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Short stories by Edna Ferber


Ferber, Edna

o Afternoon Of A Faun, The

o Ain't Nature Wonderful!

o April 25th, As Usual

o Bush League Hero, A from "Buttered Side Down"

o Catching Up With Christmas

o Cheerful, By Request

o Chickens

o Dancing Girls, The

o Eldest, The

o Emma McChesney & Co. A collection of 7 short stories

o Farmer in the Dell from "One Basket"

o Frog And The Puddle, The from "Buttered Side Down"

o Gay Old Dog, The from "One Basket"

o Gigolo

o Guiding Miss Gowd, The

o His Mother's Son

o Home Girl

o Homely Heroine, The from "Buttered Side Down"

o Hooker-Up-The-Back, The

o If I Should Ever Travel!

o In The Absence Of The Agent

o Kitchen Side Of The Door, The from "Buttered Side Down"

o Knee-Deep In Knickers

o Leading Lady, The from "Buttered Side Down"

o Long Distance from "One Basket"

o Man Who Came Back, The from "Buttered Side Down"

o Maternal Feminine, The from "One Basket"

o Maymeys From Cuba from "Buttered Side Down"

o Not A Day Over Twenty-One

o Old Lady Mandle

o Old Man Minick

o One Hundred Per Cent

o One Of The Old Girls from "Buttered Side Down"

o Pink Tights And Ginghams

o Representing T. A. Buck

o Roast Beef, Medium

o Shore Leave

o Simply Skirts

o Sophy-As-She-Might-Have-Been

o Sudden Sixties, The

o Sun Dried from "Buttered Side Down"

o That Home-Town Feeling

o That's Marriage from "One Basket"

o Three Of Them, The

o Tough Guy, The

o Un Morso Doo Pang

o Underneath The High-Cut Vest

o What She Wore from "Buttered Side Down"

o Where The Car Turns At 18th from "Buttered Side Down"

o Woman Who Tried to Be Good, The from "One Basket"

o You've Got To Be Selfish