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Greatest Novels Of The 20th Century

We have many (not all) greatest novels presented here that were taken FROM the list of 100 greatest novels of The 20th Century.

The list contains 100 greatest novels - English language - published in The 20th Century since 1900. These greatest novels were choosen by a board of 10 members at The Modern Library (Random House). They are Shelby Foote, Christopher Cerf (son of Random House founder Bennett Cerf), Gore Vidal, Daniel J. Boorstin, Edmund Morris, John Richardson, Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr., William Styron, Vartan Gregorian and .A.S. Byatt. Note that one novel, "Sophie's Choice" at number 96, was written by board member William Styron.

For the complete list and novels' ranks, click here

James Joyce
Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, A

D. H. Lawrence David Herbert Lawrence, English author
Sons and Lovers

Samuel Butler
Way of All Flesh, The

Sherwood Anderson American short-story writer, novelist
Winesburg, Ohio

Henry James
Ambassadors, The

Ford Madox Ford
Good Soldier, The

Theodore Dreiser
Sister Carrie

E M Forster
Howards End

Joseph Conrad
Secret Agent, The

D. H. Lawrence David Herbert Lawrence, English author
Women in Love

Edith Wharton American novelist, short-story writer
Age of Innocence, The

Max Beerbohm
Zuleika Dobson

W. Somerset Maugham English novelist, short-story writer, playwright
Of Human Bondage

Joseph Conrad
Heart of Darkness

Sinclair Lewis American novelist, satirist, playwright, 1930 Nobel Laureate in Literature
Main Street

Edith Wharton American novelist, short-story writer
House of Mirth

Rudyard Kipling 1907 Nobel Prize Winner, British short-story writer, novelist, poet

E M Forster
Room With A View, A

Joseph Conrad
Lord Jim

Arnold Bennett
Old Wives' Tale, The

Jack London Prolific American author, novelist, short story writer
Call of the Wild, The