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A Little Princess

By Frances Hodgson Burnett


Title:     A Little Princess
Author: Frances Hodgson Burnett

Table of Content

1. Chapter 1. Sara
2. Chapter 2. A French Lesson
3. Chapter 3. Ermengarde
4. Chapter 4. Lottie
5. Chapter 5. Becky
6. Chapter 6. The Diamond Mines
7. Chapter 7. The Diamond Mines Again
8. Chapter 8. In The Attic
9. Chapter 9. Melchisedec
10. Chapter 10. The Indian Gentleman
11. Chapter 11. Ram Dass
12. Chapter 12. The Other Side Of The Wall
13. Chapter 13. One Of The Populace
14. Chapter 14. What Melchisedec Heard And Saw
15. Chapter 15. The Magic
16. Chapter 16. The Visitor
17. Chapter 17. "It Is The Child!"
18. Chapter 18. "I Tried Not To Be"
19. Chapter 19. Anne

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Name: Sara Hunnewell _____ [Date: 10/17/08]
Title: Women. Girls.
Subject: An emphasis on an impact for young women.

Review/comment: I have always found this story endearing. Perhaps the happy ending, as I have always enjoyed them, struck a cord... I knew this story since my youth. My mother read it to me as a child, and as I grew older and knew the story by heart I told it to my younger sister. I think as a grown woman I cling to the magic and hope of these princess stories. As a child I always hoped that I would be such a girl as Sara Crewe. It seemed possible enough... now that I am grown, I hope that the sad parts of my life will spin in my favor much as it did for Sara. I hope I one day have a girl child who can grow up believing that all girls can be a princess, and I hope this story continues to instill young girls with the desire to use their imagination and to pick up books as a way of seeing far off lands. It's hard to really demonstrate the impact this book has had on me throughout my life, but I certainly feel more female for having read it and I certainly feel more of a princess for having the child's story come to life in the lines and paragraphs before me.