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Johnson, Samuel

o Anacreon, Ode IX

o Autumn; An Ode

o Burlesque Of Some Lines Of Lopez De Vega

o Burlesque Of The Modern Versifications Of Ancient Legendary Tales. An Impromptu

o Epigram On George II. And Colley Cibber, Esq.

o Epilogue Intended...Spoken By A Lady...Personate "Ghost Of Hermione"

o Epitaph For Mr. Hogarth

o Epitaph On Claude Phillips

o Epitaphium In Thomam Hanmer, Baronettum (and Paraphrase)

o Epitaphs (Latin)

o Evening; An Ode To Stella

o Friendship; An Ode

o Horace, Lib. IV. Ode VII. Translated

o Imitation Of The Style Of ****

o Impromptu On Hearing Miss Thrale...About A Gown And Hat She Was Inclined To Wear

o Impromptu Translation Of An Air In The Clemenza Di Tito Of Metastasio

o Improviso On A Young Heir's Coming Of Age

o Improviso Translation Of Some Lines Of M. Benserade A Son Lit

o Lines Written In Ridicule Of Certain Poems Published In 1777

o Lines Written Under A Print Representing Persons Skaiting

o London

o Midsummer; An Ode

o Natural Beauty - To Stella, The

o On Seeing A Bust Of Mrs. Montague

o On The Death Of Mr. Robert Levet, A Practiser In Physick

o On The Death Of Stephen Grey, F.R.S., The Electrician

o One And Twenty

o Paraphrase Of Proverbs, Chap. VI. Verses 6-11

o Parody Of A Translation From The Medea Of Euripides

o Poemata (Latin)

o Prologue Spoken By Mr Garrick, At Opening Of The Theatre-Royal, Drury Lane, 1747

o Prologue To Goldsmith's Comedy Of The Good-Natured Man, 1769

o Prologue To The Comedy Of A Work To The Wise

o Prologue; Spoken By Mr. Garrick, April 5, 1750, Before The Masque Of Comus

o Spring; An Ode

o Stella In Mourning

o To A Friend

o To A Young Lady, On Her Birthday

o To Lady Firebrace, At Bury Assizes

o To Lyce, An Elderly Lady

o To Miss **** On Her Giving The Author A Gold And Silk Network Purse Of Her Own

o To Miss **** On Her Playing Upon The Harpsichord

o To Miss Hickman, Playing On The Spinet

o To Mrs. Thrale, On Her Completing Her Thirty-Fifth Year

o To Stella

o Translation From The Medea Of Euripides

o Translation Of A Distich On Duke Of Modena's Running Away From Comet

o Translation Of A Speech Of Aquileio In The Adriano Of Metastasio

o Translation Of Horace. Book II. Ode IX

o Translation Of Part Of The Dialogue Between Hector And Andromache

o Translation Of Some Lines At The End Of Baretti's Easy Phraseology

o Translation Of Some Lines, Written Under A Print Representing Persons Skating

o Translation Of The Two First Stanzas Of The Song "Rio Verde, Rio Verde"

o Translation Of Virgil. Pastoral I

o Vanity Of Human Wishes, The

o Verses, Written At The Request Of A Gentleman, To Whom A Lady Had Given A Sprig

o Winter's Walk, The

o Winter; An Ode

o Young Author, The