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Poems by George Parsons Lathrop


Lathrop, George Parsons

o "At The Golden Gate"

o "O Jay!"

o "O Wholesome Death"

o "The Sunshine Of Thine Eyes"

o "When, Looking Deeply In Thy Face"

o April Aria, An

o Arise, American!

o Bather, The

o Battle Days

o Before The Snow

o Blackmouth, Of Colorado

o Bluebird's Greeting

o Bobolink, The

o Breakers

o Bride Brook

o Bride Of War, The

o Burial-Song For Sumner

o Casket Of Opals, The

o Chant For Autumn

o Charity

o Child Year, The

o Child's Wish Granted, The

o Christening

o Contentment

o Face In The Street, A

o Fairhaven Bay, The

o Famine And Harvest

o First Glance

o Fisher Of The Cape, The

o Flown Soul, The

o Gettysburg: A Battle Ode

o Ghosts Of Growth, The

o Grant's Dirge

o Grief's Hero

o Heart Of A Song, The

o Helen At The Loom

o I Loved You, Once--

o Incantation

o Jessamine

o June Longings

o Keenan's Charge

o Lily-Pond, The

o Love That Lives

o Love's Defeat

o Lover's Year, The

o Marthy Virginia's Hand

o May And Marriage

o May-Rose

o Melancholy

o Moods Of Love

o Music Of Growth

o Name Of Washington, The

o New Worlds

o Night In New York

o Phoebe-Bird, The

o Rose And Roof-Tree

o Rune Of The Rain, A

o Sailor's Song, Returning

o Silent Tide, The

o Singing Wire, The

o Song Long Ago, A

o Song-Sparrow, The

o South-Wind

o Star to Its Light, The

o Strike Hands, Young Men!

o Strong City, A

o Sun-Shower, The

o Sunset And Shore

o Sword Dham, The

o Thanksgiving Turkey

o Three Doves

o Voice Of The Void, The

o Within A Year

o Youth To The Poet