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Wordsworth, William

o 'Tis said that some have died for love, &c.;

o Affliction of Margaret ---- of ----, The

o Alice Fell Poem composed during a tour, chiefly on foot

o Among all lovely things my Love had been

o Andrew Jones

o Anecdote for Fathers

o Animal Tranquillity and Decay, a Sketch

o Beggars Poem composed during a tour, chiefly on foot

o Blind Highland Boy, The

o Brothers, a Pastoral Poem, The

o By their floating Mill, &c;

o Character, A

o Character of the Happy Warrior

o Childless Father, The

o Christmas Minstrelsy Christmas poem

o Complaint, A

o Complaint of a forsaken Indian Woman, The

o Dungeon, The

o Elegaic Stanzas

o Elegiac Stanzas

o Ellen Irwin, or the Braes of Kirtle

o Expostulation and Reply

o Female Vagrant, The

o Fidelity

o Foresight, or the Charge of a Child to his younger Companion

o Foster-Mother's Tale, The

o Fountain, a conversation, The

o Fragment, A

o Goody Blake and Harry Gill

o Green Linnet, The

o Hart-Leap Well

o Horn of Egremont Castle, The

o I am not One, &c;

o I travell'd among unknown Men

o Idiot Boy, The

o Idle Shepherd-Boys or Dungeon-Gill Force, a Pastoral, The

o Incident, characteristic of a favourite Dog

o Influence Of Natural Objects

o Inscription for the House (an Out-house) on the Island at Grasmere

o Inscription for the Spot where the Hermitage stood on St. Herbert's Island

o Kitten and the falling Leaves, The

o Last of the Flock, The

o Lines left upon a Seat in a Yew-tree

o Lines written above Tintern Abbey

o Lines written at a small distance from my House

o Lines written in early Spring

o Lines written near Richmond, upon the Thames

o Lines written on a Tablet in a School

o Lines written when sailing in a Boat at Evening

o Lines written with a Slate-pencil upon a Stone

o Lines, composed at Grasmere

o Louisa

o Love

o Lucy Gray

o Mad Mother, The

o Michael, a Pastoral

o Nightingale, The

o Nutting

o Oak and the Broom, a Pastoral, The

o Ode

o Ode to Duty

o Old Cumberland Beggar, a Description, The

o Once in a lonely Hamlet, &c;

o Pet-Lamb, a Pastoral, The

o Poems on the Naming of Places Poems on the Naming of Places

o Poet's Epitaph, A

o Poor Susan

o Power of Music

o Redbreast and the Butterfly, The

o Resolution And Independence Poem composed during a tour, chiefly on foot

o Rural Architecture

o Ruth

o Sailor's Mother

o Seven Sisters, or the Solitude of Binnorie, The

o She was a Phantom of delight

o Simon Lee, the old Huntsman

o Slumber did my spirit seal, &c;, A

o Song

o Song for the wandering Jew

o Song, at the Feast of Brougham Castle

o Sonnet - A Prophecy

o Sonnet to Thomas Clarkson

o Sonnet [Dark And More Dark The Shades Of Evening Fell]

o Sonnet [Hail, Twilight, Sovereign Of One Peaceful Hour]

o Sonnet [I Thought Of Thee, My Partner And My Guide]

o Sonnet [Such Age, How Beautiful!]

o Sonnet [Surprised By Joy--Impatient As The Wind]

o Sonnets Dedicated To Liberty A BOOK OF 26 SONNETS

o Sonnets: Miscellaneous Sonnets A BOOK OF 20 SONNETS

o Star-gazers

o Strange fits of passion I have known, &c.;

o Tables turned; an Evening Scene, on the same subject, The

o There was a Boy, &c;

o Thorn, The

o Though narrow be that Old Man's cares, and near

o Three years she grew in sun and shower, &c.;

o To a Sexton

o To A Sky-Lark Poem composed during a tour, chiefly on foot

o To a Young Lady

o To H.C., six Years old

o To The Cuckoo

o To the Daisy

o To the Daisy (Vol. 2)

o To the same Flower

o To the same Flower (Daisy from Vol. 2)

o To the Small Celandine

o To the Spade of a Friend

o Tribute to the Memory of the same Dog

o Two April Mornings, The

o Two Thieves, or The Last Stage of Avarice, The

o Waterfall and the Eglantine, The

o We are Seven

o Whirl-Blast From Behind The Hill, &c.;, A

o With how sad steps, O Moon thou climb'st the sky Poem composed during a tour, chiefly on foot

o Written in Germany on one of the coldest days of the century

o Yes! full surely 'twas the Echo, &c;

o Yes, there is holy pleasure in thine eye!