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His Grace of Osmonde

By Frances Hodgson Burnett


Title:     His Grace of Osmonde
Author: Frances Hodgson Burnett

Table of Content

1. CHAPTER I - The Fifth Day of April, 1676
2. CHAPTER II - "He is the King"
3. CHAPTER III - Sir Jeoffry Wildairs
4. CHAPTER IV - "God Have Mercy on its Evil Fortunes"
5. CHAPTER V - My Lord Marquess Plunges into the Thames
6. CHAPTER VI - "No; She has not yet Come to Court"
7. CHAPTER VII - "'Tis Clo Wildairs, Man--All the County Knows the Vixen."
8. CHAPTER VIII - In which my Lady Betty Tantillion writes of a Scandal
9. CHAPTER IX - Sir John Oxon Lays a Wager at Cribb's Coffee House
10. CHAPTER X - My Lord Marquess rides to Camylott
11. CHAPTER XI - "It Might Have Been--It Might Have Been!"
12. CHAPTER XII - In Which is Sold a Portrait
13. CHAPTER XIII - "Your--Grace!"
14. CHAPTER XIV - "For all her youth--there is no other woman like her"
15. CHAPTER XV - "And 'twas the town rake and beauty--Sir John Oxon"
16. CHAPTER XVI - A Rumour
17. CHAPTER XVII - As Hugh de Mertoun Rode
18. CHAPTER XVIII - A Night in which my Lord Duke Did Not Sleep
19. CHAPTER XIX - "Then you might have been one of those----"
20. CHAPTER XX - At Camylott
21. CHAPTER XXI - Upon the Moor
22. CHAPTER XXII - My Lady Dunstanwolde is Widowed
23. CHAPTER XXIII - Her Ladyship Returns to Town
24. CHAPTER XXIV - Sir John Oxon Returns Also
25. CHAPTER XXV - To-morrow
26. CHAPTER XXVI - A Dead Rose
27. CHAPTER XXVII - "'Twas the night thou hidst the package in the wall"
28. CHAPTER XXVIII - Sir John Rides out of Town
29. CHAPTER XXIX - At the Cow at Wichben
30. CHAPTER XXX - On Tyburn Hill
31. CHAPTER XXXI - Their Graces Keep their Wedding Day at Camylott
32. CHAPTER XXXII - In the Turret Chamber--and in Camylott Wood

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