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Poems by Sidney Lanier


Lanier, Sidney

o "Nine from Eight"

o "Thar's more in the Man than thar is in the Land"

o Acknowledgment

o At First. To Charlotte Cushman

o Baby Charley

o Ballad of Trees and the Master, A

o Barnacles

o Bee, The

o Birthday Song, A

o Centennial Meditation of Columbia. 1776-1876. A Cantata., The

o Clover

o Control

o Corn

o Crystal, The

o Dedication. To Charlotte Cushman, A

o Dove, The

o Dying Words of Stonewall Jackson, The

o Evening Song, An

o Florida Ghost, A

o Florida Sunday, A

o Frau Nannette Falk-Auerbach, An

o From the Flats

o Golden Wedding of Sterling and Sarah Lanier, September 27, 1868, The

o Hard Times in Elfland, The

o Harlequin of Dreams, The

o How Love Looked for Hell

o Hymns of the Marshes

o In Absence

o In the Foam

o Ireland

o Jones' Private Argyment

o June Dreams, in January

o Laughter in the Senate

o Laus Mariae

o Life and Song

o Marsh Hymns

o Martha Washington

o Mocking-Bird, The

o My Springs

o Night

o Night and Day

o Nilsson

o Nirvana

o Ode to the Johns Hopkins University

o On a Palmetto

o On Huntingdon's "Miranda"

o On Violet's Wafers, Sent Me When I Was Ill

o Opposition

o Our Hills

o Owl against Robin

o Palm and the Pine, The

o Power of Prayer; or, The First Steamboat up the Alabama, The

o Psalm of the West

o Raven Days, The

o Remonstrance

o Resurrection

o Revenge of Hamish, The

o Rose-Morals

o Sea-Shore Grave. To M. J. L., A

o Ship of Earth, The

o Song of Eternity in Time, A

o Song of Love, A

o Song of the Chattahoochee, The

o Song of the Future, A

o Souls and Rain-Drops

o Special Pleading

o Spring Greeting

o Stirrup-Cup, The

o Strange Jokes

o Street Cries

o Struggle

o Sunrise Song, A

o Symphony, The

o Tampa Robins

o Thou and I

o To ----

o To ----, with a Rose

o To Bayard Taylor

o To Beethoven

o To Charlotte Cushman

o To Dr. Thomas Shearer

o To J. D. H.

o To My Class: On Certain Fruits and Flowers Sent Me in Sickness

o To Nannette Falk-Auerbach

o To Our Mocking-Bird

o To Richard Wagner

o To Wilhelmina

o Tournament, The

o Tyranny

o Uncle Jim's Baptist Revival Hymn

o Under the Cedarcroft Chestnut

o Waving of the Corn, The

o Wedding, The

o Wedding-Hymn