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The Wheel of Life

By Ellen Glasgow


Title:     The Wheel of Life
Author: Ellen Glasgow

Table of Content

Part 1. Impulse
1. Chapter 1. In Which The Romantic Hero Is Conspicuous By His Absence
2. Chapter 2. Treats Of An Eccentric Family
3. Chapter 3. Apologises For An Old-Fashioned Atmosphere
4. Chapter 4. Ushers In The Modern Spirit
5. Chapter 5. In Which A Young Man Dreams Dreams
6. Chapter 6. Shows That Mr. Worldly-Wise-Man May Belong To Either Sex
7. Chapter 7. The Irresistible Force
8. Chapter 8. Proves That A Poor Lover May Make An Excellent Friend
9. Chapter 9. Of Masques And Mummeries
10. Chapter 10. Shows The Hero To Be Lacking In Heroic Qualities
11. Chapter 11. In Which A Lie Is The Better Part Of Truth

Part 2. Illusion
1. Chapter 1. Of Pleasure As The Chief End Of Man
2. Chapter 2. An Advance And A Retreat
3. Chapter 3. The Moth And The Flame
4. Chapter 4. Treats Of The Attraction Of Opposites
5. Chapter 5. Shows The Dangers...
6. Chapter 6. The Finer Vision
7. Chapter 7. In Which Failure Is Crowned By Failure
8. Chapter 8. "The Small Old Path"
9. Chapter 9. The Triumph Of The Ego
10. Chapter 10. In Which Adams Comes Into His Inheritance
11. Chapter 11. On The Wings Of Life

Part 3. Disenchantment
1. Chapter 1. A Disconsolate Lover And A Pair Of Blue Eyes
2. Chapter 2. The Deification Of Clay
3. Chapter 3. The Greatest Of These
4. Chapter 4. Adams Watches In The Night And Sees The Dawn
5. Chapter 5. Treats Of The Poverty Of Riches
6. Chapter 6. The Feet Of The God
7. Chapter 7. In Which Kemper Is Puzzled
8. Chapter 8. Shows That Love Without Wisdom Is Folly
9. Chapter 9. Of The Fear In Love
10. Chapter 10. The End Of The Path

Part 4. Reconciliation
1. Chapter 1. The Secret Chambers
2. Chapter 2. In Which Laura Enters The Valley Of Humiliation
3. Chapter 3. Proves A Great City To Be A Great Solitude
4. Chapter 4. Shows That True Love Is True Service
5. Chapter 5. Between Laura And Gerty
6. Chapter 6. Renewal

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