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Keats, John

o Addressed To Haydon [sonnet]

o Addressed To The Same [sonnet]

o Calidore - A Fragment

o Dedication To Leigh Hunt, Esq.

o Endymion: A Poetic Romance

o Epistles

o Eve Of St. Agnes, The

o Fancy

o Happy Is England! I Could Be Content [sonnet]

o How Many Bards Gild The Lapses Of Time! [sonnet]

o Hyperion - A Fragment: Book 1

o Hyperion - A Fragment: Book 2

o Hyperion - A Fragment: Book 3

o I Stood Tip-Toe Upon A Little Hill

o Imitation Of Spenser

o Isabella; Or, The Pot Of Basil

o Keen, Fitful Gusts Are Whisp'ring Here And There [sonnet]

o Lamia. Part 1

o Lamia. Part 2

o Lines On The Mermaid Tavern

o O Solitude! If I Must With Thee Dwell [sonnet]

o Ode On A Grecian Urn

o Ode On Melancholy

o Ode To A Nightingale

o Ode To Psyche

o Ode [Bards Of Passion And Of Mirth]

o On First Looking Into Chapman's Homer [sonnet]

o On Leaving Some Friends At An Early Hour [sonnet]

o On Receiving A Curious Shell, And A Copy Of Verses, From The Ladies

o On The Grasshopper And Cricket [sonnet]

o Robin Hood. To A Friend

o Sleep And Poetry

o Specimen Of An Induction To A Poem

o Thought For The Time, A

o To * * * *

o To * * * * * * [sonnet]

o To A Friend Who Sent Me Some Roses [sonnet]

o To Autumn

o To Charles Cowden Clarke

o To G. A. W. [sonnet]

o To George Felton Mathew

o To Hope

o To Kosciusko [sonnet]

o To My Brother George

o To My Brother George [sonnet]

o To My Brothers [sonnet]

o To One Who Has Been Long In City Pent [sonnet]

o To Some Ladies

o Written On The Day That Mr. Leigh Hunt Left Prison [sonnet]