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Poems by Charles G. Leland


Leland, Charles G.

o Amsterdam

o Balade [Dictes Moy - In What Shpirit Land]

o Ballad Apout De Rowdies, A

o Ballad [der Noble Ritter Hugo]

o Breitmann About Town

o Breitmann Am Rhein - Cologne

o Breitmann Am Rhein: No. II. Im Kahn

o Breitmann Am Rhein: No. III. Nonnenwerth

o Breitmann And The Turners

o Breitmann As A Bummer

o Breitmann As An Uhlan: 1. The Vision

o Breitmann As An Uhlan: 2. Breitmann In A Balloon

o Breitmann As An Uhlan: 3. Breitmann And Bouilli

o Breitmann As An Uhlan: 4. Breitmann Takes The Town Of Nancy

o Breitmann As An Uhlan: 5. Breitmann In Bivouac

o Breitmann As An Uhlan: 6. Breitmann's Last Party

o Breitmann In Battle

o Breitmann In Belgium: Spa

o Breitmann In Forty-Eight

o Breitmann In Holland's Gravenhage - The Hague

o Breitmann In Kansas

o Breitmann In La Sorbonne

o Breitmann In Maryland

o Breitmann In Paris

o Breitmann In Politics: 1. The Nomination

o Breitmann In Politics: 2. The Committee Of Instruction

o Breitmann In Politics: 3. Mr. Twine Explains Being "Sound Upon The Goose"

o Breitmann In Politics: 4. How Breitmann And Smith Were Reported To Be Log-Rollin

o Breitmann In Politics: 5. How They Held The Mass Meeting

o Breitmann In Politics: 6. Breitmann's Great Speech

o Breitmann In Politics: 7. Author Asserts Intellectual Superiority Of Germans

o Breitmann In Politics: 8. Showing How Mr. Hiram Twine "Played Off" On Smith

o Breitmann In Rome

o Breitmann In Turkey

o Breitmann Interviews The Pope

o Breitmann's Going To Church

o Breitmann's Sleigh-Ride

o Cobus Hagelstein

o Der Freischuz

o Die Schone Wittwe

o Dornenlieder

o First Edition Of Breitmann, The

o Frankfort-On-The-Main

o Fritzerl Schnall - A Ballad

o Gent

o Gypsy Lover, The

o Hans Breitmann's Barty

o Hans Breitmann's Christmas

o I Gili Romaneskro

o I Gili Romaneskro - A Gipsy Ballad

o Leyden

o Love Song

o Magic Shoes, The

o Munich - Gambrinus

o Ostende

o Picnic, The

o Scala Santa, La

o Scheveningen, Or De Maiden's Coorse

o Schnitzerl's Philosopede

o Steinli Von Slang

o To A Friend Studying German

o Wein Geist