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Love and Friendship, a novel by Jane Austen

LETTER 8th LAURA to MARIANNE, in continuation

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_ Lady Dorothea had not left us long before another visitor as
unexpected a one as her Ladyship, was announced. It was Sir
Edward, who informed by Augusta of her Brother's marriage, came
doubtless to reproach him for having dared to unite himself to me
without his Knowledge. But Edward foreseeing his design,
approached him with heroic fortitude as soon as he entered the
Room, and addressed him in the following Manner.

"Sir Edward, I know the motive of your Journey here--You come
with the base Design of reproaching me for having entered into an
indissoluble engagement with my Laura without your Consent. But
Sir, I glory in the Act--. It is my greatest boast that I have
incurred the displeasure of my Father!"

So saying, he took my hand and whilst Sir Edward, Philippa, and
Augusta were doubtless reflecting with admiration on his
undaunted Bravery, led me from the Parlour to his Father's
Carriage which yet remained at the Door and in which we were
instantly conveyed from the pursuit of Sir Edward.

The Postilions had at first received orders only to take the
London road; as soon as we had sufficiently reflected However, we
ordered them to Drive to M----. the seat of Edward's most
particular freind, which was but a few miles distant.

At M----. we arrived in a few hours; and on sending in our names
were immediately admitted to Sophia, the Wife of Edward's freind.
After having been deprived during the course of 3 weeks of a real
freind (for such I term your Mother) imagine my transports at
beholding one, most truly worthy of the Name. Sophia was rather
above the middle size; most elegantly formed. A soft languor
spread over her lovely features, but increased their Beauty--.
It was the Charectarestic of her Mind--. She was all sensibility
and Feeling. We flew into each others arms and after having
exchanged vows of mutual Freindship for the rest of our Lives,
instantly unfolded to each other the most inward secrets of our
Hearts--. We were interrupted in the delightfull Employment by
the entrance of Augustus, (Edward's freind) who was just returned
from a solitary ramble.

Never did I see such an affecting Scene as was the meeting of
Edward and Augustus.

"My Life! my Soul!" (exclaimed the former) "My adorable angel!"
(replied the latter) as they flew into each other's arms. It was
too pathetic for the feelings of Sophia and myself--We fainted
alternately on a sofa.


Laura. _

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