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In the Sargasso Sea: A Novel

By Thomas A. Janvier


Title:     In the Sargasso Sea: A Novel
Author: Thomas A. Janvier

Table of Content

1. Chapter 1. I Pay For My Passage To Loango
2. Chapter 2. How I Boarded The Brig Golden Hind
3. Chapter 3. I Have A Scare, And Get Over It
4. Chapter 4. Captain Luke Makes Me An Offer
5. Chapter 5. I Give Captain Luke My Answer
6. Chapter 6. I Tie Up My Broken Head, And Try To Attract Attention
7. Chapter 7. I Encounter A Good Doctor And A Violent Gale
8. Chapter 8. The Hurst Castle Is Done For
9. Chapter 9. On The Edge Of The Sargasso Sea
10. Chapter 10. I Take A Cheerful View Of A Bad Situation
11. Chapter 11. My Good Spirits Are Wrung Out Of Me
12. Chapter 12. I Have A Fever And See Visions
13. Chapter 13. I Hear A Strange Cry In The Night
14. Chapter 14. Of My Meeting With A Murdered Man
15. Chapter 15. I Have Some Talk With A Murderer
16. Chapter 16. I Rid Myself Of Two Dead Men
17. Chapter 17. How I Walked Myself Into A Maze
18. Chapter 18. I Find The Key To A Sea Mystery
19. Chapter 19. Of A Good Plan That Went Wrong With Me
20. Chapter 20. How I Spent A Night Wearily
21. Chapter 21. My Thirst Is Quenched, And I Find A Compass
22. Chapter 22. I Get Some Food In Me And Form A Crazy Plan
23. Chapter 23. How I Started On A Journey Due North
24. Chapter 24. Of What I Found Aboard A Spanish Galleon
25. Chapter 25. I Am The Master Of A Great Treasure
26. Chapter 26. Of A Strange Sight That I Saw In The Night-Time
27. Chapter 27. I Set Myself To A Heavy Task
28. Chapter 28. How I Rubbed Shoulders With Despair
29. Chapter 29. I Get Into A Sea Charnel-House
30. Chapter 30. I Come To The Wall Of My Sea-Prison
31. Chapter 31. How Hope Died Out Of My Heart
32. Chapter 32. I Fall In With A Fellow-Prisoner
33. Chapter 33. I Make A Glad Discovery
34. Chapter 34. I End A Good Job Well, And Get A Set-Back
35. Chapter 35. I Am Ready For A Fresh Hazard Of Fortune
36. Chapter 36. How My Cat Promised Me Good Luck
37. Chapter 37. How My Cat Still Farther Cheered Me
38. Chapter 38. How I Fought My Way Through The Sargasso Weed
39. Chapter 39. Why My Cat Called Out To Me

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