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Poems by John Milton


Milton, John

o Anno Aetatis 19. At A Vacation Exercise In The Colledge

o Another On The Same

o Arcades (songs)

o At A Solemn Musick

o Book Was Writ Of Late Call'd Tetrachordon (sonnet 11), A

o Canzone [sonnet]

o Captain Or Colonel, Or Knight In Arms [sonnet 8]

o Collection Of Passages Translated In The Prose Writings

o Cyriack, Whose Grandsire On The Royal Bench (sonnet 18)

o Daughter To That Good Earl, Once President [sonnet 10]

o Diodati, E Te'l Diro Con Maraviglia [sonnet 4]

o Donna Leggiadra Il Cui Bel Nome Honora [sonnet 2]

o Epitaph On The Marchioness Of Winchester, An

o Fifth Ode Of Horace. Lib. I., The

o Giovane Piano, E Semplicetto Amante [sonnet 6]

o How Soon Hath Time The Suttle Theef Of Youth [sonnet 7]

o Hymn, The

o I Did But Prompt The Age To Quit Their Cloggs (sonnet 12)

o Il Penseroso

o L'allegro

o Lady That In The Prime Of Earliest Youth [sonnet 9]

o Lawrence Of Vertuous Father Vertuous Son (sonnet 17)

o Lycidas

o Maske Presented At Ludlow Castle, 1634, A

o Methought I Saw My Late Espoused Saint (sonnet 19)

o O Nightingale, That On Yon Bloomy Spray [sonnet 1]

o On Shakespear. 1630

o On The Death Of A Fair Infant Dying Of A Cough

o On The Late Massacher In Piemont (sonnet 15)

o On The Lord Gen. Fairfax At The Seige Of Colchester

o On The Morning Of Christ's Nativity

o On The New Forcers Of Conscience Under The Long Parliament

o On The University Carrier Who Sickn'd In The Time Of His Vacancy...

o On Time

o Paradise Lost A POEM IN 12 BOOKS

o Paradise Regaind A POEM IN 4 BOOKS

o Passion, The

o Per Certo I Bei Vostr'occhi Donna Mia [sonnet 5]

o Psalm 1

o Psalm 2

o Psalm 3. When He Fled From Absalom

o Psalm 4

o Psalm 5

o Psalm 6

o Psalm 7

o Psalm 8

o Psalm 80

o Psalm 81

o Psalm 82

o Psalm 83

o Psalm 84

o Psalm 85

o Psalm 86

o Psalm 87

o Psalm 88

o Qual In Colle Aspro, Al Imbrunir Di Sera [sonnet 3]

o Samson Agonistes, A Dramatic Poem

o Song On May Morning

o To Mr. Cyriack Skinner Upon His Blindness

o To Mr. H. Lawes, On His Aires (sonnet 13)

o To Sr Henry Vane The Younger

o To The Lord Generall Cromwell May 1652

o Upon The Circumcision

o When Faith And Love Which Parted From Thee Never (sonnet 14)

o When I Consider How My Light Is Spent (sonnet 16)