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A Flat Iron for a Farthing

By Juliana Horatia Ewing


Title:     A Flat Iron for a Farthing
Author: Juliana Horatia Ewing

Table of Content

1. Chapter 1. Motherless
2. Chapter 2. "The Look"--Rubens--Mrs. Bundle Again
3. Chapter 3. The Dark Lady--Trouble Impending--Beautiful, Golden Mamma
4. Chapter 4. Aunt Maria--The Enemy Routed--London Town
5. Chapter 5. My Cousins--Miss Blomfield--The Boy In Black
6. Chapter 6. The Little Baronet--Dolls--Cinder Parcels...
7. Chapter 7. Polly And I Resolve To Be "Very Religious"...
8. Chapter 8. Visiting The Sick
9. Chapter 9. "Peace Be To This House"
10. Chapter 10. Convalescence--Matrimonial Intentions...
11. Chapter 11. The Tinsmith's--The Beaver Bonnets...
12. Chapter 12. The Little Ladies Again--The Meads--The Drowned Doll
13. Chapter 13. Polly--The Pew And The Pulpit--The Fate Of The Flat Iron
14. Chapter 14. Rubens And I "Drop In" At The Rectory...
15. Chapter 15. Nurse Bundle Is Magnanimous--Mr. Gray...
16. Chapter 16. The Real Mr. Gray--Nurse Bundle Regards Him With Disfavour
17. Chapter 17. I Fail To Teach Latin To Mrs. Bundle...
18. Chapter 18. The Asthmatic Old Gentleman And His Riddles...
19. Chapter 19. The Tutor--The Parish--A New Contributor To The Alms-Box
20. Chapter 20. The Tutor's Proposal--A Teachers' Meeting
21. Chapter 21. Oakford Once More--The Satin Chairs...
22. Chapter 22. Nurse Bundle Finds A Vocation...
23. Chapter 23. I Go To Eton--My Master--I Serve Him Well
24. Chapter 24. Collections--Leo's Letter--Nurse Bundle And Sir Lionel
25. Chapter 25. The Death Of Rubens--Polly's News--Last Times
26. Chapter 26. I Hear From Mr. Jonathan Andrewes--Yorkshire...
27. Chapter 27. The New Rector--Aunt Maria Tries To Find Him A Wife...
28. Chapter 28. I Believe Myself To Be Broken-Hearted...
29. Chapter 29. The Future Lady Damer--Polly Has A Secret--Under The Mulberry-Tree
30. Chapter 30. I Meet The Heiress...
31. Chapter 31. My Lady Frances--The Future Lady Damer...
32. Chapter 32. We Come Home--Mrs. Bundle Quits Service

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