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Lindsay, Vachel

o "This, My Song, Is Made For Kerensky"

o Above The Battle's Front

o Abraham Lincoln Walks At Midnight

o Aladdin And The Jinn

o Alchemist's Petition, The

o Alone In The Wind, On The Prairie

o Amaranth, The

o Angel And The Clown, The

o Apology For The Bottle Volcanic, An

o At Mass

o Bankrupt Peace Maker, The

o Beggar's Valentine, The

o Beyond The Moon

o Black Hawk War Of The Artists, The

o Blanche Sweet, Moving-Picture Actress

o Booker Washington Trilogy, The

o Broncho That Would Not Be Broken, The

o Buddha

o By The Spring, At Sunset

o Caught In A Net

o Chinese Nightingale: A Song In Chinese Tapestries, The

o City That Will Not Repent, The

o Concerning Emperors

o Congo: A Study Of The Negro Race, The

o Cornfields, The

o Crickets On A Strike

o Curse For Kings, A

o Dandelion, The

o Dangerous Little Boy Fairies, The

o Darling Daughter Of Babylon

o Dirge For A Righteous Kitten, A

o Doll Upon The Topmost Bough [Rhyme For Gloriana], The

o Drunkard's Funeral, The

o Drunkards In The Street, The

o Drying Their Wings

o Eagle That Is Forgotten, The

o Eden In Winter

o Empty Boats, The

o Encyclopaedia, The

o Epilogue. Under The Blessing Of Your Psyche Wings

o Epitaphs For Two Players

o Euclid

o Explanation Of The Grasshopper, An

o Factory Windows Are Always Broken

o Fairy Bridal Hymn, The

o Firemen's Ball, The

o Flower Of Mending, The

o Foreign Missions In Battle Array

o Galahad, Knight Who Perished

o Gamblers, The

o General William Booth Enters Into Heaven

o Genesis

o Ghosts In Love

o Ghosts Of The Buffaloes, The

o Haughty Snail-King, The

o Heart Of God

o Hearth Eternal, The

o Here's To The Mice!

o Honor Among Scamps

o Hope Of The Resurrection [Easter Stanzas], The

o How A Little Girl Danced

o How A Little Girl Sang

o How I Walked Alone In The Jungles Of Heaven

o How Samson Bore Away The Gates Of Gaza

o I Heard Immanuel Singing

o I Know All This When Gipsy Fiddles Cry

o I Went Down Into The Desert

o Illinois Village, The

o In Memory Of A Child

o In Praise Of Gloriana's Remarkable Golden Hair [Rhyme For Gloriana]

o In Praise Of Johnny Appleseed

o In Praise Of Songs That Die

o Incense

o Indian Summer Day On The Prairie, An

o Jingo And The Minstrel, The

o King Arthur's Men Have Come Again

o King Of Yellow Butterflies (A Poem Game), The

o Knight In Disguise, The

o Leaden-Eyed, The

o Light O' The Moon, The

o Lincoln

o Lion, The

o Look You, I'll Go Pray

o Love And Law

o Mae Marsh, Motion Picture Actress

o Mark Twain And Joan Of Arc

o Master Of The Dance, The

o Merciful Hand, The

o Michelangelo

o Moon Is A Painter, The

o Moon's The North Wind's Cooky, The

o Mouse That Gnawed The Oak-Tree Down, The

o My Lady In Her White Silk Shawl

o Mysterious Cat, The

o Net To Snare The Moonlight, A

o Niagara

o North Star Whispers To The Blacksmith's Son, The

o On Reading Omar Khayyam

o On Receiving One Of Gloriana's Letters [Rhyme For Gloriana]

o On Suddenly Receiving A Curl Long Refused [Rhyme For Gloriana]

o On The Building Of Springfield

o On The Garden-Wall

o On The Road To Nowhere

o Once More--To Gloriana

o Our Guardian Angels And Their Children

o Our Mother Pocahontas

o Parvenu

o Perfect Marriage, The

o Potato's Dance, The

o Potatoes' Dance (A Poem Game), The

o Prairie Battlements, The

o Prayer To All The Dead Among Mine Own People, A

o Prologue. A Sense Of Humor

o Proud Farmer, The

o Queen Mab In The Village

o Queen Of Bubbles, The

o Raft, The

o Rhyme About An Electrical Advertising Sign, A

o Rhymer's Reply. Incense And Splendor, The

o Santa Fe Trail, The

o Scissors-Grinder, The

o Shakespeare

o Song Of The Garden-Toad, The

o Sorceress!, The

o Soul Of The City Receives The Gift Of The Holy Spirit, The

o Spice-Tree, The

o Spider And The Ghost Of The Fly, The

o Springfield Magical

o St. Francis Of Assisi

o Star Of My Heart

o Strength Of The Lonely, The

o Sun Says His Prayers, The

o Sunshine, For A Very Little Girl, Not A Year Old

o Sweet Briars Of The Stairways

o Sweethearts Of The Year

o Tale Of The Tiger Tree, The

o This Section Is A Christmas Tree

o Titian

o To Buddha

o To Jane Addams At The Hague

o To Lady Jane

o To Mary Pickford, Moving-Picture Actress

o To Reformers In Despair

o To The United States Senate

o Trap, The

o Traveller-Heart, The

o Tree Of Laughing Bells, Or The Wings Of The Morning, The

o Two Old Crows

o Unpardonable Sin, The

o Upon Returning To The Country Road

o Voice Of The Man Impatient With Visions And Utopias, The

o We Meet At The Judgment And I Fear It Not [Easter Stanzas]

o Wedding Of The Rose And The Lotos, The

o What Semiramis Said

o What The Coal-Heaver Said

o What The Ghost Of The Gambler Said

o What The Gray-Winged Fairy Said

o What The Miner In The Desert Said

o What The Moon Saw

o What The Rattlesnake Said

o When Bryan Speaks

o When Gassy Thompson Struck It Rich

o Where Is David, The Next King Of Israel?

o Where Is The Real Non-Resistant?

o Who Knows?

o Why I Voted The Socialist Ticket

o With A Bouquet Of Twelve Roses

o Wizard In The Street, The

o Written For A Musician

o Yankee Doodle

o Yet Gentle Will The Griffin Be