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Love and Friendship, a novel by Jane Austen

LETTER 11th LAURA in continuation

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_ "I have a Relation in Scotland (said Sophia to me as we left
London) who I am certain would not hesitate in receiving me."
"Shall I order the Boy to drive there?" said I--but instantly
recollecting myself, exclaimed, "Alas I fear it will be too long
a Journey for the Horses." Unwilling however to act only from my
own inadequate Knowledge of the Strength and Abilities of Horses,
I consulted the Postilion, who was entirely of my Opinion
concerning the Affair. We therefore determined to change Horses
at the next Town and to travel Post the remainder of the Journey
--. When we arrived at the last Inn we were to stop at, which
was but a few miles from the House of Sophia's Relation,
unwilling to intrude our Society on him unexpected and unthought
of, we wrote a very elegant and well penned Note to him
containing an account of our Destitute and melancholy Situation,
and of our intention to spend some months with him in Scotland.
As soon as we had dispatched this Letter, we immediately prepared
to follow it in person and were stepping into the Carriage for
that Purpose when our attention was attracted by the Entrance of
a coroneted Coach and 4 into the Inn-yard. A Gentleman
considerably advanced in years descended from it. At his first
Appearance my Sensibility was wonderfully affected and e'er I had
gazed at him a 2d time, an instinctive sympathy whispered to my
Heart, that he was my Grandfather. Convinced that I could not be
mistaken in my conjecture I instantly sprang from the Carriage I
had just entered, and following the Venerable Stranger into the
Room he had been shewn to, I threw myself on my knees before him
and besought him to acknowledge me as his Grand Child. He
started, and having attentively examined my features, raised me
from the Ground and throwing his Grand-fatherly arms around my
Neck, exclaimed, "Acknowledge thee! Yes dear resemblance of my
Laurina and Laurina's Daughter, sweet image of my Claudia and my
Claudia's Mother, I do acknowledge thee as the Daughter of the
one and the Grandaughter of the other." While he was thus
tenderly embracing me, Sophia astonished at my precipitate
Departure, entered the Room in search of me. No sooner had she
caught the eye of the venerable Peer, than he exclaimed with
every mark of Astonishment --"Another Grandaughter! Yes, yes, I
see you are the Daughter of my Laurina's eldest Girl; your
resemblance to the beauteous Matilda sufficiently proclaims it.
"Oh!" replied Sophia, "when I first beheld you the instinct of
Nature whispered me that we were in some degree related--But
whether Grandfathers, or Grandmothers, I could not pretend to
determine." He folded her in his arms, and whilst they were
tenderly embracing, the Door of the Apartment opened and a most
beautifull young Man appeared. On perceiving him Lord St. Clair
started and retreating back a few paces, with uplifted Hands,
said, "Another Grand-child! What an unexpected Happiness is
this! to discover in the space of 3 minutes, as many of my
Descendants! This I am certain is Philander the son of my
Laurina's 3d girl the amiable Bertha; there wants now but the
presence of Gustavus to compleat the Union of my Laurina's Grand-

"And here he is; (said a Gracefull Youth who that instant entered
the room) here is the Gustavus you desire to see. I am the son
of Agatha your Laurina's 4th and youngest Daughter," "I see you
are indeed; replied Lord St. Clair--But tell me (continued he
looking fearfully towards the Door) tell me, have I any other
Grand-children in the House." "None my Lord." "Then I will
provide for you all without farther delay--Here are 4 Banknotes
of 50L each--Take them and remember I have done the Duty of a
Grandfather." He instantly left the Room and immediately
afterwards the House.



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