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Poems by Sarah S. Mower


Mower, Sarah S.

o Appeal For Ireland, An

o Come Home To New England

o Cultivation Of Flowers, The

o Epistle To Jere, In Answer To His Ode, An

o Epitaph, An

o Farewell To A Brother

o Hymn For A Donation Gathering

o Inquiry, The

o Invalid's Dream, The

o Jephthah's Vow

o Judson's Grave

o Lewiston, As It Was, And As It Is

o Lines Addressed To An Absent Sister

o Lines On A Baptismal Occasion

o Lines On The Death Of Ellen N----

o Lines On The Death Of Mrs. West

o Lines On The Death Of R., P.B., C., S., And M.A. Wing

o Lines On The Last Hours Of Mrs. Judson

o Lines On The Miniature Of A Pair Of Twin Boys

o Lines To A Friend In Affliction

o Lines To A Friend On Parting

o Lines To A Long Absent Relative

o Lines To A Sister

o Lines To The Wife Of The Above

o Lines Upon A Lock Of Hair

o Little Cloud, The

o Marriage Vows, The

o Minister At The Family Altar, The

o Moonlight Musings

o Morning Scene On A Sister's Wedding Day, A

o Music Of The Mind

o My Birth Place

o My Brother In The Tempest

o Neighbors' Advice To Invalids

o Oak And The Rill, The

o Ode To Sarah

o Praises Of Rural Life

o Reflections On The Death Of Mr. White

o Rose And Lilac Tree, The

o Sister's Counsel, A

o Sister's Departure, A

o Sister's Lament, The

o Snow-Drop, The

o Thoughts On The Sudden Death Of J.W.N.

o Thoughts Suggested By Viewing A Petunia

o To A Butterfly In My Chamber

o To A Sister While Dangerously Ill

o To A White Hollyhock

o To Amelia

o To My Brother

o To The "Wild Flower"

o To The Whippowil

o To W.H.D., An Adopted Brother

o Twilight Musings