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Short stories by Mark Twain


Twain, Mark Famous American author, humorist, novelist, lecturer

o "After" Jenkins

o "Party Cries" In Ireland

o $30,000 Bequest, The

o About Barbers

o About Magnanimous-Incident Literature

o About Play-Acting

o Advice to Little Girls

o After-Dinner Speech

o Amended Obituaries

o Answers To Correspondents

o At The Appetite-Cure

o Aurelia's Unfortunate Young Man

o Boons of Life

o Burlesque Biography, A

o Californian's Tale, The

o Cannibalism In The Cars

o Canvasser's Tale, The

o Capitoline Venus, The

o Captain Stormfield

o Captain Stormfield's Visit to Heaven

o Captain's Story, The

o Carnival of Crime in Connecticut, The A humorous American short story

o Case Of George Fisher, The

o Christian Science and the book of Mrs. Eddy

o Concerning Chambermaids

o Concerning The American Language

o Concerning The Jews

o Cure for the Blues, A

o Curing A Cold

o Curious Dream, The

o Curious Pleasure Excursion, A

o Danger of Lying in Bed, The

o Diplomatic Pay and clothes

o Disgraceful Persecution Of A Boy

o Does the Race of Man Love a Lord?

o Dog's Tale, A

o Double Barrelled Detective Story

o Edward Mills and George Benton: A Tale, by Mark Twain.

o Enemy Conquered; or, Love Triumphant, The

o English as She is Taught

o Entertaining Article, An

o Esquimaux Maiden's Romance, The

o Eve's Diary

o Experience Of The McWilliamses With Membranous Croup

o Extracts from Adam's Diary

o Fable, A

o Facts Concerning The Recent Resignation, The

o Facts In The Case Of The Great Beef Contract, The

o Fashion Item, A

o Fine Old Man, A

o First Interview With Artemus Ward

o First Writing-machines, The

o From The 'London Times' of 1904

o General Washington's Negro Body-Servant

o Ghost Story, A

o Great Revolution In Pitcairn, The

o Helpless Situation, A

o History Repeats Itself

o Honored As A Curiosity

o How I Edited An Agricultural Paper, The

o How The Author Was Sold In Newark

o How To Tell A Story

o Humane Word from Satan, A

o Hunting The Deceitful Turkey

o In Memoriam - Olivia Susan Clemens

o Information Wanted

o Introduction to "The New Guide of the Conversation in Portuguese and English"

o Is He living or is He dead?

o Italian with Grammar

o Italian without a Master

o John Chinaman In New York

o Johnny Greer

o Journalism In Tennessee

o Judge's "Spirited Woman", The

o Jumping Frog, The

o Killing of Julius Caesar "Localized", The

o Late Benjamin Franklin, The

o Legend Of Sagenfeld, In Germany

o Letter to the Secretary of the Treasury, A

o Lionizing Murderers

o Loves Of Alonzo Fitz Clarence And Rosannah Ethelton, The

o Luck

o Man that corrupted Hadleyburg, The

o McWilliamses And The Burglar Alarm, The

o Medieval Romance, A

o Monument to Adam

o Mr. Bloke's Item

o My Bloody Massacre

o My Boyhood Dreams

o My Debut as a Literary Person

o My First Lie, and how

o My First Literary Venture

o My Late Senatorial Secretaryship

o My Watch

o Mysterious Visit, A

o New Crime, A

o Niagara

o Office Bore, The

o Paris Notes

o Petition Concerning Copyright

o Petrified Man, The

o Political Economy

o Portrait of King William III

o Post-mortem Poetry

o Punch, Brothers, Punch

o Riley-Newspaper Correspondent

o Rogers

o Running For Governor

o Science vs Luck, The

o Scriptural Panoramist, The

o Siamese Twins, The

o Some Learned Fables, For Good Old Boys And Girls

o Speech At The Scottish Banquet In London

o Speech On Accident Insurance

o Speech On The Babies

o Speech On The Weather

o Stolen White Elephant, The

o Story Of The Bad Little Boy, The

o Story Of The Good Little Boy

o Switzerland, the Cradle of Liberty

o Telephonic Conversation, A

o To Raise Poultry

o To the Above Old People

o Travelling with a Reformer

o True Story, The

o Undertaker's Chat, The

o Was It Heaven? Or Hell?

o Widow's Protest, The

o Wit Inspirations Of The "Two-Year-Olds"