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Kemble, Fanny Frances Anne Butler

o "'Tis An Old Tale And Often Told" from "Poems"

o 'Twas but a dream! and oh! what are they all [Sonnet] from "Poems"--Sonnet

o Absence from "Poems"

o Apology, An from "Poems"

o Art Thou Already Weary Of The Way? [Sonnet] from "Poems"--Sonnet

o Away, Away! Bear Me Away, Away [Sonnet] from "Poems"--Sonnet

o Blaspheme Not Thou Thy Sacred Life, Nor Turn [Sonnet] from "Poems"--Sonnet

o But To Be Still! Oh, But To Cease Awhile [Sonnet] from "Poems"--Sonnet

o By Jasper Founts, Whose Falling Waters Make [ Sonnet] from "Poems"--Sonnet

o Cover Me With Your Everlasting Arms [Sonnet] from "Poems"--Sonnet

o Death-Song, The from "Poems"

o Eastern Sunset from "Poems"

o Entreaty, An from "Poems"

o Epistle From The Rhine from "Poems"

o Evening Song, An from "Poems"

o Faith from "Poems"

o Farewell, A from "Poems"

o Farewell To Italy from "Poems"

o Fragment From An Epistle Written When The Thermometer Stood At 98 Degrees In The from "Poems"

o Fragment [It Was The Harvest Time: The Broad, Bright Moon] from "Poems"

o Fragment [Walking by moonlight on the golden margin] from "Poems"

o I Hear A Voice Low In The Sunset Woods [Sonnet] from "Poems"

o I Would I Knew The Lady Of Thy Heart! [Sonnet] from "Poems"--Sonnet

o Impromptu from "Poems"

o Impromptu, Written Among The Ruins Of The Sonnenberg from "Poems"

o Invitation, An from "Poems"

o Invocation, An from "Poems"

o Lady, Whom My Beloved Loves So Well! [Sonnet] from "Poems"

o Lament For Israel from "Poems"

o Lament For The Wissahiccon, A from "Poems"

o Like One Who Walketh In A Plenteous Land [Sonnet] from "Poems"

o Lines For Music [Good night! from music's softest spell] from "Poems"

o Lines For Music [Loud wind, strong wind, where art thou blowing] from "Poems"

o Lines For Music [Oh, Sunny Love!] from "Poems"

o Lines On A Sleeping Child from "Poems"

o Lines Written At Night from "Poems"

o Lines, Addressed To The Young Gentlemen Leaving The Academy At Lenox, Massachuse from "Poems"

o Lines, In Answer To A Question from "Poems"

o Lines, Written In London from "Poems"

o Minstrel's Grave, The from "Poems"

o Oft Let Me Wander Hand In Hand With Thought [Sonnet] from "Poems"--Sonnet

o Oh Weary, Weary World! How Full Thou Art [Sonnet] from "Poems"--Sonnet

o On A Forget-Me-Not, Brought From Switzerland from "Poems"

o On A Musical Box from "Poems"

o Parting, The from "Poems"

o Prayer Of A Lonely Heart, The from "Poems"

o Promise [By the pure spring, whose haunted waters flow], A from "Poems"

o Promise [In The Dark, Lonely Night], A from "Poems"

o Red Indian, The from "Poems"

o Retrospect, A from "Poems"

o Return from "Poems"

o Say Thou Not Sadly, "Never," And "No More," [Sonnet] from "Poems"

o Song [I Sing The Yellow Leaf] from "Poems"

o Song [Never, Oh Never More! Shall I Behold] from "Poems"

o Song [Pass Thy Hand Through My Hair, Lore;] from "Poems"

o Song [The Moment Must Come, When The Hands That Unite] from "Poems"

o Song [When You Mournfully Rivet Your Tear-Laden Eyes] from "Poems"

o Song [Yet Once Again, But Once, Before We Sever] from "Poems"

o Sonnet Suggested By Sir Thomas Lawrence from "Poems"

o Sonnet Written At Four O'clock In The Morning, After A Ball from "Poems"

o Spirit Of All Sweet Sounds! Who In Mid Air [sonnet] from "Poems"--sonnet

o Spirit's Voice, A from "Poems"

o There's Not A Fibre In My Trembling Frame [Sonnet] from "Poems"

o Thou Poisonous Laurel Leaf, That In The Soil [Sonnet] from "Poems"

o Though Thou Return Unto The Former Things [Sonnet] from "Poems"

o To --- [I would I might be with thee, when the year] from "Poems"

o To --- [Is It A Sin To Wish That I May Meet Thee] from "Poems"

o To --- [Oh, turn those eyes away from me] from "Poems"

o To --- [What Recks The Sun, How Weep The Heavy Flowers] from "Poems"

o To --- [When The Dawn] from "Poems"

o To --- [When The Glad Sun Looks Smiling From The Sky] from "Poems"

o To --- [When We First Met] from "Poems"

o To A Lady [Sonnet] from "Poems"--Sonnet

o To A Picture from "Poems"

o To A Star from "Poems"

o To Miss --- from "Poems"

o To Mrs. --- [I Never Shall Forget Thee--'tis A Word] from "Poems"

o To Mrs. --- [Oh lady! thou, who in the olden time] from "Poems"

o To Mrs. Dulaney from "Poems"

o To My Guardian Angel from "Poems"

o To The Dead from "Poems"

o To The Nightingale from "Poems"

o To The Picture Of A Lady from "Poems"

o To The Spring from "Poems"

o To The Wissahiccon from "Poems"

o To Thomas Moore, Esq. from "Poems"

o Venice from "Poems"

o Vision Of Life, The from "Poems"

o Whene'er I Recollect The Happy Time [Sonnet] from "Poems"--Sonnet

o Wind, The from "Poems"

o Wish [Let Me Not Die For Ever When I'm Laid], A from "Poems"

o Wish [Let me not die for ever, when I'm gone], A from "Poems"

o Wish [Oh! That I Were A Fairy Sprite, To Wander], A from "Poems"

o Woman's Love from "Poems"

o Written After Leaving West Point from "Poems"

o Written After Spending A Day At West Point from "Poems"

o Written On Cramond Beach from "Poems"