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Watts, Isaac

o Advantages Of Early Religion, The

o Against Evil Company

o Against Idleness And Mischief

o Against Lying

o Against Pride In Clothes

o Against Quarrelling And Fighting

o Against Scoffing And Calling Names

o Against Swearing And Cursing, And Taking God's Name In Vain

o All-Seeing God, The

o Ant, or Emmet, The

o Child's Complaint, The

o Cradle Hymn Christmas poem

o Danger Of Delay, The

o Doxology

o Duty To God And Our Neighbour

o Evening Song, An

o Examples Of Early Piety

o Excellency Of The Bible, The

o For Lord's Day Evening

o For The Lord's Day Morning

o General Song Of Praise To God, A

o Good Resolutions

o Heaven And Hell

o Hosanna; or Salvation Ascribed To Christ, The

o Hymn 1:01 [Behold The Glories Of The Lamb]

o Hymn 1:02 [Ere The Blue Heavens Were Stretch'd Abroad]

o Hymn 1:03 [Behold, the grace appears]

o Hymn 1:04 [Questions And Doubts Be Heard No More]

o Hymn 1:05 [Naked As From The Earth We Came]

o Hymn 1:06 [Great God, I Own Thy Sentence Just]

o Hymn 1:07 [Let Every Mortal Ear Attend]

o Hymn 1:08 [How Honourable Is The Place]

o Hymn 1:09 [In Vain We Lavish Out Our Lives]

o Hymn 1:10 [How Beauteous Are Their Feet]

o Hymn 1:100 [Not To Condemn The Sons Of Men]

o Hymn 1:101 [Who Can Describe The Joys That Rise]

o Hymn 1:102 [Bless'd Are The Humble Souls That See]

o Hymn 1:103 [I'm Not Asham'd To Own My Lord]

o Hymn 1:104 [Not The Malicious Or Profane]

o Hymn 1:105 [Nor Eye Has Seen, Nor Ear Has Heard]

o Hymn 1:106 [Shall we go on to sin]

o Hymn 1:107 [Deceiv'd By Subtle Snares Of Hell]

o Hymn 1:108 [Not With Our Mortal Eyes]

o Hymn 1:109 [No More, My God, I Boast No More]

o Hymn 1:11 [There Was An Hour When Christ Rejoic'd]

o Hymn 1:110 [There Is A House Not Made With Hands]

o Hymn 1:111 [Lord, We Confess Our Numerous Faults]

o Hymn 1:112 [So Did The Hebrew Prophet Raise]

o Hymn 1:113 [How Large The Promise! How Divine]

o Hymn 1:114 [Gentiles By Nature We Belong]

o Hymn 1:115 [Lord, How Secure My Conscience Was]

o Hymn 1:116 [Thus Saith The First, The Great Command]

o Hymn 1:117 [Behold The Potter And The Clay]

o Hymn 1:118 [The Law By Moses Came]

o Hymn 1:119 [Christ And His Cross Is All Our Theme]

o Hymn 1:12 [Jesus, The Man Of Constant Grief]

o Hymn 1:120 [Faith Is The Brightest Evidence]

o Hymn 1:121 [Thus Saith The Mercy Of The Lord]

o Hymn 1:122 [Do We Not Know That Solemn Word]

o Hymn 1:123 [Behold The Wretch Whose Lust And Wine]

o Hymn 1:124 [Deep In The Dust Before Thy Throne]

o Hymn 1:125 [With Joy We Meditate The Grace]

o Hymn 1:126 [Not Different Food, Or Different Dress]

o Hymn 1:127 [Come Hither, All Ye Weary Souls]

o Hymn 1:128 [Go Preach My Gospel]

o Hymn 1:129 [Saints, At Your Father's Heavenly Word]

o Hymn 1:13 [The Lands That Long In Darkness Lay]

o Hymn 1:130 [Now By The Bowels Of My God]

o Hymn 1:131 [Behold How Sinners Disagree]

o Hymn 1:132 [So Let Our Lips And Lives Express]

o Hymn 1:133 [Let Pharisees Of High Esteem]

o Hymn 1:134 [Had I The Tongues Of Greeks And Jews]

o Hymn 1:135 [Come, Dearest Lord, Descend And Dwell]

o Hymn 1:136 [God Is A Spirit Just And Wise]

o Hymn 1:137 [Now To The Power Of God Supreme]

o Hymn 1:138 [Firm As The Earth Thy Gospel Stands]

o Hymn 1:139 [How Oft Have Sin And Satan Strove]

o Hymn 1:14 [Who Shall The Lord's Elect Condemn?]

o Hymn 1:140 [Mistaken Souls! That Dream Of Heaven]

o Hymn 1:141 [Who Has Believ'd Thy Word]

o Hymn 1:142 [Like Sheep We Went Astray]

o Hymn 1:143 [So New Born Babes Desire The Breast]

o Hymn 1:144 [Why Should The Children Of A King]

o Hymn 1:145 [Jesus, In Thee Our Eyes Behold]

o Hymn 1:146 [Go, Worship At Immanuel's Feet]

o Hymn 1:147 ['Tis From The Treasures Of His Word]

o Hymn 1:148. As The 148th Psalm [With Cheerful Voice I Sing]

o Hymn 1:149 [Join All The Names Of Love And Power]

o Hymn 1:15 [Let Me But Hear My Saviour Say]

o Hymn 1:150. As The 149th Psalm [Join All The Glorious Names]

o Hymn 1:16 [Hosanna To The Royal Son]

o Hymn 1:17 [O For An Overcoming Faith]

o Hymn 1:18 [Hear What The Voice From Heaven Proclaims]

o Hymn 1:19 [Lord At Thy Temple We Appear]

o Hymn 1:20 [Awake, My Heart, Arise, My Tongue]

o Hymn 1:21 [Lo, What A Glorious Sight Appears]

o Hymn 1:22 [What Vain Desires, And Passions Vain]

o Hymn 1:23 [Must All The Charms Of Nature Then]

o Hymn 1:24 [In Vain The Wealthy Mortals Toil]

o Hymn 1:25 [All Mortal Vanities, Be Gone]

o Hymn 1:26 [Bless'd Be The Everlasting God]

o Hymn 1:27 [Death May Dissolve My Body Now]

o Hymn 1:28 [What Mighty Man, Or Mighty God]

o Hymn 1:29 ["I Lift My Banners," Saith The Lord]

o Hymn 1:30 [In Thine Own Ways, O God Of Love]

o Hymn 1:31 [O Happy Soul That Lives On High]

o Hymn 1:32 [Whence Do Our Mournful Thoughts Arise?]

o Hymn 1:33 [What Shall The Dying Sinner Do]

o Hymn 1:34 [Jesus, Thy Blessings Are Not Few]

o Hymn 1:35 [Let Those Who Bear The Christian Name]

o Hymn 1:36 [O 'tis A Lovely Thing To See]

o Hymn 1:37 [Do I Believe What Jesus Saith]

o Hymn 1:38 [Blessed Redeemer How Divine]

o Hymn 1:39 [How Shall My Inward Joys Arise]

o Hymn 1:40 [What Happy Men, Or Angels These]

o Hymn 1:41 [These Glorious Minds, How Bright They Shine]

o Hymn 1:42 [Adore And Tremble, For Our God]

o Hymn 1:43 [How Vast The Treasure We Possess!]

o Hymn 1:44 [And Is This Life Prolong'd To Me?]

o Hymn 1:45 [See Where The Great Incarnate God]

o Hymn 1:46 [Awake, My Zeal, Awake, My Love]

o Hymn 1:47 [Must Friends And Kindred Drop And Die?]

o Hymn 1:48 [Awake, Our Souls, Away, Our Fears]

o Hymn 1:49 [How Strong Thine Arm Is, Mighty God]

o Hymn 1:50 [Now Be The God Of Israel Bless'd]

o Hymn 1:51 [To God The Only Wise]

o Hymn 1:52 ['Twas The Commission Of Our Lord]

o Hymn 1:53 [God Who In Various Methods Told]

o Hymn 1:54 [Jesus, We Bless Thy Father's Name]

o Hymn 1:55 [When We Are Rais'd From Deep Distress]

o Hymn 1:56 [We Sing The Glories Of Thy Love]

o Hymn 1:57 [Backward With Humble Shame We Look]

o Hymn 1:58 [Let Mortal Tongues Attempt To Sing]

o Hymn 1:59 [In Gabriel's Hand A Mighty Stone]

o Hymn 1:60 [Our Souls Shall Magnify The Lord]

o Hymn 1:61 [Now To The Lord That Makes Us Know]

o Hymn 1:62 [Come Let Us Join Our Cheerful Songs]

o Hymn 1:63 [What equal honours shall we bring]

o Hymn 1:64 [Behold What Wondrous Grace]

o Hymn 1:65 [Let The Seventh Angel Sound On High]

o Hymn 1:66 [Let Him Embrace My Soul, And Prove]

o Hymn 1:67 [Thou Whom My Soul Admires Above]

o Hymn 1:68 [Behold The Rose Of Sharon Here]

o Hymn 1:69 [The Voice Of My Beloved Sounds]

o Hymn 1:70 [Hark, The Redeemer From On High]

o Hymn 1:71 [Often I Seek My Lord By Night]

o Hymn 1:72 [Daughters Of Sion, Come, Behold]

o Hymn 1:73 [Kind Is The Speech Of Christ Our Lord]

o Hymn 1:74 [We Are A Garden Wall'd Around]

o Hymn 1:75 [The Wondering World Enquires To Know]

o Hymn 1:76 [When Strangers Stand And Hear Me Tell]

o Hymn 1:77 [Now In The Galleries Of His Grace]

o Hymn 1:78 [Who Is This Fair One In Distress]

o Hymn 1:79 [God Of The Morning, At Whose Voice]

o Hymn 1:80 [Thus Far The Lord Has Led Me On]

o Hymn 1:81 [My God, How Endless Is Thy Love!]

o Hymn 1:82 [Shall The Vile Race Of Flesh And Blood]

o Hymn 1:83 [Not From The Dust Affliction Grows]

o Hymn 1:84 [Jehovah Speaks, Let Israel Hear]

o Hymn 1:85 [The Lord On High Proclaims]

o Hymn 1:86 [How Should The Sons Of Adam's Race]

o Hymn 1:87 [Thus saith the High and Lofty One]

o Hymn 1:88 [Life Is The Time To Serve The Lord]

o Hymn 1:89 [Ye Sons Of Adam, Vain And Young]

o Hymn 1:90 [Lo The Young Tribes Of Adam Rise]

o Hymn 1:91 [Now In The Heat Of Youthful Blood]

o Hymn 1:92 [Shall Wisdom Cry Aloud]

o Hymn 1:93 [Thus Saith The Wisdom Of The Lord]

o Hymn 1:94 [Vain are the hopes the sons of men]

o Hymn 1:95 [Not All The Outward Forms On Earth]

o Hymn 1:96 [But Few Among The Carnal Wise]

o Hymn 1:97 [Bury'd In Shadows Of The Night]

o Hymn 1:98 [How Heavy Is The Night]

o Hymn 1:99 [Vain Are The Hopes That Rebels Place]

o Hymn 2:01 [Nature With All Her Powers Shall Sing]

o Hymn 2:02 [My Thoughts On Awful Subjects Roll]

o Hymn 2:03 [Why Do We Mourn Departing Friends]

o Hymn 2:04 [here At Thy Cross, My Dying God]

o Hymn 2:10 [My Soul Forsakes Her Vain Delight]

o Hymn 2:100 [How Full Of Anguish Is The Thought]

o Hymn 2:101 [When In The Light Of Faith Divine]

o Hymn 2:102 [No, I'll Repine At Death No More]

o Hymn 2:103 [Come Happy Souls, Approach Your God]

o Hymn 2:104 [Raise Your Triumphant Songs]

o Hymn 2:105 [And Are We Wretches Yet Alive?]

o Hymn 2:106 [Oh, If My Soul Was Form'd For Woe]

o Hymn 2:107 [That Awful Day Will Surely Come]

o Hymn 2:108 [Come, Let Us Lift Our Joyful Eyes]

o Hymn 2:109 [Lord, We Adore Thy Vast Designs]

o Hymn 2:11 [Send The Joys Of Earth Away]

o Hymn 2:110 [And Must This Body Die?]

o Hymn 2:111 [Zion Rejoice, And Judah Sing]

o Hymn 2:112 [Great God, To What A Glorious Height]

o Hymn 2:113 [The Majesty Of Solomon!]

o Hymn 2:114 [I Sing My Saviour's Wondrous Death]

o Hymn 2:115 [High As The Heavens Above The Ground]

o Hymn 2:116 [How Can I Sink With Such A Prop]

o Hymn 2:117 [I Cannot Bear Thine Absence, Lord]

o Hymn 2:118 [Blood Has A Voice To Pierce The Skies]

o Hymn 2:119 [Laden With Guilt, And Full Of Fears]

o Hymn 2:12 [The True Messiah Now Appears]

o Hymn 2:120 [The Lord Declares His Will]

o Hymn 2:121 [The law commands, and makes us know]

o Hymn 2:122 [My God, Permit Me Not To Be]

o Hymn 2:123 [Away From Every Mortal Care]

o Hymn 2:124 ['Tis Not The Law Of Ten Commands]

o Hymn 2:125 [Life And Immortal Joys Are Given]

o Hymn 2:126 [The Lord, Descending From Above]

o Hymn 2:127 [Thus Did The Sons Of Abrah'm Pass]

o Hymn 2:128 [Bless'd With The Joy Of Innocence]

o Hymn 2:129 ['Tis By The Faith Of Joys To Come]

o Hymn 2:13 [Sing To The Lord That Built The Skies]

o Hymn 2:130 [Attend While God's Exalted Son]

o Hymn 2:131 [Let Everlasting Glories Crown]

o Hymn 2:132 [We Bless The Prophet Of The Lord]

o Hymn 2:133 [Eternal Spirit! We Confess]

o Hymn 2:134 [The Promise Was Divinely Free]

o Hymn 2:135 [Behold The Woman's Promis'd Seed!]

o Hymn 2:136 [The King Of Glory Sends His Son]

o Hymn 2:137 [Behold The Blind Their Sight Receive]

o Hymn 2:138 [This Is The Word Of Truth And Love]

o Hymn 2:139 [My Dear Redeemer And My Lord]

o Hymn 2:14 [Welcome, Sweet Day Of Rest]

o Hymn 2:140 [Give Me The Wings Of Faith To Rise]

o Hymn 2:141 [My Saviour-God, My Sovereign-Prince]

o Hymn 2:142 [Not All The Blood Of Beasts]

o Hymn 2:143 [What Different Powers Of Grace And Sin]

o Hymn 2:144 [Great Was The Day, The Joy Was Great]

o Hymn 2:145 [I Love The Windows Of Thy Grace]

o Hymn 2:146 [Man Has A Soul Of Vast Desires]

o Hymn 2:147 [Now let a spacious world arise]

o Hymn 2:148 [Dearest Of All The Names Above]

o Hymn 2:149 [Eternal Sovereign of the sky]

o Hymn 2:15 [Far From My Thoughts, Vain World, Be Gone]

o Hymn 2:150 [Sin Has A Thousand Treacherous Arts]

o Hymn 2:151 ['Twas By An Order From The Lord]

o Hymn 2:152 [Not To The Terrors Of The Lord]

o Hymn 2:153 [Sin Like A Venomous Disease]

o Hymn 2:154 [Where Are The Mourners (saith The Lord)]

o Hymn 2:155 [Lo The Destroying Angel Flies]

o Hymn 2:156 [I Hate The Tempter And His Charms]

o Hymn 2:157 [Now Satan Comes With Dreadful Roar]

o Hymn 2:158 [Broad Is The Road That Leads To Death]

o Hymn 2:159 [Great King Of Glory And Of Grace]

o Hymn 2:16 [Lord, What A Heaven Of Saving Grace]

o Hymn 2:160 [Let The Wild Leopards Of The Wood]

o Hymn 2:161 [Strait Is The Way, The Door Is Strait]

o Hymn 2:162 [My Thoughts Surmount These Lower Skies]

o Hymn 2:163 [Dear Lord, Behold Our Sore Distress]

o Hymn 2:164 [Why Should This Earth Delight Us So?]

o Hymn 2:165 [Long Have I Sat Beneath The Sound]

o Hymn 2:166 [How Shall I Praise Th' Eternal God]

o Hymn 2:167 [Great God, Thy Glories Shall Employ]

o Hymn 2:168 [Jehovah Reigns, His Throne Is High]

o Hymn 2:169. As The 148th Psalm [Lord Jehovah Reigns]

o Hymn 2:17 [Rise, Rise, My Soul, And Leave The Ground]

o Hymn 2:170 [Can Creatures To Perfection Find ]

o Hymn 2:18 [High On A Hill Of Dazzling Light]

o Hymn 2:19 [Let Others Boast How Strong They Be]

o Hymn 2:20 [Why Is My Heart So Far From Thee]

o Hymn 2:21 [Let The Old Heathens Tune Their Song]

o Hymn 2:22 [Terrible God, That Reign'st On High]

o Hymn 2:23 [Descend From Heaven, Immortal Dove]

o Hymn 2:24 [When The Great Builder Arch'd The Skies]

o Hymn 2:25 [My Drowsy Powers, Why Sleep Ye So?]

o Hymn 2:26 [Lord, We Are Blind, We Mortals Blind]

o Hymn 2:27 [God! The Eternal Awful Name]

o Hymn 2:28 [Stoop Down, My Thoughts, That Use To Rise]

o Hymn 2:29 [Jesus, With All Thy Saints Above]

o Hymn 2:30 [Come, We That Love The Lord]

o Hymn 2:31 [Why Should We Start And Fear To Die?]

o Hymn 2:32 [How Short And Hasty Is Our Life!]

o Hymn 2:33 [Raise Thee, My Soul, Fly Up, And Run]

o Hymn 2:34 [Come, Holy Spirit, Heavenly Dove]

o Hymn 2:35 [Let Them Neglect Thy Glory, Lord]

o Hymn 2:36 [Well, The Redeemer's Gone]

o Hymn 2:37 [Lift Up Your Eyes To Th' Heavenly Seats]

o Hymn 2:38 [Happy The Heart Where Graces Reign]

o Hymn 2:39 [Our Days, Alas! Our Mortal Days]

o Hymn 2:40 [Our God, How Firm His Promise Stands]

o Hymn 2:41 [Up To The Fields Where Angels Lie]

o Hymn 2:42 [My God, What Endless Pleasures Dwell]

o Hymn 2:43 [Now For A Tune Of Lofty Praise]

o Hymn 2:44 [With Holy Fear And Humble Song]

o Hymn 2:45 [Thy Favours Lord, Surprise Our Souls]

o Hymn 2:46 [Up To The Lord That Reigns On High]

o Hymn 2:47 [Now To The Lord A Noble Song!]

o Hymn 2:48 [How Vain Are All Things Here Below!]

o Hymn 2:49 [Death Cannot Make Our Souls Afraid]

o Hymn 2:5 [Lord, When My Thoughts With Wonder Roll]

o Hymn 2:50 [Now Let The Lord My Saviour Smile]

o Hymn 2:51 [Bright King Of Glory, Dreadful God!]

o Hymn 2:52 [Death! 'tis A Melancholy Day]

o Hymn 2:53 [Lord! What A Wretched Land Is This]

o Hymn 2:54 [My God, The Spring Of All My Joys]

o Hymn 2:55 [Thee We Adore, Eternal Name]

o Hymn 2:56 [O, I Shall Envy Them No More]

o Hymn 2:57 [Lord, How Secure And Bless'd Are They]

o Hymn 2:58 [Time! What An Empty Vapour 'Tis!]

o Hymn 2:59 [Glory To God That Walks The Sky]

o Hymn 2:6 [Once More, My Soul, The Rising Day]

o Hymn 2:60 [Praise, Everlasting Praise Be Paid]

o Hymn 2:61 [My Soul, Come Meditate The Day]

o Hymn 2:62 [Sing To The Lord, Ye Heavenly Hosts]

o Hymn 2:63 [Hark! From The Tombs A Doleful Sound]

o Hymn 2:64 [Happy The Church, Thou Sacred Place]

o Hymn 2:65 [When I Can Read My Title Clear]

o Hymn 2:66 [There Is A Land Of Pure Delight]

o Hymn 2:67 [Great God, How Infinite Art Thou!]

o Hymn 2:68 [Father, I Long, I Faint To See]

o Hymn 2:69 [Begin, My Tongue, Some Heavenly Theme]

o Hymn 2:7 [Dread Sovereign, Let My Evening Song]

o Hymn 2:70 [God Of The Seas, Thy Thundering Voice]

o Hymn 2:71 [The Glories Of My Maker God], t

o Hymn 2:72 [Bless'd Morning, Whose Young Dawning Rays]

o Hymn 2:73 [Hence From My Soul, Sad Thoughts, Be Gone]

o Hymn 2:74 [Is This The Kind Return]

o Hymn 2:75 [From Thee, My God, My Joys Shall Rise]

o Hymn 2:76 [Hosanna To The Prince Of Light]

o Hymn 2:77 [Stand Up, My Soul, Shake Off Thy Fears]

o Hymn 2:78 [When The First Parents Of Our Race]

o Hymn 2:79 [Plung'd In A Gulph Of Dark Despair]

o Hymn 2:8 [Hosanna, With A Cheerful Sound]

o Hymn 2:80 [O The Almighty Lord!]

o Hymn 2:81 [And Now The Scales Have Left Mine Eyes]

o Hymn 2:82 [Arise My Soul, My Joyful Powers]

o Hymn 2:83 [Thus Saith The Ruler Of The Skies]

o Hymn 2:84 [Come, All Harmonious Tongues]

o Hymn 2:85 [Why Does Your Face, Ye Humble Souls]

o Hymn 2:86 [Our Sins, Alas, How Strong They Be!]

o Hymn 2:87 [How Wond'rous Great, How Glorious Bright]

o Hymn 2:88 [Salvation! O, The Joyful Sound!]

o Hymn 2:89 [Hosanna To Our Conquering King!]

o Hymn 2:9 [Alas! And Did My Saviour Bleed]

o Hymn 2:90 [How Sad Our State By Nature Is!]

o Hymn 2:91 [O The Delights, The Heavenly Joys]

o Hymn 2:92 [Shout To The Lord, And Let Our Joys]

o Hymn 2:93 [My God, My Life, My Love]

o Hymn 2:94 [My God, My Portion, And My Love]

o Hymn 2:95 [Infinite Grief! Amazing Woe!]

o Hymn 2:96 [Down Headlong From Their Native Skies]

o Hymn 2:97 [From Heaven The Sinning Angels Fell]

o Hymn 2:98 [My Heart, How Dreadful Hard It Is!]

o Hymn 2:99 [Let The Whole Race Of Creatures Lie]

o Hymn 3:1 ['Twas On That Dark, That Doleful Night]

o Hymn 3:10 [Nature with open volume stands]

o Hymn 3:11 [Lord, How Divine Thy Comforts Are]

o Hymn 3:12 [How Rich Are Thy Provisions Lord!]

o Hymn 3:13 [How Sweet And Awful Is The Place]

o Hymn 3:14 [Now have our hearts embrac'd our God]

o Hymn 3:15 [The Memory Of Our Dying Lord]

o Hymn 3:16 [Now Let Our Pains Be All Forgot]

o Hymn 3:17 [We Sing Th' Amazing Deeds]

o Hymn 3:18 [Jesus, We Bow Before Thy Feet]

o Hymn 3:19 [At Thy Command, Our Dearest Lord]

o Hymn 3:2 [Jesus Invites His Saints]

o Hymn 3:20 [Lord, We Adore Thy Bounteous Hand]

o Hymn 3:21 [Come Let Us Lift Our Voices High]

o Hymn 3:22 [Our Spirits Join T' Adore The Lamb]

o Hymn 3:23 [Sitting Around Our Father's Board]

o Hymn 3:24 [Father, We Wait To Feel Thy Grace]

o Hymn 3:25 [How Are Thy Glories Here Display'd]

o Hymn 3:26. 1st. L.M. [Bless'd Be The Father And His Love]

o Hymn 3:27. 1st. C. M. [Glory To God The Father's Name]

o Hymn 3:28. 1st. S. M. [Let God The Father Live]

o Hymn 3:29. 2D. L.M. [Glory To God The Trinity]

o Hymn 3:3 [The Promise Of My Father's Love]

o Hymn 3:30. 2D. C. M. [The God Of Mercy Be Ador'd]

o Hymn 3:31. 2D. S. M. [Father of lights above]

o Hymn 3:32. 3D. L. M. [To God The Father, God The Son]

o Hymn 3:33 [All Glory To Thy Wondrous Name]

o Hymn 3:34. 3d. C. M [Now Let The Father And The Son]

o Hymn 3:35 [Honour To Thee, Almighty Three]

o Hymn 3:36. 3D. S. M. [Ye Angels Round The Throne]

o Hymn 3:37 [Give To The Father Praise]

o Hymn 3:38 [I Give Immortal Praise]

o Hymn 3:39 [To Him that chose us first]

o Hymn 3:4 [How Condescending And How Kind]

o Hymn 3:40 [To God The Father's Throne]

o Hymn 3:41 [To Our Eternal God]

o Hymn 3:42. L. M. [Hosanna To King David's Son]

o Hymn 3:43. C. M. [Hosanna To The Prince Of Grace]

o Hymn 3:44. S. M. [Hosanna To The Son]

o Hymn 3:45. As The 148th Psalm [Hosanna To The King]

o Hymn 3:5 [Let Us Adore Th' Eternal Word]

o Hymn 3:6 [Jesus Is Gone Above The Skies]

o Hymn 3:7 [When I Survey The Wondrous Cross]

o Hymn 3:8 [Come Let Us Join A Joyful Tune]

o Hymn 3:9 [Let All Our Tongues Be One]

o Innocent Play

o Love Between Brothers And Sisters

o Morning Song, A

o Obedience To Parents

o Our Saviour's Golden Rule

o Praise For Birth And Education In A Christian Land

o Praise For Creation And Providence

o Praise For Mercies Spiritual And Temporal

o Praise For The Gospel

o Praise To God For Learning To Read

o Praise To God For Our Redemption

o Psalm 10 [Why Doth The Lord Stand Off So Far]

o Psalm 100:1 [Ye Nations Round The Earth Rejoice]

o Psalm 100:2 A Paraphrase [Sing To The Lord With Joyful Voice]

o Psalm 101:1 [Mercy And Judgment Are My Song]

o Psalm 101:2 [Of Justice And Of Grace I Sing]

o Psalm 102:1 First Part [Hear Me, O God, Nor Hide Thy Face]

o Psalm 102:2 Second Part [Let Zion And Her Sons Rejoice]

o Psalm 102:3 Third Part [It Is The Lord Our Saviour's Hand]

o Psalm 103:1 First Part [Bless, O My Soul, The Living God]

o Psalm 103:2 Second Part [The Lord, How Wondrous Are His Ways]

o Psalm 103:3 First Part [O Bless The Lord, My Soul]

o Psalm 103:4 Second Part [My Soul, Repeat His Praise]

o Psalm 103:5 Third Part [The Lord, The Sovereign King]

o Psalm 104 [My Soul, Thy Great Creator Praise]

o Psalm 105 [Give Thanks To God, Invoke His Name]

o Psalm 106:1 First Part [To God, The Great, The Ever Blest]

o Psalm 106:2. 2d Part [God Of Eternal Love]

o Psalm 107:1 First Part [Give Thanks To God; He Reigns Above]

o Psalm 107:2 Second Part [From Age To Age Exalt His Name]

o Psalm 107:3 Third Part [Vain Man, On Foolish Pleasures Bent]

o Psalm 107:4 Fourth Part. [Would You Behold The Works Of God]

o Psalm 107:5 Fourth Part Thy Works Of Glory, Mighty Lord]

o Psalm 107:6 Last Part [When God, Provok'd With Daring Crimes]

o Psalm 109 [God Of My Mercy And My Praise]

o Psalm 11 [My refuge is the God of love]

o Psalm 110:1 First Part [Thus The Eternal Father Spake]

o Psalm 110:2 Second Part [Thus The Great Lord Of Earth And Sea]

o Psalm 110:3 [Jesus, Our Lord, Ascend Thy Throne]

o Psalm 111:1 First Part [Songs Of Immortal Praise Belong]

o Psalm 111:2. Second Part [Great Is The Lord; His Works Of Might]

o Psalm 112:1. As The 113th Psalm

o Psalm 112:2 [Thrice Happy Man Who Fears The Lord]

o Psalm 112:3 [Happy Is He That Fears The Lord]

o Psalm 113:1 Proper Time [Ye That Delight To Serve The Lord]

o Psalm 113:2 [Ye Servants Of Th' Almighty King]

o Psalm 114 [When Israel, Freed From Pharaoh's Hand]

o Psalm 115:1 First Metre [Not To Ourselves, Who Are But Dust]

o Psalm 115:2 Second Metre [Not To Our Names, Thou Only Just And True]

o Psalm 116:1 First Part [I Love The Lord; He Heard My Cries]

o Psalm 116:2 Second Part [What Shall I Render To My God]

o Psalm 117:1 [All Ye Nations, Praise The Lord]

o Psalm 117:2 [From All That Dwell Below The Skies]

o Psalm 117:3 [Thy Name, Almighty Lord]

o Psalm 118:1 First Part [The Lord Appears My Helper Now]

o Psalm 118:2 Second Part [Lord, Thou Hast Heard Thy Servant Cry]

o Psalm 118:3 Third Part [Behold The Sure Foundation-Stone]

o Psalm 118:4 Fourth Part [This Is The Day The Lord Hath Made]

o Psalm 118:5 [See What A Living-Stone]

o Psalm 118:6 [Lo! What A Glorious Corner-Stone]

o Psalm 119 [I have collected and disposed the most useful]

o Psalm 119:01 First Part [Blest Are The Undefil'd In Heart]

o Psalm 119:02 Second Part [To Thee, Before The Dawning Light]

o Psalm 119:03 Third Part [Thou Art My Portion, O My God]

o Psalm 119:04 Fourth Part [How Shall The Young Secure Their Hearts]

o Psalm 119:05 Fifth Part [O How I Love Thy Holy Law!]

o Psalm 119:06 Sixth Part [Lord, I Esteem Thy Judgments Right]

o Psalm 119:07 Seventh Part [Let All The Heathen Writers Join]

o Psalm 119:08. Eighth Part [Lord, I Have Made Thy Word My Choice]

o Psalm 119:09 Ninth Part [Thy Mercies Fill The Earth, O Lord]

o Psalm 119:10 Tenth Part [Behold Thy Waiting Servant, Lord]

o Psalm 119:11. Eleventh Part [O That The Lord Would Guide My Ways]

o Psalm 119:12 Twelfth Part [My God, Consider My Distress]

o Psalm 119:13 Thirteenth Part [With My Whole Heart I've Sought Thy Face]

o Psalm 119:14 Fourteenth Part [Consider All My Sorrows, Lord]

o Psalm 119:15 Fifteenth Part [That Thy Statutes Every Hour]

o Psalm 119:16 Sixteenth Part [My Soul Lies Cleaving To The Dust]

o Psalm 119:18 Last Part [Father, I Bless Thy Gentle Hand]

o Psalm 120 [Thou God Of Love, Thou Ever Blest]

o Psalm 121:1 [Up To The Hills I Lift Mine Eyes]

o Psalm 121:2 [To Heaven I Lift My Waiting Eyes]

o Psalm 121:3 As The 148th Psalm [Upward I Lift Mine Eyes]

o Psalm 122:1 [How Did My Heart Rejoice To Hear]

o Psalm 122:2 Proper Tune [How Pleas'd And Blest Was I]

o Psalm 123 [O Thou Whose Grace And Justice Reign]

o Psalm 124 [Had Not The Lord, May Israel Say]

o Psalm 125:1 [Unshaken As The Sacred Hill]

o Psalm 125:2 [Firm And Unmov'd Are They]

o Psalm 126:1 [When God Restor'd Our Captive State]

o Psalm 126:2 [When God Reveal'd His Gracious Name]

o Psalm 127:1 [If God Succeed Not, All The Cost]

o Psalm 127:2 [If God To Build The House Deny]

o Psalm 128 [O Happy Man, Whose Soul Is Fill'd]

o Psalm 129 [Up from my youth, may Israel say,]

o Psalm 12:1. L. M. [Lord, If Thou Dost Not Soon Appear]

o Psalm 12:2. C. M. [Help, Lord, For Men Of Virtue Fail]

o Psalm 130:1 [Out Of The Deeps Of Long Distress]

o Psalm 130:2 [From Deep Distress And Troubled Thoughts]

o Psalm 131 [Is There Ambition In My Heart?]

o Psalm 132:1 [Where Shall We Go To Seek And Find]

o Psalm 132:2 [No Sleep Nor Slumber To His Eyes]

o Psalm 133:1 [Lo! What An Entertaining Sight]

o Psalm 133:2 [Blest Are The Sons Of Peace]

o Psalm 133:3 As The 122nd Psalm [How Pleasant 'tis To See]

o Psalm 134 [Ye That Obey Th' Immortal King]

o Psalm 135:1 First Part [Praise Ye The Lord, Exalt His Name]

o Psalm 135:2 Second Part [His Power The Same, The Same His Grace]

o Psalm 135:3 [Awake, Ye Saints; To Praise Your King]

o Psalm 136:1 [Give Thanks To God The Sovereign Lord]

o Psalm 136:2 As The 148th Psalm [Give Thanks To God Most High]

o Psalm 136:3 [Give To Our God Immortal Praise]

o Psalm 138 [With All My Powers Of Heart And Tongue]

o Psalm 139:1 First Part [Lord, Thou Hast Search'd And Seen Me Thro']

o Psalm 139:2 Second Part ['Twas From Thy Hand, My God, I Came]

o Psalm 139:3 Third Part [My God, What Inward Grief I Feel]

o Psalm 139:4 First Part [In All My Vast Concerns With Thee]

o Psalm 139:5 Second Part [When I With Pleasing Wonder Stand]

o Psalm 139:6 Third Part [Lord, When I Count Thy Mercies O'er]

o Psalm 13:1. L. M. [How Long, Lord, Shall I Complain]

o Psalm 13:2. C. M. [How Long Wilt Thou Conceal Thy Face?]

o Psalm 141 [My God, Accept My Early Vows]

o Psalm 142 [To God I Made My Sorrows Known]

o Psalm 143 [My Righteous Judge, My Gracious God]

o Psalm 144:1 First Part [For Ever Blessed Be The Lord]

o Psalm 144:2 Second Part [Lord, What Is Man, Poor Feeble Man]

o Psalm 144:3 Third Part [Happy The City, Where Their Sons]

o Psalm 145:1 [My God, My King, Thy Various Praise]

o Psalm 145:2 First Part [Long As I Live I'll Bless Thy Name]

o Psalm 145:3 Second Part [Sweet Is The Memory Of Thy Grace]

o Psalm 145:4 Third Part [Let Every Tongue Thy Goodness Speak]

o Psalm 146:1 [Praise Ye The Lord, My Heart Shall Join]

o Psalm 146:2 As The 113th Psalm [I'll Praise My Maker With My Breath]

o Psalm 147:1 First Part [Praise Ye The Lord; 'tis Good To Raise]

o Psalm 147:2 Second Part [O Britain, Praise Thy Mighty God]

o Psalm 147:3 [With Songs And Honours Sounding Loud]

o Psalm 148:1 [Ye Tribes Of Adam, Join]

o Psalm 148:2 Paraphrased [Loud Hallelujahs To The Lord]

o Psalm 148:3 [Let Every Creature Join]

o Psalm 149 [All Ye That Love The Lord, Rejoice]

o Psalm 14:1. First Part [Fools In Their Hearts Believe And Say]

o Psalm 14:2. Second Part [Are Sinners Now So Senseless Grown]

o Psalm 150 [In God's Own House Pronounce His Praise]

o Psalm 15:1 C. M. [Who Shall Inhabit In Thy Hill]

o Psalm 15:2. L. M. [who Shall Ascend Thy Heavenly Place]

o Psalm 16:1. Part I [Preserve Me, Lord, In Time Of Need]

o Psalm 16:2. Second Part [How Fast Their Guilt And Sorrows Rise]

o Psalm 16:3 Third Part [When God Is Nigh, My Faith Is Strong]

o Psalm 16:4 First Part [Save Me, O Lord, From Every Foe]

o Psalm 16:5 Second Part [I Set The Lord Before My Face]

o Psalm 17:1 [Arise, My Gracious God]

o Psalm 17:2 [Lord, I Am Thine; But Thou Wilt Prove]

o Psalm 18:1 First Part [Thee Will I Love, O Lord, My Strength]

o Psalm 18:2 [Lord, Thou Hast Seen My Soul Sincere]

o Psalm 18:3 [Just Are Thy Ways, And True Thy Word]

o Psalm 18:4 First Part [We Love Thee, Lord, And We Adore]

o Psalm 18:5 Second Part [To Thine Almighty Arm We Owe]

o Psalm 19:1 First Part [Behold The Lofty Sky]

o Psalm 19:2 Second Part [Behold The Morning Sun]

o Psalm 19:3 [The Heavens Declare Thy Glory, Lord]

o Psalm 19:4 [Great God, The Heaven's Well-Order'd Frame]

o Psalm 1:1. Common Metre [Blest Is The Man Who Shuns The Place]

o Psalm 1:2. S. M. [The Man Is Ever Blest]

o Psalm 1:3. L. M. [Happy The Man Whose Cautious Feet]

o Psalm 20 [Now May The God Of Power And Grace]

o Psalm 21:1 [The King, O Lord, With Songs Of Praise]

o Psalm 21:2 [David Rejoic'd In God His Strength]

o Psalm 22:1 [Why has my God my soul forsook]

o Psalm 22:2 [Now From The Roaring Lion's Rage]

o Psalm 22:3 [Now Let Our Mournful Songs Record]

o Psalm 23:1 [My shepherd is the living Lord]

o Psalm 23:2 [My Shepherd Will Supply My Need]

o Psalm 23:3 [The Lord My Shepherd Is]

o Psalm 24:1 [The Earth For Ever Is The Lord's]

o Psalm 24:2 [This Spacious Earth Is All The Lord's]

o Psalm 25:1 First Part [I Lift My Soul To God]

o Psalm 25:2 Second Part [Where Shall The Man Be Found]

o Psalm 25:3 [Mine Eyes And My Desire]

o Psalm 26 [Judge Me, O Lord, And Prove My Ways]

o Psalm 27:1 [The Lord Of Glory Is My Light]

o Psalm 27:2 Second Part [Soon As I Heard My Father Say]

o Psalm 29 [Give To The Lord, Ye Sons Of Fame]

o Psalm 2:1. S. M. [Maker And Sovereign Lord]

o Psalm 2:2. C. M. [Why Did The Nations Join To Slay]

o Psalm 2:3. L. M. [Why Did The Jews Proclaim Their Rage?]

o Psalm 30:1 First Part [I Will Extol Thee, Lord, On High]

o Psalm 30:2 Second Part [Firm Was My Health, My Day Was Bright]

o Psalm 31:1 First Part [Into Thine Hand, O God Of Truth]

o Psalm 31:2 Second Part [My Heart Rejoices In Thy Name]

o Psalm 32:1 [O Blessed Souls Are They]

o Psalm 32:2 First Part [Happy The Man To Whom His God]

o Psalm 32:3 [Blest Is The Man, For Ever Blest]

o Psalm 32:4 Second Part [While I Keep Silence, And Conceal]

o Psalm 33:1 First Part [Rejoice, Ye Righteous, In The Lord]

o Psalm 33:2 Second Part [Blest Is The Nation Where The Lord]

o Psalm 33:3. First Part. As The 113th Psalm

o Psalm 33:4 Second Part. As The 113th Psalm

o Psalm 34:1 First Part [Lord, I Will Bless Thee All My Days]

o Psalm 34:2 Second Part [Children In Years And Knowledge Young]

o Psalm 34:3 First Part [I'll Bless The Lord From Day To Day]

o Psalm 34:4 Second Part [Come, Children, Learn To Fear The Lord]

o Psalm 35:1 First Part [Now Plead My Cause, Almighty God]

o Psalm 35:2 [Behold The Love, The Generous Love]

o Psalm 36:1 [High In The Heavens, Eternal God]

o Psalm 36:2 [While Men Grow Bold In Wicked Ways!]

o Psalm 36:3 [When Man Grows Bold In Sin]

o Psalm 37:1 First Part [Why Should I Vex My Soul And Fret]

o Psalm 37:2 Second Part [Why Do The Wealthy Wicked Boast]

o Psalm 37:3 [My God, the steps of pious men]

o Psalm 38 [Amidst Thy Wrath Remember Love]

o Psalm 39:1 [Thus I Resolv'd Before The Lord]

o Psalm 39:2 Second Part [Teach Me The Measure Of My Days]

o Psalm 39:3 Third Part [God Of My Life, Look Gently Down]

o Psalm 3:1. C. M. [My God, How Many Are My Fears!]

o Psalm 3:2. [O Lord, How Many Are My Foes]

o Psalm 40:1 First Part [I Waited Patient For The Lord]

o Psalm 40:2 Second Part [Thus Saith The Lord]

o Psalm 40:3 [The Wonders, Lord, Thy Love Has Wrought]

o Psalm 41 [Blest Is The Man Whose Bowels Move]

o Psalm 42:1 First Part [With Earnest Longings Of The Mind]

o Psalm 42:2 Second Part [My Spirit Sinks Within Me, Lord]

o Psalm 44 [Lord, We Have Heard Thy Works Of Old]

o Psalm 45:1 [My Saviour And My King]

o Psalm 45:2 [I'll Speak The Honours Of My King]

o Psalm 45:3 First Part [Now Be My Heart Inspir'd To Sing]

o Psalm 45:4 Second Part [The King Of Saints, How Fair His Face]

o Psalm 46:1 First Part [God Is The Refuge Of His Saints]

o Psalm 46:2 Second Part [Let Sion In Her King Rejoice]

o Psalm 47 [O for a shout of sacred joy]

o Psalm 48:1 [Great Is The Lord Our God]

o Psalm 48:2 [Second Part Far As Thy Name Is Known]

o Psalm 49:1 First Part [Why Doth The Man Of Riches Grow]

o Psalm 49:2 [Second Part Ye Sons Of Pride, That Hate The Just]

o Psalm 49:3 [Why Do The Proud Insult The Poor]

o Psalm 4:1 [O God Of Grace And Righteousness]

o Psalm 4:2 [Lord, Thou Wilt Hear Me When I Pray]

o Psalm 5 [Lord, In The Morning Thou Shalt Hear]

o Psalm 50:1 First Part [The Lord, The Judge, Before His Throne]

o Psalm 50:2 [Thus Saith The Lord, "the Spacious Fields]

o Psalm 50:3 [When Christ To Judgment Shall Descend]

o Psalm 50:4 [The Lord, The Judge, His Churches Warns]

o Psalm 50:5 [The Lord The Sovereign Sends His Summons Forth]

o Psalm 50:6 To The Old Proper Tune

o Psalm 51:1 First Part [Shew Pity, Lord, O Lord, Forgive]

o Psalm 51:2 Second Part [Lord, I Am Vile, Conceiv'd In Sin]

o Psalm 51:3 Third Part [O Thou That Hear'st When Sinners Cry]

o Psalm 51:4. 3-13 First Part [Lord, I would spread my sore distress]

o Psalm 51:5 Second Part [O God Of Mercy! Hear My Call]

o Psalm 53 [Are All The Foes Of Sion Fools]

o Psalm 55:1 [O God, My Refuge, Hear My Cries]

o Psalm 55:2 [Let Sinners Take Their Course]

o Psalm 56 [Thou, whose justice reigns on high]

o Psalm 57 [My God, In Whom Are All The Springs]

o Psalm 58. As The 113th Psalm

o Psalm 60 [Lord, Hast Thou Cast The Nation Off?]

o Psalm 61 [When Overwhelm'd With Grief]

o Psalm 62 [My Spirit Looks To God Alone]

o Psalm 63:1 First Part [Early, My God, Without Delay]

o Psalm 63:2 ['Twas In The Watches Of The Night]

o Psalm 63:3 [Great God, Indulge My Humble Claim]

o Psalm 63:4 [My God, Permit My Tongue]

o Psalm 65:1 [The Praise Of Sion Waits For Thee]

o Psalm 65:2 Second Part [The God Of Our Salvation Hears]

o Psalm 65:3 First Part [Praise Waits In Sion, Lord, For Thee]

o Psalm 65:4 Second Part ['Tis By Thy Strength The Mountains Stand]

o Psalm 65:5 Third Part [Good Is The Lord, The Heavenly King]

o Psalm 66:1 First Part [Sing, All Ye Nations, To The Lord]

o Psalm 66:2 Second Part [Now Shall My Solemn Vows Be Paid]

o Psalm 67 [Shine, Mighty God, On Britain Shine]

o Psalm 68:1 First Part [Let God Arise In All His Might]

o Psalm 68:2 Second Part [Lord, When Thou Didst Ascend On High]

o Psalm 68:3 Third Part [We bless the Lord, the just, the good]

o Psalm 69:1 First Part [Save Me, O God, The Swelling Floods]

o Psalm 69:2 2nd Part [Now let our lips with holy fear]

o Psalm 69:3 Third Part [Father, I Sing Thy Wondrous Grace]

o Psalm 69:4 First Part [Deep In Our Hearts Let Us Record]

o Psalm 69:5 Second Part ['Twas for thy sake, eternal God]

o Psalm 6:1. C. M. [In Anger, Lord, Rebuke Me Not]

o Psalm 6:2. L. M. [Lord, I Can Suffer Thy Rebukes]

o Psalm 7 [My trust is in my heavenly Friend]

o Psalm 71:1 First Part [My God, My Everlasting Hope]

o Psalm 71:2. 2d [Part My Saviour, My Almighty Friend]

o Psalm 71:3 Third Part [God Of My Childhood And My Youth]

o Psalm 72:1 First Part [Great God, Whose Universal Sway]

o Psalm 72:2 Second Part [Jesus Shall Reign Where'er The Sun]

o Psalm 73:1 First Part [Now I'm Convinc'd The Lord Is Kind]

o Psalm 73:2 Second Part [God My Supporter And My Hope]

o Psalm 73:3 [Lord, What A Thoughtless Wretch Was I]

o Psalm 73:4 [Sure There's A Righteous God]

o Psalm 74 [Will God For Ever Cast Us Off?]

o Psalm 75 [To Thee, Most Holy, And Most High]

o Psalm 76 [In Judah God Of Old Was Known]

o Psalm 77:1 First Part [To God I Cry'd With Mournful Voice]

o Psalm 77:2 Second Part [How Awful Is Thy Chastening Rod!]

o Psalm 78:1 First Part [Let Children Hear The Mighty Deeds]

o Psalm 78:2 Second Part [What A Stiff Rebellious House]

o Psalm 78:3 Third Part [When Israel Sins, The Lord Reproves]

o Psalm 78:4 Fourth Part [Great God, How Oft Did Israel Prove]

o Psalm 80 [Great Shepherd Of Thine Israel]

o Psalm 81 [Sing To The Lord Aloud]

o Psalm 82 [Among Th' Assemblies Of The Great]

o Psalm 83 [And Will The God Of Grace]

o Psalm 84:1. First Part [How Pleasant, How Divinely Fair]

o Psalm 84:2 Second Part [Great God, Attend, While Sion Sings]

o Psalm 84:3 Paraphrased [My Soul, How Lovely Is The Place]

o Psalm 84:4 As The 148th Psalm

o Psalm 85:1 First Part [Lord, Thou Hast Call'd Thy Grace To Mind]

o Psalm 85:2 Second Part [Salvation Is For Ever Nigh]

o Psalm 86 [Among The Princes, Earthly Gods]

o Psalm 87 [God In His Earthly Temple Lays]

o Psalm 89:1 First Part [For Ever Shall My Song Record]

o Psalm 89:2 First Part [My Never-Ceasing Songs Shall Show]

o Psalm 89:3 Second Part [With Reverence Let The Saints Appear]

o Psalm 89:4 Third Part [Blest Are The Souls That Hear And Know]

o Psalm 89:5 Fourth Part [Hear What The Lord In Vision Said]

o Psalm 89:5. 4th Part [Hear What The Lord In Vision Said]

o Psalm 89:6. 5th Part ["Yet (saith The Lord) If David's Race]

o Psalm 89:7. 6th Part [Remember, Lord, Our Mortal State]

o Psalm 89:8 Last Part [Think, Mighty God, On Feeble Man]

o Psalm 8:1. S. M [O Lord, our heavenly King]

o Psalm 8:2. C. M. [O Lord, Our Lord, How Wondrous Great]

o Psalm 8:3 Paraphrased [Almighty Ruler Of The Skies]

o Psalm 8:4 Paraphrased [Lord, What Was Man, When Made At First]

o Psalm 90:1 [Thro' Every Age, Eternal God]

o Psalm 90:2 First Part [Our God, Our Help In Ages Past]

o Psalm 90:3. 2d Part [Lord, If Thine Eyes Survey Our Faults]

o Psalm 90:4 Third Part [Return, O God Of Love, Return]

o Psalm 90:5 [Lord What A Feeble Piece]

o Psalm 91:1 First Part [He That Hath Made His Refuge God]

o Psalm 91:2 Second Part [Ye Sons Of Men, A Feeble Race]

o Psalm 92:1 First Part [Sweet Is The Work, My God My King]

o Psalm 92:2 Second Part [Lord, 'tis A Pleasant Thing To Stand]

o Psalm 93:1 1st Metre [Jehovah Reigns; He Dwells In Light]

o Psalm 93:2 [The Lord of glory reigns; he reigns on high]

o Psalm 93:3 The Lord Jehovah Reigns]

o Psalm 94:1 First Part [God, To Whom Revenge Belongs]

o Psalm 94:2 Second Part [Who Will Arise And Plead My Right]

o Psalm 95:1 [Sing To The Lord Jehovah's Name]

o Psalm 95:2 [Come, Sound His Praise Abroad]

o Psalm 95:3 [Come, Let Our Voices Join To Raise]

o Psalm 96:1 [Sing To The Lord, Ye Distant Lands]

o Psalm 96:2 [Let All The Earth Their Voices Raise]

o Psalm 97:1 First Part [He Reigns; The Lord, The Saviour Reigns]

o Psalm 97:2. 2nd Part [The Lord Is Come, The Heavens Proclaim]

o Psalm 97:3. Third Part [Th' Almighty Reigns Exalted High]

o Psalm 97:4 [Ye Islands Of The Northern Sea]

o Psalm 98:1 First Part [To Our Almighty Maker, God]

o Psalm 98:2 Second Part [Joy To The World; The Lord Is Come]

o Psalm 99:1 First Part [The God Jehovah Reigns]

o Psalm 99:2 Second Part [Exalt The Lord Our God]

o Psalm 9:1 First Part [With My Whole Heart I'll Raise My Song]

o Psalm 9:2 Second Part [When The Great Judge, Supreme And Just]

o Rose, The

o Sluggard, The

o Solemn Thoughts Of God And Death

o Sum Of The Commandments Out Of The New Testament, The

o Summer's Evening

o Ten Commandments Out Of The Old Testament Put Into Short Rhyme For Children, The

o Thief, The