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Poems by Hattie Howard


Howard, Hattie

o "All The Rage"

o "Be Courteous"

o "Be Not Anxious"

o "Honest John"

o "Is It April?"

o "One Of The Least Of These"

o "Passer Le Temps"

o "The Salt Of The Earth"

o "Thy Will Be Done"

o Antiquarian, The

o Apple Blossoms

o Apple Tree, The

o At General Grant's Tomb

o Autumn-Time

o Beauty Of Nature, The

o Bell(e) Of Baltimore, The

o Bermuda

o Bit Of Gladness, A

o Blossom-Time

o Bushnell Park

o By The Sea

o Charity Ball, The

o Charter Oak, The

o Christmas At Church

o Christmas Bells

o Christmas-Tide

o Cuba

o Epithalamium

o Fowl Affair, A

o Friend Indeed, A

o Going To Tobog

o Holiday Home

o If

o Improvement

o Indian Summer

o January, 1885

o Leap Year Episode, A

o Let Us Give Thanks

o Lightning-Bugs

o Like Summer

o Little Clock, The

o Margaret

o Master Of The Grange, The

o Miracle Of Spring, The

o Monadnock

o Mount Vernon

o My Mother's Hand

o Mysterious

o Needed One, The

o Never Had A Chance

o New Suit, A

o Not Gone

o Of Her Who Died

o On Bancroft Height

o On The Common

o Perfect Character

o Poor Housekeeping

o Prisoner, A

o Rainy Day, A

o Receiving Sight

o Reformer, A

o Revenge

o Rutha

o Sangamon River, The

o Sheridan's Last Ride

o Snowflakes

o Song [Oh, sing me a merry song!], A

o Sonnet [Upon my smile let none pass compliment]

o Sorrow And Joy

o Storm-Bound

o Student Gone, The

o Subway, The

o Summer House, The

o Supplicating

o Sweet Peas

o Syringas

o Taxidermist, The

o Thanksgiving

o To Die In Autumn

o Tobogganing

o Torpedo, The

o Tourist, The

o Two Roses

o Watch Hill

o Without A Minister

o Woman's Help

o Woods, The