39. Motherhood More Than Marriage
40. The Damnable Ideal
41. From A Rejected Prize-Essay
42. The Possibilities Of The Useful
43. The Artist
44. The Doer Of Good
45. The Disciple
46. The Master
47. The House Of Judgment
48. The Teacher Of Wisdom
49. Wilde Gives Directions About 'de Profundis'
50. Carey Street
51. Sorrow Wears No Mask
52. Vita Nuova
53. The Grand Romantic
54. Clapham Junction
55. The Broken Resolution
56. Domesticity At Berneval
57. A Visit To The Pope

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