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Poems by John Presland


Presland, John

o "Comfort Me With Apples, For I Am Sick Of Love"

o "Evening"

o "How Small The Thread That Holds Up Happiness"

o "In All Things Gracious There Is A Thought Of You"

o "Love Is The Ultimate Measure Of The Soul"

o "There's Duty, Friend, To Jog With Arm In Arm"

o "To-Day I Miss You"

o "Two Only"

o "What If The Rose Should Bloom" A song

o August Night, 1914, An From "Poems of London"

o Ballad For Herman, A

o Ballad Of A Sea-Nymph, The

o Ballad Of King Richard, A

o Ballad Of The Fall Of Knossos, A

o Chrysanthemums

o Consolation

o Courtly Madrigal, A

o Deluge, The

o Eternal Flux, The

o February Sonnet

o Finis (Poems of London) From "Poems of London"

o France

o Gentle Heart, The

o German Band, The From "Poems of London"

o Ilgar's Song

o In Arcadia

o In Early Spring

o In The Tube From "Poems of London"

o In The Valley Of The Shadow

o Inn, The

o January Morning, A Sonnet

o Judd Street, St. Pancras From "Poems of London"

o Leonardo To Monna Lisa

o London Dawn From "Poems of London"

o London Idyll, A From "Poems of London"

o Lovers, The

o Moon In January, The From "Poems of London"

o November Sonnet

o November 8

o Of England

o Piccadilly From "Poems of London"

o Question

o Rupert Brooke

o Saint's Birthday, The

o Sparrows From "Poems of London"

o Spring In Oxford Street From "Poems of London"

o Street Music From "Poems of London"

o Sun-Dial In A Garden, A

o Tapestry

o To A Robin In December Sonnet

o To Andrew Chatto Sonnet

o To April Sonnet

o To Daniel Manin Sonnet

o To J. F. W. Sonnet

o To The Leaders Of Both Parties

o Villa On The Bay Of Naples, A

o Wisdom And Youth