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The Drama Of Three Hundred & Sixty-Five Days Scenes In The Great War - 1915

By Hall Caine


Title:     The Drama Of Three Hundred & Sixty-Five Days Scenes In The Great War - 1915
Author: Hall Caine

Table of Content

1. The Invisible Conflict
2. Pen-Portrait Of The Kaiser
3. Pen-Portrait Of The Crown Prince
4. Some Salutary Lessons
5. Pen-Portrait Of The Archduke Ferdinand
6. One Of The Oldest, Feeblest, And Least Capable Of Men
7. "Good God, Man, Do You Mean To Say..."
8. A German High Priest Of Peace
9. "We Shall Never Massacre Belgian Women"
10. The Old German Adam
11. A Conversation With Lord Roberts
12. "We'll Fight And Fight Soon"
13. "He Knows, Doesn't He?"
14. We Believed It
15. The Falling Of The Thunderbolt
16. The Part Chance Played
17. "Why Isn't The House Cheering?"
18. The Night Of Our Ultimatum
19. The Thunderstroke Of Fate
20. The Morning After
21. "Your King And Country Need You"
22. The Part Played By The British Navy
23. The Part Played By Belgium
24. What King Albert Did For Kingship
25. "Why Shouldn't They, Since They Were Englishmen?"
26. "But Liberty Must Go On, And... England"
27. The Part Played By France
28. The Soul Of France
29. The Motherhood Of France
30. Five Months After
31. The Coming Of Winter
32. Christmas In The Trenches
33. The Coming Of Spring
34. Nature Goes Her Own Way
35. The Soul Of The Man Who Sank The Lusitania
36. The German Tower Of Babel
37. The Alien Peril
38. Hymns Of Hate
39. The Part Played By Russia
40. The Shadow Of The Great Death
41. The Russian Soul
42. The Russian Moujik Mobilizing
43. How The Russians Make War
44. The Part Played By Poland
45. The Soul Of Poland
46. The Old Soldier Of Liberty
47. The Part Played By Italy
48. How The War Entered Italy
49. The Italian Soul
50. The Part Played By The Neutral Nations
51. The Part Played By The United States
52. The Thunderclap That Fell On England
53. A Glimpse Op The King's Son
54. The Part Played By Woman
55. The Word Of Woman
56. The New Scarlet Letter
57. And... After?
58. War's Spiritual Compensations
59. Let Us Pray For Victory

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