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Short stories by William Wymark Jacobs


Jacobs, William Wymark Famous English author, sea-story writer

o "Choice Spirits"

o "Manners Makyth Man"

o "Matrimonial Openings"

o Admiral Peters

o Adulteration Act, An

o After The Inquest

o Alf's Dream

o Angels' Visits

o Back to Back

o Bedridden

o Benefit Performance, A

o Bequest, The

o Bill's Lapse

o Bill's Paper Chase

o Black Affair, A

o Blundell's Improvement

o Boatswain's Mate, The

o Boatswain's Watch, The

o Bob's Redemption

o Breaking a Spell

o Brevet Rank

o Brother Hutchins

o Bully of the "Cavendish", The

o Cabin Passenger, The

o Captain Rogers

o Captain's Exploit, The

o Captains All

o Case of Desertion, A

o Castaway, The

o Change of Treatment, A

o Changeling, The

o Changing Numbers, The

o Circular Tour, A

o Constable's Move, The

o Contraband of War

o Convert

o Cook of The "Gannet", The

o Cupboard Love

o Deserted

o Dirty Work

o Disbursement Sheet, The

o Disciplinarian, A

o Distant Relative, A

o Dixon's Return

o Double Dealing

o Dreamer, The

o Dual Control

o Easy Money

o Elaborate Elopement, An

o English fairy tale: Tamlane

o Establishing Relations

o Fairy Gold

o False Colours

o Family Cares

o Fine Feathers

o For Better Or Worse

o Four Pigeons, The

o Friends in Need

o Garden Plot, A

o Golden Venture, A

o Good Intentions

o Grey Parrot, The

o Guardian Angel, The

o Harbour of Refuge, A

o Head of the Family

o Her Uncle

o His Lordship

o His Other Self

o Homeward Bound

o Husbandry

o In Borrowed Plumes

o In Limehouse Reach

o In Mid-atlantic

o In the Family

o In the Library

o Intervention, An

o Jerry Bundler

o Keeping Up Appearances

o Keeping Watch

o Lady of the Barge

o Lawyer Quince

o Lost Ship, The

o Love Passage, A

o Love-knot, A

o Low Water

o Made to Measure

o Madness of Mr. Lister, The

o Marked Man, A

o Mated

o Matrimonial Openings

o Mixed Proposal, A

o Mixed Relations

o Money Changers

o Money-box, The

o Monkey's Paw, The

o Mrs. Bunker's Chaperon

o Nest Egg, The

o Odd Charges

o Odd Freak, An

o Odd Man Out

o Old Man of the Sea, The

o Outsailed

o Over The Side

o Paying Off

o Persecution of Bob Pretty, The

o Peter's Pence

o Pickled Herring

o Private Clothes

o Prize Money

o Rash Experiment, A

o Resurrection of Mr. Wiggett, The

o Rival Beauties, The

o Rule of Three

o Safety Match

o Sam's Boy

o Sam's Ghost

o Self-Help

o Sentence Deferred

o Shareholders

o Skilled Assistance

o Skipper of the "Osprey", The

o Smoked Skipper

o Spirit of Avarice, A

o Stepping Backwards

o Striking Hard

o Substitute, The

o Temptation of Samuel Burge, The

o Test, The

o Third String, The

o Three at Table

o Three Sisters, The

o Tiger's Skin, A

o To Have and to Hold

o Toll-House, The

o Twin Spirits

o Two of a Trade

o Understudy, The

o Unknown_, The

o Vigil, The

o Watch-Dogs

o Weaker Vessel, The

o Well, The

o White Cat, The

o Winter Offensive, The