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Poems by Alfred Noyes


Noyes, Alfred

o "The Avenue Of The Allies"

o 'Tween The Lights

o Actaeon

o Admiral's Ghost, The

o After Rain

o Apes And Ivory

o Art

o Art, The Herald

o Astrid

o At Dawn

o At Eden Gates

o Bacchus And The Pirates

o Banner, The

o Barrel Organ, The

o Beethoven In Central Park from 'American Poems' collection

o Bell, The

o Beyond Death

o Big Ben from Tales of the Mermaid tavern

o Big Black Trawler, The from 'Songs of the Trawlers and Sea' Poems

o Black Bill's Honey-Moon from Tales of the Mermaid tavern

o Blind Moone Of London

o Bringers Of Good News, The

o Burial Of A Queen, The from Tales of the Mermaid tavern

o Butterflies

o Call Of The Spring, The

o Cap'n Storm-Along from 'Songs of the Trawlers and Sea' Poems

o Carol Of The Fir-Tree, The

o Chimney-Sweeps Of Cheltenham, The

o Coiner Of Angels, A from Tales of the Mermaid tavern

o Companion Of A Mile, The from Tales of the Mermaid tavern

o Companions, The

o Compensations

o Cotton-Wool

o Country Lane In Heaven, A

o Crags, The

o Creation

o Crimson Sails

o Cry In The Night, The

o Dawn Of Peace, The

o Day Of Remembrance, The

o Dead Man's Morrice

o Death Of A Great Man, The

o Death Of Chopin, The

o Dedication To The Memory Of Sir Cecil Spring-Rice

o Devonshire Ditty, A


o Dream-Child's Invitation, The

o Earth-Bound

o East-End Coffee-Stall, An

o Edinburgh

o Electric Tram, The

o Empire Builders, The

o Enceladus

o Enchanted Island, The

o Fashions

o Fiddler's Farewell, The

o Fisher-Girl, The

o Fishers Of Men from 'Songs of the Trawlers and Sea' Poems

o Five Criticisms

o Flos Mercatorum from Tales of the Mermaid tavern

o Flower Of Old Japan, The

o For The Eightieth Birthday Of George Meredith

o Forest Of Wild Thyme, The

o Forest Song, A

o Forty Singing Seamen

o Forward

o From The Shore

o Ghost Of Shakespeare, The

o Ghosts

o Ghosts Of The New World from 'American Poems' collection

o Gorse

o Great North Road, The

o Haunted In Old Japan

o Haunted Palace, The

o Heart Of Canada, The

o Hedge-Rose Opens, The

o Heroic Dead, The

o Highwayman, The

o Hill-Flower, The

o Hill-Flowers, The

o Humming Birds, The

o Immortal Sails

o In A Railway Carriage

o In Cloak Of Grey

o In Memoriam: Samuel Coleridge-Taylor

o In Memory Of A British Aviator

o In Memory Of Meredith

o In Memory Of Swinburne

o In The Cool Of The Evening

o In The Heart Of The Woods

o In Time Of War

o Inimitable Lovers, The

o Inner Passion, The

o Inscription

o Iron Crown, The

o Island Hawk, The

o Japanese Love-Song, A

o Kilmeny from 'Songs of the Trawlers and Sea' Poems

o Knight Of Old Japan, A

o Knight Of The Ocean-Sea, A from Tales of the Mermaid tavern

o Lamps

o Last Battle, The

o Lavender

o Lights Of Home, The

o Lines For A Sun-Dial

o Litany Of War, The

o Little Roads, The

o Lonely Shrine, The

o Loom Of Years, The

o Lord Of Misrule, The

o Lost Battle, The

o Love's Ghost

o Lovers' Flight, The

o Lucifer's Feast

o Man Who Discovered The Use Of A Chair, The

o Matin-Song Of Friar Tuck, The

o May-Day Carol, A

o May-Tree, The

o Memories Of The Pacific Coast

o Michael Oaktree

o Mist In The Valley

o Mount Ida

o Mystic, The

o Namesakes from 'Songs of the Trawlers and Sea' Poems

o Necromancy

o Nelson's Year

o Net Of Vulcan, The

o New Duckling, The

o New Madrigal To An Old Melody, A

o New Wars For Old

o Newspaper Boy, The

o Night Of The Lion, The

o Niobe

o Nippon

o Ode For The Seventieth Birthday Of Swinburne

o Old Debate, The

o Old Fool In The Wood, The

o Old Gentleman With The Amber Snuff-Box, The

o Old Grey Squirrel

o Old Letters

o Old Meeting House, The from 'American Poems' collection

o Old Sceptic, The

o Older Than The Hills

o On A Mountain Top

o On A Railway Platform

o On The Death Of Francis Thompson

o On The Downs

o On The Embankment

o On The South Coast

o On The Western Front

o Open Boat, An from 'Songs of the Trawlers and Sea' Poems

o Open Door, The

o Optimist, The

o Origin Of Life, The

o Orpheus And Eurydice

o Our Lady Of The Twilight

o Outlaw, The

o Oxford Revisited

o Paraclete

o Paradox, The

o Peace

o Peace In A Palace from 'Songs of the Trawlers and Sea' Poems

o Peacemaker, The

o People's Fleet, The from 'Songs of the Trawlers and Sea' Poems

o Phantom Fleet, The

o Pirates

o Post-Impression, A

o Prayer, A

o Prayer For Peace, The

o Princeton from 'American Poems' collection

o Progress Of Love (A Lyrical Symphony), The

o Psyche Of Our Day, The

o Quest Renewed, The

o Raleigh from Tales of the Mermaid tavern

o Rank And File

o Realms Of Gold, The

o Red Of The Dawn

o Remembrance

o Repeal, The

o Republic And Motherland from 'American Poems' collection

o Resurrection

o Return, The

o Return Of The Home-Born, The

o Reward Of Song, The

o Riddles Of Merlin

o Ride For The Queen, A

o River Of Stars, The

o Road Through Chaos, The

o Rock Pool, The

o Roman Way, The

o Roundhead's Rallying Song, A

o Sacred Oak, The

o Sailor-King, The

o Salute From The Fleet, A

o Scholars, The

o Sculptor, The

o Search-Lights, The

o Searchlights, The

o Sign Of The Golden Shoe, The from Tales of the Mermaid tavern

o Sky-Lark Caged, The

o Slave And Emperor

o Slumber-Songs Of The Madonna

o Song Of England, A

o Song Of Hope, A

o Song Of Sherwood, A

o Song Of The Plough, A

o Song Of The Wooden-Legged Fiddler

o Song Of Two Burdens, A

o Song [O, Many A Lover Sighs]

o Song [When That I Loved A Maiden]

o Song-Tree, The

o Spell, A

o Strange Guest, The

o Summer (An Ode)

o Sunlight And Sea

o Swimmer's Race, The

o Sword Of England, The

o Symbolist, The

o Symphony, The

o Testimony Of Art, The

o Three Ships, The

o Thrice-Armed

o To A Friend Of Boyhood Lost At Sea

o To A Pessimist

o To A Successful Man

o To The Destroyers

o Torch, The

o Touchstone On A Bus

o Tramp Transfigured, The

o Triolet

o Triple Ballad Of Old Japan, A

o Trumpet Of The Law, The

o Trumpet-Call, The

o Two Painters (A Tale Of Old Japan), The

o Two Worlds, The

o Union, The from 'American Poems' collection

o Unity

o Values

o Venus Of Milo, The

o Veterans

o Vicisti, Galilaee

o Victory

o Vindictive, The from 'Songs of the Trawlers and Sea' Poems

o Waggon, The

o War Widow, The

o Watchers of the Sky a book of poems

o Watchword Of The Fleet, A

o What Grandfather Said

o White Cliffs, The

o Wireless from 'Songs of the Trawlers and Sea' Poems

o World's May-Queen, The

o World's Wedding, The

o Young Friar, The