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Poems by Cale Young Rice


Rice, Cale Young

o "All's Well" from "Many Gods"

o Adelil from "Song-Surf"

o After Their Parting from "Sea Poems"

o Aleen from "Sea Poems"

o Alpine Chant from "Many Gods"

o Antagonists from "Nirvana Days"

o April from "Song-Surf"

o As Of Old from "Nirvana Days"

o As The Tide Comes In from "Sea Poems"

o Ashore from "Song-Surf"

o At Stratford from "Nirvana Days"

o At The Helm from "Nirvana Days"

o At Tintern Abbey from "Song-Surf"

o At Winter's End from "Song-Surf"

o Atavism from "Sea Poems"

o Atheist, The from "Sea Poems"

o Atoner, The from "Song-Surf"

o August Guests from "Song-Surf"

o Autumn from "Song-Surf"

o Autumn At The Bridge from "Song-Surf"

o Avowal To The Nightingale from "Song-Surf"

o Barren Woman, The from "Many Gods"

o Basking

o Before Autumn from "Song-Surf"

o Bewitched from "Nirvana Days"

o Birthright from "Nirvana Days"

o Brude from "Nirvana Days"

o By A Silent Stream from "Nirvana Days"

o By The Indus from "Song-Surf"

o By The Taj Mahal from "Many Gods"

o Call To Your Mate, Bob-White from "Song-Surf"

o Chartings from "Sea Poems"

o Child God Gave, The from "Song-Surf"

o Christian In Exile, The from "Many Gods"

o City, The from "Many Gods"

o Colonel's Story, The

o Conscript, The from "Many Gods"

o Consolation from "Many Gods"

o Cosmism

o Cross Of The Sepulchre, The from "Many Gods"

o Cry Of Eve, The from "Song-Surf"

o Dawn-Bliss from "Sea Poems"

o Day-Moon, The from "Song-Surf"

o Dead Gods, The from "Song-Surf"

o Dead Love from "Nirvana Days"

o Death Song, A from "Nirvana Days"

o Death-Sprite, The from "Nirvana Days"

o Dusk At Hiroshima from "Many Gods"

o Dying Poet, The from "Song-Surf"

o Egyptian Wakes, The from "Many Gods"

o Empty Cross, The from "Song-Surf"

o Evocation from "Song-Surf"

o Fairies Of God, The from "Nirvana Days"

o Far Fujiyama from "Many Gods"

o Faun-Call from "Song-Surf"

o Finitude

o Florida Boating Song, A from "Sea Poems"

o Florida Interlude, A from "Sea Poems"

o From A Felucca from "Many Gods"

o From A Northern Beach from "Sea Poems"

o From Above from "Song-Surf"

o From One Blind from "Song-Surf"

o Fulfilment from "Song-Surf"

o Full Tide from "Sea Poems"

o Give Over, O Sea! from "Sea Poems"

o Great Buddha Of Kamakura To The Sphinx, The from "Nirvana Days"

o Great Seducer, The from "Sea Poems"

o Haunted Seas from "Sea Poems"

o Herding, The from "Sea Poems"

o Honor from "Nirvana Days"

o Human Love from "Song-Surf"

o I Know Your Heart, O Sea! from "Sea Poems"

o I'll Look No More from "Nirvana Days"

o Image Painter, The from "Nirvana Days"

o Imam's Parable, The from "Many Gods"

o Immortal Foes from "Many Gods"

o Imperturbable from "Sea Poems"

o In A Cemetery from "Song-Surf"

o In A Shinto Temple Garden from "Many Gods"

o In A Storm from "Nirvana Days"

o In A Tropical Garden from "Many Gods"

o In An Oriental Harbour from "Sea Poems"

o In July from "Song-Surf"

o In Time Of Awe from "Many Gods"

o Ineffable Things from "Sea Poems"

o Infinite's Quest, The from "Nirvana Days"

o Intimation from "Song-Surf"

o Invocation from "Nirvana Days"

o Jael from "Song-Surf"

o Japanese Mother, A from "Song-Surf"

o K'u-Kiang from "Sea Poems"

o Kinchinjunga from "Many Gods"

o Lad And Lass from "Nirvana Days"

o Last Sight Of Land from "Sea Poems"

o Life's Answer from "Sea Poems"

o Lighthouseman, The from "Song-Surf"

o Lingering from "Song-Surf"

o Lisette from "Song-Surf"

o Look Not To The West from "Nirvana Days"

o Love In Extremis from "Nirvana Days"

o Love In Japan from "Many Gods"

o Love's Cynic from "Many Gods"

o Love's Way To Childhood from "Song-Surf"

o Man Of Might, The from "Many Gods"

o Maple Leaves On Miyajima from "Many Gods"

o Mary At Nazareth from "Song-Surf"

o Maya from "Song-Surf"

o Meredith from "Many Gods"

o Mortal Sin from "Nirvana Days"

o Mother-Love from "Song-Surf"

o Navis Ignota from "Many Gods"

o Necromance from "Nirvana Days"

o Night's Occultism from "Nirvana Days"

o Night-Riders from "Nirvana Days"

o Nights On The Indian Ocean from "Sea Poems"

o Nikko Shrine, A from "Nirvana Days"

o Nirvana Days from "Nirvana Days"

o Nun, The from "Many Gods"

o O-Shichi And Moto from "Nirvana Days"

o Of The Flesh from "Nirvana Days"

o Off The Irish Coast from "Nirvana Days"

o Oh, Go Not Out from "Song-Surf"

o Old Age from "Many Gods"

o On Ballyteigue Bay from "Nirvana Days"

o On Miyajima Mountain from "Many Gods"

o On The Arabian Gulf from "Many Gods"

o On The Atlantic from "Nirvana Days"

o On The Maine Coast from "Sea Poems"

o On The Moor, A from "Song-Surf"

o On The Yang-Tse-Kiang from "Many Gods"

o Outcast, The from "Song-Surf"

o Over The Dregs from "Nirvana Days"

o Pageants Of The Sea

o Pagoda Slave, The from "Many Gods"

o Parsee Woman, The from "Many Gods"

o Passage from "Sea Poems"

o Paths from "Sea Poems"

o Penang from "Many Gods"

o Prayer, A from "Nirvana Days"

o Princess Jehanara from "Many Gods"

o Proselyte Recants, The from "Many Gods"

o Quarrel from "Nirvana Days"

o Quest And Requital from "Nirvana Days"

o Question, The from "Nirvana Days"

o Ramble, The from "Song-Surf"

o Ramessid, The from "Many Gods"

o Re-Reckoning from "Sea Poems"

o Resurgence from "Sea Poems"

o Return from "Song-Surf"

o Romance from "Nirvana Days"

o Sailor's Wife, A from "Sea Poems"

o Sappho's Death Song

o Sea Lure from "Sea Poems"

o Sea Rhapsody from "Sea Poems"

o Sea-Armies, The from "Many Gods"

o Sea-Ghost, A

o Sea-Hoardings from "Sea Poems"

o Sea-Mad from "Nirvana Days"

o Seance from "Sea Poems"

o Seeds from "Nirvana Days"

o Sense-Sweetness from "Sea Poems"

o Serenata Magica from "Nirvana Days"

o Serenity from "Song-Surf"

o Shah Jehan To Mumtaz Mahal from "Many Gods"

o Shinto from "Song-Surf"

o Ships Of The Sea, The from "Many Gods"

o Shore's Song To The Sea, The from "Sea Poems"

o Shrine Of Shrines, The from "Many Gods"

o Sidmouth Lad, A from "Sea Poems"

o Sighting Arabia from "Sea Poems"

o Silence from "Song-Surf"

o Singhalese Love Lament, A from "Many Gods"

o Slaves from "Song-Surf"

o Somnambulism from "Nirvana Days"

o Song from "Song-Surf"

o Song For Healing, A from "Sea Poems"

o Song Of A Nature Worshiper, The from "Nirvana Days"

o Song Of The Homesick Gael, The

o Song Of The Old Venetians, A from "Nirvana Days"

o Song Of The Sects, A from "Many Gods"

o Song Of The Storm-Spirits, The from "Sea Poems"

o Songs Of A Sea-Farer from "Many Gods"

o Songs To A. H. R. from "Sea Poems"

o Soul's Return, The from "Nirvana Days"

o Spirit Of Rain from "Song-Surf"

o Storm-Ebb from "Song-Surf"

o Storm-Twilight from "Song-Surf"

o Strong Man To His Sires, The from "Nirvana Days"

o Submarine Mountains from "Sea Poems"

o Sunrise In Utah from "Many Gods"

o Sunset-Lovers from "Song-Surf"

o Tearless from "Song-Surf"

o Tidals from "Sea Poems"

o To A Dove from "Song-Surf"

o To A Firefly By The Sea from "Sea Poems"

o To A Singing Warbler from "Song-Surf"

o To A Solitary Sea-Gull from "Sea Poems"

o To Her Who Shall Come from "Song-Surf"

o To Sea!, A from "Sea Poems"

o To The Afternoon Moon, At Sea from "Sea Poems"

o To The Sea from "Sea Poems"

o To The Spring Wind from "Song-Surf"

o Trail From The Sea, The from "Sea Poems"

o Transcended from "Song-Surf"

o Typhoon from "Many Gods"

o Unburthened from "Song-Surf"

o Uncrowned from "Nirvana Days"

o Under The Sky from "Sea Poems"

o Via Amorosa from "Many Gods"

o Victory, The from "Song-Surf"

o Vis Ultima from "Many Gods"

o Vision Of Venus And Adonis, A from "Nirvana Days"

o Waking from "Song-Surf"

o Wanda from "Nirvana Days"

o Wanderer, The from "Many Gods"

o Wanton June from "Song-Surf"

o Waste from "Sea Poems"

o Waves from "Many Gods"

o When The Wind Is Low from "Many Gods"

o Widowed from "Sea Poems"

o Wildness from "Song-Surf"

o Wind's Word, The from "Many Gods"

o Winds, The from "Song-Surf"

o With Omar from "Song-Surf"

o Word's Magic, A from "Sea Poems"

o World-Sorrow from "Nirvana Days"

o Wormwood from "Nirvana Days"

o Written In Hell from "Nirvana Days"

o Young To The Old, The from "Nirvana Days"