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Holmes, Oliver Wendell

o "Ad Amicos"

o "Lucy" For Her Golden Wedding

o "Qui Vive?"

o "Thus Saith The Lord, I Offer Thee Three Things"

o Added For The Alumni Meeting, June 29,2022

o Additional Verses Written At The Request

o Aestivation

o After A Lecture On Keats

o After A Lecture On Moore

o After A Lecture On Shelley

o After A Lecture On Wordsworth

o After The Curfew

o After The Fire

o After-Dinner Poem, An

o Agnes

o Album Verses

o All Here

o Alone (poem V in Wind-Clouds and Star-Drifts)

o Ambition (poem I of Wind-Clouds and Star-Drifts)

o American Academy Centennial Celebration

o Angel-Thief, The

o Appeal For "The Old South", An

o Archbishop And Gil Blas, The

o Army Hymn

o At A Birthday Festival To J. R. Lowell

o At A Dinner To Admiral Farragut

o At A Dinner To General Grant

o At A Meeting Of Friends

o At The "Atlantic" Dinner

o At The Banquet To The Chinese Embassy

o At The Banquet To The Grand Duke Alexis

o At The Banquet To The Japanese Embassy

o At The Close Of A Course Of Lectures

o At The Pantomime

o At The Papyrus Club

o At The Saturday Club

o At The Turn Of The Road

o At The Unitarian Festival

o Aunt Tabitha

o Ave

o Avis

o Ballad Of The Boston Tea-Party, A

o Ballad Of The Oysterman, The

o Banker's Secret, The

o Before The Curfew - At My Fireside

o Bells, The

o Benjamin Peirce

o Bill And Joe

o Birthday Of Daniel Webster

o Birthday Tribute To J. F. Clarke, A

o Boston Common: Three Pictures

o Boston To Florence

o Boys, The

o Broken Circle, The

o Broomstick Train; Or, The Return Of The Witches, The

o Brother Jonathan's Lament For Sister Caroline

o Bryant's Seventieth Birthday

o Cacoethes Scribendi

o Cambridge Churchyard, The

o Chambered Nautilus, The

o Chanson Without Music

o Choose You This Day Whom Ye Will Serve

o Comet, The

o Coming Era, The

o Contentment

o Crooked Footpath, The

o Daily Trials

o De Sauty

o Deacon's Masterpiece; or The Wonderful "One-Hoss Shay", The

o Dedication Of The Pittsfield Cemetery

o Departed Days

o Dilemma, The

o Dorchester Giant, The

o Dorothy Q: A Family Portrait

o Edward Everett

o Epilogue To The Breakfast-table Series

o Even-Song

o Evening Thought, An

o Exile's Secret, The

o Extracts From A Medical Poem

o F. W. C

o Familiar Letter, A

o Family Record, A

o Fantasia

o Farewell To Agassiz, A

o Farewell To J. R. Lowell

o First Fan, The

o Flaneur, The

o Flower Of Liberty, The

o For Class Meeting

o For The Burns Centennial Celebration

o For The Centennial Dinner Of The Proprietors Of Boston Pier

o For The Commemoration Services

o For The Dedication Of The New City Library, Boston

o For The Meeting Of The Burns Club

o For The Moore Centennial Celebration

o For Whittier's Seventieth Birthday

o Fountain Of Youth, The

o Freedom, Our Queen

o From A Bachelor's Private Journal

o Girdle Of Friendship, The

o God Save The Flag

o Golden Flower, The

o Good Time Going!, A

o Grandmother's Story of Bunker Hill Battle

o Gray Chief, The

o Grisette, La

o H. C. M. H. S. J. K. W

o Hail, Columbia!

o Height Of The Ridiculous, The

o Homesick In Heaven

o Hot Season, The

o How Not To Settle It

o How The Old Horse Won The Bet

o Hudson, The

o Humboldt's Birthday

o Hymn - The Word Of Promise

o Hymn After The Emancipation Proclamation

o Hymn At The Funeral Services Of Charles Sumner

o Hymn For The Celebration At The Laying Of The Cornerstone Of Harvard Memorial Ha

o Hymn For The Class-meeting

o Hymn For The Dedication Of Memorial Hall At Cambridge

o Hymn For The Fair At Chicago

o Hymn For The Inauguration Of The Statue Of Governor Andrew

o Hymn For The Same Occasion

o Hymn Of Peace, To The Music Of Keller's "American Hymn", A

o Hymn Of Trust

o Hymn Read At Dedication Of The Oliver Wendell Holmes Hospital

o I Like You And I Love You

o Idols (poem XI in Wind-Clouds and Star-Drifts)

o Illustration Of A Picture: "A Spanish Girl Reverie"

o Impromptu, An

o In Memory Of Charles Wentworth Upham, Jr

o In Memory Of John And Robert Ware

o In Response

o In The Quiet Days - An Old-year Song

o In The Twilight

o In Vita Minerva

o In Wartime - To Canaan - A Puritan War Song

o International Ode - Our Fathers' Land

o Iris, Her Book

o Iron Gate, The

o Island Hunting-Song, The

o J. D. R

o James Russell Lowell: 1819-1891

o Joseph Warren, M. D

o King's Chapel

o L'inconnue

o Last Blossom, The

o Last Charge, The

o Last Leaf, The

o Last Look: W. W. Swain, The

o Last Reader, The

o Last Survivor, The

o Latter-Day Warnings

o Lexington

o Lines

o Lines By A Clerk

o Lines Recited At The Berkshire Jubilee

o Living Temple, The

o Love (poem XII in Wind-Clouds and Star-Drifts)

o Lover's Secret, The

o Loving-cup Song, A

o Lyre Of Anacreon, The

o Maison D'or (Bar Harbor), La

o Manhood (poem VIII in Wind-Clouds and Star-Drifts)

o Mare Rubrum

o Martha

o Master And Scholar (poem IV in Wind-Clouds and Star-Drifts)

o Meeting Of The Alumni Of Harvard College

o Meeting Of The Dryads, The

o Meeting Of The National Sanitary Association, The

o Memorial Tribute To Dr. Samuel G. Howe, A

o Memorial Verses

o Midsummer

o Mind's Diet, The

o Modest Request, A

o Moral Bully, The

o Morning Visit [Medical Poem], The

o Mother's Secret, The

o Musa

o Music-Grinders, The

o My Annual

o My Aunt

o My Aviary

o Mysterious Visitor, The

o Nearing The Snow-Line

o Never Or Now

o New Eden, The

o No Time Like The Old Time

o Non-Resistance

o Noontide Lyric, A

o Nux Postcoenatica

o Ode For A Social Meeting With Slight Alterations By A Teetotaler

o Ode For Washington's Birthday

o Old Cambridge

o Old Cruiser, The

o Old Ironsides

o Old Man Dreams, The

o Old Man Of The Sea, The

o Old Player, The

o Old Tune, The

o On Lending A Punch-Bowl

o On The Death Of President Garfield

o On The Threshold

o Once More

o One Country

o Only Daughter, The

o Opening Of The Piano, The

o Opening The Window

o Organ-Blower, The

o Our Banker

o Our Dead Singer H. W. L

o Our Home--Our Country

o Our Indian Summer

o Our Limitations

o Our Oldest Friend

o Our Sweet Singer J. A.

o Our Yankee Girls

o Parson Turell's Legacy; Or, The President's Old Arm-chair

o Parting Health: To J. L. Motley, A

o Parting Hymn

o Parting Song, The

o Parting Word, The

o Peau De Chagrin Of State Street, The

o Philosopher To His Love, The

o Pilgrim's Vision, The

o Ploughman, The

o Poem At The Centennial Anniversary Dinner

o Poem At The Dedication Of The Halleck Monument

o Poem For The 250th Anniversary Of The Founding Of Harvard College

o Poem For The Dedication Of The Fountain At Stratford-on-avon

o Poem For The Meeting Of The American Medical Association, A

o Poem Served To Order, A

o Poet's Lot, The

o Poetry: A Metrical Essay

o Portrait, A

o Portrait [Medical Poem], A

o Post-Prandial

o Prelude To A Volume Printed In Raised Letters For The Blind

o Programme

o Prologue

o Promise, The

o Questioning (poem VI in Wind-Clouds and Star-Drifts)

o Questions And Answers

o Reflections Of A Proud Pedestrian

o Regrets (poem II in Wind-Clouds and Star-Drifts)

o Remember--Forget

o Rhymed Lesson (Urania), A

o Rhymes Of A Life-Time

o Rhymes Of An Hour

o Rights (poem IX in Wind-Clouds and Star-Drifts)

o Rip Van Winkle, M. D [Medical Poem]

o Robinson Of Leyden

o Roman Aqueduct, A

o Rose And The Fern, The

o School-Boy, The

o Sea Dialogue, A

o Secret Of The Stars, The

o Semi-Centennial Celebration Of The New England Society

o Sentiment, A

o Sentiment [Medical Poem], A

o September Gale, The

o Shadows, The

o Shakespeare Tercentennial Celebration

o Sherman's In Savannah

o Ship Of State, The

o Silent Melody, The

o Smiling Listener, The

o Song For A Temperance Dinner To Which Ladies Were Invited

o Song For The Centennial Celebration Of Harvard College, A

o Song Of "Twenty-Nine", A

o Song Of Other Days, A

o Song Written For The Dinner Given To Charles Dickens

o Songs In Many Keys

o Songs Of Welcome And Farewell

o Spectre Pig, The

o Spring

o Spring Has Come

o St. Anthony The Reformer

o Stanzas

o Star And The Water-lily, The

o Statesman's Secret, The

o Steamboat, The

o Stethoscope Song [Medical Poem], The

o Study, The

o Sun And Shadow, The

o Sun-Day Hymn, A

o Sweet Little Man, The

o Sympathies (poem III in Wind-Clouds and Star-Drifts)

o Tartarus

o To A Blank Sheet Of Paper

o To A Caged Lion

o To An English Friend

o To An Insect

o To Christian Gottfried Ehrenberg

o To Frederick Henry Hedge

o To George Peabody

o To Governor Swain

o To H. W. Longfellow

o To James Freeman Clarke

o To James Russell Lowell

o To John Greenleaf Whittier

o To My Old Readers

o To My Readers

o To R. B. H

o To The Eleven Ladies

o To The Poets Who Only Read And Listen

o To The Portrait Of "A Gentleman"

o To The Portrait Of "A Lady"

o Toadstool, The

o Toast To Wilkie Collins, A

o Too Young For Love

o Treadmill Song, The

o Truths (poem X in Wind-Clouds and Star-Drifts)

o Two Armies [Medical Poem], The

o Two Poems To Harriet Beecher Stowe

o Two Sonnets: Harvard

o Two Streams, The

o Under The Violets

o Under The Washington Elm, Cambridge

o Union And Liberty

o Unsatisfied

o Verses For After-dinner

o Verses From The Oldest Portfolio

o Vestigia Quinque Retrorsum

o Vive La France

o Voice Of The Loyal North, A

o Voiceless, The

o Voyage Of The Good Ship Union

o Wasp And The Hornet, The

o Welcome To Dr. Benjamin Apthorp Gould, A

o Welcome To The Chicago Commercial Club

o Welcome To The Grand Duke Alexis

o Welcome To The Nations

o What I Have Come For

o What We All Think

o Worship (poem VII in Wind-Clouds and Star-Drifts)