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Bunyip Land: A Story of Adventure in New Guinea

By George Manville Fenn


Title:     Bunyip Land: A Story of Adventure in New Guinea
Author: George Manville Fenn

Table of Content

1. Chapter 1. How I Made My Plans And They Were Endorsed
2. Chapter 2. How We Prepared To Start, And Started
3. Chapter 3. How I Made My First Charge With A Lance
4. Chapter 4. How I Was Not Drowned, And How We Chased That Schooner
5. Chapter 5. How We Found Jack Penny
6. Chapter 6. How Jimmy Was Frightened By The Bunyip
7. Chapter 7. How We Stopped The Blackbird Catchers
8. Chapter 8. How I Ran From The Whitebird Catchers
9. Chapter 9. How I Was Not Made Into Pie
10. Chapter 10. How We Saw Strange Things
11. Chapter 11. How Jack Penny Was Not Satisfied With Himself
12. Chapter 12. How Watch Was Kept By Night
13. Chapter 13. How Jack Penny Put His Foot In A Trap
14. Chapter 14. How A Strange Visitor Came To Camp
15. Chapter 15. How Jack Penny Was Persecuted By Pigs
16. Chapter 16. How Jimmy Was Taken Very Bad Indeed
17. Chapter 17. How The Doctor Gave Jimmy His Physics
18. Chapter 18. How I Nearly Had An Arrow To Drink
19. Chapter 19. How We Were Besieged, And I Thought Of Birnam Wood
20. Chapter 20. How Jimmy Turned Up A Trump
21. Chapter 21. How We Retreated And Were Caught In A Tropic Storm
22. Chapter 22. How High The Water Came
23. Chapter 23. We Await Our Fate
24. Chapter 24. How The Doctor Took Me In Hand
25. Chapter 25. How I Was Disposed To Find Fault With My Best Friend
26. Chapter 26. How I Got Into Serious Difficulties
27. Chapter 27. How I Found That I Had A Fellow-Prisoner
28. Chapter 28. How I Had A Visitor In The Night
29. Chapter 29. How I Heard English Spoken Here
30. Chapter 30. How I Talked With My New Friend
31. Chapter 31. How We Made Further Plans
32. Chapter 32. How We Heard A Black Discussion And Did Not Understand
33. Chapter 33. How I Nearly Made A Terrible Mistake
34. Chapter 34. How Jimmy And I Were Hunted Like Beasts
35. Chapter 35. How Jack Penny Fired A Straight Shot
36. Chapter 36. How The Doctor Found A Patient Ready To His Hand
37. Chapter 37. How We Passed Through A Great Peril
38. Chapter 38. How The Doctor Said "Thank You" In A Very Quiet Way
39. Chapter 39. How We Took A Last Look Round, And Found It Was Time To Go
40. Chapter 40. How Jimmy Cried "Cooee!" And Why He Called
41. Chapter 41. How Jimmy Heard The Bunyip Speak, And It All Proved To Be "Big 'tuff"
42. Chapter 42. How I Must Wind Up The Story

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