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Poems by E. Pauline Johnson


Johnson, E. Pauline

o "And He Said, Fight On"

o "Give Us Barabbas"

o "Through Time And Bitter Distance"

o Archers, The

o Art Of Alma-Tadema, The

o As Red Men Die

o Aspens

o At Crow's Nest Pass

o At Half-Mast

o At Husking Time

o At Sunset

o Autumn's Orchestra

o Ballad of Yaada, The

o Beyond The Blue

o Birds' Lullaby, The

o Brandon

o Brier

o Calgary of The Plains

o Camper, The

o Canada

o Canadian Born

o Cattle Country, The

o Cattle Thief, The

o Christmastide

o City And The Sea, The

o Close By

o Corn Husker, The

o Cry From An Indian Wife, A

o Dawendine

o Day Dawn

o Easter

o Erie Waters

o Fasting

o Finale

o Fire-Flowers

o Firs, The

o Flight Of The Crows, The

o Giant Oak, The

o Golden--Of The Selkirks

o Good-Bye

o Guard Of The Eastern Gate

o Happy Hunting Grounds, The

o Hare-Bell

o Harvest Time

o Homing Bee, The

o Idlers, The

o In Grey Days

o In The Shadows

o Indian Corn Planter, The

o Joe

o King's Consort, The

o Lady Icicle

o Lady Lorgnette

o Legend Of Qu'appelle Valley, The

o Lifting of the Mist, The

o Lost Lagoon, The

o Low Tide At St. Andrews

o Lullaby Of The Iroquois

o Man in Chrysanthemum Land, The

o Maple, The

o Mariner, The

o Marshlands

o Moonset

o Mosses

o My English Letter

o Nocturne

o Ojistoh

o Overlooked

o Overture, The

o Penseroso

o Pilot Of The Plains, The

o Prairie Greyhounds

o Prodigal, A

o Quill Worker, The

o Rainfall

o Re-Voyage

o Riders Of The Plains, The

o Shadow River

o Silhouette

o Sleeping Giant, The

o Song My Paddle Sings, The

o Songster, The

o Thistle-Down

o Toast, A

o Trail To Lillooet, The

o Train Dogs, The

o Under Canvas

o Vagabonds, The

o Vine, The

o Wave-Won

o When George was King

o Where Leaps The Ste. Marie

o Wolf, The

o Wolverine

o Workworn

o Your Mirror Frame