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Poems by Henry Newbolt


Newbolt, Henry

o Ad Matrem Dolorosam

o Admiral Death

o Admirals All

o Adventurers, The

o Against Oblivion

o Among The Tombs

o Amore Altiero

o April On Waggon Hill

o Ave, Soror

o Balade

o Ballad Of John Nicholson, A

o Benedick's Song

o Best School Of All, The

o Bright Medusa, The

o Building Of The Temple, The

o By The Hearth-Stone

o Byron De Nos Jours; Or, The English Bar And Cross Reviewers, Le

o Cicalas: An Idyll, The

o Clifton Chapel

o Commemoration

o Craven

o Death Of Admiral Blake, The

o Devon

o Drake's Drum

o Dream-Market

o Echo, The

o Egeria's Silence

o England

o Epistle

o Essay On Criticism, An

o Farewell [from Songs Of The Fleet]

o Faun, The

o Felix Antonius

o Fidele's Grassy Tomb

o Fighting Temeraire, The

o Final Mystery, The

o Fond Counsel

o For A Trafalgar Cenotaph

o From Generation To Generation

o Gavotte

o Gay Gordons, The

o Gillespie

o Gold

o Grenadier's Good-Bye, The

o Guides At Cabul, The

o Hawke

o He Fell Among Thieves

o Homeward Bound

o Hope The Hornblower

o Hundredth Year, The

o Hymn: In The Time Of War And Tumults

o Il Santo

o Imogen

o In July

o Inheritance, The

o Invasion, The

o Ionicus

o Ireland, Ireland

o King Of England, The

o Last Word, The

o Laudabunt Alii

o Little Admiral [from Songs Of The Fleet], The

o Love And Grief

o Master And Man

o Messmates

o Middle Watch [from Songs Of The Fleet], The

o Midway

o Minora Sidera

o Moonset

o Mors Janua

o Mossrose, The

o Nel Mezzo Del Cammin

o Nile, The

o Non-Combatant, The

o Northumberland

o O Pulchritudo

o Ode For Trafalgar Day, 1905

o Old "Superb", The

o On Spion Kop

o On The Death Of A Noble Lady

o Only Son, The

o Outward Bound

o Peace

o Pedlar's Song, The

o Pereunt Et Imputantur

o Presentation, The

o Quarter-Gunner's Yarn, The

o Return Of Summer: An Eclogue, The

o Rilloby-Rill

o Rondel

o Sacramentum Supremum

o Sailing At Dawn [from Songs Of The Fleet]

o Sailing Of The Long-Ships, The

o San Stefano

o Sangreal, The

o School At War, The

o Schoolfellow, The

o Seringapatam

o Sir Hugh The Palmer

o Song Of Exmoor, A

o Song Of The Guns At Sea [from Songs Of The Fleet], The

o Song of the Sou' Wester [from songs of the Fleet], The

o Sower, A

o Srahmandazi

o Sufi In The City, The

o To A River In The South

o To Clare

o To Edward Fitzgerald

o Vae Victis

o Victoria Regina

o Vigil, The

o Viking's Song, The

o Vitai Lampada

o Volunteer, The

o Vrais Amants

o Waggon Hill

o Wanderer, The

o When I Remember

o Yattendon

o Youth