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Poems by Gerard Manley Hopkins


Hopkins, Gerard Manley

o (Ash-Boughs)

o (Carrion Comfort)

o (The Soldier)

o Andromeda

o As Kingfishers Catch Fire, Dragonflies Draw Flame

o At The Wedding March

o Binsey Poplars

o Blessed Virgin Compared To The Air Webreathe, The

o Brothers

o Bugler's First Communion, The

o Caged Skylark

o Candle Indoors, The

o Cheery Beggar

o Child Is Father To The Man, The

o Denis, Whose Motionable, Alert, Most Vaulting Wit

o Duns Scotus's Oxford

o Epithalamion

o Felix Randal

o For A Picture Of St. Dorothea

o Furl Of Fresh-Leaved Dogrose Down, The

o God's Grandeur

o Habit Of Perfection, The

o Handsome Heart: At A Gracious Answer, The

o Harry Ploughman

o Heaven--Haven A Nun Takes The Veil

o Henry Purcell

o Hope Holds To Christ The Mind's Own Mirror Out

o Hurrahing In Harvest

o I Wake And Feel The Fell Of Dark, Not Day

o In Honour Of St. Alphonsus Rodriguez Laybrother Of The Society Of Jesus

o In The Valley Of The Elwy

o Inversnaid

o Lantern Out Of Doors, The

o Leaden Echo And The Golden Echo, The

o Loss Of The Eurydice, The

o May Magnificat, The

o Moonrise

o Morning Midday And Evening Sacrifice

o My Own Heart Let Me Have More Pity On

o No Worst, There Is None. Pitched Past Pitch Of Grief

o On The Portrait Of Two Beautiful Young People

o Patience, Hard Thing! The Hard Thing But To Pray

o Peace

o Penmaen Pool

o Pied Beauty

o Repeat That, Repeat

o Ribblesdale

o Sea And The Skylark, The

o Sea Took Pity: It Interposed With Doom, The

o Shepherd's Brow Fronting Forked Lightning, The

o Silver Jubilee, The

o Spelt From Sibyl's Leaves

o Spring

o Spring And Fall: To A Young Child

o St. Winefred's Well

o Starlight Night, The

o Strike, Churl; Hurl, Cheerless Wind, Then; Heltering Hail

o Summa

o That Nature Is A Heraclitean Fire And Of The Comfort Of The Resurrection

o Thou Art Indeed Just, Lord, If I Contend

o Times Are Nightfall, Look, Their Light Grows Less, The

o To His Watch

o To R. B.

o To Seem The Stranger Lies My Lot, My Life

o To What Serves Mortal Beauty?

o Tom's Garland

o What Being In Rank-Old Nature Should Earlier Have That Breath Been

o What Shall I Do For The Land That Bred Me

o Windhover, The

o Woodlark, The

o Wreck of The Deutschland, The