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Swift, Jonathan Irish writer, satirist, Dean Swift (Dean of St. Patrick's Cathedral from 1713 to 1745)

o Advice To The Grub-Street Verse-Writers

o Answer To A Friend's Question, An

o Answer To Lines From May Fair

o Apollo Outwitted

o Apollo To The Dean

o Apollo's Edict

o Apollo; or, A Problem Solved

o Apology To Lady Carteret, An

o Apples Verses Made for Fruit-women

o Asparagus Verses Made for Fruit-women

o Author Upon Himself, The

o Ay And No

o Ballad On The Game Of Traffic, A

o Ballad To The Tune Of The Cut-Purse, A

o Ballad [Patrick Astore, What News Upon The Town?], A

o Baucis and Philemon from The Battle of the Books and Other Short Pieces

o Baucis And Philemon, on The Ever-Lamented Loss Of The Two Yew-Trees

o Baucis And Philemon, On The Ever-Lamented Loss Of Two Yew-Trees (later version)

o Beasts' Confession, The from The Battle of the Books and Other Short Pieces

o Beasts' Confession To The Priest, The

o Beautiful Young Nymph Going To Bed, A

o Bettesworth's Exultation

o Birth Of Manly Virtue, The

o Bouts Rimez On Signora Domitilla

o Cadenus and Vanessa from The Battle of the Books and Other Short Pieces

o Carberiae Rupes In Comitatu Corgagensi

o Carbery Rocks

o Cassinus And Peter - A Tragical Elegy

o Catullus De Lesbia

o Character, Panegyric, And Description Of The Legion Club, A

o Clad All In Brown

o Clever Tom Clinch Going To Be Hanged

o Conference Between Sir Harry Pierce's Chariot, And Mrs. D. Stopford's Chair, A

o Copy Of The Birth-Day Verses

o Corinna, A Ballad

o Daphne

o Day Of Judgment, The

o Dean And Duke, The

o Dean Smedley's Petition To The Duke Of Grafton

o Dean's Manner Of Living, The

o Death And Daphne, To An Agreeable Young Lady, But Extremely Lean

o Dennis' Invitation To Steele; Horace, Book I, Ep. V

o Description Of A City Shower, A

o Description Of A Salamander, The

o Description Of An Irish Feast, The

o Description Of The Morning, A

o Desire And Possession

o Dialogue Between An Eminent Lawyer And Dr. Jonathan Swift, A

o Dialogue Between Mad Mullinix And Timothy, A

o Dick's Variety

o Dick, A Maggot

o Dingley And Brent

o Directions For Making A Birth-Day Song

o Discovery, The

o Dog And Thief, The

o Dr. Delany's Villa

o Dr. Swift To Himself On St. Cecilia's Day

o Dr. Swift To Mr. Pope, While He Was Writing The "Dunciad"

o Drapier's-Hill

o Echo, An A humorous poem

o Elegy On The Death Of Demar, The Usurer, An

o Elephant; Or, The Parliament Man, The

o Epigram Added By Stella

o Epigram By Mr. Bowyer

o Epigram By Mr. Bowyer Intended To Be Placed Under The Head Of Gulliver

o Epigram From The French

o Epigram In Answer To The Dean's Verses On His Own Deafness

o Epigram Inscribed To The Honourable Sergeant Kite, An

o Epigram On Josiah Hort Archbishop Of Tuam

o Epigram On The Busts In Richmond Hermitage

o Epigram On Wood's Brass Money

o Epigram [As Thomas Was Cudgell'd One Day By His Wife]

o Epigram [Behold! A Proof Of Irish Sense]

o Epigram [Friend Rundle Fell, With Grievous Bump]

o Epigram [great Folks Are Of A Finer Mould]

o Epigram [The Scriptures Affirm], An

o Epigrams Against Carthy

o Epigrams On Windows

o Epilogue To Mr. Hoppy's Benefit-Night, At Smock-Alley

o Epistle To His Excellency John, Lord Carteret, An

o Epistle To Mr. Gay, An

o Epistle Upon An Epistle, An

o Epitaph Inscribed On A Marble Tablet, In Berkeley Church

o Epitaph On Frederick, Duke Of Schomberg

o Epitaph On General Gorges, And Lady Meath

o Epitaph [Beneath This Verdant Hillock Lies]

o Epitaph [Here, Five Feet Deep, Lies On His Back], The

o Epitaph [In Berkeley Church-Yard, Gloucestershire]

o Excellent New Ballad Or, The True English Dean To Be Hanged For A Rape, An

o Excellent New Song On A Seditious Pamphlet, An

o Excellent New Song Upon His Grace Our Good Lord Archbishop Of Dublin, An

o Excellent New Song, Being The Intended Speech Of A Famous Orator Against Peace, An

o Fable Of Midas, The

o Fable Of The Bitches, The

o Fable Of The Lion And Other Beasts, A

o Fabula Canis Et Umbrae

o Fagot, The

o Famous Speech-Maker Of England, The

o Fan, A A humorous poem by Jonathan Swift and friends

o Fontinella To Florinda

o Friendly Apology For A Certain Justice Of Peace, A

o Furniture Of A Woman's Mind, The

o Garden Plot, The

o Gentle Echo on Woman, A A humorous poem

o Grand Question Debated: Hamilton's Bawn Be Turned Into A Barrack or Malt-House, The

o Grub-Street Elegy, A

o Gulf Of All Human Possessions, The

o Hardship Upon The Ladies, The

o Helter Skelter

o Herrings Verses Made for Fruit-women

o History Of Vanbrugh's House, The

o Horace, Book I, Ode XIV, Paraphrased And Inscribed To Ireland

o Horace, Book II, Ode I, Paraphrased Addressed To Richard Steele, Esq

o Horace, Book IV, Ode IX, Addressed to Archbishop King

o Horace, Book IV, Ode IX, Addressed to Humphry French

o Horace, Epist. I, VII; Imitation Of Horaceto Lord Oxford

o Imitation Of Part Of The Sixth Satire Of The Second Book Of Horace

o In Sickness

o Invitation, By Dr. Delany, In The Name Of Dr. Swift, An

o Jack Frenchman's Lamentation

o Joan Cudgels Ned

o Journal Of A Modern Lady In A Letter To A Person Of Quality, The

o Judas

o Lady's Dressing-Room, The

o Letter To Dr. Helsham, A

o Libel, A

o Lines Written On A Window In The Episcopal Palace At Kilmore

o Logicians Refuted, The from The Battle of the Books and Other Short Pieces

o Louisa To Strephon

o Love Poem From A Physician To His Mistress, A

o Love Song, A A humorous poem

o Love Song In The Modern Taste, A

o Maypole, A A humorous poem

o Motto For Mr. Jason Hasard, A

o Mr. William Crowe's Address To Her Majesty, Turned Into Metre

o Mrs. Frances Harris's Petition, 1699

o My Lady's Lamentation And Complaint Against The Dean

o New Song On Wood's Halfpence, A

o New Year's Gift For Bec, A

o News From Parnassus

o Occasioned By Sir William Temple's Late Illness And Recovery

o Ode On Science

o Ode To Doctor William Sancroft Late Lord Bishop Of Canterbury

o Ode To King William On His Successes In Ireland

o Ode To The Athenian Society

o Ode To The Hon. Sir William Temple

o On a Candle A humorous poem by Jonathan Swift and friends

o On a Cannon A humorous poem by Jonathan Swift and friends

o On a Circle A humorous poem by Jonathan Swift and friends

o On a Corkscrew A humorous poem by Jonathan Swift and friends

o On A Curate's Complaint Of Hard Duty

o On A Horn

o On a Pair of Dice A humorous poem by Jonathan Swift and friends

o On a Pen A humorous poem by Jonathan Swift and friends

o On A Printer's Being Sent To Newgate

o On a Shadow in a Glass A humorous poem by Jonathan Swift and friends

o On Burning A Dull Poem

o On Censure

o On Cutting Down The Thorn At Market-Hill

o On Dr. Rundle, Bishop Of Derry

o On Dreams, An Imitation Of Petronius

o On Gaulstown House

o On Gold

o On Ink A humorous poem by Jonathan Swift and friends

o On Mr. Pulteney's Being Put Out Of The Council

o On Mrs. Biddy Floyd; or, The Receipt To Form A Beauty

o On Noisy Tom

o On One Of The Windows At Delville

o On Paddy's Character Of The "Intelligencer"

o On Poetry - A Rhapsody

o On Psyche

o On Reading Dr. Young's Satire, Called The Universal Passion

o On Rover, A Lady's Spaniel: Instructions To A Painter

o On Snow A humorous poem by Jonathan Swift and friends

o On Stephen Duck, The Thresher, And Favourite Poet

o On The Archbishop Of Cashel, And Bettesworth

o On The Arms Of The Town Of Waterford

o On The Church's Danger

o On The Collar Of Tiger, Mrs. Dingley's Lap-Dog

o On The Death Of Dr. Swift

o On the Five Senses A humorous poem by Jonathan Swift and friends

o On The Gallows

o On The Irish Bishops

o On The Irish Club

o On The Little House By The Churchyard Of Castlenock

o On the Moon A humorous poem by Jonathan Swift and friends

o On The Posteriors

o On The Union

o On the Vowels A humorous poem

o On The Words Brother Protestants And Fellow Christians

o On Time A humorous poem

o On Wood The Ironmonger

o Onions Verses Made for Fruit-women

o Oranges Verses Made for Fruit-women

o Oysters Verses Made for Fruit-women

o Panegyric On The Dean In The Person Of A Lady In The North, A

o Parody On A Character Of Dean Smedley

o Parody On The Speech Of Dr. Benjamin Pratt

o Parson's Case, The

o Pastoral Dialogue, A

o Paulus: An Epigram

o Peace And Dunkirk

o Pethox The Great

o Pheasant And The Lark - A Fable, The

o Phyllis; Or, The Progress Of Love

o Place Of The Damned, The

o Poem On High Church, A

o Poem, Occasioned By The Hangings In The Castle Of Dublin, In Which The Story Of, A

o Poetical Epistle To Dr. Sheridan

o Power Of Time, The

o Probatur Aliter

o Problem, "That My Lord Berkeley Stinks When He Is In Love", The

o Progress Of Beauty, The

o Progress Of Marriage, The

o Progress Of Poetry, The

o Prologue, A

o Prologue To A Play For The Benefit Of The Distressed Weavers

o Prometheus On Wood The Patentee's Irish Halfpence

o Punch's Petition To The Ladies

o Puppet Show, The from The Battle of the Books and Other Short Pieces

o Puppet-Show, The

o Quibbling Elegy On Judge Boat, A

o Quiet Life And A Good Name To A Friend Who Married A Shrew, A

o Rebus. By Vanessa, A

o Riddle, A

o Robin And Harry

o Run Upon The Bankers, The

o Satirical Elegy On The Death Of A Late Famous General, A

o Sent By Dr. Delany To Dr. Swift, To Be Admitted To Speak To Him When He Was Deaf

o Serious Poem Upon Wood, Brazier, Tinker, Hard-Wareman, Coiner, Founder, Esquire, A

o Sid Hamet's Rod

o Simile On Our Want Of Silver, And The Only Way To Remedy It, A

o Song...Corporations Of City of Dublin Against Wood's Halfpence, An

o South-Sea Project, The

o Stella's Birthday, 1718

o Stella's Birthday, 1720

o Stella's Birthday, 1722

o Stella's Birthday, 1724

o Stella's Birthday, March 13, 2022

o Storm: Minerva's Petition, The

o Strephon And Chloe

o Tale Of A Nettle, A

o Tim And The Fables

o To A Friend Who Had Been Much Abused In Many Inveterate Libels

o To A Lady

o To Betty, The Grisette

o To Charles Mordaunt, Earl Of Peterborough

o To Dr. Delany On The Libels Written Against Him

o To His Grace The Archbishop Of Dublin

o To Janus, On New Year's Day, 1726

o To Lady Carteret

o To Lord Harley, On His Marriage

o To Love

o To Mr. Congreve

o To Mr. Delany, Oct. 10, 1718 Nine In The Morning

o To Mrs. Houghton Of Bourmont, On Praising Her Husband To Dr. Swift

o To my mistress A humorous poem

o To Stella Visiting Me in My Sickness

o To Stella, Who Collected And Transcribed His Poems

o To The Citizens

o Toland's Invitation To Dismal

o Tom And Dick

o Town Eclogue, A

o Traulus. Part I, A Dialogue Between Tom And Robin

o Traulus. Part II

o Trifles

o Twelve Articles

o Upon The Horrid Plot

o Upstart, The

o Vanbrugh's House

o Vanbrugh's House (later version)

o Verses Occasioned By Whitshed's Motto On His Coach

o Verses On Blenheim

o Verses On I Know Not What

o Verses On The Revival Of The Order Of The Bath

o Verses On The Sudden Drying Up of St. Patrick's Well

o Verses On The Upright Judge, Who Condemned The Drapier's Printer

o Verses On Two Celebrated Modern Poets

o Verses Sent To The Dean On His Birth-Day

o Verses Sent To The Dean With An Eagle Quill

o Verses Written On A Window, At The Deanery House, St. Patrick's

o Vindication Of The Libel, A

o Virtues of Sid Hamet the Magician's Rod, The

o Wicked Treasonable Libel, A

o Will Wood's Petition To The People Of Ireland

o Windsor Prophecy, The

o Wood An Insect

o Written By Dr. Swift On His Own Deafness

o Written In A Lady's Ivory Table-Book

o Yahoo's Overthrow, Or, The Kevan Bayl's New Ballad, The

o Young Lady's Complaint For The Stay Of The Dean In England, A