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Parkerson, James

o Address To A Man Of The World, An

o Address To Calista, Taken From Life, An

o Address To The Insolvent, An

o Address To The Norfolk Yeoman On The Importation Of Foreign Grain, An

o Address, &c.;, An

o Admonitions To The Dissipated

o Advice

o Albert To Hannah

o Bankrupt, The

o Betsy's Tears, A Song

o Cheerful Isaac

o Convict's Farewell, The

o Description Of The Pine-Apple At Trowse, A

o Dierge To The Memory Of Princess Charlotte, A

o Elogy To The Memory Of The Late Wm. Palgrave, Esq., An

o Epitaph To The Above (On The Death Of Mr. Charles Savory)

o Independent Statesmen, And Liberal Landlord, The

o Injured To The Injurer, The

o Letter From Miss Maria C***, To Her Parents, A

o Life

o Lion And The Orange Grove, The

o Mother's Address To The Deity, A

o Norwich, Corn Mart, The

o Ode To The Memory Of The Late Lamented, Sir Samuel Romilly

o Old Jack.—a Song

o On Mr. L---

o On Seeing A Young Nobleman Imprisoned For Debt

o On Seeing An Amiable Woman Distressed In Mind

o On Seeing Colours Consecrated: Presented By Mrs. Berkley

o On The Death Of Ben Gee

o On The Death Of Lord Nelson

o On The Death Of Mr. Charles Savory

o On Viewing The Cattle Market On The Castle Hill

o Political Surgeon

o Reproach, The

o Serious Reflections

o Thoughts On Passing Through A Church-Yard

o To The Memory Of An Affectionate Parent

o To The Memory Of Mr. Page, Late Of Pulham Market

o To The Memory Of Mr. Self, Late Of Pulham Market Hall

o To The Memory Of Our Late Lamented Queen Caroline Of England

o Truth

o Valiant Captain, The

o Wiverton Boy; Or, Sailor Returned, The

o Written Extempore