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By Edward Bellamy


Title:     Equality
Author: Edward Bellamy

Table of Content

1. Preface
2. Chapter 1. A Sharp Cross-Examiner
3. Chapter 2. Why The Revolution Did Not Come Earlier
4. Chapter 3. I Acquire a Stake in the Country
5. Chapter 4. A Twentieth-Century Bank Parlor
6. Chapter 5. I Experience a New Sensation
7. Chapter 6. Honi Soit Qui Mal Y Pense
8. Chapter 7. A String of Surprises
9. Chapter 8. The Greatest Wonder Yet Fashion Dethroned
10. Chapter 9. Something That Had Not Changed
11. Chapter 10. A Midnight Plunge
12. Chapter 11. Life the Basis of the Right of Property
13. Chapter 12. How Inequality Of Wealth Destroys Liberty
14. Chapter 13. Private Capital Stolen From The Social Fund
15. Chapter 14. We Look Over My Collection Of Harnesses
16. Chapter 15. What We Were Coming to But for The Revolution
17. Chapter 16. An Excuse That Condemned
18. Chapter 17. The Revolution Saves Private Property From Monopoly
19. Chapter 18. An Echo Of the Past
20. Chapter 19. "Can a maid forget her ornaments?"
21. Chapter 20. What the Revolution did for Women
22. Chapter 21. At the Gymnasium
23. Chapter 22. Economic Suicide Of The Profit System
24. Chapter 23. "The Parable of the Water-Tank"
25. Chapter 24. I Am Shown All The Kingdoms Of The Earth
26. Chapter 25. The Strikers
27. Chapter 26. Foreign Commerce Under Profits...
28. Chapter 27. Hostility Of A System Of Vested Interests To Improvement
29. Chapter 28. How The Profit System Nullified The Benefit Of Inventions
30. Chapter 29. I Receive An Ovation
31. Chapter 30. What Universal Culture Means
32. Chapter 31. "Neither In This Mountain Nor At Jerusalem"
33. Chapter 32. Eritis Sicut Deus
34. Chapter 33. Several Important Matters Overlooked
35. Chapter 34. What Started The Revolution
36. Chapter 35. Why The Revolution Went Slow At First But Fast At Last
37. Chapter 36. Theater-Going In The Twentieth Century
38. Chapter 37. The Transition Period
39. Chapter 38. The Book Of The Blind

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