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Short stories by Charles Dickens


Dickens, Charles A great British writer, novelist

o Astley's

o Beadle. The Parish Engine. The Schoolmaster, The

o Begging-Letter Writer, The

o Bill-Sticking

o Births. Mrs. Meek, of a Son

o Black Veil, The

o Bloomsbury Christening, The

o Boarding-House, The

o Boots At The Holly-Tree Inn, The

o Brave And Honest Boy, Oliver Twist, A

o Broker's Man, The

o Brokers' And Marine-Store Shops

o Captain Murderer from "Forgotten Tales of Long Ago"

o Child's Dream of a Star, A

o Child's Story, The

o Christmas Dinner, A

o Christmas Goblins, The

o Christmas Tree, A

o Criminal Courts

o Curate. The Old Lady. The Half-Pay Captain, The

o Dancing Academy, The

o Detective Police, The

o Dick Swiveller And The Marchioness

o Doctor Marigold

o Doctors' Commons

o Down with the Tide

o Drunkard's Death, The

o Early Coaches

o Election For Beadle, The

o Familiar Epistle From A Parent To A Child Aged Two Years And Two Months

o First Of May, The

o Flight, A

o Four Sisters, The

o Full Report Of The First Meeting Of The Mudfog Association

o Full Report Of The Second meeting Of The Mudfog Association

o Ghost of Art, The

o Gin-Shops

o Going into Society

o Great Winglebury Duel, The

o Greenwich Fair

o Hackney-Coach Stands

o Haunted House, The A mystery and detective story

o Holly-Tree, The

o Horatio Sparkins

o Hospital Patient, The

o Hunted Down A detective story

o Jenny Wren

o Ladies' Societies, The

o Lamplighter, The

o Last Cab-Driver, and The First Omnibus Cad, The

o Little David Copperfield

o Little Dorrit

o Little Nell

o London Recreations

o Long Voyage, The

o Lying Awake

o Making A Night Of It

o Meditations In Monmouth-Street

o Message From the Sea, A

o Misplaced Attachment Of Mr. John Dounce, The

o Miss Evans And The Eagle

o Mistaken Milliner. A Tale Of Ambition, The

o Monument of French Folly, A

o Mr. Minns And His Cousin

o Mr. Robert Bolton: The 'Gentleman Connected With The Press'

o Mr. Wardle's Servant Joe

o Mrs. Joseph Porter

o Mrs. Lirriper's Legacy

o Mrs. Lirriper's Lodgings

o Mugby Junction

o New Year, The

o Noble Savage, The

o Nobody's Story

o Omnibuses

o On Duty with Inspector Field

o Our Bore

o Our English Watering-Place

o Our French Watering-Place

o Our Honourable Friend

o Our Next-Door Neighbour

o Our School

o Our Vestry

o Out of the Season

o Out of Town

o Pantomime Of Life, The

o Parliamentary Sketch, A

o Parlour Orator, The

o Passage In The Life Of Mr. Watkins Tottle, A

o Pawnbroker's Shop, The

o Perils of Certain English Prisoners

o Pip's Adventure

o Plated Article

o Poor Man's Tale of a Patent, A

o Poor Relation's Story, The

o Prince Bull A fairy tale

o Prisoners' Van, The

o Private Theatres

o Public Dinners

o Public Life Of Mr. Tulrumble--Once Mayor Of Mudfog

o River, The

o Runaway Couple, The

o Schoolboy's Story, The

o Scotland-Yard

o Sentiment

o Seven Dials

o Seven Poor Travellers, The

o Shabby-Genteel People

o Shops And Their Tenants

o Signal-Man, The Mystery and Detective Story

o Sketches of Young Couples

o Sketches of Young Gentlemen

o Some Particulars Concerning A Lion

o Somebody's Luggage

o Steam Excursion, The

o Streets - Morning, The

o Streets - Night, The

o Sunday Under Three Heads

o The Trial of William Tinkling

o Thoughts About People

o Three Detective Anecdotes

o Tiny Tim

o To Be Read At Dusk

o Tom Tiddler's Ground

o Toy-Maker And His Blind Daughter, The

o Trial For Murder, The A mystery and detective story

o Trotty Veck And His Daughter Meg

o Tuggses At Ramsgate, The

o Vauxhall-Gardens By Day

o Visit To Newgate, A

o Walk in a Workhouse, A

o What Christmas is as we Grow Older

o Wreck of the Golden Mary, The