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Poems by Helen Hay Whitney


Whitney, Helen Hay

o "Chaque Baiser Vaut Un Roman" Sonnet

o After Rain Sonnet

o Alpha And Omega Sonnet

o Amor Mysticus Sonnet

o Apple-Tree, The Song

o As A Pale Child Sonnet

o Aspiration Sonnet

o Aster, The Song

o Be Still Song

o Butterfly Words Song

o Dance, The Song

o Disguised Sonnet

o Eadem Semper Sonnet

o Enough Of Singing Song

o Etoiles D'enfer Song

o False Song

o Fight! Song

o Flower Of The Clove Sonnet

o Flowers Of Ice Sonnet

o For Your Sake Song

o Forgiveness, The Sonnet

o Ghost, The Song

o Golden Fruit, The Song

o Good-Bye Sorrow Song

o Greater Joy, The Song

o Gypsy Blood, The Sonnet

o Heart And Hand Song

o How We Would Live! Sonnet

o In Extremis Sonnet

o In Harbor Song

o In May Song

o In Tonga Song

o Last Gift, The Sonnet

o Love And Death Sonnet

o Love's Legacy Sonnet

o Lyric Love Song

o Malua Sonnet

o Message, The Sonnet

o Music Song

o Not Dead But Sleeping Sonnet

o On The White Road Song

o Pattern Of The Earth, The Sonnet

o Persephone Song

o Philosopher, The Song

o Pot-Pourri Sonnet

o Prayers Song

o Ribbon, The Song

o Rosa Mundi Song

o Rose Of Dawn, A Tale Of The South Sea, The

o Rose-Colored Camelia-Tree, The Song

o Silver And Rose Song

o Song Of The Oregon Trail, A Song

o South-Sea Lover Scorned, A Song

o Supreme Sacrifice, The Sonnet

o Tempest And Calm Sonnet

o This Was The Song Song

o To A Moth Song

o To A Woman Sonnet

o To E. D. Song

o To-Morrow Song

o Too Late Sonnet

o Tranquillity Song

o Truth Song

o Vanquished Song

o Wanderer, The Song

o Winter Song Song

o With Music Sonnet

o Youth Song