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Poems by Robert Southey


Southey, Robert

o Ballad, Shewing How An Old Woman Rode Double, And Who Rode Before Her, A

o Birth-Day Ode [and Wouldst Thou Seek The Low Abode]

o Birth-Day Ode [Small is the new-born plant scarce seen]

o Botany Bay Eclogues

o Complaints Of The Poor, The

o Cross Roads, The

o Donica

o Frederic

o Funeral [Eclogue], The

o Grandmothers Tale [Eclogue], The

o Henry The Hermit

o Humphrey And William

o Hymn To The Penates

o Inscription 1: For A Tablet At Godstow Nunnery

o Inscription 2: For A Column At Newbury

o Inscription 3: For A Cavern That Overlooks The River Avon

o Inscription 4: For Chepstow-Castle Where Henry Marten Was Imprisoned

o Inscription 5: For A Monument At Silbury-Hill

o Inscription 6: For A Monument In The New Forest

o Inscription 7: For A Tablet On The Banks Of A Stream

o Inscription 8: For The Cenotaph At Ermenonville

o Jaspar

o John, Samuel, & Richard

o Lord William

o Mary

o Metrical Letter

o Musings On A Landscape Of Gaspar Poussin

o Ode Written On The First Of December

o Ode Written On The First Of January

o Old Mansion-House [Eclogue], The

o On The Death Of A Favourite Old Spaniel

o Pauper's Funeral, The

o Race Of Banquo, The

o Rose, The

o Rudiger

o Ruined Cottage [Eclogue], The

o Sailor's Mother [Eclogue], The

o Sailor, Who Had Served In The Slave Trade, The

o Sappho: A Monodrama

o Soldier's Wife, The

o Sonnet 1 [Go Valentine And Tell That Lovely Maid]

o Sonnet 10 [How Darkly O'er Yon Far-Off Mountain Frowns]

o Sonnet 1: Slave Trade [Hold Your Mad Hands! For Ever On Your Plain]

o Sonnet 2 [Think Valentine, As Speeding On Thy Way]

o Sonnet 2: Slave Trade [Why Dost Thou Beat Thy Breast And Rend Thine Hair]

o Sonnet 3 [Not To Thee Bedford Mournful Is The Tale]

o Sonnet 3: Slave Trade [Oh He Is Worn With Toil! The Big Drops Run]

o Sonnet 4 [What Tho' No Sculptur'd Monument Proclaim]

o Sonnet 4: Slave Trade ['tis Night; The Mercenary Tyrants Sleep]

o Sonnet 5 [Hard By The Road, Where On That Little Mound]

o Sonnet 5: Slave Trade [Did Then The Bold Slave Rear At Last The Sword]

o Sonnet 6: Slave Trade [High In The Air Expos'd The Slave Is Hung]

o Sonnet 6: To A Brook Near The Village Of Corston

o Sonnet 7: To The Evening Rainbow

o Sonnet 8 [With Many A Weary Step, At Length I Gain]

o Sonnet 9 [Fair Is The Rising Morn When O'er The Sky]

o Sonnet [With Wayworn Feet A Pilgrim Woe-Begone]

o Surgeon's Warning, The

o To Contemplation

o To Horror

o To Mary Wollstonecraft

o To My Own Miniature Picture

o To The Chapel Bell

o To The Genius Of Africa

o Triumph Of Woman, The

o Victory, The

o Vision Of The Maid Of Orleans: The First Book, The

o Vision Of The Maid Of Orleans: The Second Book, The

o Vision Of The Maid Of Orleans: The Third Book, The

o Widow, The

o Winter

o Witch [Eclogue], The

o Written On Sunday Morning