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The Deliverance: A Romance of the Virginia Tobacco Fields

By Ellen Glasgow


Title:     The Deliverance: A Romance of the Virginia Tobacco Fields
Author: Ellen Glasgow

Table of Content


Book I- The Inheritance
1. Chapter I. The Man in the Field
2. Chapter II. The Owner of Blake Hall
3. Chapter III. Showing That a Little Culture Entails Great Care
4. Chapter IV. Of Human Nature in the Raw State
5. Chapter V. The Wreck of the Blakes
6. Chapter VI. Carraway Plays Courtier
7. Chapter VII. In Which a Stand Is Made
8. Chapter VIII. Treats of a Passion That Is Not Love
9. Chapter IX. Cynthia
10. Chapter X. Sentimental and Otherwise

Book II - The Temptation
1. Chapter I. The Romance That Might Have Been
2. Chapter II. The Romance That Was
3. Chapter III. Fletcher's Move and Christopher's Counterstroke
4. Chapter IV. A Gallant Deed That Leads to Evil
5. Chapter V. The Glimpse of a Bride
6. Chapter VI. Shows Fletcher in a New Light
7. Chapter VII. In Which Hero and Villain Appear as One
8. Chapter VIII. Between the Devil and the Deep Sea
9. Chapter IX. As the Twig Is Bent
10. Chapter X. Powers of Darkness

Book III - The Revenge
1. Chapter I. In Which Tobacco Is Hero
2. Chapter II. Between Christopher and Will
3. Chapter III. Mrs. Blake Speaks Her Mind on Several Matters
4. Chapter IV. In Which Christopher Hesitates
5. Chapter V. The Happiness of Tucker
6. Chapter VI. The Wages of Folly
7. Chapter VII. The Toss of a Coin
8. Chapter VIII. In Which Christopher Triumphs

Book IV - The Awakening
1. Chapter I. The Unforeseen
2. Chapter II. Maria Returns to the Hall
3. Chapter III. The Day Afterward
4. Chapter IV. The Meeting in the Night
5. Chapter V. Maria Stands on Christopher's Ground
6. Chapter VI. The Growing Light
7. Chapter VII. In which Carraway Speaks the Truth to Maria
8. Chapter VIII. Between Maria and Christopher
9. Chapter IX. Christopher Faces Himself
10. Chapter X. By the Poplar Spring

Book V - The Ancient Law
1. Chapter I. Christopher Seeks an Escape
2. Chapter II. The Measure of Maria
3. Chapter III. Will's Ruin
4. Chapter IV. In Which Mrs. Blake's Eyes are Opened
5. Chapter V. Christopher Plants by Moonlight
6. Chapter VI. Treats of the Tragedy Which Wears a Comic Mask
7. Chapter VII. Will Faces Desperation and Stands at Bay
8. Chapter VIII. How Christopher Comes into His Revenge
9. Chapter IX. The Fulfilling of the Law
10. Chapter X. The Wheel of Life

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