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Short stories by Saki


Saki Pen name of Hector Hugh Munro, British author, short-story writer

o "Down Pens"

o "Ministers Of Grace"

o Adrian

o Background, The

o Bag, The

o Baker's Dozen, The

o Bertie's Christmas Eve

o Blind Spot, The

o Blood-Feud Of Toad-Water

o Boar-Pig, The

o Bread and Butter Miss, A

o Brogue, The

o Bull, The

o Byzantine Omelette

o Canossa

o Chaplet, The

o Clovis On Parental Responsibilities

o Cobweb, The

o Cousin Teresa

o Cross Currents

o Cupboard of the Yesterdays, The

o Defensive Diamond, A

o Disappearance of Crispina Umberleigh, The

o Dreamer, The

o Dusk

o Easter Egg, The

o Elk, The

o Esme

o Excepting Mrs. Pentherby

o Fate

o Feast Of Nemesis, The

o Filboid Studge, The Story Of A Mouse That Helped

o For The Duration of The War

o Forbidden Buzzards, The

o Forewarned

o Fur

o Gabriel-Ernest

o Guests, The

o Hedgehog, The

o Hen, The

o Hermann The Irascible--A Story Of The Great Weep

o Holiday Task

o Hounds Of Fate, The

o Hyacinth

o Image of the Lost Soul, The

o Interlopers, The

o Jesting Of Arlington Stringham, The

o Judkin Of The Parcels

o Laura

o Lost Sanjak, The

o Louis

o Louise

o Lull, The

o Lumber Room, The

o Mappined Life, The

o Mark

o Match-Maker, The

o Matter Of Sentiment, A

o Morlvera

o Mouse, The

o Mrs. Packletide's Tiger

o Music On The Hill, The

o Name-Day, The

o Occasional Garden, The

o On Approval

o Open Window, The

o Oversight, The

o Peace Of Mowsle Barton

o Peace Offering, The

o Penance, The

o Phantom Luncheon, The

o Philanthropist and The Happy Cat, The

o Purple of the Balkan Kings, The

o Quail Seed

o Quest, The

o Quince Tree, The

o Recessional, The

o Reginald A collection of short stories (15)

o Reginald In Russia

o Remoulding Of Groby Lington, The

o Reticence Of Lady Anne, The

o Romancer, The

o Saint And The Goblin, The

o Schartz-Metterklume Method, The

o Secret Sin Of Septimus Brope, The

o Seven Cream Jugs, The

o Seven Pullet, The

o Sex That Doesn't Shop, The

o She-Wolf, The

o Sheep, The

o Shock Tactics

o Soul of LapLoshka, The

o Sredni Vashtar

o Stake, The

o Stalled Ox, The

o Stampeding Of Lady Bastable, The

o Story Of St. Vespaluus

o Story-Teller, The

o Strategist, The

o Talking-Out Of Tarrington, The

o Tea

o Threat, The

o Tobermory

o Touch Of Realism, A

o Toys Of Peace, The

o Treasure Ship, The

o Unkindest Blow, The

o Unrest-Cure, The

o Way To The Dairy, The

o Wolves of Cernogratz, The

o Wratislav

o Yarkand Manner, The

o Young Turkish Catastrophe, A