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Seeger, Alan

o Above The Ruin Of God's Holy Place Sonnet

o After An Epigram Of Clement Marot (translation)

o Aisne (1914-15), The

o All That's Not Love . .

o Amid The Florid Multitude Her Face Sonnet

o Antinous Sonnet

o Ariosto. Orlando Furioso, Canto X, 91-99 (translation)

o At The Tomb Of Napoleon Before The Elections In America--November, 1912 Sonnet

o Bayadere, The

o Bellinglise

o Broceliande

o Champagne (1914-15)

o Clouds Rosy-Tinted In The Setting Sun Sonnet

o Coucy Sonnet

o Dante. Inferno, Canto XXVI (translation)

o Deserted Garden, The

o Do You Remember Once . .

o Down The Strait Vistas Where A City Street Sonnet

o El Extraviado

o Eudaemon

o Fragments

o Give Me The Treble Of Thy Horns And Hoofs Sonnet

o Hosts, The

o I Fancied, While You Stood Conversing There Sonnet

o I Have A Rendezvous With Death . .

o I Have Sought Happiness, But It Has Been Sonnet

o I Loved . . Sonnet

o Introduction And Conclusion Of A Long Poem

o It May Be For The World Of Weeds And Tares Sonnet

o Kyrenaikos Sonnet

o Liebestod

o Like As A Dryad, From Her Native Bole Sonnet

o Lyonesse

o Maktoob

o Message To America, A

o Need To Love, The

o Not That I Always Struck The Proper Mean Sonnet

o Nue, La

o Nympholept, The

o Ode In Memory Of The American Volunteers Fallen For France

o Ode To Antares, An

o Ode To Natural Beauty, An

o Oft As By Chance, A Little While Apart Sonnet

o Oh, Love Of Woman, You Are Known To Be Sonnet

o Oh, You Are More Desirable To Me Sonnet

o Old Lowe House, Staten Island, The Sonnet

o On A Theme In The Greek Anthology (translation)

o On Returning To The Front After Leave Sonnet

o On The Cliffs, Newport Sonnet

o Oneata Sonnet

o Paris

o Rendezvous, The

o Resurgam

o Seeing You Have Not Come With Me, Nor Spent Sonnet

o Sidney, in whom the heyday of romance Sonnet

o Splendor, Flamelike, Born To Be Pursued, A Sonnet

o Sultan's Palace, The

o Tezcotzinco Sonnet

o There Have Been Times When I Could Storm And Plead Sonnet

o There Was A Youth Around Whose Early Way Sonnet

o Tide Of Beauty With Returning May, A Sonnet

o Tithonus

o To . . . In Church Sonnet

o To England At The Outbreak Of The Balkan War Sonnet

o To Me, A Pilgrim On That Journey Bound Sonnet

o Torture Of Cuauhtemoc, The

o Up At His Attic Sill The South Wind Came Sonnet

o Virginibus Puerisque . . Sonnet

o Vivien Sonnet

o Wanderer, The

o Well, Seeing I Have No Hope, Then Let Us Part Sonnet

o When Among Creatures Fair Of Countenance Sonnet

o Who Shall Invoke Her, Who Shall Be Her Priest Sonnet

o Why Should You Be Astonished That My Heart Sonnet

o With A Copy Of Shakespeare's Sonnets On Leaving College Sonnet

o Written In A Volume Of The Comtesse De Noailles Sonnet